I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Wool Coat – Mum’s, Dress – Vintage, Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo (via ebay), Leather top – Vintage Topshop, Bag – Candybag courtesy of Furla; Thank you Flora for the photos!

When I was young I wished I could sprinkle gummy-bears in my cereal, in my mind it would taste like… well, gummy-bears with milk – I’d say ‘the rainbow’ but I was also born with the sarcasm bone lodged snug in my brain. That bone only warrants me to smirk, but with me that’s the equivalent of bursting out in a Disney song in the street. At the sight of Furla’s Candy bags from SS11 I smirked, and the inner child in me did the whole discography of Disney. I think I will actually pour milk in the bag and drink out of it. Isn’t that a perfect ‘bread soup bowl’ logic or what.

So welcome to the garden party! Well, not strictly garden, but I promise there will be a party. I’ve got SIX Candybags (colour of your choice) to give out, isn’t Furla amazing, and here’s all you need to do: Follow me….


…. to a dark alley and see what I need from your wallet.

That’s all. And please, don’t be super clever and leave multiple comments under different names, the web wasn’t born yesterday, there’s a simple way of knowing :)

Two bags will be given away to London & UK participants. Winners will be announced at the London Furla collection launch event in mid-April, to which everyone is invited (the party! 20% off, ‘spiked’ lemonade and DJs).

Four bags for the rest of the world!

Deadline for participating is 10th April 2011, 23:59 GMT

Here’s the voluntary somersault bit. Obviously Furla has so generously given six bags to be handed out, so it would be nice, out of respect but not requirement, to show support by liking their Facebook page.

I’m shamelessly attaching my own Facebook page and Twitter too, for the hours and hours I will dedicate in managing this giveaway just for the love for my readers.

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  1. love your blog! & your style!X

  2. Iryna

    Such a cool bags!
    Paris, France

  3. mmmnnn i loved these bags from the first moment i saw them. they remind me of a vintage bakerlite handbag my mum used to have. alas not enough pennies in the purse to buy one at the moment.i will settle for looking at your lovely pics instead :)
    Aggie, London, UK

  4. Nea

    I’ve loved Furla bags for a long time. They are always practical, functional but still beautiful – and best of all decently priced! The yellow bag looks so cute with the polka dot dress!

  5. Pauline

    I hope I have a chance to win one !
    Bouc Bel Air, France

  6. Rashana

    love the bags!
    Berlin, Germany

  7. Magdalena

    hey, I read your blog for several months. Thanks to you I think about clothes, not just wear them:). And your Furla bag is beautiful :)
    Warsaw, Poland

  8. Oooo I want a candy bag too!! And your dress is so pretty.

    KL, Malaysia

  9. Ayesha

    Quite obsessed with that shade of highlighter neon yellow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    London, UK.

  10. i love love love the candy bags. they are the best, i want to get my hands on one of these.


  11. I usually tend to wear casual colours, especially navy blue and every year I’m kinda afraid that every spring or summer I should wear something fluorescent to catch up with the latest trends. but when I saw those marvellous awesomeness by the one and only Furla, I fell for it right from the start. can’t wait to get myself one <3


    Bogumila Rita
    Radom, Poland

  12. would love one;)

    Bucharest, Romania

  13. Catherine

    Love the bags and the red bike !

    I read your blog every day and am amazed at how devoted you are.

    Vancouver, B.C. Canada

  14. The Green one would be great :)

  15. Heather Dunlop

    I have been lusting after these bags since I first saw them. Love the neon colours and wish I could have one of each colour, but my pennies just won’t stretch far enough. They would certainly brighten up my day in the Glasgow rain. Loving the blog!!

    Heather x Glasgow, Scotland

  16. oh those are like.. perfect! it looks like something a pokémon would wear if they wore clothes.
    umeå, sweden

  17. i love those bags so much!
    they are so cute.
    when i first saw them i had thousand and one outfit-combinations in my head. so colorful, so modern but also kind of neutral and fits to a lot of outfits!!!!!!
    the hot pink, yellow or black one would be AWESOME.

    Berlin, Germany

    love, tine

  18. Emma


    I love your blog it’s definately one of my absolute favourites.

    London, UK


  19. Helena

    OOOhhh this just make me think of jelly candy!!!

    Barcelona, Spain

  20. Now these look tooo great.

    Claire, Essex, United Kingdom

  21. Annabel

    Poole, England.

    Love them so much, i think with pastel colors they make such a great looking contrast.


  22. Joie

    Those bags would be perfect for spring/summer! And your skirt (dress?) is really pretty. Love the blush shade of the skirt.

    – Joie, California, USA

  23. nat

    woo! these are gorgeous…your blog is super special.. xx

    nat s
    sydney, australia

  24. Johanna
    Lublin, POLAND


  25. Barby

    Delicious looking bags. :) Cute how they have lights inside of it for the Furla campaign images, like hand-held bag lanterns. Thanks for the chance to win one!

    Manila, Philippines

  26. AHHH. i need this. like REALLY need. like you said. perfect cereal bowl ever! :) and that´s still missin in my cupboard.

    Offenburg, Germany

  27. Amazing colours of all bags!
    Vilnius, Lithuania :)

  28. Eirini

    FURLA Candy bags are gorgeous and super cool!!

    I would be so happy to hold one. It would be better than candy and better than any desert really!!

    I love them cause they are translucent, which means you can find anything you looking for in seconds and they are also water proof plastic…and here in London, you never know when it’s going to start raining!
    But mainly it is the COLORS!! Oh so perfect!!


  29. Ah, I’ve been thinking about how to acquire the pink one since first seeing it a couple of weeks back. Beg, borrow or steal? Hmmm…first I will beg you (I’m down on my knees, in a puddle, but no pain no gain!), then I’ll request to borrow it and finally I might bagnap yours next time I’m in Londontown!
    Sarah – Glasgow, Scottieland. xx

  30. love the dress
    the skirt is cute :)

  31. oooh I’d love to own one of those wonderful bags!
    Laura Flores
    Oviedo, Spain

  32. Now that’s a bag to get noticed with…count me in!
    Blackpool, U.K.

  33. Yoshi

    Yummy. Sign me up please. :D

    Sydney (sort of), Australia.

  34. Jasmin

    Yay! i’m gonna try my luck! bet i’d be the only one far and wide with a candy bag!!
    Gunten, Switzerland

  35. Amy

    Your blog is one of the greatest and my everyday guilty pleasure which breaks up a drab day in the office. Thanks!

  36. London, UK

  37. Those bags are revolutionary, they look so munch-able, and can add just that extra little bit of fun to any outfit.
    Looking stunning as always!

    Ruby – Sydney, Australia

    PS: your blog’s amazing

  38. Amy

    Sorry should have mentioned area. London UK

  39. Estelle


    Singapore, Singapore

  40. Francisca

    I adore your site, love every picture!
    And love the Furla bags as well!!!

    Thanx *

  41. Claire

    A see-through bag…this could be the perfect way to enforce a Tidy Bag policy. Empty Green & Blacks wrappers showing through simply wouldn’t do!


  42. Nice giveway thank you!

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  43. They remind me of a beloved pencil case i used to have, and would be the most daring weekend bag! I can’t decide if I love the green or purple more!

    I’m in Sligo, Ireland ^^

  44. Oh myyy :O you seriuosly giving away six of this fabulous bags? I LOVE YOU haha
    I guess this is my participation… urr

    Stuttgart, Germany

  45. I love your lemon bag!!!!
    so Could I have someone? please,please please!!!
    I live in Valencia,Spain
    I’m Sophie :-)

  46. Francisca

    I adore your site, love every picture!
    And love the Furla bags as well!!!

    Thanx *

    my address: Lisbon, Portugal.

  47. Nicole

    Your blog makes me miss Europe, lots. Those Furla bags are to die for.

    Love from NYC xx

  48. Wah they DO look like candy (first comment here but I adooore your blog and your humour).
    Gwen, Nantes, France.

  49. Anna

    You do not know how happy I am that you are giving these away!!!!! I have been in lust with these bags since I first saw the ads. Looove.

    Anna in Washington, DC, USA

  50. Gigi

    These bags are perfect for summer!! The yellow and orange are my favorites.
    Gigi, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  51. Zahra C

    These bags are so cute! I would love to win one just in time for springs hottest trends!! :D

  52. Oh, I’m im love with yellow,green & blue ones, they are so adorable!

    Well, my name is Daria & I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  53. Valentina

    Thank you!
    Valentina, Turin, Italy.

  54. Jane

    They’re just so lovely I wish I could have one those and I love your soft pink polka maxi skirt!

    Jane Lee / All the way from Malaysia

  55. Zahra C

    oops i forgot my location. : /

    Vernon, United States

  56. Love it!
    Really wishing for it on my b-day (same date as your deadline :-)

    Quezon City, Philippines

  57. ilaria


    Ilaria, Harlow (but soon Spain?)

  58. hah, for me as well this bag is a back to the childhood. however, the object of my desire was a pair of the plastic shoes they sold in different colors and only privileged girls had these ;) when I saw these bags I felt this old craziness again. Bag is so much more fun!

    I desire the pink bag in particular :D

    Vienna, Austria

  59. These bags are truly amazing.

    Emma, London, Uk

  60. Ivana Č.

    <3 the bag!

    Ivana, Osijek, Croatia

  61. I’d LOVE one! This is a really great giveaway!
    FruitLoops would look great floating in one of those bags…

    Emerald, San Francisco, United States

  62. Ida


    Copenhagen, Denmark

  63. love your blog!!! and those bags!

    Patience Randle
    Anderson, Indiana. USA!

  64. Jennifer

    eugh, now I really want some sweets… but it’s raining outside!

    London, UK

  65. Helen

    Wow I’ve never seen these bags before and I wouldn’t mind owning one! They look so pretty and colourful :)

    Location: Perth, Australia

  66. Sophie

    I had a perfectly rectangular pencil case in first school that exact same transparent neon colour! It was quite the hit with my class mates [to they point where the teacher made me put it in my bag as it kept getting played with and distracting people- seriously].

    Sophie, UK

  67. I think I could sport the green one. It would look silly, but silly am I not? I’m a boy, though.
    I wonder if it is semi-transparent I could put my head in it and act as this bag is my sunglasses #ladygagawouldbejealous.

