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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Outfit: Top – DIY FCUK, Skirt – Storets.com, Shoes – H&M, Furry pouch – ASOS, Long vest – Gmarket; Prints by La Boca as part of promotional graphics;

Don’t we often say ‘I know it’s really bad, but what do you think about…’ just to put a cushion down first before a potential bad review? Black Swan did exactly that in the first 10 minutes into the film. “Done to death” was one of Vincent Cassel’s lines describing Swan Lake in the movie, and there he beat me to the chase – the cushion was laid and I had to hold my tongue about the genericness of the subject. And from that point on I had to accept that the film was not going to be another box standard dance school flicks where the climax is when the protagonist is grounded by her mother. Gladly I’m tough trained in blood & gore after years of being steeped into war movies, but I really couldn’t stop the chills running up and down my body during the screening. Well I guess that can be called ‘refreshing’.  The Ballerina trend is indeed done to death but I think this time it’s going to be different because Black Swan was very little of the dainty feather muffs and white tutus, but more of the saturated evil of the dark swan twin that we always seem to neglect.

The pre-screening event was another one of Robinson Pfeffer‘s bountiful functions, including a Barre class held at Frame studio in Shoreditch. (If the screening came before the class we’d have expected our reflections to move on its accord) A generous dance kit was provided by Bloch, and a smoky-eye makeover by MAC Cosmetics, and off we went hobbling over the bars clutching our butts that were spilling out of the leotards… At least whatever I lost in that class got returned to the rightful owner while shoving down fistfuls of popcorn at the Aubin cinema during the screening.

Thank you Pascal for the outfit shots

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  1. amazing shots, loved that sheer skirt you wore, makeup also looked absolutely stunning


  2. awwwww man, now i really want to see that movie. Today i opted to watch the other portman movie that was screening (no strings attached) which was still good though. At least i got my daily dose of ashton kutcher, hehe.

    Thoughts on the ballet class? Was it good, did you learn lots?

  3. OMG → I JUST did a BLOG POST on those exact BLACK SWAN movie posters!! I was so impressed with the artwork, that I just had to write about them – Designed by a Co. in Portobello,, West London! ☆
    Honestly, wasn’t that an absolutely amazing movie….?? Well…….some parts got a little “Friday the 13th”, but, overall – visually and emotionally haunting…. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!! :-)



  4. black swan was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat during the entire film! My favorite scene was the end when she was like “I am perfect” it was so great and eerie. The girl was crazy! <3

    great look! you look fabulous!

  5. Wow~! I love your outfit~!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by diane schuh and Yiqiu Wang, UK Fashion News. UK Fashion News said: Done to Death http://dlvr.it/Dy7Sj […]

  7. I think it’s really interesting that you pointed out that “thank God this isn’t another one of those ‘I just gotta dance because it’s what I have to do!'” and then the big scene is a dance scene set to a popular radio hit dance beat and it’s all done in the rain for some reason.
    Black Swan is sorta like that, only instead of a radio hit, it’s classic Tchaikovsky, and instead of rain, it’s BLOOD OMG.
    Seriously though, I’m glad I saw this movie– probably not an eager second time watch for me, but I (along with the Hollywood Foreign Press) thought this was Natalie Portman’s best yet.

    WOAH geek movie talk, sorry. Gosh, it looks so fun that you got to go through all the ballerina-themed stuff at the showing! The delicate white “wings” of your outfit go perfectly with it all. I also giggled/groaned at your “clutching our butts spilling out of leotards…” ><

  8. oooo…really love this post!!! :D

  9. That looks just amazing!

    juliet xxx

  10. what a lovely event! can’t wait to see the film!

    xoxo from rome

  11. How do you manage to get such clear shots in the dark?? You must tell me your secrets! I’m jealous you got to see the film in such a cosy environment, I was packed in like a sardine at a huge cinema with a girl on her phone the whole time next to me! I loved the film still and totally wanted to dance all the way home. That reminds me I must download soundtrack….

  12. I absolutely love those photos. It looks like such an amazing time

  13. Great photos Shini, and lucky you. I’m off to see Black Swan later this week, and it sounds like I’ll need to fortify myself emotionally beforehand.

