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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Yardsale Venue: Mulholland Drive vintage store

Joanna of the Style Digger

Ryfka of Szafa Sztywniary

Kasia of Plenty of Hangers and Weronika of Raspberry and Red

£4 hat that refused to fit my 4km circumference head.

Sweater – Monnari, Dress – MNG, Shoes – River Island, Belt – JHYoo, Floral Bag – Courtesy of Catherine Membre

Easter Bunny Sale (Blogger Yard Sale) Krakow; 26th April 2011

When I was in highschool I routinely took an early train down to Krakow to spend the day rediscovering the Auschwitz concentration camp – I’d go every season, back then SS/AW referred to the two-and-a-half hour trainride South – I guess the Holocaust votary in me wanted to experience the camp in all possible weather conditions at the very least. So Krakow only really meant that one thing to me, and I don’t think I’d ever

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given it a proper chance to flaunt its beauty as a city. So on Tuesday I woke up at a dead hour (dead to me at least, 7am is midnight for pete’s sake) (who’s pete?) and scrambled on a train to visit the Polish blogger’s Yard Sale. The ‘yard’ was three floors up in an empty vintage store called Mulholland Drive and Joanna, Kasia, Ryfka and Weronika’s undesireds were hanging around the store and quickly became someone else’s desireds. I myself picked up a few things at delicious prices of £2 and that general neighbourhood, including an oversized ‘fat kid’ sweater, summer dresses and some leopard action; and after a burger lunch with the girls promptly loaded my loot on an evening train and back home I was, like nothing happened.

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  1. Lovely pictures as usual. That aqua colored jacket is really cool, it’s a butterfly too. I love it!!!!!


  2. looks like such a good day! love that shot of the staircase, it’s lovely

    january, x

  3. Oh, look, your beautiful Maison Martin Margiela wallet (that I couldn’t find even if I searched high and low for it online, much to my chagrin) makes an appearance again.

    Wonderful pictures; the aqua blazer is adorable. (I want that wallet)

  4. i love the photo diaries of your journies. so inspiring to see the combination of the food, fashion and friends!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  5. love the shout of the stairs!!

    And that sawn singlet – oh my, I want! :D

  6. the images are so beautiful. like going back in time.

  7. Anna

    Ordinarily, I would praise this post for the typically thoughtful and inspiring photography and layout.

    But this time I have to ask—isn’t it really kinda grisly and garish to invoke AUSCHWITZ and BUYING FASHIONABLE CRAP at a yard sale in the same breath with no apparent sense of irony? Does materialism know no bounds? Even worse, does the pursuit of things make people completely immune to the historical realities around them? I would think a seasonal—and arguably emotionally demanding—trip to the world’s most notorious concentration camp would make someone think twice about their life’s pursuits, nay, about life in general. Does no one else in this thread pick up on the absurdity?

    I hate to be such a bummer, fashion people need to start being more critical, and I’m not talking about color palettes!

  8. Trust me, the experience and education I wrangled out from going to Auschwitz more than twice a year weighs heck more than purchasing fashionable crap at a yard sale. Why do you think I went there so often? I guess the irony was indeed not detected in my lack of good prose, which was, just remembered, one of the reasons why I couldn’t study what I truly loved which was Holocaust History. I’d chosen Graphic Design vowing to illustrate that history since I couldn’t write about it, and then this fashion crap came along. Contrary to what this blog might suggest, I don’t really give a rat’s ass about fashion.

    I’d be severely offended if one thought I regarded Auschwitz as some tourist hotspot I liked to frequent as a teenager. It’s my own weakpoint and my passion.
    But it’s my fault really, I guess I should’ve made my own history more apparent before bringing up any other sensitive topics of History, so I do apologize. Yes, fashion people need to start being more critical, and thank you for speaking out instead of leaving another one of those ‘cute outfit’ comments.

  9. Anna

    @Shini, Thank you for clarifying! I wasn’t implying that you visited Auschwitz as some masochistic and purely ceremonial gesture of spiritual disburdenment. To the contrary—I think it’s apparent that your trips must have been quite personal. I guess what really got to me was the discontinuity between one meaningful and another relatively more meaningless experience.

    I’m also responding to a broader phenomenon that I see in fashion blogs in general: the complete disregard of historical processes or, for lack of a better word, collective memory, in favor of blind, ahistorical consumerism. There’s a big difference between appreciating craftsmanship and the like and being a pawn of the market. To be fair, I don’t think you’re implicated in this at all. In fact, one reason I gravitate toward your blog in the first place is that you are a producer in every sense of the word—not just a girl who uploads pretty pictures of her purchasing patterns to her blogspot.

    But—not to be a pedant—I think those of us who troll blogs like yours on the regular should be more aware and less inclined to accept things as they are presented.

  10. Hey hey Anna, before I say anything, I’d like to ask what it is you study/tickles your fancy that you have such insight and conviction to look beyond the facade of ‘fashion’* that many others are content on skimming? Also, your command of the language is unparalleled… Green with envy.