  68. Yao

    Mmmmm, jelly bags. Thanks to Furla and you for this giveaway, Shini!

    Brookly, NY, USA. :)

  69. love the bags!! also always love your wit :)

    zürich, switzerland

  70. So. Good. !

    young, hello(a)half-girl.org
    Copenhagen, Denmark.

  71. Carly Lim

    G’day Shini :)

    Um. You da bomb. That is all. :D

    Brisbane, Australia

  72. That bag should be mine!! Is sooo pretty.
    Magdalena Gioffré
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  73. Jing Yi

    OMG they are soooo pretty!!!

    (Location: Singapore)

  74. Och, how cute are these?! Love your outfit here.

    Aberystwyth, Wales

  75. LOVE the vivid color! Just what this summer needs . . .

    Location: BROOKLYN, New York USA


  76. I very nearly bought one of these babies in the US last week but opted for something else, regretting it now though!

    Blackpool, England

  77. They’re all so pretty. Still, I hate the texture of those gummy bears. Yuk :)

    Houston, US

  78. susan hwang

    love the bags. troy, MI, USA.

  79. They are so awesome! The pink looks perfect for me haha^^

    Christina, Ålesund, Norway.

  80. I love the way you ‘introduced’ this giveaway! I also love your blog.

    Ina, Sofia, Bulgaria

  81. Megan Newsom

    It reminds me of the pink sparkly jelly shoes from my youth.

    Megan, Virginia, USA

  82. Maria

    Oh man! I’m crossing my fingers soo hard right now, they’re turning blue!

    Winter Park, FL, USA

  83. love these

    hamilton, ontario, canada

  84. LOOOOOOOVE it!!!!!

    xoxo from rome

  85. Zofia

    These bags remind me lollipops, they’re so adorable!
    Now I’m crossing my fingers ;)

    Warsaw, Poland

  86. Adeloke

    Adorable and chic! Love them!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  87. Sara

    I’m Italian and I loooove Furla (and your blog, you’re an amazing photographer!) so here am I hoping to win one Candy bag for my springtime!

    Kisses from Italy

    Sara, Milan, Italy

  88. I have to try my luck with this one! It will instantly light up grey days (even though it’s starting to get all springy around here and I don’t want to think of bad weather ever again). I’m from Germany (Ruhrgebiet).

  89. Rossella

    So LOVELY, I adore them!!!!!!

    Milan, Italy

  90. Adeloke


  91. Could you tell me your location too please? thanks!

  92. Adeloke


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  93. Putting in my entry…thank you thank you for making it not a ton of hoop jumping to enter! xx

  94. Kathleen

    This is awesome, I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I love it!
    -Kathleen Washington, DC USA

  95. cześć, shini
    mam pytanie czy te zdjęcia były robione w warszawie czy w londynie czy jeszcze gdzieś indziej? :)

    no i jeszcze zgłaszam się do konkursu: Olga, Warsaw, Poland

  96. W Warszawie! Just off Nowy Swiat ;)

  97. @Shini,
    no tak, tak myślałam , że skądś kojarzę ten rower! :)
    chyba gdzieś na ul. foksal przy jakiejś restauracji (niestety nie wiem dokładnie co to jest: restauracja
    czy coś innego…).

  98. No taaak to był przy… Sketch! To jest Bar/Club, nie? I was just on the street, the red bike simply caught my eye! :D

  99. wydaje mi się, że bar. :)
    a co do roweru to na prawdę mocno przykuwa uwagę, od razu weselej :D

  100. Caitlin

    ooh, I love the neon, so bright!

    Milwaukee, US

  101. Qingyi

    The bags are so refreshing, it’d totally perk up my day by just looking at it when I feel sleepy. Hahaha!

    Qingyi / Singapore, Singapore

  102. I want a bag :))
    so cute!!

    ciao ciao from Rome


  103. i love candy!

    Carol Toh from Singapore :)

  104. Vivien Helf

    When I was little I always ate my cereals with gummybears :PP I also put them into my coke! Now I don’t like coke anymore, but I still adore the teddys!

    And this bag is the best bag EVER! I soooooo wish I could get it:(


    Budapest, Hungary

  105. yobruva

    Name: Kyu Hyun Park
    Location: Spain


    심심했어 헹~ :P

  106. 헹~~~~

  107. I have a friend who would love me if i got that bag for her.

    Sydney, Australia

  108. If the Louis Vuitton Speedy and a gummy-bear had a love child, this Furla bag would be it.

    Louise, Sydney Australia

  109. giulia

    love these bags SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!
    expecially the yellow and pink one!!! XD

    you’re gorgeous!!!
    kisses from Milano, Italy

  110. Cool Bag!!

    ciao ciao from Rome

  111. Hi =)
    I love your blog and this contest is amazing !

    Cátia / Lisbon – Portugal

  112. A lot of the times giveaways l

  113. alice

    Ooh that would fill my bright bag craving, that’s more than enough brightness!
    Breda, The Netherlands

  114. Oh, how I’d love to win one of these darling bags!

    Sally McGraw
    Minneapolis, MN USA

  115. 나도힝~

    Warsaw, Poland

  116. Oana Ciobanasu

    Gimme, gimme, there’s absolutely no reason why I need this bag. But I just…do.

  117. Oana Ciobanasu

    oh… Iasi, Romania

  118. Vee

    Oh my god, those are beautiful! LOVE.
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  119. no wayy! love this baag.

    I also liked your facebook page, and furla’s!
    woo, excited now. xx

  120. A lot of the times giveaways are ‘just another giveaway’, but yours are a whole lot different. And I’m glad about that:D these bags look really cute and it makes me smitten the way you talk about them! Yezzurr may the luckiest one win! Woop. You make me go all giggly.

    City: Zaandam
    Country: The Netherlands

  121. I wonder if i will get any luck for this?? howdy…….. bright colour i like! =)

    Suzanne, London, United Kingdom.

  122. Scarlett Lewis

    Peach and Fluro. BRILL!

    Would really love to win one of these bags…

    London, United Kingdom


  123. Kinga

    Oh, I love it :)
    Kinga from Konin (Poland)

  124. Audrey

    OMG!! they seriously look like gummy BEARS (but in a cube form) in XXXXLL size! Those gummy bags reminds me of barbie’s toy bags too! so gorgeous! I love the one is electric blue/orange.

    Audrey from Singapore!

  125. Melodi

    Hey, i don’t really rmbr how I stumbled upon your site – but I think it had to do with Lomography & my current insanity for film & the pretty pictures that come out with each film that was developed, heh.

    But I find myself checking your site once every 2 days. Awesome-ness(:

    Melodi, from the little island of Singapore! : )

  126. Whoa..awesome giveaway–love these bags!!!
    Fabulous pictures :)

    Country: Canada
    City: Montreal

  127. such a wonderful giveaway :)

    New York City, USA

  128. This bag would totally be found at the end of the rainbow. <3

    NYC New York USA

  129. evie

    cute and funky!! hope they will come to our shores soon!

  130. love the bags!:) i like your outfit, that skirt is amazing!!

  131. Really in love with this blog; thanks so much for the chance to win!

    Ethan, Athens, Georgia, USA

  132. Hey Shini!

    These bags are pretty awesome! I love the colours they come it too!!

    Oh & I live in London :)


  133. Lior

    it’s my B-DAY so maybe it’s my lucky day..

    Lior, Israel

  134. Carolina

    So pretty!!!!

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  135. I think you’re on the money with the milk thing, I think I’d use mine for storing my personal jelly sweet collection, ha.
    Sarah, London UK.

  136. Eeek fluoro colours! Would go perfectly with a Jil Sander acetate shopper…

    Michael, Oxford, UK


  137. Hahaaa Michael so true. Also it’s fascinating to find so many male particiapants :P

  138. Monika

    Poles love you Shini!!! xoxo

    Gdynia, Poland.

  139. Lior

    It’s my B-DAY so maybe it’s my lucky day…

    Lior, Tel Aviv

  140. I love these & your blog! You pull it off so well.

    Chicago, IL, USA.

  141. alicja

    i wish i would write here something earlier, but well.. your style is so amazing that i have absolutely no questions ;}
    anyway – i noticed that you’re kinda often in poland, although i;m curious why im not gonna ask the obvious question!

    poland, łódź/warszawa (lodz/warsaw)

  142. Hahaa I grew up in Warsaw, so my parents still live here! xxx

  143. Great bags!
    Hayley, London

  144. Oh wow – I love the candy colours!!! Need need NEED!! :)

    live in Cardiff, UK :)

  145. Regina

    Ooooo, lovely! Gummy bears is right!

    PS. Love how long your hair is getting. :)

    NYC, US

  146. Love it!

    Leire Alvarez Davila



  147. Ola

    That is totally wicked! Fingers crossed.

    Warsaw, Poland

  148. Jagoda

    I’m in love in this bag! That’s amazing that you give it your fan : )
    Skierniewice, Poland

    P.S. I saw you like Warsaw, I saw you in Złote Tarasy a few weeks ago : )

  149. You did? Why didn’t you come say hi :D?

  150. Jagoda

    I focused on admire your beautiful hair :D

  151. Kirsten

    Those bags are ridiculously adorable.

    Los Angeles, US

  152. Amaia

    Hi Shini!!
    Wow! The candy colours are gorgeous!! and the bag is really funny and fresh! for this summer will be perfect! , so I have all my fingers crossed !!! :)!

    I’m a spanish reader of your blog, and I really love it! Not only for your style and the way you play with your clothes, that is fantastic!! (and it’s not a compliment, i swear!) your writting is great and very funny too!
    So, keep on doing! I will continue visiting your blog without making any noise!

    Thank you very much!! Kisses!

    Basque Country, Spain

  153. Love the colours <3

  154. Belinda

    So perfect for summer!

    Montreal, Canada

  155. Stephanie

    Those candy bags are sooo cute! I would love one in bright orange!

    Washington DC, USA

  156. Karolina

    I’m obsessed with these bags!
    Lodz, Poland

  157. Karyn

    your style is impeccable! Love the bag, how fun!


  158. Hannah

    Love em.
    New York, USA

  159. Asia

    Just adorable!
    Thanks, thanks Shini!