  14. Why settle for a movie when you can have an experience. Lovely

    Bright Green Laces

  15. Lovely post!!

  16. The picture of your looking at the movie in those cinema chairs is absolutely great!


  17. Great photos!



  18. that is so awesome you got to do this. what a great event. now you made me crave for some popcorn.

  19. I love your sweater.

  20. Aaahh, I read about this event on Susie’s blog… So much fun, though the dance lesson looks – errm – challenging (fashion and other wise). Love your own dark and longer-skirted interpretation of the ballet look and can’t wait for the shivers down my spine when I’m going to watch the movie this week.

  21. P.S. 6:30 am… Do you EVER sleep, Shini? or are you just an extremely early riser? xo

  22. Great photos Shini, lovely post!
    You guys all looked so cute in your leotards – hope you enjoyed the class – been practising your pointy toes since?!!

  23. oh..how nice…you would have made a lovely white swan….
    totally loving the graphics on the adverts…and your long black locks…!!!

  24. For some reason I thought I would completely love love love this whole ballerina trend thing, but now I’m tired of it, which makes me a little sad because I adore a good tutu. Oh well, I’m sure my love will be revived soon enough. Your photographs are amazing here and the event looked like fun!

  25. i absolutely love your outfit. so pretty! very nice shots, too.

    the only thing, which annoys me a little (and this has nothing to do with your post/blog) is that it seems like everybody’s jumping on that Black Swan train now. I loved the movie, but to see Black Swan inspired or themed fashion and make-up articles everywhere is so… hm.

  26. Yupp, compleeetely agree, done to death.
    Don’t you find it weird that we’re all acting as if we’ve never seen the ballet trend before? At least with Black Swan there’s a bit more gothic/dark interpretation so I won’t rule it out completely…

  27. Awww the photos are beautiful! What a lovely genius event dedicated to the film – well done to Robinson Pfeffer! It’s a brilliant film but very intense…didn’t pay much attention to the costumes except for the infamous black swan’s.

  28. Me neeeither, didn’t see so much of that Rodarte hype in the movie (except that really nice dancewear that was grey and was knitted…)

  29. @Shini,

    Ah man I want those Bloch shoesys, what do I get? A latest Christian Dior perfume (N.portman is new face)….I gave it away.

  30. My two wishes for the day:

    1. To see Black Swan
    2. That any cinema I go to is as amazing as this one looks!


  31. You should definitely check out the cinema, it’s open to public! Prices are similar to Odeon or Vue as well, might as well make a trip to Shoreditch and watch the same movies in velvet sofas!

  32. I want to watch Black Swan! But something about it is stopping me from watching it… haha should I still watch it?
    I like the way you layer your clothes Shini… I’ll keep it in mind for when I dress during Winter lol

  33. If you’re squeamish or easily disturbed it might be too intense but I think it’s a watchworthy film in terms of artistic (more acting and emotions, less ‘ballet’ fashion) aspects!

  34. Daniella

    Wow, you are so very lucky to see a special screening like that! I loved the movie also. I was on edge the whole time! And what a cute package from BLOCH!

  35. lovely post! I just watched the movie a few days ago and idk if im crazy or whatever, i didnt think it was THAT amazing, after all the hype, i was just kinda let down. to be honest, i already new the plot and the scenes from friends who watched it before me but nevertheless, i was disappointed. The ending was probably my favorite part (not being sarcastic, it really was beautifully performed therefore making the movie) and…the trailers. Natalie portman was amazing…mila kunis wasn’t believable. :(
    other than that, i am jealous of your ballet classes!!!

  36. Mila Kunis was still MEG for all I cared… that’s probably what threw me off the mood…:P

  37. gorgeous pictures! and.. i didn’t know you take ballet?! woot.

  38. Haha I love the way this is written.

  39. Oh, ballet! I’d really like to try that aswell.

  40. Shini, these photos are killing me a little. They are crazy beautiful. This looks like such a cool event. Love the setting for your photos… definitely mirrors the whole dark element you mentioned in the movie. Really stunning. Your photography and concept for posts continuously blows me away. xx

  41. I absolutely can’t wait to watch this. I adore Natalie Portman.


  42. I love the amount of creativity and effort put into these events! It’s so lovely that you guys got to try out ballet and wear those cute leotards.

