I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Outfit 1: Sweater – mum’s Molton, Polo – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Pants – Gmarket, Shoes – New Look, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, Bag – Lithuania market; Outfit 2: Polo – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Pants – Zara, Gold T-bars – Topshop, Clutch – mum’s vintage

The fact that this polo shirt is the brightest of blue (and the fact that my forehead is basically a lightbulb) does not help the fact that this balcony faces a wall of cars waiting at the lights on the main road outside my house. For innate self-defence’s sake I guess the body pulled the I need to pee pose in order to make the outdoor cinema crowd to assume that I’m just standing on my balcony in front of a tripod because I truly do have to pee. In two different outfits.

This second polo of Uniqlooks was quite the challenge, which is worrying in itself because a few years ago I remember insisting on only wearing polo shirts. What does that say about my highschool fashion sense? I guess it doesn’t say much, other than douchebag.

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  1. nice outfit!
    I love the colour of this polo ^-^

  2. oh! amazing!


  3. lovely all white with the hint of bright primary blue in the collar. i like your colorblocking, it’s not too much. you do well with analogous colors


  4. White pants + me = NO, white pants + you = awesome!

  5. i too, had a polo phase…
    that white, tan and blue look is loofly.

  6. I saw those green pants on those Zara website and I thought they were wonderful! You have convinced me, I must have them! They look great on you :)



  8. i love the first outfit. the simplicity with a splash of color is great. i love


  9. Lovely! You get such great photos just using your tripod!
    I always wondered…what camera do you use??

    xoxox from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Sesnse

  10. Ah thank you so much :D I use a Canon 5D Mark II!

  11. I love your blog! Great coloured combo!! Beautiful blue and green!

  12. I love your block colour outfit :)

  13. “Need to pee pose” !!! You crack me up! Thanks for making me laugh! :D


  14. Oh my god Shini. I’m LOVING the block colour on you. Loving the shots of you in the jumper too where the bright blue collar kinda jumps out at you!

  15. these outfits are perfect on you.. btw love your hair, wish i could do mine in a proper braid..


  16. LOL my high school uniform was Lacoste polos in various colors…so I was a dbag too! I now am stuck with soo many of them…it’s always a lesson to me now that I try to remember not to overinvest in multiples of items, even if I really am convinced that I’ll love them forever.

  17. I like how you’ve taken one shirt and created two very different outfits.

  18. Really like those sunglasses. I’ve been looking for a pair like those for a while now, but most sunglasses just do not fit my Asian face…is it bc my face is too big or is it because something is wrong with the glasses developers!? Who knows.

  19. brilliant colour combinations


  20. Really love the colours of the second outfit.
    Ha, I was living in polos in high school too :) Blue, yellow, red, green.

  21. Em-Make Lemonde

    Love that your wearing your mum’s vintage clutch! the white outfit, is aamzing on you, hope you are well! xx

  22. hi,

    i am a new follower to your blog. just to let you know have i used one of your pics on my recent post as a reference to your blog.

    E x

  23. You are NOT a DOUCHEBAG. Lol!!!! What the fudge does that make me?? I love polos ;P

  24. Your sunglasses are so cool, wait YOU’RE so cool 8)
    Haha, I miss you! When are you coming back from the kidnapping lands? xx

  25. I don’t know but your style just gets better and better. The first outfit is something I can only hope to emulate someday, you look incredible. Perfect. I don’t think I could ever get away with the color white, maybe I have to get paler.. lol :p

    + I’ve never thought of wearing Polos under a sweater, and I really love the look of shirt collars popping when pairing them with sweaters. Maybe I’ll try this someday!


  26. I like the preppy colors mixed with metallic shoes. Shini–i’m semi new to your blog. Did you grow up in the UK? I love the pics but the writings are my fave.

  27. Shini – genius layering! At first I thought that bit of blue was a detachable collar!

  28. Love those green pants! Your use of color is inspiring.

  29. Lately I’ve been drawn to that exact shade of blue a lot. It makes nearly every outfit better!