    Swarzedz, Poland

  160. The bags are so cute! love them :)


  161. susie

    I love your blog even though i have been too busy to read your latest. what do you study cause im studying fashion design and no one just noooo one seems to read my blog. or they do read but don’t comment T.T

    Perth, Australia

  162. Polley

    I may also have to get one of my own, they are just so cute!

    Tampa, Florida (USA)

  163. I liked both pages on facebook and I was already following you (:
    I live in the Netherlands

  164. This bag is something yummy as a gummy bear :) I loved it a lot!!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

    Asli BB

    Ankara, Turkey

  165. Cori

    Your blog is the sun to sunflowers and the perfect pick-me-up during a dreadful work day *cough*! I always have a good time reading your entries. =)

    Love from Singapore! Come down for a summer vacation here!

  166. Very pretty! That would be the perfect accessory for the country club & the beach this summer!

  167. Dana

    Dana Henson
    Warren, Michigan, United States


  168. Elina Sellem

    I have liked you both on facebook. Already follow you on bloglovin’ :).
    This name is a hidden one, my real one is Nele B. Location Belgium.
    I’m sorry but cannot give out my full name because of business reasons ;).
    Love those bags!

  169. Patti

    That lime green bag sure would go well with my candy red apple bike :D
    Wroclaw, Poland

  170. Andrea Thanning

    The coolest bag in the world!

    Holte, Denmark

  171. I think I would probably start chewing on mine, if I had one.
    Bergen, Norway

  172. holy schmizz those bags are amazing!!

    Schenectady, NY, USA


  173. Meghan

    That dress is stunning <3 i love the polka dots, it's refreshing seeing them in a different colour not the normal black/navy/white

    fantastic bags, i love them all :)
    Portsmouth, UK

  174. When I first saw these bags I wasn’t sure what to say, but after I saw your outfit I was convinced!! :) I’m ready to brighten my dull days with a pink or ble Furla candy bag!

    PS! I once ate cereal with beer instead of milk as a rite of passage from stupid teenager in high school to stupid teenager in Uni… It tasted excactly what it is, cereal with beer.

    Kjersti, Oslo

  175. I want one!!!!

    Somewere in France

  176. Kat


    It’s time for a colorful summer!

    Berlin, Germany

  177. I need this bag, simples


  178. Nahira

    OMG this is true love, maybe even ment to be! That bag is just going to make my outfit + my day + my mood and the whole spring/summer just perfect!

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  179. I would really love to get somehow the yellow or red one. Ohh they’re so gorgeous!

    Agata (Warsaw, Poland).

  180. alexandra

    oh my! amazing bags!

    Alexandra Stöckli
    Allschwil, Switzerland

  181. Melissa

    I really really want to win one of these!!

    Ontario, Canada

  182. I seriously crack up every time I read your blog! You are one funny lady! Love ya and already following ya! BTW don’t try ice cream and gummy bears… Rock hard bears are not tasty.

    -Wynn from Montreal, Canada

  183. Kathryn

    About a month ago at my local thrift store, I spotted a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo pumps that were still new (retaining its clean beige sole and all) and true to my size that were on sale for a ridiculously low price (US$15!) that I thought about purchasing for weeks (more like two), and when I finally did decide that they would make a great addition to my shoe wardrobe . . .

    . . . they were gone.

    Regrets, regrets. How I wish I had gotten them now, because, as seen in these pictures of you, they add a classy and classic touch to an outfit. Sigh.

    A Furla candy bag would certainly be the bright light out of all this! (I hope my attempt at punning light/bright wasn’t lost. Albeit a poor attempt, but an attempt nonetheless.)

    Kathryn, San Diego, California, USA

  184. Aych what a pity! YOu know, you should try ebay, because I got these for $30. So ended up also getting a red pair, cream pair as well haha


  185. Kathryn

    @Shini, I will look into that! Thanks for the advice. I think it helps that I know someone = you (as in a distance knowing, not a know-know, you know?) who’s got good experience with buying Ferragamo online. I’m a little skeptical because I want to make sure that the shoes are authentic. Thanks again! :)

  186. I keep seeing these bags everywhere and would love one. Laura, London

  187. Lisa K.

    Absolutely flawless. Fluorescent chartreuse green manages to go perfectly with everything… probably because it’s

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA~

  188. omg they’re so cute!! is it wrong that i want to know if they taste like candy? :x


    P.S. Milpitas, USA

  189. Love the Furla bags since I first saw them. Fab colours!
    I like your polka dot dress btw=)


  190. queenicole

    oh~ love this bag! really want one to bright my summer!

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  191. Gosia

    I really love your blog. it is simple but beautiful. perfect!
    and the bag is amaizing!

    Warsaw, Poland

  192. love you and furla bags <3

    warsaw, poland.

  193. Like! Been searching for this bag online but couldn’t find it anywhere :(

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  194. Izabelė

    woww, i want this! maybe it’ll help me become as cool as someone around here (…) or at least close enough (…) i hope?

    Vilnius, Lithuania (yayyy, it’s awesome)

  195. Akua A

    I usually really hate neon colours on clothing/accessories, but I love these bags! The colour surprisingly really suits the classic shape of the bag.

    London, England

  196. Marta

    Hi Shini, I think that neon bag and your outfit is a really good combination ;)
    Sandomierz, Poland

  197. norette

    me please!
    Galway, Ireland

  198. Your blog is amazing and love the fluorescent colors of the bags!!!!
    Barcelona, Sain

  199. Holly

    Love these!

    Atlanta, GA, USA

  200. Maike

    Oh please, let me have one of those joyful bags that will not only male me smile while I wear it but will make others who see me with it smile too. Plus, that bag will be the colour in my outfit when on Mondays it is otherwise just black and grey and white.

    Love your writing (and layering of clothes, but who doesn`t , eh?),

  201. love these bags.
    love your shoes!

    – suzanna
    queens, new york, usa.

  202. Fiona

    I love your pictures, but I look forward the text below them even more! And I’m also ashamed to be only commenting now, you got us!

    Fiona (Singapore, Singapore)

  203. hanna

    Wow, love that bag!
    Davis, California, USA

  204. I love the soft pink + polka dots and bright colorful Furla Candy bag!! I would love to carry it around Shanghai and bring a pop of color to this city!! ~Julia (Shanghai, China).

  205. Karolina

    Love the whole outfit! The color combination is just perfect! And your hair is so beautiful, it kinda makes me miss mine. A little :) Anyways, I love the Furla bag and I think it would be pretty awesome to have one all for myself.

    Trencin, Slovakia

  206. Jade T.

    lol, I wanted to go that with my gummy bears too. I thought it would taste like fruit juice, BECAUSE THOSE THINGS ARE MADE WITH REAL FRUIT JUICE, RIGHT? Milk and fruit juice… somehow I thought it would work?

    Anyway, those bags are gorgeous.

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  207. Hanel C.

    The outfit is darling. Maybe because it’s what was photographed but I like the yellow one. Love that we get a chance to win it!

    Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

  208. Oh my, these bags look so amazing! Would love to have one of these. So nice and perfect for spring!

    Tallinn, Estonia

  209. Bags like that make me excited to live in a place that is grey for most of the winter! Such a splash of colour certainly stands out a lot better when the entire world is a globe of monotone. Beauty!


  210. lily

    to making the world a more colourful place !

    philadelphia, pa, usa

  211. Rachel K.

    Cute and a little kiddish, those bags. So perfect. :)

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  212. Hi Shiniiii :)

    I’m Chloe
    Taipei Taiwan

  213. Jagoda

    <3 <3 <3 !

    Krakow, Poland

  214. Hey

    I’m Lorna from York (Uk)

    What a bonkers bag!!!!

  215. Ooo wow.


  216. I LOVE THESE!! omigosh omigosh. I wouldn’t know which color to pick!

  217. Kaja

    1000 x <3

    ps. actually, I put gummy bears in my cereal.
    Kaja, Cracow, Poland

  218. then you have the coolest mama in town, mine only let me put strawberries. I was like COME ON STRAWBERRIES?

  219. Kaja


    strawberries? cereal with those is a bit too “sooooo obvious”, and my mommy doesn’t allow me to do sooooo obvious things to often. strawberries or cherries as earings – much better.

  220. ooh lala~ i saw a few of these at fashion week…i’ve seen the clear ones too though my bag is too messy for a CLEAR bag..

    i really hope i’ll win it :D


  221. Hey! I’m following your blog for some time, and I adore it!
    I hope to be lucky at least once, the bags are so… candy!!

  222. Just HAVE to try. Can’t stop thinking about that bag.. Crossing all there is to cross!

    Love from Sara, Oslo, Norway.

  223. Natalie

    love your shoes(: i have the same pair, such a classic!

    Singapore, Singapore

  224. Shini, you look gorgeous as always.

    Je t’adore!

    much love from;
    Tilburg, the Netherlands

  225. I LOVE THEM
    Paris, France

  226. Bruna Sapiello

    This bags are amazing! Hope i have a chance! Hahaha

    Marília – São Paulo; Brazil.

  227. Agata

    Hello :)
    Warsaw, Poland

  228. Amazing!!!!



  229. Lurve these bags, I’ve never own anything neon but now I got pretty turned on by these babes, would be super mayj if this could be my first ever neon arm candy yay! thx Shini.

    London, UK xxx

  230. Gwendolyn

    BREAD SOUP BOWL out of these bags???? They would be amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!

    Singapore, Singapore

  231. Lydia Bratton

    I have clothing envy everytime you pop up on my blog feed. Super jealous :) Anywho, yay Furla! Love Love Love them!
    Indiana, United States

  232. Vivian

    I want to carry the rainbow on my arm! Yellow, pink, and green ones are my favourites. Would love to get one!

    Cambridge, USA

  233. Izzy

    Eeee, they’re CUTE! And I have never used the word ‘cute’ to describe a bag (apart from possibly Giles Deacon’s dinosaur bag). =)

    Izzy in Cardiff, Wales xxx

  234. kim

    the bags are amazing! love how fun the colors are.

    great shoes, they’re really cute.

    new york, u.s.

  235. Caro

    I would love to win one!