  43. I love the different posters of Black Swan there are. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie!


  44. The cardigan is amazing! it is to.die.for!!!

  45. What fun!

  46. Great way to celebrate the movie, good concept. Not that anything as weird as Black Swan happens, but I think most people would be surprised at how dark the dancing/ballet world really is…

  47. Wonderful pictures of the event, thanks for sharing!
    That cinema looks so perfect and cosy, too. Have just added ‘cinema’ to my ideal home wish list!
    I really enjoyed the film, it made me jump in places though! My nervy disposition is not really cut out for thrillers but Black Swan was just beautiful.

  48. I love that film. And these photos are beautiful, very interesting. :)


  49. Beautiful photos!

  50. Great post/awesome photos. It was definitely a good movie, but man, people are damn pretentious about how “artsy” it was. It was pretty surface-y in my most humble opinion.

  51. YAH I thought so too actually, there was nothing artsy about it – maybe Vincent Cassel’s French accent gave that illusion to some. It was just a really intense, but still quite hollywood thriller/drama. Maybe Meg’s voice threw me completely off the mood…

  52. I love your skirt!


  53. I am just DYING to see Black Swan. This looks like such a glamorous day- jealous :)


  54. This sounds like a wonderful day! What a great event. So, am I to assume that you liked the movie? Also, have you done ballet before?

  55. I did like the movie! Quite intense but it’s sure worth one watch at least ;) (Wow that actually sounds degrading). I did do ballet when I was young… but now I’m stiff as a rhubarb…

  56. Like Jen said: these photos are killing me a little, too. This is a really beautifully put together post. We saw the film, too, and I feel the same way – I loved the film actually, but I was also multi tasking in my head and wondering how this will influence fashion because it is so not fluffy bunny baby pink ballerina stuff -and I feel your ensemble really captures that.

    I’m spending way too much time studying your ‘DIY FCUK top”: how the FCUK did you do that? Seriously. I don’t understand. Did you take a long black top and an old white jumper and sew the shoulder parts on? And what’s going on in the back? That is seriously beautiful, in a Black Swan with a bit of White Swan sense.

    I did feel a twinge of envy when I realised it was RP and they didn’t invite me, but then again, I did pull a last minute no show the last time they did the ballet class thing, so all’s fair. Oh and what really interests me – as a graphic designer – are the programs. Were these ideas that weren’t used? They are really excellent.

    Wish I’d seen you at the barre: stiff as a rhubarb, cute. xx

  57. p.s. Also meant to say well done to RP and whoever put that premiere together: the little ballet shoe and everything, that’s a real class act. And I’m not really envious: I couldn’t have gone, anyway, and besides, I’m going there tomorrow. We love Robinson Pfeffer!

  58. Shini, you look great. Love the outfit with the fur bag

  59. Beautiful pictures. Seen the movie, it was great!
    xoxo irene

  60. watched it yesterday. I was crying and screaming the whole movie. sometimes I laughed. definitely one of the best movies ever.. to me. portman was more than perfect but I’m not gonna watch it again the next few months because she shock is still there haha.
    oh and I really really loooove your outfit! as always :)

  61. you look fabulous doll! The movie is amazing x

  62. That theater looks like heaven! AMAZAING!
    Love your blog, came here from dress, desgin, decor – it’s fabulous off to explore!

  63. I really liked Black Swan, in its metaphor of what show Business, or fame, can do to people. What I didn’t really like at time was the obviousness of certain symbolism (black = bad / white = good. Daaaahhh. And the mirror to symbolize the double … Daaahh (2) ) But it must have been so much fun to take a danse class in a nice tutu!

  64. Beautiful images and terrific blog, I am a new fan!

  65. The outfit is just gorgeous, and I love your documentation of the event. What a lovely blog you have!

  66. I loved the Black Swan movie. The costumes where so beautiful.
    What lovely pictures. I adore your outfit!

  67. Those black swan designs are great!!!!
    I can’t wait to see the movie

  68. lovely photos! I am still yet to see black swan though haha

  69. Wow what an amazing way to see the movie! :) That class would have been so much fun :) Going to see it next week!



  70. very nice gallery. I would like to come somtime. Big hallo for admin .

  71. ah, i really think i’m the only person left in the blogosphere who hasn’t seen black swan yet… your photos are lovely as always though! makes me miss ballet classes~

  72. Nice post.Loved it. Thanks for sharing.