    I do understand why you might’ve taken it that way, the path in which the first few lines took to get to the second half should’ve been rough, if not barricaded… (Indeed, in what world does talking about concentration camp and then a fashion yard sale in the same paragraph grant pardon?) Although I must admit that, I too, act another variety of ‘pawn’ and tailor many aspects of this blog for the favour of the ‘fast’ market; as an example, the choice of limiting the blurb to a paragraph or two has been for the sole purpose of ‘feeding’ digestible chunks… this particular post being no exception. In the end I guess I can’t blame those who can detect contextual discontinuity in a jam-packed paragraph (intended or not), and neither can I blame those who blindly swallow the chunks as fed.

    What frustrates me more is when the chunks don’t even get read, and I’m left to communicating with the ‘facade’ and that’s an oh so deep way of communicating as we all know it.

    * Fashion in inverted commas as this blog is hardly a study of that, life a la mode is a better way of putting it perhaps.

  11. oh wow..i love the blue blouse.everything looks pretty neat!..one of these days..i must be able to attend these blogger yardsales….the prices looks scrumptious..:)

  12. Tsze

    Omg, that mint blazer and those interesting pants [love]! And I love your creative photography! A shame that there isn’t much stuff like this where I’m from.

    I do agree with what Anna has said on the location choice though. Thought I misread the location at first. Nevertheless, lovely pictures and lovelier clothes =]

  13. I love the staircase shot as well~ wish I could teleport there right away~

    Also If anyone is interested in having a look at my final collection , i would be really grateful if you could give me your vote on this competition I entered.

    Just click the red banner that says “vote for it”, then “submit your vote”

  14. michelle

    love that light blue-ish cropped jacket and that swan tee so beautiful!

    just up: elegant pieces post

  15. Wonderful photos, I love the little feet poking out of the dressing room ;) And ome really interesting items for sure! I love how you capture detail.

    Also, growing up I was also very interested in the Holocaust. I live in the U.S. right now and I’ve never gotten the chance to experience the concentration camps, but I imagine it must have been a very moving place to be. Instead I’ve read multiple books and watched movies. I’d like to visit one day, I’m sure makes one feel very human.

  16. I like the swan shirt. But I might get stoned to death by hipster~* folk for being a poser. ;)
    I noticed you’re reading Sputnik Sweetheart! Are you a Murakami fan, too? :)

  17. Absolutely a fan, reading his books makes me feel like I’m out by a breezy seaside living someone else’s life, in all the best sense possible :D

  18. Oh! I would LOVE to go there and meet Weronika! Her style is amazing! And she loves Audrey Hepburn too :). Lovely blog!



  19. Your photos in this entry are just beautiful!

  20. you look so pretty! that dress looks good on you!: )

  21. anika

    There is not equal sign between Auschwitz and Kraków!!!! Auschwitz/Oświęcim is a city about 60 kilometres from Kraków!!!!!

  22. I know I know Anika, I’ve been there more than 20 times… :) but from Warsaw when I say Krakow it only meant destination Oswiecim, never to enjoy the city.


  23. really like the hallway shot

  24. that dress with the swans is so beautiful

  25. So you went to Krakow! Wow! It is great the bloggers there organize such an event. Hopefully it will come to Warsaw oneday!

  26. gorgeous photos! loove that top with the swans. and aweesome tights!

  27. awesome pics!!! loves zem all :DDD
    xoxo Diana

  28. Wonderful photography! I wish there were more vintage stores here.


  29. Seraphina

    Ooh!! Is that a Haruki Murakami book?

  30. Love the top with the swan!
    So cute


  31. Nice shoots!


  32. You should post your finds sometime! I’m sure they’re wonderful!

  33. I don’t know what camera you use but your photos are always so perfect, I love them ! Also, I think Polish bloggers are the best, I really do!
    I like your long skirt too.

  34. Merry

    I don’t know why but these photos.. cholera, they are so positivie! like the spring is everywhere, even in wardrobe.

  35. Ah! My friend is in warsaw at the moment, I would love to explore some of Poland myself, particularly the historic site you mentioned. Looks like you guys are getting great sunshine over there at the moment as well. I read your intelligent and articulate replies to the comments above as well, I don’t pick up a fast fashion mentality on this blog at all. It is one of the reasons why I have great respect for you and this blog.

  36. Ahhh! This blog either makes me extremely hungry or insanely inspired!!!

  37. Amazing pictures!!! Love the shirt of the swans.

  38. Love the photo of you in the door way. Almost National Geographic! hehe

  39. Julie

    Beautiful pictures!! We miss you in London xxx

  40. Love this post!! full of inspiration! thanks

  41. Your pictures are always so nice I wish I was there!


  42. I adore Your fotos. I’m so happy that I passed by Your blog again!! I saw it so long ago and forgot the name of it. And I finally found You!! Great work I have to admit. I like Your style:) By the way I’m following you now. I need some advice from expert. Do You mind checking my blog and critize it?? It would be such a pleasure for me:)



  43. your images always excite me. thank you.

  44. Lydia

    Whos pete

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  46. This bloggers sale is making me very jealous. I love the paneled leggings that somebody is wearing

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  48. I love the idea of a blogger yard sale! It’s hard to imagine people parting with those lovely items!


  49. Cleo

    First time here, but have to ask: do you know sth about the leggings/pants on the pic 7077? thank you for any hints :)

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