    Siegen. Germany

  236. London, UK.

    Red or Purple yum yum. I thought I might aswell enter, if I don’t win I will just steal yours. Miss you XX

  237. Jean

    Shini, you’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I admire your style and the surprising color combinations you wear. They’re such an inspiration!

    Those bags are cool! I like the juicy/fruity feeling they give off especially the red one. Mmm… makes me want a ripe strawberry.

    Dallas, Texas, USA

  238. andri

    have totally been loving this bag since its came across the blogosphere . and so fun that can see through it but more classy than jil sander supermarket bag. ekk just makes me excited

    london, uk

    fingers crossed for the win

  239. Wow Shini, so generous of you and Furla!

    I normally lurk about your blog without leaving a comment (which I’ve just realised is probably very rude and stalkerish of me, so will try to rectify this), but for this i’ll make an exception. Really love the pink and yellow, and already follow you (& now Furla) on Facebook.

    Briony, Cambridge UK


  240. Karla

    I love these bags!
    Los Angeles, Ca, USA

  241. kim

    Well, I’d love to have a bag that can withstand the rain (oddly none of mine can). And love the way yours catched the light in your last pic. So here goes. I’m in Antwerp, Belgium.

  242. Tatiana

    Bright yellow and pinkish-nude are a surprisingly awesome combination.

    These bags are just too cute!

    Moscow, Russia

  243. another perfect spring outfit! That skirt go with neon green (yellow?) bag. I have a similar pink dotted skirt, so I need try this like you :) the only thing I need is a neon bag. I remember it used to Mango, I regret that not bought.


    Lodz, Poland

  244. like like like
    i would be so super happy!

    Los Angeles, California, US

  245. Florentyna Kamusińska

    hahaI don’t think I count for the giveaway, if yes then I’d love to get one!

  246. Lian

    Hey, you always kill with your wicked sense of humor and style. And though this comment might be influenced by the arm candy you’re giving away (Opps), I really respect your works. Thanks for the great reads!


  247. Love the blog, the outfit, and THE BAG!

    Toronto, Canada

  248. Alexis

    Love these bags and your blog!

    Alexis London, UK

  249. I’ve been seeing those bags everywhere lately and I’m in love with them. I would be so cool to win!

    Nguyen Tina
    Warsaw, poland

  250. I see this bag allaround the blogolsphere, and I like how you took it out of the “trendy neons” context. Looks great.

  251. I think even the colours of the bags just remind me of gummy candies in general! I kinda wanna bite it haha

    Toronto, Canada

  252. Wow, I never win these competitions, but I also never stop trying, mabye this is my turn!

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  253. Sarah B.

    Awesome giveaway!

    Hyattsville, Maryland

  254. Minni

    This is a good moment to say something about this blog. I love it, it’s fun and I love the pictures and your writing! :) And I can tell, I’ve been following this blog for a year. This is my first comment… Keep up the spirit! God bless! :)

  255. Lydia

    That neon, anti-freeze green would brighten up all of my dark, art school outfits!

  256. Lydia

    Disregard above: I forgot my location!

    That neon, anti-freeze green would brighten up all of my dark, art school outfits!

    San Francisco

  257. E.L

    I’m in love with these bags !

    Paris, France.

  258. This must be the most epic giveaway I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to own a piece of Furla! So exciting.

    Auckland, New Zealand

  259. shi ying

    yes please!

    Boston, US

  260. Agata

    Like a fairy tale!

    Częstochowa, Poland

  261. oh, such beatutiful bags !
    (tromsø, norway).

  262. i’m going to say “tokyo, japan” as location, keeping my fingers crossed that i will be back soon,
    a bag would be the cherry on top of my return to tokyo sundae! ;)

  263. Maria
    Mexico City, Mexico

  264. Lisa

    I would love to own one of these! They’re perfect for spring & summer!
    No more what’s inside your bag talk, show the world :)

  265. Really wonderful giveaway! Fantastic blog, one of my daily port of calls x

    London, UK

  266. Charlotte

    I love these too much! Beautiful photos.

    London, UK

  267. I adore it! please,be mine,Candy bag!:)

  268. Amy Park

    The bag is fabulous, but i love how you matched the polkadot maxi skirt with the long camel coat! tres chic!

    – Baltimore, Maryland

  269. TOOOO COOL! :) naturally I love them – can they taste like jelly bears too please?!
    Lucy, London, UK


  270. Sorkii

    Love the bags XD Thanks so much for a giveaway~~!!
    From Sydney, Australia <3

  271. danielle

    great blog and bags! xo from los angeles, ca, usa

  272. Lucy

    Auckland, New Zealand.

    This would be an awesome early birthday present for me! X

  273. I’m simply in LOVE with these bags!
    They’re so beautiful and cute!

    Cork, Ireland

  274. Ira

    i want one

    orange county, california, USA

  275. L

    These are so cute! The colours are so great for spring, and would do wonders for any outfit.

    Arendal, Norway

  276. Kelly

    Speaking of cereal, they remind me a bit of froot loops too mm. And, just like froot loops, I love these bags too (minus the whole consuming part) (:

    Sydney, Australia

  277. amazing bags! love your blog:)
    Atlanta, GA USA

  278. Caroline D

    Love them!


    Caroline, Barranquilla Colombia

  279. wow, exciting!! i’m in love with these bags!

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  280. This is such a great giveaway! I just love all these photos.

    Victoire Jin
    Vienna, Austria

  281. i was all set to leave a standard comment before scrolling to the end and seeing this was a contest!

    i typically don’t participate in giveaways, but still wanted to say that i am captivated by the first and last images here. i love the way you’ve paired neutrals and black with the slime green – one of my favorite colors. it’s also always lovely to see the classic ferragamos.

  282. Anne

    I just LOVE those Candys!!

    Tartu, Estonia


  283. Wow,
    i’d love tho have one :) That would be the perfect earning after writing and writing for weeks :(

    Berlin, Germany


  284. jenny

    Love them! Location; Brooklyn, USA

  285. Hanna

    Fantastic bags and an even more fantastic blog!

    Tornio, Finland

  286. Great!!! I became a fan already :)

    Concepcion, Chile

  287. Love these Furla bags ! I really wish I could afford one but unfortunately being in the red has made me change my mind… That’s why I would really LOVE to win one :)

    Well you have my email address so I just need to mention my location : Paris, France.

    BTW, love your outfit, makes me want to wear more long skirts :)

  288. JJS

    Love the colors!

    Boston, USA

  289. Oh boy do I love a florescent handbag!

    Washington, DC, USA

  290. Hannah

    it’s the candy bag!
    shini, while I love your style and the photos you take… it’s your wit that I love most in each post.
    (but really, your style is consistently amazing. you are beautiful!)

    Redmond, Washington USA

  291. Jenny

    Cute candy colored bag – yes please!

    St. Paul, MN USA

  292. Those are delicious bags. And a delicious outfit. But what’s going on with the red sprayed bike? I’m a bike fanatic and need answers!

  293. Ooops I did a stupid, I’m in Manchester, England.

  294. LOVING THE FURLA BAGS, especially the red one. Because it’s perfect for Chinese New Year … … and other days I feel for a colour splash. :)

    Melbourne, VIC


  295. Lily / New York, NY, USA :)

  296. Vicki

    This is such a cool giveaway!

    Berkeley (California), USA

  297. Mmmm…your colors are like candy!
    Texas, USA

  298. Antoinette Tsang

    Neon Love

    Antoinette Tsang
    Toronto, ON, Canada

  299. lillian

    i want one, please!

    new orleans, usa.

  300. Eugenia


    Brooklyn, NY, USA

  301. Great outfit! Too cute! I love the bag! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!

  302. Orlagh

    I imagine one with strawberry shoelace (liquorice) fringing, yum!

    Dublin, Ireland

  303. I love you…but I love those bags more!
    lol, I kid, I kid

    I really like how this post is designed—look at those bullet points!

  304. Hi,

    my Name’s Dalia, and I’m from Vienna, Austria.

    By the way, your blog is a great inspiration for me (I’m studying fashion design).

  305. This bag brings back nostalgic memories of jelly sandals, “Clueless” and Lisa Frank. I would love one of these!

    San Francisco, CA

  306. Ummm… I want to throw up from excitement. THESE ARE SO CUTE and like a HAPPY burst of colour. Looooove it.

    Amazing giveaway and INSANELY beautiful photos. Love the dress, the shoes, the bike…. EVERYTHING! xx

  307. This bag brings back nostalgic memories of jelly sandals, “Clueless” and Lisa Frank. I would love one of these!


    San Francisco, CA

  308. mimi

    i’m absolutely in love with your outfit!♥ and those bags are the cutest :)

    Grand Prairie, Texas ; USA

  309. Dominika

    This bag reminds me of the blue jelly sandals and the green plastic Benetton bag I had as a kid in the 90s. This bag is very 90s and I love it.

  310. Huizhong

    I love the colors so much!

    From good old Philadelphia, USA

  311. Sherrie

    the bags are really fascinating! the jelly colours are so summer-vivid and appealing!definitely want to own one!!

    the greenish bag and ur pinky dot dress are perfect match!lovely!!:)

    btw,i’m a big fan of ur photos lol


  312. They’re real candy dreams!

    Ginta – Riga, Latvia

  313. I knew I could count on you for an amazing giveaway. I live in Logan, Utah, U.S.

  314. Joan

    Been following your blog for god knows how long now =) and totally in love with the Furla Candy bags xx

    Cardiff, UK

  315. Seriously loving the neon hues and the transluscent quality!

  316. Fabulous giveaway. xo A

    From London, UK.

  317. These bags are like the “mature” version of the jelly sandals (minus the sparkles). I say mature in inverted commas because I would probably run around screaming like a little girl if I won one of them.

    They’d be a great way to rebel against the rain and oncoming winter here in Sydney, Australia!

  318. Hannah M

    Gummi Bears ♥

    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

  319. These bags are just fantastic.

    Jennifer, Newcastle, UK

  320. What a great (dreaded) giveaway! I’m in.

    Bristol, UK

  321. Those are so adorable! Reminds me of a purse I had when I was four.

  322. Melissa

    I love your style & your face!

    My favorite purse when I was 15 & 16 was a clear, metal edged handbag. The Furla bags are lovely & leave the contents some mystery.

