I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

All Images from Gmarket Halumaybe
Rabbit/Fax-leather Gilet $57, 2-Button wool-mix coat $53, Coat-like wool-mix vest $52, Slouch pocket shirt $9 (but out of stock?), Hoodie coat $26, Peterpan collar dress $26, Slouch pocket vest $9 (also out of stock?)

Dictionary.com tweeted yesterday that we still have 6 weeks of winter left; hot dang, I love your words and nouns and verbs and all that but you’re such a partypoop! According to my prognostication, this rapacious gelid winter was meant to skedaddle soon so we can finally sing our aubade of springtime but I now see interpreting all the mondegreen signs was a big fat jauk on my part! (There, I used all the Word of the Day from the last week, are you proud or what.)

So my butterflies went back into their caterpillar trenchcoats, bistro chairs back indoors and twitters are still only to be heard through a digital blue bird. Actually, I don’t even know why we’re expecting spring already. It barely turned February! My mother still informs me it’s -20°C in Warsaw which I think is a little far from flower budding temperature, just a smidge. But this is all just so confusing, Vogue UK March just arrived on my doorstep yesterday bursting at the seams with spring stories, and London is preparing for a Fashion Week season that comes after the one we’re waiting for now.

Well, I headed over to Gmarket for the first time in ages (yeah who’s to believe that), which was ironically pacifying despite the epileptic gif storm… and I thought I’d share a new favourite seller since it’s still winter for who knows how long and it’s supposedly the best time to embrace black? Halu Maybe has a great trendless collection of silent drapes and clean cuts, a recommended break away from the rest of the flickering hypertrend items screaming for attention.

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  1. Whatever the last thing is I want it!.x

  2. I really love how heavy the drapery is on top, while keeping it simple and sleek at the bottom. And look! a little bit of Wednesday Adams there too, only a little less creepy and more chic.

    Dictionary would not be proud of my vocabulary right now.

  3. This is all gorgeous. And winter is horrible. Fashion opportunities for draping and layers and weirdly oversized proportions are the only things that get me through this stupid stupid season.

    No, that’s not true. There’s also hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Or, more accurately, peppermint schnapps with hot chocolate.

  4. yah like i said, gmarket is headache/epileptic fit central for me. like back when pokemon gave little japanese kids epileptic fits from the bursts of spaz-inducing colours. yeah i bet you know which part im talking about hhehehe. that being said, that first coat and that button-up shirt is seriously amazing..i might just have attempt to soldier through gmarket again.

    btw, booo at being size 39 feet ): but at least you get all the good stuff left over at sales cos everyone always goes for 37/38 first. Ugh ):

  5. The combination of geekiness, great design (of the web variety), amazing fashion,and beautiful pictures is what keeps me coming back.

    Aah, the joy of expanding one’s vocabulary. Almost (almost) as good as chocolate. But better for our arteries.

  6. ok, loving a lot of these things and am wandering through the site…. yes, a bit much… but i think i’m going to try and order… we shall see if i am successful…


  7. I love korean design. Seoul is a fantastic place for shopping. I travelled there two months ago, really enjoyed crazy hunting there.:)

  8. ok, gonna give up for now… hahaha… i couldn’t get past the check the id available box… it wouldn’t disappear no matter how many times i clicked it…. haha

    i’ll try again tomorrow so i can order those great pieces that would fit perfectly in my wardrobe…


  9. love that denim shirt and the first coat! i wish shipping is not so pricey to malaysia.. ahh man!

  10. Fantastic seller find. Mind if I ask your other favorites on Gmarket? (I’d rather put my complete trust in your impeccably discerning taste than try to wade through those seizure-inducing images, especially with my shabby Korean.)

  11. i stumbled on the halu maybe shop a few days ago and immediately showed it to my friends! most often i find gmarket is too full of typical asian, fobby clothes, but this shop surprised me and i wished i could find some more like it!

  12. the sweater thing on the first photo is fanfuckingtastic!!


  13. how is it that you find the best shops at GMARKET??!!!! i just gave up :P

  14. ohh i love these pieces!
    oh and haha i also read the word of the week sometimes. really enriches your vocabulary and i totally understood that sentence. not.

  15. I always have the urge to write ha ha ha on this “Leave a comment” section. hahaha*

    And I only been to Gmarket once, I went in for 5 seconds and came out looking like this (@.@) with stars**, birds and what-not circling my head. So, thanks for this recommendation, shall go take a little tour.

  16. Great find! Yes I too sometimes go onto Gmarket/Yesstyle and am pleasantly surprised by some of the great stuff they have on there. It’s just such a pain having to look through EVERYTHING in order to find something great haha.

  17. PawPaw

    Hi! I really like the black dress with the white handcuff, it’s so romantic! I also like the grey wooly scarf, that seems so cosy, warm. It reminds me my boyfriend’s U-NI-TY one. Where can I buy them?
    Your blog is great!

  18. Loving that 2-button coat. Looks really comfortable and warm, but very chic!

  19. gorgeous tailoring, what a feast for the eyes.

  20. Mo

    Really well put together outfits…I love it!

  21. haha. i hate the gif explosion on gmarket. i’ve been on that site a few times and thought i was having a seizure. not sure why they seem to like it… but in any case, may just have to deal with the seizure for these…

  22. I always love finding new ways to drape black everywhere

  23. Thanks for the recommendation! Loving their stuff. haha… BUYING NOW! :P

  24. very amazing style :)



  25. Oh I want it all :)

  26. Um? WOW! I love all these pieces especially the slouchy pocket shirt which you say is sold out. Sad. Now if only I can figure out how to work Gmarket…


  27. After all your praising of Gmarket, I’m definately going to have to buy something. And this seller is such a gem; I don’t know how you find these great sellers underneath all that other stuff.

  28. i could live in all of this, but the slouch pocket shirt is my favorite!

  29. wow, such wonderful pieces.

  30. LOVE that nail polish color

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