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From the front row at Giles, London Fashion Week SS12, Courtesy of Vitamin Water

How did these doughnuts magically get into my bag? is probably the only use of ‘magical’ I’d use in a LFW context, we seem to be more content with nouns like edgy, unorthodox, and sometimes even what-the-wow in London, but you must agree Paris couture unofficially owns ‘magical’. Giles sent out a fringed silver mask invitation in an A3 envelope, which made the official mirror of the day and gave the Somerset House restrooms a breather, but what a tease! I’d expected something along the lines of a Venetian carnival, but the first white swan headpiece floated out on a space-age soundtrack and we all did a Mexican wave of gasps. Swiss laser cutting, featherworks, metallic fringing, and of course the Royal Courts of Justice venue… Je voudrais borrow ‘magical’ s’il vous plait!

Thank you Glacéau Vitamin Water and Exposure PR for arranging the front-row ticket! Glacéau vitaminwater is the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week – keeping fashionistas hydrated all week long. Visit their Facebook page;

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  1. You have the most amazing pictures! Congrats on scoring the front-row ticket, you’ve been a good spy for the fashion week! :)

  2. These photographs are outstanding, they show so much more detail and atmosphere than the standard runway shots we look at. Fabulous! Amazing venue too.

  3. Holy Hell Shini!
    These are abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.
    Sorry to drop verbal bombs, but lady friend these are fab!
    His Odette opus was truly magical and you totally captured it here.
    Well done you talented girl!

    xo Kiwi

  4. what an absolutely stunning collection. i absolutely love the effect of the color and the texture.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  5. stunning!! wow, love the location too

  6. I love everysingle pictures that you took. the dresses are amazing and those shoes are to die for! :)

  7. wow fantastic photos! looks like such an incredible show… the details are stunning!

    B xx


  8. what camera and lens did you use? I am so blown away by your photos…

  9. Totally mesmerized by all the fancy plumes, lace, and floor grazing skirts!

    ♥, Jamie

  10. amazing photos and yes, indeed, “magical” collection!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. What gorgeous details. He reminds me of Lee’s stuff just a lil’.

  12. That middle tube drss kind of reminded me of hanbok for some reason anyways love the collection :)

  13. Wow, amazing photos! Gorgeous collection, thanks for sharing!

    XO Charlotte

  14. Hi Shini! It was SO lovely to finally meet you at last at the Unique show the other day (and thank you for snapping my glittery feet!). As usual, your pictures are so utterly breathtaking that I’m afraid of doing my own post of Giles’ tour de force show – for there is no way they can compare to yours!

    Loving all your LFW posts so far.

    Briony xx

  15. Love the jacket with red bow

  16. I fell for that red dress! I want them for my prom night!!!!

  17. The photos are beautiful (like I said before on my blog) keke :)

    My favorite dress/photo would have to be photos 14 and 16. But everything was beautiful, admired the swan, feathers and metallic inspiration thats flowing from dress to dress.


  18. K. Gray

    Wow this looks like a great show to have gotten FRONT ROW seats at. I love your photos, great shots :)

  19. Wow the setting is just as magnificent as the clothes! your photos are like a visual feast. It makes me want to arrange a masked ball or just say ‘what the hell’ and design my wedding dress like the dresses above. :)

  20. woaah. Love your LFW pics Shin, great great job :)! Yours & Kris Atomic’s website are probably the only ones I checked to stay updated on LFW! haha.

  21. I wasn’t so keen on this show but you’ve made it look magical. x hivenn

  22. ‘Magical’ can be a bit overused at fashion weeks, but this, this is just…ooh! I have nothing useful to say because I’m still breathless from these pictures.

  23. wow, quite a show. beautiful dresses, especially that one on the 5th & 6th photo.

  24. Elga F.Lamas

    Me impresionan tus fotografias!

  25. wow! great photos. amazing. love that silver dress


  26. As always, your pictures are stunning, makes me feel like I am *almost* actually there.


  27. OH. MY. GOD!!

  28. Love the pics! I wish that i could have gone to that show! The outfits just look stunning! My favorite is the red bird~!

  29. Amazing pictures. Beautiful collection and it fits also with the catwalk.

  30. beautiful snapshots.

    xx susie

  31. Wooow! The show is absolutely stunning! I love the shoes and headpieces!

  32. Oh my F G, Giles collection looks incredibly ‘magical’, wave the magic wand….wish and flick.

    Geez, Giles could seriously go into the Haute Couture stage, a defo potential.

  33. Sandra

    So amazing photos! OMG!

    Stop by – http://kurmanoraktai.blogspot.com/

  34. what an amazing location! of course, for those incredible dresses you have to have a unique place, right?

    I love your pictures :-)

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  35. I like the collection .

  36. OMG, these pictures are so magical true! I love your photography Amazing!

  37. Stunning!!

  38. Amazing shots!!!

    Love from Seoul,


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  40. Sheue

    Hi Shini! Been following your blog for awhile now and i have to say these photos are absolutely breathtaking. *drools*

  41. beautiful,magical,wimsical!

  42. helen

    aiya so beautiful!

  43. Adore those dresses!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  44. Love your witty writing, and these images—breathtaking—I feel like I am there while looking through—magical, indeed…

  45. excellent photography!!!!!

  46. Absolutely stunning head pieces!

  47. Karla

    Love these photos, and the collection is amazing!
    but, what is a “Mexican wave of gasps”?

  48. Ah it’s just one person after another gasping as the model went by ;)

  49. Karla

    @Shini, Oh, ok. How is that Mexican? O.o

  50. Haha ‘Mexican Wave’s usually happen at sports events where the spectators stand up one after another creating this ‘tide’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9j4Gi0lbR4
    It’s just a metaphor I used to describe how the gasps started from one end of the catwalk to the other in rapid succession ;)

  51. Karla

    @Shini, Ah, I see. Thank you, now i get it!