I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Outfit 1: Sweater – mum’s Molton, Polo – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Pants – Gmarket, Shoes – New Look, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, Bag – Lithuania market; Outfit 2: Polo – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Pants – Zara, Gold T-bars – Topshop, Clutch – mum’s vintage

The fact that this polo shirt is the brightest of blue (and the fact that my forehead is basically a lightbulb) does not help the fact that this balcony faces a wall of cars waiting at the lights on the main road outside my house. For innate self-defence’s sake I guess the body pulled the I need to pee pose in order to make the outdoor cinema crowd to assume that I’m just standing on my balcony in front of a tripod because I truly do have to pee. In two different outfits.

This second polo of Uniqlooks was quite the challenge, which is worrying in itself because a few years ago I remember insisting on only wearing polo shirts. What does that say about my highschool fashion sense? I guess it doesn’t say much, other than douchebag.

Outfit: Top – DIY FCUK, Skirt – Storets.com, Shoes – H&M, Furry pouch – ASOS, Long vest – Gmarket; Prints by La Boca as part of promotional graphics;

Don’t we often say ‘I know it’s really bad, but what do you think about…’ just to put a cushion down first before a potential bad review? Black Swan did exactly that in the first 10 minutes into the film. “Done to death” was one of Vincent Cassel’s lines describing Swan Lake in the movie, and there he beat me to the chase – the cushion was laid and I had to hold my tongue about the genericness of the subject. And from that point on I had to accept that the film was not going to be another box standard dance school flicks where the climax is when the protagonist is grounded by her mother. Gladly I’m tough trained in blood & gore after years of being steeped into war movies, but I really couldn’t stop the chills running up and down my body during the screening. Well I guess that can be called ‘refreshing’.  The Ballerina trend is indeed done to death but I think this time it’s going to be different because Black Swan was very little of the dainty feather muffs and white tutus, but more of the saturated evil of the dark swan twin that we always seem to neglect.

The pre-screening event was another one of Robinson Pfeffer‘s bountiful functions, including a Barre class held at Frame studio in Shoreditch. (If the screening came before the class we’d have expected our reflections to move on its accord) A generous dance kit was provided by Bloch, and a smoky-eye makeover by MAC Cosmetics, and off we went hobbling over the bars clutching our butts that were spilling out of the leotards… At least whatever I lost in that class got returned to the rightful owner while shoving down fistfuls of popcorn at the Aubin cinema during the screening.

Thank you Pascal for the outfit shots

Jacket – Quiksilver, Sweater – Gmarket, Necklace – Courtesy of Jennifer Loiselle, Sheer tunic – Zara, Leather pants – ASOS, Shoes – H&M

Jennifer Loiselle (Photos from her etsy store)

It seems that only when I’m literally walking out the door I’m able to catch the postman before he scribbles a We Missed You card and vanishes… he really can’t miss me enough to wait 30 damn seconds for the power-sprint from door phone to the door. If this was a relationship I’d be researching numbers for a freelance assassin, I tell you. The package was such a pleasant surprise though, containing two of Jennifer Loiselle‘s perspex necklace/headband designs that I’d seen in Susie’s post not a year ago. The designs are right up my alley – bold necklace that doesn’t require any intuitive jewellery layering skills (that I haz not), and can be worn on head or neck. Apart from the fact that the spikey number is a bit lethal and I’m a little afraid to mount it on my head, they’re a perfect addition to the family (Cow says hi). Thank you Jennifer!

On a separate note, I’m pretty sure in a few more weeks of this slush snow London will be looking to purchase a giant bottle of Head & Shoulders for dandruff control. Oh yes, I remember, last year they had to buy emergency salt from Spain because of said ‘snow’. Krakow has knee-high snow, I hear, and life goes on. LEARN, LONDON.

Thank you Kit for the photos!

Trench – Uniqlo, Boots – Clarks, Skirt – Courtesy of Storets.com, White Shirt – Courtesy of AA, Sweater – Gmarket, Bag – Lithuania

I’m about to crack one of those hilarious jokes again… just crawled home from Paris.

Why did the chicken… Nevermind, I’ll just go to sleep and you can retain that last strand of respect for this blog. I’ll ask of it next time when I feel the need to sell your information in exchange for free pair of Uggs.

Thanks Kit for the photos! Taken @ Arcadia SS11Pressday

Scarf – FCUK, Sweater – Mum’s old, Jacket – Monnari, Leather Pants – ASOS, Shoes – Gmarket, Green dress – H&M, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel

After Chanel Pressday near Green Park #teenvogue

London’s sporting bittercold wind lately, looks like Winter’s at the doorstep. Funnily, I was perfectly warm at the top despite the hole-punched glory of the jacket, but my legs were absolutely freezing in the leather pants. Turns out the pants had ‘breathing holes’ and let wind in like a mosquito net…
Speaking of Holepunch… Doesn’t it remind you of when you’re young and in school you try punching through a thick wad of paper but because the holepuncher is from a  Tesco and previously used by your brother to punch through lego it only does half a hole? Then you end up having to tear out each hole-flap but it comes off with a tail and all the holes look like teardrops… good old days. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, YOU SHOULD’VE STAYED IN SCHOOL.

Thank you Nadia for the photos!