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All photos from Angels, the Costumiers | (First photo a view of facility, not of sale)

The Angels have decided that 25,000 pieces of clothing and accessories was getting a bit too much for playing the harps on big white clouds so they’ve decided (again) to have a garage sale for us mortals. I’d first read about the Vintage sale in December 2008 when Susie showed off her grabs, and since then I’ve been curious about how, when again and WHY NOT ME. Well, this Saturday 6th of February me will definitely happen, and here’s a shoutout for you too.

The Angels Retro sale will be buy-the-bag, where a medium (quite a generous size, I hear) sized bag will cost £20 and a large £50, with an entrance fee of £5. This means you can stuff a military overcoat and a handful of 1950 blouses and walk out having lost just one pink paper with the Queen’s face (obviously depending on stuffing talent), what vintage store in London can offer that? They’re informing that the sale will feature pieces from the 1950s to the 1990s, including an extra room with high-quality military and civilian uniforms. Now imagine how a military geek like myself might’ve reacted to that last bit.

For those not familiar with Angels, they are the hands behind the pastel corsets of Marie Antoinette (2006), the threads of the silk kimonos for The Memoirs of A Geisha (2005) and so many many more. Read more on their history and details of the sale here.

So, see you near the helmets?

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  1. ohhh how i wish…


  2. me too….

    have fun in all the craziness!

  3. Ahhhhh
    is this a dream? This is a dream. That I cannot possibly attain. Oh, pinch me, look at all those vintage clothes.

    Good luck on your finds! I’m sure you’ll find great things– and hope you’ll share with us!

  4. so jealous i almost don’t want to return to your site to see your finds. oh you lucky lucky girl.

  5. I am sooo tempted! It’d take me an hour on the tube… but I have a few days to mull over going or not. Can’t wait to see your finds!

  6. Wow! How many clothes :D

  7. oh, i am envious of you.

  8. oh man. this looks insane. such a cool idea about paying a set price for a bag. i would definitely go but am going out friday night and doubt i will be able to drag myself out of bed early enough. sounds so cool though, thanks for the tip. agree with everyone else – can’t wait to see what you find!! xx

  9. Then you must stay out :D!

    Jealousy stings a bit.


    Good luck and try not to get scratched or get your hair pulled! And please, for the rest of us, show us WHAT YOU GET!!!!!!!

  11. I seriously warn you against it! Or if you do go get there about 5 hours before it starts. Seriously, I waited in line on a freezing december morning for THREE HOURS. I spent £20 on a bag. I emerged half an hour later with 10 ripped up items in my bag and that was the best of the stuff!!!

  12. jealous! That looks amazing

  13. Those photos remind me of Andreas Gursky’s work.

    The sale looks awesome, though I can imagine it being a lot scarier with hoards of people. Have fun and be thankful the sale is not in NYC, where there is reportedly a bedbug problem in vintage stores…

  14. GARRH now you’re scaring me :|

  15. Sue

    Always put your finds in the dryer for 30 minutes when you get home. Take straight from bag, put in the dryer and throw away the bag. That or vacuum it.

  16. *sick with jealousy*

  17. jealous! :D looks freaky fantastic

  18. Oh that looks amazing! Wonder if it’s still worth it if I buy a plane ticket…

  19. wow
    great vintage market
    envy you…
    there’s not place to sell for many clothing & accessory
    thanks PARKnCUBE :):):)

  20. hahaha shini actually i’m a 37.5/38 hahaha the Marni’s actually fit!!! okay tbh, they fit LENGTH wise perfectly..wearable..it’s just that my feet are SO FLAMING WIDE that they bust out the edges so its too embarrassing for me to spill out and wobble around in them. If you’re a 37 you’ll fit quite nicely actually :D

  21. Holy wow, that sounds amazing! You could really get more than your money’s worth if you stuffed really really well, lol. Good luck with getting pieces you’ll love and avoiding being scratched by others!

  22. ahh why cant i live in the u.k. this sounds incredible

  23. Oh WOW!
    that sounds like the deal of a lifetime!!
    I can’t wait to see your finds!
    Make sure you take care in there, I can totally see a place like that turn ugly.. or maybe not, might be just the opposite, but I’m just sayin’

  24. Cad

    I had no idea things like this existed.
    I live in Alberta (Canada) and I’ve never heard of anything like this.
    Though I’ve dreamed about it.
    I cannot even contain my jealousy!
    Can’t wait to see what you come home with :)


  25. i think i just turned green…….. sobs!

  26. s.

    oh jealousy. sweet jealousy.

    good luck!

  27. kimmmmmmmmm


  28. um. totally jealous. i dont live in london but i will get my friend who lives there to lurk behind you at the sale and fight wiht you for every item. just for fun. and totally out of jealousy.


    (by friend i mean my ex, who is not really my friend. ouch, i just burned myself.)


  29. Wow! Unless there this;) I would like to be there and take out the 1950 blouses.


  30. Why, world, whyyy? I WANT TO BE THERE! I think my mind went a little crazy and actually started thinking about buying a last-minute plane ticket to London. Crazy mind, go find som breakfast or something. I love the pictures, though.

  31. aw ! i want to go ! but i don’t live in the U.K. :{

  32. Have fun! Lucky you :P

  33. I want to be there!

    Love Grace.

  34. Kathy

    I am so jealous! I suddenly wished I lived in the UK! Maaan I feel like that would be pretty awesome just to at least check it all out. Good luck on getting some great stuff!

  35. I will echo everyone else: this looks incredible!

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  37. Omg, that’s so awesome! I wish I lived in London :/

  38. i am consumed with jealousy right now. . . watch out for flying elbows!! xx molly

  39. Ooh, looks like fun/chaos! I hope you find what you want, if you’re going. :)

  40. H

    noooo, i’m one week too late :( :( hope you picked up some good loot though!

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  42. shit!missed it!!
    when more????

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  44. Michael

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Why don’t we ever have anything cool like this in Belgium?! Aah !!