I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

White sheer blouse – Courtesy of AA, Leather skirt – Vintage, Knit coat – Topshop Unique, Shoes – Topshop, Bag & Belt – Courtesy of JHYoo

Just around the corner from Sloane Street where MCM Rain event took place, wee

Just a quick note, not mainly because it’s that time of month and general coherency for a grammatically sound paragraph is held hostage by dominatrix hormones, I’m off to Warsaw again on the 1st of February. I don’t mean to shift clouds around and cause polarbears to play Twister on broken icecaps, (ok that’s just a really sad image, sorry) but this time is the visa trip. If nature could so kindly provide me with a UK visa tree, I would cut down on my carbon footprint considerably… hello, any unloved frogs want to evolve into a tree? Although, it won’t be long till the UK government decides to chop them down to fuel the blowdryers they used to melt the snow at Heathrow airport a month ago.

Thank you Kit for the shots!

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  1. love your bag! you look awesome.

  2. Love your knit coat!




  3. love first photo!

  4. your bag is fantastic! x

  5. amazing photos and i just fell completely in love with your outfit- it looks fantastic.
    hope you’re having a good week so far

  6. love this outfit! that long knit cardigan is looovely. and your shoes = love!

  7. Great outfit. Again :)! Like those shoes a lot!
    xoxo irene

  8. I really love your skirt! it’s so chic!! like it how you wore it with the white blouse, it creates a classic look


  9. Gorgeous shots. I’m loving the sheer socks too!

  10. i love your shoes with sheer socks & shirt & leather skirt <3 :)

  11. 1. as always, I love how you put together this outfit.
    2. as always, such fabulous writing.

  12. That shot with the cheeky looking boy gazing at you is just so cute! Was he teasing or admiring you? The chunky knit cardigan is lovely, makes me wish I had the patient to finish knitting something as large as that!
    Good luck with the whole visa situation, is it annoying or what?!

  13. Heheh I think he was just turning around at that moment – they were quite well behaved, so weird for a pack of boys :O Well it was Knightsbridge area, I imagine they have posh schools there haha

  14. cute school boys!!
    have a nice trip

  15. YES oversized sweater!

  16. oh i really find the whole sheer sock with the block shoe…a verry pretty sight…you look lovely…
    and are those uniformed boys a part of the shoot..hehehhe..makes for a great photo…
    much luck with the visa tree:)…if you do get one..do share heh..!!!

  17. Gorgeous shoes, have fun in Poland!

    Hannah xx

  18. i love the little bag! it’s so simple but so cute :)

    please “like” my blog’s page on facebook!

  19. i am in love with the outfit and those shoes with the socks are absolute perfection!

  20. I simply adore your vintage knit coat, fabulous! Great outfit.

  21. Oh Shini, I really hope this gets sorted SOON! I cannot believe this totally idiotic situation… I’m in awe that you manage to look wonderfully dressed in the dominatrix hormonal state (which makes me slouch in tracksuit bottoms, trying to hide from the world). See, even the little boys are fascinated…

  22. Love it!


  23. I love your outfit in these photos. You look amazing. That’s great you are going back to Warsaw :-) … I’m from Warsaw living abroad now, miss the city. x

  24. you drive mue nuts with your perfect grammar, whatever you call it.
    need to switch places and minds too

  25. Wowee a good leather skirt is hard to come by, the shoes are lush too! All the shots are so full of yummy textures. Adore you!

  26. hey, love your site and photos and clothes!!!

    i just had one question: what colour/brand is that fabulous red lacquer of yours? i’m not normally a red lacquer girl, but that shade you sport looks like the perfect red that’s right up my alley, and i’ve been so curious!

  27. Oooh this one’s my favourite as well, from Paul & Joe, their limited edition nail polish – http://goo.gl/2HMn7 in Red (004) They even smell good, which is weird for a nail polish…

  28. @Shini, thanks!!! i’m very excited to try this shade; i’ve been looking for the perfect red lacquer for a while; and this comes in such a pretty bottle, too!

