I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Trench – Uniqlo, Wool shawl – Regent street cashmere store, Pants shoes bag – Gmarket, Sheer tunic – Zara, Satin Suspenders – Sonia Rykiel for H&M, Bracelet – COS | Photos by Susan Falkenas

A few hours ago I was feeling incredibly light-headed and feverish so I did what everyone, including doctors nurses and dentists, does in the 21st century and googled my symptoms down to the my left eye is smaller than my right and got such a polite result: Panic attack and denial brought on by imminent deadline, or Did you mean: Go Back To Work Lazy Cow? I tell you, Google will replace parents in the next century. OK so goodbye, going back to work.

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  1. effing amazing. love the lighting in these shots, kudos to your photographer :)

    and ahah… google can be funny. type “why are [insert ethnicity here]…” and you get so many things, like “why are asians skinny” “why are germans weird” and other humorous autocompletes.

  2. really pretty lighting in the photos! AGH I don’t think a panic attack = go back to work. o__o Just remember there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I never knew Google was like that one blunt aunt who’d tell you to get a job while eating her bonbons. Or something along those lines.

    In either case, the lighting on these pictures are lovely. Angelic, even!

  4. Great photos. Your outfit underneath looks sick!


  5. :D your text made me laugh so hard ! And the photos are amazing!

  6. The light in these photos is so lovely. And google autocomplete results in some extreme hilarity! There is a website dedicated to the most funny and ridiculous results but I can’t remember the URL at the moment!

  7. this look is totally stunning!!!

  8. the lighting in these photos is so perfect…i love it.

  9. These photos could be from an editorial spread. Beautiful.

    Maria x

  10. amazing photos. friggin amazing.

  11. Oooh, love the beautiful photograph on the first one!

  12. wow. this is seriously amazing. how can you make your photos so cool? the lightning effect me love~ the color amazing!

  13. i simply adore the colour pallet, i like how it matches the background :)

  14. yasemin

    the lighting in the photos of this post makes me feel that the world is somekind a magical place.

  15. google would not replace the people their parents .. ! These wonderful pictures I must tell you:)

  16. Garr you know what I mean :P

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! Oh god!! I love your trench coat!!!

  18. the lighting is beautiful!!!
    good luck on everything~breathe in and out, no need for a panic attack :P

  19. Sacha

    Love these pict’

    The style is a kind of mix of Burberry/Céline/JP Gauthier…with a touch of Balmain and U-NI-TY for the country/military side.


  20. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. google can be mean sometimes. thats why i threaten it with “bing”.
    you have the best photos, im a hater.


  21. Where do I even begin…uh, erm…amazing! I love the outfit, the nuetral colors look great, and the photos are gorggggeous

  22. Just love the lighting in these pictures, it kind of emits a sense of calm and tranquility in each and every picture.
    That trench coat is too beautiful also!

    – Anna Jane xxx

  23. omg! This photoshot is the best, which I ever seen. you look absolutely amazing!
    kisses :)

  24. lovely pictures! love the lighting :) great jacket !

  25. Amazing photos and the color scheme is breath taking! That trench is divine!

    I’m really feeling all the nudes and beige this spring. Can’t wait for the winter to end…

  26. haha, google…
    i love the outfit and shoes. and the photo is so breathtaking

  27. Beauitful photos. The lighting on them is amazing.

  28. Ahha you’re brilliant. Do hope you’re feeling a little calmer now. Deadlines are terrible things. Love these shots!

  29. oh yes, google rocks. it brings the world so much smaller and accessible..although overwhelming at times.

  30. The serenity of the pics totally don’t belie the actual stress you’re going through. Definitely not what I thought I was going to read after looking at the pics, haha. Hope you were super productive after you posted this!

  31. Love it, great outfit :)
    I really love your style and blog.

    Love Robine

  32. J’adore cette serie de photos!! la lumière est superbe!

  33. I love the ligting in these pics,great outfit.

  34. Ah! So jealous you have items from the sonia rykiel for h&m line! I love how you wore the piece on the outside of your outfit as well… well done.

  35. =] Just wanted to leave my compliments, I love your blog and totally understand the pain of focusing on work! I’m an architecture student, it’s just endless… keep up the good work, I need the wonderful distraction!

  36. i get excited when i see light rays in photos! so much fun to capture it too.

    i can’t remember how life was like without Google!!!? ;O

  37. Gorgeous lighting! The photographs show the texture of the clothes beautifully. Love your blog!

  38. Love the all natural colours. Great photos!

  39. STUNNING images, colours are amazing and so is your trench!

    Great blog :)

    Loves x


  40. I said ‘holy crap’ out loud when i saw these photos. OUT LOUD. Who does that?

  41. beautiful photos, the light is fantastic! Your outfit is beautiful, I really like the matching fabrics and colors that you’ve created … courage and good wishes for your health!

  42. love the trench and the garter belt!


  43. I love how whenever you have a new post, I do enjoy the pretty pictures very much but it’s always your ridiculously dry words that entertain me. Frolicking-in-in-fields-with-lens-flare does not usually equate with a caption of sickly sardonicism. You’re awesome. Get better.

  44. the second photo! i think i was staring at this second photo for half an hour just to discover the secret of its beauty! (call me crazy…) :D

  45. WTF this is fucking epic.

  46. These pictures are gorgeous, I love the lighting :)
    *Shudder* I hate googling my symptoms, it always comes up saying I have something really terrible (when I just have a cold)

  47. love love love the photos!! XD

  48. amazing outfit!!! I love all the layers and different textures, perfection ;)

  49. Wow! These are amazing! They really look like they’re from Vogue or something. :)

    I always look forward to a new post from you. Your blog is by far one of my favourites, perhaps my favourite.


  50. Such amazing lighting in your photos! So beautiful!

    Jen x


  51. purdy photos!!!! xo.

  52. I love your style & blog so much! I am definitely following your blog :) Hope you are having a lovely week!



  53. Ahaha, love Google and this crazy technology age. Gorgeous coat too!

  54. oh, you’ve made me longing for spring even more than before…

  55. STARR

    Stunning photos! I love that second shot of you <3

  56. hi, dear!
    how are you doing? i still hope to see you in Cracow some day :D
    you look beautiful, fresh and happy as always :)

    całusy z zaśnieżonego Krakowa! :*

  57. I love your jacket! I’ve been eyeing it in the shop it looks fantastic on you! Beautiful pictures too :)


  58. amazing photos and beautiful outfit





  60. I really love the lighting. And that coat looks so cozy.
    But my favorite is the Zara sheer dress… did you wear that in Turkey this summer? I seem to remember this post and being happy you had posted warm weather looks because I live in an area that has days of over 90 degrees F for months on end in the summer.

    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Stephanie from the States, and I’ve been reading your blog for nearing a year. I have to say yours is one of my favorite blogs, because of your really nice wearable style.