I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Trench & Umbrella – Uniqlo, Dress -Mum’s old, Tights – Courtesy of Gal Stern, Shoes – H&M, Bodypiece – Surround by Brook & Lyn (courtesy of Mimi), Bag – JHYoo

Product photos from Surround by Brook & Lyn

Never in my life I’ve had to say ‘Hello? My eyes are up here‘ – maybe once in a while I’ll do some promotion and say ‘Hello, my boobs are down here’. I kid. Thanks to Mimi’s Surround body rope I’ve had curious stares at my chest the whole day, but more so because the trio of agate rocks also look like windows into my chest and everyone saw, that in the cave, there was no heart present. I am indeed a cold cold woman. There’s this beautiful ephemeral quality that I love in Agate where the crystals look like they are still stirring and reacting endlessly. I just can’t help but thank God for such delicious surprises in nature as these.
The stone is first enclosed in a hand-crocheted frame, and then the rope is sewn on – and most of this personally done by Mimi the designer herself. It’s rather amusing to know that not under a year ago Brook & Lyn was a blog not dissimilar to this one, and in a  few months she upended it into a whole brand. I should really stop moping about jobs and visas and look for rocks.

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Thank you Ellen for the outfit photos!

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  1. I’ve seen many of similar agate necklaces but your pictures made them look so unique, colorful and cheerful. Congratulations on creating this beauty.

  2. Lovely Necklaces!
    I like your shoes!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  3. AHAHHA shini you kill me, really. you look beautiful, as do the necklaces!

  4. these would make for a great diy project. btw i love your bun! i need to get my hair to grow longer so i can attempt that.


  5. I know what you mean about the agate. There is so much depth to them. It feels as though you could tip forward into them and never stop falling.

    They look like the universe and molecules and the deepest part of the ocean — all at once.

  6. omg I LOVE Brook&Lyn!! It’s so amazing to see her jewelry on you! Two of my favorite bloggers :)

    Elena of NOSTALiA MOON

  7. Wow. Those pieces are really beautiful. I thought at first it was just the photography that made them look so beautiful (which definitely helps) but they are so unique and almost look alive.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  8. I love this stone jewelry trend happening right now!

  9. You never fail to bring a smile to my face – thanks for sharing that great sense of humor! And also for sharing Brook & Lyn. The pieces are absolutely stunning! x

  10. Very nice jewelry !



  11. Lucy

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! What’s interesting about that thought is your style is really nothing like mine. All the other blogs I follow consist of clothing I could see myself in where as with yours, though beautiful and elegant, I actually never could see myself wearing them. However because of your pictures, the places and events you cover and especially the way you write you have drawn me to continue to follow your blog while others blogs have been culled. SO basically I am saying congrats on a fantastic blog!

  12. oh my god…I’m in love…with these jewels :-)

  13. Woah this necklace is amazing! I love the ideas behind it.
    You outfit compliments it wonderfully xx

  14. at first look…thought why so serious..?..
    and realized..It is tied around you…how cute…not that i’m fond of rocks…but agate sure has an in-depth feel to it and the colours are gorgeous And it feels a bit hypnotic!!!…but the rope detaill is creatively cute!!!!

  15. Those agate stones are so beautiful and I love the use of rope with it, works so much better than chains! You look amazing. <3


  16. At first I was going to type some response about how it’s amazing what people can do with the right platform/audience, but that’s since devolved into “oooooh pretty stones”

  17. Om nom nom, I love the necklace! Not really in my price range though, so I’ve been looking at high res images and trying to plot how to craft my own version.

  18. Wow… and I thought it was sewn into a dress. Maybe that’s an idea to pursue.

    I really like how it’s not just a necklace per se and also kinda like a “waist-cincher”/belt-thingy. Uber cool.

  19. Looking gorgeous as ever, love the tights and the necklace is beautiful! Fab outfit basically!!!

    Hannah xx

  20. The agate looks gorgeous, but I’m not sure I could go a whole day with a body rope on. Also, I’d like to know if the H&M shoes are relatively comfortable? Thanks!

  21. They are really comfortable, I had to buy the a size bigger because UK6 was all sold out but still really nice to walk in. Best if you put in insoles though just to cushion the lining. But otherwise it’s not wound inflicting like many of their other shoes!

  22. @Shini, I’ve always had an irrational fear of buying shoes from H&M; I feel as though the soles will fall off halfway through the day. These are too gorgeous to pass up on though, and I’ll definitely be looking for them at my local H&M. Again, thank you!