    Portland, OR – USA

  323. I would love love love love, a royal blue or Red one they are mad cute!!! I’m a huge fan of the blog by the way.

    I’m currently living in galway, Ireland but am moving to east london next week for internships so I’ll let you decide what bracket I fall into. :D


  324. these bags are so awesome, please enter me!

  325. Count me in!

    Thank you!

    London, UK

  326. Morgan Von Steen

    I am in LOVE with these bags!

  327. funny how hundreds more people comment when there’s free stuff in it.

    but i wanted to say, that those shoes are PERFECT – have been stalking ebay for ages…years infact for THOSE SHOES. [HOW DID YOU FIND?!?!]

    Also, you inspired me to be daring, be different; today i bought an over-the-knee black pleated skirt. You are inspiration! :) x

  328. Morgan Von Steen

    I am in LOVE with these bags!

    Greensboro, North Carolina, US.

  329. Katharina

    I love your blog … you are a great inspiration! Hope to see soon a new DIY.

    Frauenkirchen, Austria

  330. Karolina B.

    I’ve been dreaming of this bag ever since I saw it on-line!
    It’s like childhood dream-come-true!
    (btw, loving your perfect simple shoes here)

    Warsaw, Poland

  331. The bag looks so ahdorable! I can just gobble it up.
    And I looooove your blog (:

    Dunedin, New Zealand.

  332. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous bags!

    Wilton, CT, USA

  333. Emily

    Those bags are phenomenal! Such great colors with such a simple style. The yellow one is my fav!

    Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States

  334. kazandra

    oh how much I’d love one of these. I’m in!

  335. Bernadette

    Bags so good I want to put them in my mouth.

    Tacoma. Washington. USA

  336. I loooooove this bag so much! It makes me think of summer, water, light, colour…

    Follow you :)


  337. Micaela

    love love love the candy bags!

    Huddersfield, UK

  338. Eva

    They look so sweet!!!

    Ghent, Belgium

  339. Lauren Chrippes

    These bags are so cute for the summer!
    Love the blog.

    Manchester, UK

  340. Kiri

    These bags are so awesome!

    Kiri , Massachusetts, USA

  341. Rita R.

    Nice to colour my summer!!
    Lisbon, Portugal

  342. Cad

    Beautiful bags, I’d love to have one. Don’t have nearly enough color in my wardrobe right now!

    Edmonton, Canada

  343. Holly

    Wahhh! So adorable & sweet.

    Holly A.
    New York, U.S.A

  344. I was going to leave a comment anyway because the bag was so freaking cute and then at the bottom I was like contest WOW! Hahaha… Thanks for the chance!

    Coventry UK

  345. asdfghjkl;
    I live in Canada, B.C, Coquitlam :-)

  346. the bags remind me of skittles… taste the rainbow? anyways, thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    name: sharon
    email: elegant_storms @ yahoo.com
    location: LA, California, USA

  347. yeahh I´m into colors right now!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  348. Chloe Mereau

    They look so very sweet ^________________^ yummy!
    Chloe, New Zealand

  349. Shelby

    New York, NY USA

  350. Asia

    you were the first person to take a picture of my sign on myomy doors!
    no one notices it…

    is the party alice in wonderland kind?
    is rabbit,mad hatter and the cat coming?

  351. MOCNIEJ. How could ANYONE not notice it!!? xxxx

  352. Ana

    Great giveaway, Thx! And great idea to drink milk from the bag! You are just so witty.
    Always glad to read your blog.
    Canary Islands, Spain

  353. Awesome look as always! I looove your blog ;D

    Concepción,Chile (Southamerica)

  354. Kimberley

    i’m eating a rainbowfest of gummy bears as i speak.

    medford, USA

  355. VIOLA C.

    I would pair these futuristic looking bags with lots of vintage clothes.

    Bristol, UK

  356. Irene

    Candy indeed! These will be a shot of happiness when carried around!

    Los Angeles, USA

  357. Karyn McDonald

    Karyn Mcdonald
    Toronto, Ontario

    These bags are so adorable! what an amazing give away!
    love ur blog :)

  358. Hehe just your city + country is fine, thank you! (Deleted the address info!)

  359. Hey that’s pretty.

    -from Pittsburgh, PA (USA)

  360. Neon and bright colors are so in this season!
    The candy bags are specially great accessories for Spring/Summer.
    Hope I get the luck! thanks FURLA!

    New York, USA

  361. Keri

    Sooo cute! I wouldn’t think to mix the pink skirt and bright bag but it looks so cute together! I love the bag!!

    N. Attleboro, MA USA

  362. Alyssa

    So lovely and fun!


  363. Anastasia

    Beautiful dress!

    Krasnoyarsk, Russia

  364. <3

    Ren Ariel Sano

    Brookyn, NY

  365. Linda

    Have been anonymously following your blog for ages (via Blogger) and particularly love how you mix Korean and more Western styles so perfectly. Thank you for all the time you take to post lovely/inspired pictures :)
    – Linda, Montreal, Canada.

  366. It’s my first time leaving a comment. this is adorably cool. guess i just can’t sit there without giving it a whirl.
    by the way, love your blog as well.

    Melbourne, Australia.

  367. Michaela

    What amazing bags!
    Name: Michaela
    Location: Portland, Oregon United States of America

  368. love!!

    philadelphia, pennsylvania. u.s.a

  369. Aimee

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Toronto, Canada

  370. Nancy

    Love the green! So cute!

    Richmond, Canada

  371. wow! they look awesome. The neon yellow honestly glows in that first pic ~ i wanna eat it!

    Auckland, New Zealand

  372. lyn

    location: singapore!

    candy colours! <3

  373. I would love to win one of these bags… just what the Dr. ordered after a long, cold winter!!!
    -Rebecca, Kutztown, PA

  374. In a long, long, and really long history of my blogger stalking, this is the first comment I’m leaving. Ever.

    And even at this moment, I’m trying to figure out if it’s the candy bag or my genuine love and admiration for your blog that motivated me to start typing. It cannot be the candy bag though because my new year’s resolution was to practice non-possession. (I gave away 4 boxes of clothing, 2 boxes of bags, 2 boxes of shoes, and 1 small box full of accessories back in January with maybe possibly quite potentially one drop of tear, but maybe not). And it cannot be solely my infatuation with your blog because I’m way too comfortable being “the ghost” and staying quiet.

    As soon as I hit that “submit” button, I might begin to punch and pinch myself in embarrassment. But you surely deserve to know that your playful yet reserved style of clothing and writing. I will continue to visit and look at you to replace my boredom, loneliness, and hunger.

    Portland, OR, USA

  375. You know, I know a lot of people are commenting because of the candybag but I also wanted to make this an opportunity to hear from my readers that don’t usually comment, it’s AMAZING actually. Don’t worry about the stupid giveaway, it’s just my glorified excuse to shed light on you all standing in the dark. ME LIKEY EXPOSURE BUEHEHEHE.

  376. Jennifer L

    God, they are so freaking adorable!
    Boston, USA.

  377. OOH!!! AWSOME BAGS!!!

    Sunga Jeong
    Seoul, Korea

  378. I want yellow, and orange, and blue. Thank you!

    Andong, Korea

  379. Bridget

    I’m a reader from Singapore and I’ve been stalking your blog for a good while now… nothing more effective than a giveaway to de-lurk your page, eh? Keep being entertaining! :)

    P.S: There are no cities in Singapore….

  380. Hélène

    deliciously great color!

    Toronto, Canada

  381. Wen

    Colour feast. love it. and we should all wear polka dots.

    KL, Malaysia

  382. gimme a gummy bear!!!! ;)

    Heather, Seoul, korea!

  383. Audra Lydon

    New York, NY

  384. Kathleen S

    Ahhhh amazing. I’m in San Francisco, USA. :)

  385. Gummy bear obsession. Check!
    Potentially crazy colour combinations. Check!
    Insane urge to bring strange things out in a transparent bag. CHECK!

    Can’t wait. Too exciting!

    Singapore, Singapore.

  386. Ooooh lovely! I could eat cereal out of mine too, that would save me some time on the way to work. Mwahahah!

    Austin, TX USA

  387. Vanessa

    The color!
    Cupertino, California

  388. Would love to have one of these perched on my arm!
    I’m from Ottawa, Canada

  389. Love the bags and I would love to spread more colors around Tokyo since people are still quite in shock of what happened and is reasoning in a way that the world is going to end tomorrow.
    It would be a nice reminder to everyone to stay calm and appriciate life and the colours around them!

    Tokyo, Japan

  390. I love this bag so much! It looks so good with this outfit too…when I first saw it on Bettys blog I went weak in the knees hehe. Crossing my fingers x 100!!! xoxoxo

    I am from British Columbia, Canada


  391. Name: Isabel
    Location: SINGAPORE

    Would love to have a gummy-like bag slung around my hand in sunny little Singapore! ;)

  392. This is definitely love at first sight. I might have seen some other transparent bag, and I did see them as mediocre but you and the magic charm of Furla have totally won my heart <3
    Btw, the first time to comment on your blog although I have enjoyed yours for quite some time :)

    -Jakarta, Indonesia.

  393. Paulina Fink

    Please pick me…I will love you forever!

  394. ooh I want one :)

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

  395. I would love a Furla candy bag! Reading your blog is my daily ritual, it helps me keep my sanity in the insane world of advertising. Love your blog to bits, do return some love (in the form of a lovely Furla bag perhaps?) Cheers!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  396. The colours are killer! Love your work x

  397. Jerlynn Heng

    These bags got me glued to the store’s window when they arrived in Singapore. They are the most delicious looking bags EVER! ….

    Your blog has been my lunch time buddy!


  398. Name: Nicole
    Location: Singapore, Singapore!!

    “oohh so excited hope i get it and i love how you wore it with the pink polka dot skirt <3"

  399. Oh! I remember the times when I had a crush with Jelly Shoes. And now over 10 years, finally the bag. LOVE IT!

    Pritta, Jakarta, Indonesia.