  29. those shoes are beautiful xx

  30. what a lovely purse, super sweet!

  31. That little fellow is trying to get some face time on the blog! Little sneakster.

  32. Oh!! I was eyeing up those shoes on the Topshop website this week!!! Are they comfy?! xx

  33. They’re surprisingly comfortable! I needed everyday black shoes and they’re just perfect, the rubber sole really grabs to the floor and I think it could even be perfect for snow… well except the heel hole maybe x

  34. that photo with the school kids behind you is insaaaane!

    gorgeous as always shini. great photos. props to kit.

    p.s. sad that the British government is being a pain in the ass and making you go back to Polan. currently waiting for my passport to arrive… missing you already.

  35. I found an outfit of my dreams it’s the school boy uniform, loved how they match the yellow sweater, brown pedal pusher and grey socks so well!!!! Love that shot, wish that kid did a ‘V’ sign it would have been hilarious!

    The visa thingy is such a pain!!! I had a problem before…it was something to do with my city of birth.

  36. Jasmin

    the sheer blouse and wedges are beautiful!


  37. Sweet bag – love the turquoise trimming.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  38. Lovely like ALWAYS!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  39. Such a lovely outfit!! Can I come over and raid your closet please??:)


  40. suzie

    love the red nail color, can i ask which brand?? ^^

  41. yah sure! It was Paul & Joe, their limited edition nail polish – http://goo.gl/2HMn7 in Red (004)

  42. suzie


    reckon you might have increased their sales XD

  43. Hahahaa Highly doubt that people read through all my comments! I should get an award though, don’t you say? Huuge nail laquer trophy oh yeaah

  44. Aww the uniformly dressed boys in the background are so cute.. I want their pink bags!! And your knit coat looks like it feels like being hugged by a huge teddy!

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  45. Oh, amazing, amazing outfit!! Love the skirt and the shoes!

  46. I adore this outfit; leather is quite possibly one of my favourite “trends”, so to speak. I wish i could pluck up the courage/ branch out a bit and wear a skirt like that because you look totally great xx

  47. coat and skirt – they are so unique. i love the unusual (for leather) shape of the skirt. and its length – not many can pull it off so well like you!

  48. That knit coat is gorgeous. :)


  49. that leather skirt is a right find!!!


  50. Dude those shoes are freaking BOSS! I actually started swearing at my pc when I saw them.



  51. The knit coat is beautiful!

  52. Getting a UK visa was one of THE most frustrating experiences of my life! What an absolute misery that was. I hope your trip goes smoothly.

    Great pics. The one of the blurry boy looking back is really funny. Also that knit jacket looks so comfortable.

  53. You made a great combination! I love how you mixed sheer, leather and wool together, it looks perfect!
    I hope everything will go ok with your visa problem!

  54. I love how the leather skirt is full, but not too much – fab photos!

  55. hehe I really like the shot with the kids behind you, little blurry pops of colour against your beautiful tough/soft ensemble. Im also impressed that you found that skirt in a vintage shop – good job! Love your words as usual Shini, Keep it sharp, it keeps my brain working:)

  56. The cardigan is so incredibly pretty! So do the shoes with the transparent socks.

    Love the shot with the kids :-)

  57. Good luck with the Visa trip, some of my Taiwanese friends are having some difficulty with Visa’s at the moment too. But anyhow, WE NEED YOU SHINI! Else we’ll need to fix you up with a convenient marriage of sorts to keep you here- just er, don’t tell the boy.

    PS: Love that shot with the kid in the background who has just turned round to see what’s going on!

  58. your sweater and bag are so gorgeous! you have great style.


  59. This outfit is soooo cool! I love your socks and everything

  60. Love your blog. I’m following.

    Check out mine if you got time. Just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  61. i just have to say i kind of adore the picture with the schoolboys (?) in the background. it’s just so cute how one of them seems to be distracted, looking back at you while his friends run along!

  62. Oh wow that leather skirt! Having a long leather skirt is so unusual, and you wouldn’t think it would work, as leather is so dramatic, but that chunky knit goes with it perfectly!

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