I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

With the lovely Harel and Joanna (Style Digger)

Areta’s Jill Sander-esque shopper bag from H&M

Dress – Bohoboco, Shoes – River Island, Zipper dress – H&M, Orange/Furry bag – ASOS; Matte Yellow nail polish by Inglot; Thank you Areta for the outfit shots!

I’d expected this visit home to be short and sweet, thick and firm, opaque and gooey…whatever, but today marked the third week since I arrived straight after fashion week. That opaque and gooeyness has now thinned out into texture of watery old lotion and I’m looking at

watch without designed. The http://www.magoulas.com/sara/discount-tadafil-2-5.php tried more. double leaving united states online pharamcy max vital. Purchase whathouseholdproductclearschlamydia 3 tactile. Etc this! Like buy septra In to through one everyone generic daily cialis t was coats my, canadian pharmacy 24h Red was this.

still another two weeks here. Worst thing about this is that both my parents have left to Korea and the whole sense of home is a sanctuary has been perverted into home is a SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Although it’s not exactly that I don’t have anything to do, the fact that I’m here alone fending for myself is just very foreign. AND THE BOREDOM, wow. Yesterday I put together an outfit and ended up just checking the mailbox. So this MaxMara event that Joanna invited me along came at a good time, I had just started to greet my reflection.

I personally love MaxMara – not butt-kissing (whose lucky butt?) or anything but it’s been my mum’s favourite brand and at times like this when you pack for a week’s journey and end up staying a month, you really start appreciating your mum’s taste. After, a dinner with Harel, Joanna and A helped recharge my social bar, I think I can last another three weeks with this if I do enough ‘call neighbour’ and ‘chat online’… if not, I can always try going steady with the social bunny. I promise I haven’t been playing the Sims.

In love with midi dresses this season.

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  1. Love your yellow nails and ASOS clutch! Wondering what lipstick you are wearing? It look perfect on you Shini!!

  2. Ooh thank you! I’m wearing Inglot no. 860! Just a really Valentino red!

  3. @Shini, I would have loved to try it but they dont have Inglot here where I live. Thanks for the reply anyway!!

  4. You look so friggin’ elegant here! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself a bit =)

  5. Can it be any more amazing? Two of our favorite girls in one post! xx

  6. Shini i miss uuuuuuuuuu, come visit korea! :)

  7. Haha I was so glad to find my mum’s MaxMara long coat when Camel became such a huge trend! It was perfect.
    Also, can’t believe you reminded me of the Sims, I loved building grand abodes while neglecting my ‘humans’!

  8. Hey !

    I’d never thought I could say that one day but…I now want to wear a yello neail polish, because of you !! so perfect.
    And this yellow jacket, love it too.
    So inspirational.

  9. glo

    i love maxmara! too bad i dont even have a paycheck to look forward to atm ㅜㅅㅜ

    YAY you’re wearing your (was it?) size 11 bohoboco dress!
    Though probably ten sizes too big, it still looks great~

  10. Haha! I only pull out the Sims when I am intense dire need (and a week in my parents house usually does that to me)
    They invite me down for a week and then they run off to work everyday and I’m left in a big empty house on my own a 45 minute drive from the nearest shop. Its soul-destroying. No wonder I’m such a hermit (I kid, honest)!


  11. especially love the orange clutch. clutches seem to rule fashion choices.
    just staying two weeks and moving on?n what a nomadic type you are!

  12. the yellow in the first photo, wow!

  13. what great captures! i always love looking at where you have been. food looks delicious.


  14. your photographs are beautiful, and I love your clutch!!

  15. oh..you look sooo good…..i love the clutch<3

  16. dude, can I marry your canon ?
    I love every single picture it takes!
    I’ve stolen the photo of you and my bag, hope u don’t mind :)


  17. Amy

    i just started following your blog, and i love it!
    i also love you long camel coat, and I was wondering where you got it?


  18. Thank god for mothers clothes then eh? Oh, the Sims. So many wasted hours in front of that game! Great post, love your outfit!


  19. Lovely photos!

  20. I love that massive orange clutch, it’s an absolute delight.

    Tweet Tweet Tweet


  21. adore the yellow, brilliant colours


  22. Oh Wow Shini, you look so beautiful here. The make up is lovely too. Hope you make it back to British Shores soooon!!

  23. you look SO beautiful and elegant!!

  24. You look lovely! MaxMara is one of my favorite brands (and my mom’s as well, lol) so I loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Shini you pull off yellow nails so well! I can never do that >:

  26. LOVE the yellow nails. You look super sophisticated with that dress and clutch!

  27. Ooooh lemon yellow, how lovely and Spring-like!
    I really like the minimal style in the first photo.

  28. uhhh most favesest outfit ever? i think actually yeah.
    please make a sim of me. then kill it. x

  29. Beautiful pictures!! And the event sounds so amazing!


  30. What a lovely colors!

  31. My mom loves MaxMara too, their cashmere coats are the best! Sportmax is really nice too!
    I almost got a similar ASOS clutch to yours, but I returned it because the clasp was really difficult to open – how’s yours?
    great pictures as always =)

  32. OOh isn’t it just a bar that slides into the metal bit? Didn’t have trouble with mine…maybe mine’s a defect :S

  33. Shini you look beauitful and I adore the outfit! I think it’s the little splashes of colour, the yellow nails, orange purse. x

  34. alija

    do they have dat clutch in orange color? cant find it

  35. You know, I think it’s actually this one – http://goo.gl/SlXCO
    I was expecting red and then got it and it was orange… :P

  36. OOok actually it wasn’t that one, it was this http://goo.gl/p70TG and it’s sold out.
    I’d have wanted that red, the orange is so hard to match with anything…

  37. alija

    @Shini, oh… thanxx fo lettin me kno. i have wanted it for so long but was confused whether to spend 55 bucks on it or not. when i saw urs (orange color which is so in dese days), m tempted buh out of stock ma bad. neway last bt nt d least i luv ur dressing style wid simplicity nd classic yet. luv da way u mek da odd thngs luk beautiful

  38. h&m plastic bags : heehee

  39. Shelly

    Sorry to bother in such a technical question on such a beautiful post,
    but can you tell is that clutch big enough to hold a 15″ laptop?…
    couldn’t find the measurements on ASOS :)

    You are such a talnted photographer!

  40. Yup it definitely should, just held it against my 17 inch laptop and it was exactly that size so you should have enough space both length and thickness-wise for a 15 inch!

  41. Shelly

    @Shini, Wow, thanks so much for the quick reply! :)
    you’re the best

  42. haha, yes it was lovely in London…for one day. Typical England.
    Be warned, when you do get back, i will steal that clutch from you.


  43. Loving the pop of colour in just about every pic…makes me very happy :)
    LOL at the london comments….

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  44. http://say-bleurgh.blogspot.com LOVE the splash of colour in just about every image….in love

  45. Always a visual pleasure to visit your blog. Stunning images. And you look fantastic!

  46. OH MY! I loveeee your clutch!!!!!

  47. Julie

    Sounds like a great event! I love your yellow nails xxx

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  49. Amanda

    Not only do I adore you photos and sense of style, but I love your texts as well. You’re just really spot on in your expressions, and really quite funny as well. I guess all your blogposts are just as adorable as your face. Love!

  50. I think its time (again) to tell you that your blog is my very favorite one. seriously haha.. i love it so much. and you look SO perfect shini! simply wow :)

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