  400. I love how brightly-colored these bags are! Also, your skirt? Perfection.

    Dallas, TX USA (email is in comment)

  401. Melissa

    They are so pretty! I swear I heard a little voice inside my head go ‘Ooo’ the moment I saw these. Thanks for doing this giveaway (:


  402. Crystal Miller

    The first time I saw these juicy bright bags I thought they were the perfect spring/summer accessory. Love your blog!

    Weslaco, TX USA

  403. Sofie

    oh my shini..i would love to have one.
    Singapore, Singapore

  404. That is so generous! Lovely colours as well!
    Stockholm, Sweden

  405. Leigh McMahon

    Gold Coast, Australia

  406. Dan

    Love your blog and the bags.
    Fluorescence colors are so cool~


    Dan from Hong Kong

  407. Nele

    Oh my, you look so gorgeous with that bag, like mary poppins with candy topping.
    I think the green one’s perfect.

    Love your Blog!
    Konstanz, Germany

  408. Chloe

    I recently found your blog and have been following it since. There’s something about the way you choose and combine clothing that feels unique from other fashion blogs. Thanks.

    Portland, Oregon

  409. Helen K.

    oohhhh i’ve been obsessing over these – the right amount of irony and technicolor madness :)

    Minneapolis, USA

  410. Kasia

    Kasia, Cracow, Poland

  411. Such a sweet bag! How can I resist! Love how you pair it with the polka dot skirt! Very unique indeed! (and I should probably stop yelling) .

  412. WOAH! This is awesome Shini! I saw this bag in a glass case in Westfield shopping center and stared in for minutes on end. Gummi yummyness!

  413. Cute! Love your blog – it’s the one I’m most excited for when it pops up on my feed!

  414. Rachel


    Oh sorry, also forgot to say that I’m from Portland, Oregon USA!

  415. Adoro esos bolsos,!!!!Quiero uno!!!!. El naranja y el fucsia son mis favoritos. Te sigo a diario. Un saludo

  416. YES YES YES
    Even though the probability of winning one is already so low, I am a dreamer.

    E. Waagella
    Chicago, USA

  417. Tali

    amazing giveaway and a lovely blog….
    Tel-Aviv, Israel

  418. fiona

    ah the perfect summer bag…reminds me of ice lollies at the seaside!


    ps. wow your hair is getting super long, love it!

    san francisco, united states

  419. I don’t have Epilepsy but these colorful bags almost made me faint !
    So so sweet, i would LOVE to get one (or more ^_^) !

  420. danielle dimenshtein

    @danielle dimenshtein,

    forgot to write tat I’m from tel-aviv , Israel.

  421. If I won, I think I’d be tempted to eat it. Awesome.


    Sydnaaaaay, Aus

  422. Mylene

    love the bag + heart your blog!

    mylene, singapore :)

  423. Izortze

    Love those neon bags!!! needing one…


    Bilbao, Spain

  424. I love your blog. and most definitely, your sense of fashion!

    Keep it up.
    Perth, Australia.

  425. dikla levy

    loooove the yellow candy bag! I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel :)

  426. Megan Sullivan

    Oh wow! What an amazing giveaway! Will definitely have to drop by that launch party! xxx

    (London, UK by the way)

  427. Hey! Gosh what a great giveaway!

    I’m Fiona, I live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK and my email should hopefully appear for you (just not everyone else!) as I left it in the box above prompting for an email address when commenting :)! x

  428. Amber

    Hey Shini,

    Am I allowed to enter too? Really would like one…

    Still loving the blog as ever and cant wait to see you at press days :)

    Check yo mail btw-

    Amber xxxxxx

  429. enter me, please! I’m a follower and I come from Slovenia.

  430. Ker Min

    furla’s definitely gettin trendier with this bag and i want to hop on its bandwagon! i really think the bag will be so awesome with ur previous post’s outfit (the bright blue collar peekin out from the all white ensemble!) :) neon ftw!

    <3 min
    Singapore, Singapore

  431. Um yes please. I adore your blog.
    Jazzy Elizabeth
    UK, Essex

  432. Yoyo Yip

    This lovely bright colour Furla bag will definitely make my day:)

    Yoyo fr Hong Kong, China

  433. Stacy_Lui

    the bag tastes sweet.

    Beijing, China

  434. I love everything! Outfit is stunning, colours are such beautiful, Bike is awesome…. And that bag <3


    Georgina, Hereford, UK

  436. Mariann

    Love it!

    Fairfax, United States

  437. Julie

    Love your dress and shoes too! And the bag too! the pics are beautiful xxx

  438. Itzel

    I dream about these bags! All colors!

    Barcelona, Spain.

  439. why are you pictures always on brilliant????… that light, colour… furla hang bag! one of my favorites this season! xxb

  440. oh i just blogged about these yesterday saying how much i wanted. of yes please.

    london, uk based


    E x

  441. Alice

    i love, love these bags! with a pair of jelly sandals could be sat on a beach pretending its summer all summer long (wishful thinking – i do live in scotland)


  442. Angel

    Awsome bags! Purrrfect for spring!! ^^

    Love from Singapore <3

  443. Karin

    Love the blog, and love the candy

    looks great with the outfit


    London, UK


    I feel like it’s obligatory to write that. And that “follow … me into a dark alley. No.” bit was hilarious, haha. Love that the bag is kinda transparent but not quite.

    Diyanah Rozli,
    KL, Malaysia.

  445. Oh man, this would be the cherry on the top of the cake!
    My favorite bag is a Furla, I wear it almost everyday!
    Love the blue one and the green one…well, I guess all!

    Claudia, Lisbon, Portugal

    p.s. love your pictures

  446. Natassia Chin

    The colours!!! So pretty!! I would LOVE one (all the colours are gorgeous can’t decide which one I want haha) especially since I’m a magpie and love collecting colourful things :) The skirt is adorable too.

    Singapore, Singapore

  447. Got to love some bright plastic every now and again, no matter how demurely you dress ;)

    – Charlotte, London

  448. love the colours in your photography!


  449. i hope i still have a chance to win this bag! love it!

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  450. Shilbe Lim

    location: singapore, singapore

    i want a furla bag! furla! furla! furla!! ^^*

  451. Amazing colours!!! Location: London, UK

  452. hi Shini!
    love love love your blog.
    and love you even more for this delicious furla candyfest!!!

    hope one of them will travel to me, in Madeira!

  453. Grace

    aahhhhhh *crosses fingers* ^^


  454. Karin

    love the blog, and the candy :-)

    looks great with the outfit


    London, UK

  455. Seraphina

    안녕하세요~ ^^

    Hong Kong

  456. I have so much love for Furla bags… and seeing these have just multiplied my love! *crosses fingers in hope*

    Jayde, (Brisbane, Australia)

  457. Ewa

    the bags are to die for!!! Kraków, Poland

  458. Ali P.

    i love the candy bags!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ali P.
    London, UK

  459. I love your blog, how gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @ http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/
    Melbourne, Australia

    I’d loveeeeeee one.

  461. lisa

    love the pretty colours! the bag looks like a big gummy :9

    Florida, USA

  462. Thank you! Six bags is very generous of Furla! :D

    I’m Jessy from Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

  463. I love your blog!! And I love those bags!!! Keep up the awesome work!!


    Philadelphia, PA

  464. Chelsea Mae

    I love this such a brilliant idea to give them away.

    love from Oklahoma in the USA.

  465. Zoe

    Bright colours are the best!

    Singapore, Singapore

  466. The bags look sooooo sweet. Literally!!
    I love how your blog gives us a different aspect of current fashion, too. It’s not boring or the same everyday :-D.

    Larisa, Brampton, Canada

  467. June

    oooh, fingers crossed!


  468. Sumedha

    <3 <3
    from Hong KOng

  469. sweet as!

    Melbourne (well, close by. the real location is embarrassing), Australia

  470. i have been loving those bags from the first moment i saw them, and i loooove how you style them.
    anywayyy, i would love to join.

    love, laura
    ede, the netherlands
    oh, and my email adress will be lauraa@Live.nl

  471. Laura

    Wow, they remind me of a handbag my barbie used to have! So fun!

    Christchurch, New Zealand

  472. uh dude WOW 470 comments..cahraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    but anyway hehehehe here’s my entry :) and i’m from HONG KONG :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  473. Marie

    gummy candies are the only kind of candies worth eating, in my opinion
    Detroit MI, USA

  474. Its too generous of you and furla to host this giveaway!
    I absolutely adore the one in orange.
    Thank you!

    Girl from kuala lumpur, malaysia



    Want one for my shoots!!

  476. Christine

    I would love one of the bags to add a contrasting pop to my outfits!

    New York, NY, USA

  477. Leah Miller

    The bag would go perfect with my Jellyz shoes from the 90’s!! Love love love the blog, keep fashion-finding!

    Atlanta, Georgia

  478. Paula Such

    Love the bags, specially the GREEN ONE! huge fan of the brand. I have followed your blog 4 ever, love your personal strength in mixture, as a designer myself i can honestly say I admire your dedication and passion ;)
    greetings from SPAIN!!!!
    buena suerte!!

  479. Alyson Luthi

    These bags are so great!!

    Alyson Luthi
    Los Angeles, CA, United States

  480. Hi there,

    I recently discovered your blog and I really like it!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one of the Furla bags, have been eyeing them (online) for a while! They’re perfect for summer.

    Good luck with the blog!

    Gistel, Belgium

  481. URI

    would be a great surprise for my girlfriend’s birthday!

    Uri, Israel

  482. rina

    Remind me of glow-in-the-dark light sticks and I always love to hang them around me. Haha.


  483. Man Yee

    I would love to win the red one.

    Oxford, UK.

  484. oooh i’d love to have this in blue!

  485. Ola

    your dots skirt is wonderful!
    cheers form Poland :)
    Wroclaw, Poland

  486. I saw the pink one on Betty’s blog and I thought “wowzie” and now I can win one!
    Antwerp, Belgium

    (Nice skirt btw, I like the contrast with the bright yellow!)

  487. Cait Heaney

    whoa, how cool would you feel walking down the street with one of those? unfortunatly i have no hope in hell of getting one.. the only work im doing at the moment is volunteering at Oxfam.. being 14 sets you back on in the money stakes ^.^ . researching Furla as we speak (:
    Guildford, UK

  488. Diana

    Furla candy bags!
    perfect birthday present no?..yes..pick me? maybe
    …. ah, it was worth a try! :)

    – New York, U.S.