  23. Oh like a rope fashion harness. intriguing. P.S. i loved your opening line : hello my boobs are down here

    Bright Green Laces

  24. Those pieces are just beautiful. I love how simple they are, yet they’re completly mesmerising. It really is a lesson in how the whole is really so much greater than the sum of its parts.

  25. The bodypiece is incredibly beautiful. I love them all!

  26. I’m actually in love with this bodypiece, so pretty.
    Great outfit.


  27. are those shoes comfy?:) i feel like h&m shoes arent so walkable..

  28. I had to buy these a size bigger because they didn’t have UK6 in stores anymore but they’re still really comfy! I think it really depends how high the heels are because I feel that higher H&M shoes are really uncomfortable…

  29. @Shini, ahh cool:) too bad I havent seen them in a while.. so Im thinking theyre sold out now. too bad.. they were kind of perfect.

  30. oooh those white rope pieces are just divine…off to trawl their shop now.. :) x

  31. I love your whole outfit, Body piece is stunning! and beautiful pics


  32. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by S. Park and UK Fashion News. UK Fashion News said: Surround http://dlvr.it/DXSKH […]

  33. I love how Mimi’s picks each stone herself!

  34. Such a beautiful work of NATURE, makes you think that we really should appreciate our natural environment/surroundings that create these little beauties….I love nature.

    P.s but I also hate nature.

  35. i wouldnt stare as if i was looking behind the pendant.
    id just rest my eyes on it, appreciating it

  36. Agate ROCKS! :D Love how the rope looks like it’s decorative molding around the stone…literallly melting to reveal a gorgeous bauble in the middle. You know you’re a super-styler when necklace=belt=natural bling. Genius Shini- props! ;D


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  37. Those are really stunning pieces of art, both from Brook & Lyn as well as from nature! The body piece is so interesting and I love how it can transform any outfit. The body piece is so unusual that no wonder you were catching people staring!

  38. love the first picture..and i need those boots.and also the trench ha


  39. Hi

    Went through your site. Its really cool, you can feel the surroundings in your pictures. Reader feels like they should belong there, wishful thinking. Though i would be much happier if you more denim pictures,trends.im a denim addict you see :-)

    Please check on me at http://www.denimoholic.blogspot.com and comments feedback would be nice.

  40. So, first shot – amaze – and darn-ation to you and your quirky deets.

    Whole buncha goodthings here.

  41. I love these shots especially the top one with the white umbrella! Must admit I was staring at your chest too when you first wore this (@ Robinson Pffeffer I think is when I first saw it). I didn’t realise Mimi started her career life as a blog: it’s beautiful work and I think I like it even better in white with the purple stones.

    Yeah I’m having a mopey day, too: I should really start collecting some rocks. xx

  42. LOVE my Surrounded by Night necklace too! They’re really beautiful, delicate and substantial looking all at the same time. The body rope looks great on you.

    Do you get headaches when you do a bun all day? The top knot has to be my favorite thing to do but I have to take it down every few hours because it gives me the worst headache.

  43. You look stunning. And I love those jewels.

    xoxo irene

  44. I suppose that I should’ve focused on the Body Surround, but, I could not take my eyes off those TIGHTS !! ♥ Truly striking and molto chic !! Mi piace molto…

    Great BLOG.



  45. copious amounts of love for that first image. mmmm.

  46. amazing, ur so pretty :)
    follow me on http://www.miikax3.blogspot.com
    and facebook :)

  47. gosh I love her stuff soooooo much and I get really sad everytime one of my favorite pieces (because that stone looks sooo beautiful) is sold out although I cant efford them anyway hahahaha. I beg for my birthday!!!

  48. HaHA! I’ll have to try “Hello, my boobs are down here” sometime.

    Really beautiful pieces, thanks for sharing!

  49. Loving the body rope. Was totally curious as to what it was.

  50. Oh my.. i love the necklace.. its so cool!

  51. I adore those tights, and you have great style in the way you put pieces together.
    please check out my blog, I’m a newbie but i already have so much to share.

  52. sigh. the whole collection of jewelry is just amazing. despite being way out of my price range i get a little pang when they sell out. love the texture of those tights … they are a really nice play off the milky agate.

  53. I luv the tights in the top picture!

  54. the rope detail is simply amazing! and i just love your blog! :)


  55. the way you write is so fun :)
    definitely a gorgeous piece to wear.