I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Yardsale Venue: Mulholland Drive vintage store

Joanna of the Style Digger

Ryfka of Szafa Sztywniary

Kasia of Plenty of Hangers and Weronika of Raspberry and Red

£4 hat that refused to fit my 4km circumference head.

Sweater – Monnari, Dress – MNG, Shoes – River Island, Belt – JHYoo, Floral Bag – Courtesy of Catherine Membre

Easter Bunny Sale (Blogger Yard Sale) Krakow; 26th April 2011

When I was in highschool I routinely took an early train down to Krakow to spend the day rediscovering the Auschwitz concentration camp – I’d go every season, back then SS/AW referred to the two-and-a-half hour trainride South – I guess the Holocaust votary in me wanted to experience the camp in all possible weather conditions at the very least. So Krakow only really meant that one thing to me, and I don’t think I’d ever

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given it a proper chance to flaunt its beauty as a city. So on Tuesday I woke up at a dead hour (dead to me at least, 7am is midnight for pete’s sake) (who’s pete?) and scrambled on a train to visit the Polish blogger’s Yard Sale. The ‘yard’ was three floors up in an empty vintage store called Mulholland Drive and Joanna, Kasia, Ryfka and Weronika’s undesireds were hanging around the store and quickly became someone else’s desireds. I myself picked up a few things at delicious prices of £2 and that general neighbourhood, including an oversized ‘fat kid’ sweater, summer dresses and some leopard action; and after a burger lunch with the girls promptly loaded my loot on an evening train and back home I was, like nothing happened.

Bustier – Courtesy of Fairground, Dress – Courtesy of StyleSofia, Boots – River Island, Grey pants – Uniqlo, Belt – JHYoo, Bag – Lithuanian Market, Plaid shirt – Calvin Klein

Well, other than migrating from bed to bed in the house for mini naps and mapping the neighbours from my window I managed to convince a friend to meet for a coffee. OK FINE, I begged her. Convince, beg, same difference. (Sob) Flora showed me the cosiest cafe in Warsaw called My ‘o’ my where I had best salad in town. Well, probably the best in town because I have virtually no friends and thus haven’t had too many salads in town.

OK enough with the moping, clearly this being alone in a big house has given me the catlady attitude. My parents are coming back tomorrow so a reminder to those who’ve passed out after the houseparty and never left, please TYOB (Take Your Own Beercans).

Here I am, talking to dussst.

(Thank you Flora for the outfit shots!)

Polo Top – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Polkadot Dress – Graduation dress by Zara, Belt – JHYoo, Bag – Mum’s, Vest – Geiger, Shoes – River Island, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

Thank you Agata and Oliwia for the photos!

Here’s another Uniqlooks look – yarh, it’s meant to be a monthly thing but with the frequency of my posting lately it looks like every other post is about the project… well good thing I love Uniqlo to death. Have I been paid to say this? – Do unicorns glow in the dark? We’ll never know. No, to keep this clear and on the records, I am indeed being compensated for this project. Le anyways. I know it’s hard to see, but the dress is actually halterneck and did an amazing job not covering my chest at my highschool graduation (thank you, dress), and the top is a simple polo shirt. Can you see, the dots are blue on the shirt and white on the dress. HA, this should’ve been a competition, I know how we all love giveaways! (puke). Had I remembered that I had this dress, and had I known I’d be stuck in Poland for weeks more than expected (not that it’s a bad thing), I probably would’ve asked for a different colour for ‘styling’ purposes… but I told you here anyway so only those who read my sacred blurbs will know of the secret of the dress, which is, hidden in plain sight.

With the lovely Harel and Joanna (Style Digger)

Areta’s Jill Sander-esque shopper bag from H&M

Dress – Bohoboco, Shoes – River Island, Zipper dress – H&M, Orange/Furry bag – ASOS; Matte Yellow nail polish by Inglot; Thank you Areta for the outfit shots!

I’d expected this visit home to be short and sweet, thick and firm, opaque and gooey…whatever, but today marked the third week since I arrived straight after fashion week. That opaque and gooeyness has now thinned out into texture of watery old lotion and I’m looking at

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still another two weeks here. Worst thing about this is that both my parents have left to Korea and the whole sense of home is a sanctuary has been perverted into home is a SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Although it’s not exactly that I don’t have anything to do, the fact that I’m here alone fending for myself is just very foreign. AND THE BOREDOM, wow. Yesterday I put together an outfit and ended up just checking the mailbox. So this MaxMara event that Joanna invited me along came at a good time, I had just started to greet my reflection.

I personally love MaxMara – not butt-kissing (whose lucky butt?) or anything but it’s been my mum’s favourite brand and at times like this when you pack for a week’s journey and end up staying a month, you really start appreciating your mum’s taste. After, a dinner with Harel, Joanna and A helped recharge my social bar, I think I can last another three weeks with this if I do enough ‘call neighbour’ and ‘chat online’… if not, I can always try going steady with the social bunny. I promise I haven’t been playing the Sims.

In love with midi dresses this season.

Sweater Jacket, Dress, Leggings – Zara, Jacket – Vintage Escada (MilanVintage Etsy), Bracelet & Necklace – F21, Bag – River Island Man, Shoes – Gmarket | Photos by Susan Falkenas

During the year and a teaspoon of blogging I’ve encountered numerous occasions when I’d receive emails reading along the lines of which camera & lens model do you use exactly? and would buying it help my blog’s popularity? Hm now, I’m not out to bash those who were genuinely interested in photography and simply wanted to know the tools; I’m not out to bash anyone really, but something inside me breaks when that question appears from behind the legs like a devil child just waiting to possess a dog. It’s a huge misunderstanding if you think good camera equipment makes a good blog, or even a good photograph; it’s like telling an Olympic athlete that you like his running records, what brand is his running shoes.

I feel that boiling down the quality of a blog to the equipment is also an gross under-appreciation to those who take the photos. Sure, I might abuse them and call them names such as homo podians but they are the ones behind all this outfit-photo magic. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have talented and willing people around me to take outfit photos, albeit some being closer to a tripod than a human (sorry mum), I really can’t thank them enough. As many of you know by now, Ellen has been taking majority of my London photos, you must check out her blog to see the glory of her illustration talent. Thank you Ellen, for slaving away at extra photos on a bad face day, for avoiding angles that make it seem like the streetlamp is growing out of my head, and for forgiving me when I put up 3 photos when we took about 300.

So you see, good blog photos are not what the super camera can manage to capture when aimed, it’s how much you and people around you toil to produce; and what makes a great blog photo is all the fun you have and the relationship you build while producing it.
The exact model and make of my camera & lens is in the Q&A/FAQ page, feel free to purchase the exact same thing.

p.s This outfit shoot was done by Susan, a new crew member. Everyone, meet Susan; Susan, meet everyone. She’s a whole other post.