  489. Demi Mergits

    would love to win this bag.. <3

    Antwerp; Belgium

  490. Dominika

    I saw you today on FTV!

  491. HUH where, when, about what?

  492. Dominika

    @Shini, top shop show, nothing you said or anything. c:

  493. Hahaaaa thanks for letting me know, yarh I was wondering since I’m no subject worthy of TV hahaa

  494. Germaine

    the bags are simply the perfect tone of fluro for spring and summer!
    i love the fact that its waterproof as well.

    Singapore, Singapore

  495. Ingrid Johansen

    This is crazy! I am in LOVE with those things, I just want to spend the rest of my life watching my own Furlabag and keep fighting the urge to eat it up. oh, what a dream :P

    I mostly just wear black and dark blue, but this spring i want to go all out -I bought a shitload of nailpolishes yesterday and I think my new, green nailpolish will look great next to some pink lips (I want the lip tar in anime <3)

    Do I get a pity vote if I tell you that there's still ALOT of snow here in Trondheim, Norway?

  496. I love how the bag looks more chartreuse than yellow. It is magical how it seems to be glowing!

    Philadelphia, USA

  497. WARSAW!!!

    LOVE the lime green bag (or electric yellow?)… I’m pretty well addicted to that color! :)

  498. Lok

    They look so delicious!

    New Orleans, USA

  499. Martyna

    Love tose bags! ;)

    Gdańsk, Poland

  500. I love how you styled the bag!

    xx Alexandra
    Oslo, Norway

  501. Catherine

    Oh my GOD those bags are like candy! I want to eat them!
    But I won’t.

    <3 Catherine
    Edmonton, Canada

  502. (I’m in Toronto, Canada) The peach pokka-dotted skirt and zoink of green neon candy bag is a colour combination that inspires poetry: Heaving like a under-sea fish with gills thick with jewels, I will carry you at my side while the cement-world pools beneath my feet

  503. If this giveaway was based on mini poetry comments I think you’d have won, brrrriliant. hahaaa

  504. Brittney

    Fingers crossed!

    Lenoir, North Carolina, United States of America.

  505. Woo Kim

    The neon Furla bag makes my sweet tooth ache!

    – Woo, NJ, USA

  506. Those bags are incredible! I would want to take mine to the beach – because it’s the only bag that wouldn’t get all dirty and sandy. :)

    Orange County, CA, USA

  507. wow, funny to see, how a giveaway is getting people to show themselves… my comment is no 500 – maybe that’s a sign :-)
    berlin, germany

  508. Tina

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  509. Tina

    ^Sorry forgot to add:

    London, UK

  510. These look delicious.

  511. Lovely blog and I adore the Ferregamo shoes in these shots. Classic and totally chic! x

  512. @Alice, Apologies, my location is: London, UK

  513. Linda

    OMG that is beyond adorable <3

    Toronto, Canada

  514. Claire Huang

    Ah! I love anything candy-esque!

    From Providence, RI, USA,

  515. Vancouver, BC! <3

  516. Janet

    I get my Ferragamos off ebay too! So much cheaper… haha i hope people don’t find out my secret now.

    Janet, New York NY

  517. Hahaha got mine for $30 too, SHHHHHhhh

  518. Carmen Ku

    You’re my fashion icon! Love from Yamagata City, Japan.

  519. Hi Shini! I’m sure you’ve seen the Cambridge Satchel Company’s fluorescent bags, as delicious.

    London, UK (:

  520. Wow, what an amazing gift! tHANK YOU!! I like the colour you picked!

    All the best,
    Carola from small small Austria

  521. Lucy

    love the site! the bags look amazing! love from manchester x

  522. Madhuri

    I don’t think it’s possible for those to be any more delicious. <3
    Dallas, TX

  523. Hey Shini!

    Great post (as always) and giveaway :)



  524. emmi

    yes please i am more than willing to take one of these bags off your hands thank you!

  525. emmi

    @emmi, oh and i am from london, uk.

    too excited to win so i didnt even read what to comment.

  526. Mariana

    Malaga, Spain.

  527. Hellooooooooooo!! nice bagssss!!
    I would love to have one for my girlfriend :)

    Im from London, UK



  528. Not a big fan of giveaways but HUGE fan of these bags!! I would also sing (just for myself) disney songs the whole day…
    Great outfit! And olso the uniqlooks, i really liked the way you pulled the polo shirt.


    Madrid, Spain

  529. Dear Shini,

    It would be brilliant to own a hollow Jelly Baby with handles! Jelly Babies and bags rank high on my ever-growing list of nice things and good stuff in life, a list which also includes things like bicycles, giraffes, leopards, zebras and strawberry laces. It seems to me that one of these Furla contraptions could accommodate at least two baby giraffes, five leopards, a zebra and a pack of strawberry laces. I zip them all up, put the neon Candy Bag in my bicycle basket and speed off. Will I need my bright yellow cycling vest? With one of these beauties, probably not! Don’t worry though, I’ll still wear a helmet!


    London, UK

  530. If I was giving out bags according to best comments you probably would’ve won. Baby giraffes, oh yeah bring it on.

  531. @Shini,

    It would be very nice if you took it into consideration! And Furla should definitely take all the applications of this juicy bag into account! Portable tropical fish tank for example! I can keep on going!



  532. I love your outfit and photos, beautiful! :) And yes I’ll try my luck for one of those bags :$

    Toronto, Canada

  533. Vivian Loh

    showing you love all the way from new jersey, usa! <3

  534. Rosa Silva

    Beautiful bags
    Bogotá, Colombia

  535. natalie

    what a transparent little beauty. would be a lovely treat for myself as i slave away working towards my final at the moment. Your blog is my secret retreat.

    London england

  536. Is it weird that I think they’d make super adorable diaper bags?? Sadly, that’s what I’m into right now… hauling all my baby’s stuff around as fashionably as possible.

    Regina, Canada

  537. That’s EXACTLY what my mother said. Although, we don’t have a baby in the family, was that meant to be a hint?
    Mothers should carry around babies in those bags actuallly……

  538. Diane H.

    Your outfit is perfectly adorbz (I am not a teeny bopper, but I just wanted to amplify how sweet and casual candystore-like your outfit is), and i love the color of your skirt! in fact, i have that same color on my nails! XD

    Diane from Soouthern California, U.S.A.

  539. Rania.
    Charlotte , NC United States

  540. Jodi

    The bag looks amazing with your out fit! In the last shot where the light shines through it looks like its glowing :-)

    Singapore, Singapore

  541. Angie

    wow they look delicious and so edible!

    Sydney, Australia

  542. Esther

    My first thought was, yay, long post! ..turns out to be 537 comments.
    Call me a sheep, but I’m following the others. *bleats* (born in year of goat, can’t blame me. I insist both animals are the same..)

    Moving on, I’m strictly a no-handbags kind of girl, but man, those bags are fabuleux. If I had one (hinthint) I’ll be trying out the same thing you did for the last photo half of the time.
    (Imagine girl standing in a public street staring intently at a bag)
    And I’m jealous that there isn’t a Furla outlet in my country. Wut is this?! /rage

    Esther, Singapore.

    P.S I had cereal with gummy bears, Skittles and M&Ms once. (secretly)

    And then I had a tummyache from the sugar overload. ):
    Don’t try this at home little kids!

  543. V

    This is extremely generous of Furla but I’ve never won anything so I’m not going to hope much. :\ Love your shoes, btw! <3


  544. jane

    love the bags… oh and speaking of gummy bears, gummy bears in chocolate ice cream… at least until they’re frozen and could possibly break a tooth. anyway love the bags ;)

    New Orleans, US

  545. Patricia V

    I love the way the light hits the bag. It’s so pretty!
    Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous as well~ :)
    Thanks for doing this giveaway by the way!

    -Ohio, US

  546. Such pretty bags!!

    Singapore, Singapore

  547. Hey Shini, love the energy here! So i’ll cannily participate too! haha

    Much love from KL, Malaysia. xx

  548. How exciting! I love all the colours these bags come in :)

    – Nicole
    Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  549. Free Furla bag > sex.

    New Orleans, LA USA

  550. When I saw these candy bag for the first time I couldn’t stop thinking about them!
    they are not only amazing but give a whole new look. More creative and modern ( a bit childish i might add, but in a good way).
    Everything that you put on, using this bag will look even better! I think so.
    and it does remind me of a brazilian brand call Melissa.

    Salvador, Brazil

  551. Marjhan

    London, UK

    I absolutely love your blog, you’re so cute!


  552. Claudia

    Love the pink one especially.

    Manila, Philippines

  553. Hannover, Germany

  554. I live in Miami, FL, USA! These bags look gorgeous…if I don’t win I might have to buy one!

  555. Gracia

    Love your outfit shini! You always look so perfect! I have to satisfy my sweet tooth with this furla candy bag! They are to die for!

    Singapore, Singapore

  556. Shini! Just wondering how much you got your Ferragamos via ebay for? I have been wanting to get them since like forever but their retail price exceeds my shopping budget!


  557. It cost me…drumroll….$30! hahah so I went and looked for a red pair and a cream pair… bough those both for around $30 as well!

  558. @Shini, Oh my!! I’m so jealous!!


  559. Angela

    those bags are so pretty! definitely a part of my fantasy wardrobe. also, i love the second and last photos :)

    Washington, DC

  560. Oh wow, it’s like gummy bears only better <3

    Lithuania (as in "the rest of the world")

  561. Victoria

    Hi shini!

    Awesome contest!
    My name is Victoria


  562. Aurélie

    Such a perfect pact for a perfect summer !
    Love your oh-so-chic outfits without being too much !
    Love your blog.


    Savingy-le-Temple, France

  563. I never thought this kind of bag would appeal to me, but the more I see it on the www, the more it grows on me and now I’d really like to have one for summer!

  564. Agne

    Amazing bags!

    Jonava, Lithuania

  565. ah Shini, this is such a great outfit! probably my favorite of late, besides that polo post. i kind of love how you do the bold color focus technique. it’s hard to describe. while you are fully put together, there’s an underlying rumpledness that gives an off-kilter sort of charm. i’m not sure if that came across right. XD those pastels make that bag really speak. eeee polka dots!

    hmmm to be honest though, i’m always wary of these giveaways that i always see. it just seems like a trap to get unnecessarily hyped up about something that may or maybe not easily be incorporated into your wardrobe. plus i’m not a bag person, so it’s definitely tip toeing territory for me.

    that said, I really like the simplicity of Furla’s designs, I have a lot of complicated things so it would go really well with a lot of the things I own. Plus I trust your style and it seems to be working great for you!

    Houston, TX, USA

  566. Clare

    San Francisco, US
    these bags are lovely….remind me of the jelly shoes I lived in as a child

  567. Lip Elaine

    these acidic colours ROCK!!

    Hong Kong SAR

  568. olalallaaaa i wanna have one candybag too:=) I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

    Braunschweig, Germany

  569. Thank you Shini! I really like that vintage maxi baby pink skirt! You look so adorable :3

    I live in sunny island SINGAPORE!

    <3 Vera

  570. oh…i’ve gotta win this….!!!.*fingers crossed.
    oh.o..in the overstimulated greed..almost forgot to say how much i love that red bicycle…probably not yours..but if it is…GREAT!

  571. ManYee Monique

    Adore this bag! <3 <3 <3
    and love your blog for sure.

    -Man Yee for Californa US

  572. I love the Candy bags! I want someone in my closet!
    Maria, Madrid (Spain).

  573. Anna

    Amazing bags!
    Gostynin, Poland

  574. Wroclaw, Poland

    lovely bag ! especially yellow one! <3

  575. That’s awesome!
    I need one in my closet.


    (Madrid, Spain)

  576. Brigitte

    If I lived inside that bag, well, the whole world could be shaded with candy glory! Love

    Sydney, australia

  577. Sibylle

    Let’s try ! I feel lucky today haha!

    Sibylle, France (Nantes)

    Thank you (and Furla of course) for the giveaway !

  578. ninocska

    plastic fantastic !

    budapest, hungary

  579. Carolina

    Love candy. Love bags. Perfect combo!

    Basel, Switzerland

  580. Tiffany

    Sweeeet, love the colors!

    Tiff at San Diego, United States

  581. Stefanie

    love, love, love the candy bags. perfect for springtime.

    your blog is awesome.
    Stefanie, Austria

  582. Wow, love these cute jelly bags :) defo want one! Really like the lemony-lime one you have, gorgeous outfit as always xx

  583. Cielo

    Hiya from Victoria, Canada!

  584. Natalie

    I´m totally in love! :*

    Prague, Czech republic

  585. Diana M.


    Prague, Czech republic

  586. Yellow is so my color these days ;)
    Sending a sunny smile from Ramat Gan, Israel

  587. Faridah

    Furlas crossed I win! Hehehe

    Name: Faridah
    Email: fairydah@gmail.com
    Location: Brisbane, Australia

  588. Emi

    I really like your blog, and I would love to have a candybag!
    The Hague- The Netherlands

  589. I never win these things but one can shamelessly keep trying!

    Singapore, Singapore

  590. Natalie

    I have never won giveaway, but lets try it again :D*

    Czech republic, Prague 1

  591. Amazing giveaway!!!!!

    Hong Kong!!

  592. Look at those beauties, I can’t help thinking of how they would stand out amidst the greyness of this city. Hmmmm fingers and toes crossed.

    London, UK

  593. Candy is not only this bag, it’s a treet. And if I don’t get it, I might just trick you.

  594. that is SUCH a good comment ahhahaa

  595. @Shini, Thnx :)

  596. Those bags are uber cute!

    Verona, Italy

  597. Malwina

    Awesome bag, remind me my childhood + they’re fun and optimistic :D You can’t pass them without a smile :D

    Lodz, Poland

  598. Rachel

    I <3 the bag!
    Also, amazing blog :)


  599. Dominika

    Lovely bag!

    Dominika, Poznań, Poland

  600. Wiolka

    This summer gonna be perfect with one of them ;)
    Swidnik, Poland

  601. I would like to win the one poor color that’s left and nobody’s chosen it… ;)

    marianna, krakow, poland

  602. Hadass Marder

    Oh well, it hardly ever rains here in Israel. Having a waterproof bag would be such a useless pleasure! (pink? green? pink, green, pink…yellow.)

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  603. Valerie Vanessa


    I love the bag! What a surprise, never thought the (plastic?) texture would go so well with an outfit like that. It’s a touch of candy cool.

    Valerie Vanessa

    Borneo, Malaysia

  604. Gayle

    Adelaide, Australia.

  605. So adorable, perfect for summer!

    Grettings from
    Kópavogur, Iceland

  606. Holly

    I have just discovered your blog and can I say, it’s a relief to see someone with some spunky style that is not just all about looking pretty. no embarrassing dialogue = what a relief. Fashion blogs can be so full of hipster wank…Thanks for putting some pow into it!

    Holly, Australia.

  607. Nice giveaway !
    xoxo from Paris, France

  608. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and a navy Furla would go amazing with our rain drenched skies.

    S xx

  609. sara

    the transparent version is the best one!

    sara, trento, italy

  610. Hannah-Eirene

    candy candy candy! great giveaway, perfectly suiting blog for it!
    i am from berlin, germany.

  611. Jillian Lawrence

    LOVE <3 these bags… Especially the pink and blue! :)
    Jillian L.
    Toronto, Canada

  612. Mikaela

    Love the trend of colors for spring/summer. I live in Northern Europe, where we still have snow and tempereatures around 0 celsius. I have been hooked to all things bright, colorful and simple. I am already bringing some color to my outfits since it makes me feel closer to spring (even bright lips make a great statement). :) love from Finland.

  613. Love your blog&those bags! x
    Maracaibo, Venezuela

  614. Great ensemble! Love it! you look pretty!!

  615. Elsa

    love these bags! they feel like swedish lösgodis!
    Stockholm, Sweden

  616. Agata

    My dog had lots of fun eating the corners of my pink bag the other day, so winning this bag is pure necesity. Promise to keep it locked.

  617. Agata

    oh thats me again.
    From Seville, Spain with love.

  618. i love this bags, and i really love your blog!

    santos, SP, brazil

  619. Kaleigh Z

    Wow – this is so kind of you. These bags look absolutely fabulous! Such a great offer on such a wonderful blog! xox London, England

  620. Kaleigh

    I love this blog! I read it all the time. What a kind thing for you to offer to your readers. These colours and the texture of these bags look super fun for summer! thanks again! London, England

  621. colleen

    Amazing offer! thanks shini <3 Toronto, Canada

  622. Gloria Chew

    I love this bag! It’s gorgeous and super cute. My mom loves it too, can’t wait till I save up for 1 (fingers crossed!) and share it with her. She’ll undoubtedly want to use it more than me hahah. Lovely blog! (:


  623. I am an oversea student ,and now I am studying in Sydney. I check ur blog every day, luv ur styles and ur life. and i also luv these bags , they are beautiful.

  624. Love those bags – just the colours make my day!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    – Mariam
    Markham, Canada

  625. Evernolia Gillespie

    Read your blog everyday!

    I hope to win!

  626. OMG!!! I would LOVE to have it. Such a great bag!

    XOXO From Israel,

  627. jasmin


  628. I’ve got a sweet sweet tooth
    that only a candybag can fix

    Boston, US

  629. Tiffany

    I hope I get picked :) …Tiffany Moore,Philadelphia,PA, USA

  630. Pink one, please :)

    Kraków, Poland

  631. Sofia

    Wow..! Thank you so much for this opportunity, your follower for a long long time,

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  632. The blue will definitely be the perfect pair for my Marc Jacobs plastic neon blue flats! Teehee!!!

    Went to South Korea for the first time last week. Awesome city! I am missing the street food stalls already :( Do you go back home a lot?

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  633. owwwh so lucky! I don’t go back as much as I’d love to, did you have a good time? Hope you did a lot of shopping, the street food is the beeest…

  634. Krystel

    @Shini, I had a great time! Although it was still a little bit chilly there. Shopping wise, dongdaemun rocks. I went to a building around the corner which was filled with local designer pieces. I am blown away!

    I was fascinated looking at Korean people. They are so stylish and how can everyone get their face complexion so flawless? What’s the secrettttt… Even yours! Envy @.@

    Street food is the most memorable :) Still missing rice cake and that fish cake thingy on a stick :(

    Me want to come backkkkk!

  635. Great blog & fantastic partnering for a giveaway!

    Been hunting down this bag since seeing a preview of it – eying down the blue or green… Or any one, for that matter!

    Happy Weekend!
    From Chapel Hill, USA.

  636. The pink one would be great ^ ^

    istanbul- Turkey

  637. wang xi

    wow, it’s cool!
    wangxi, beijing, china

  638. theKatherina

    Great giveaway. I love blue bags.:)
    Zduńska Wola, Poland

  639. Sarah

    The perfect bag for a colourful summer!

    Greets from
    Regensburg, Germany

  640. I have one Furla, but this would be a lovely addtion for the Spring/Summer.

    Dallas, TX {USA}

  641. roberta

    love the bags!
    Napoli, Italy

  642. you’re gorgeous! <3
    and love the rainbow coloured bags!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  643. Joy.Y

    i will call these chewy gummy bags.
    Please Shini, a blue or orange one just for me??
    Thank you very very much!

    Singapore, Singapore

  644. Instead of milk, you could fill it with water and fishes :)

    Suzanne, The Hague, the Netherlands

    Thanks!! :)

  645. Norwich, UK

    Those bags are amazing. The colours are fab for summer and I like how they’re not quite see through :)

  646. Luiza Kubis

    they’re cosmic! perfect for summer!
    Greetings from Poland!
    (Opole but moving to London this summer-CSM Foundation ! so excited)

  647. Owh congrats! You’ll love it! xx

  648. Catherine

    Catherine, Philadelphia, USA

  649. I would very much like a chance at winning one of these gorgeous bags!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  650. Georgina Howell

    not a big fan of blogs but i am addicted to yours!
    what can i say i have a sweet tooth for candybags?? x

    Georgina Reigate, UK

  651. Aww….I am searching Furla Candy Bag online and found out there is a giveaway here! so exciting! those color are really yummy! As you said, they like gummy bear, unfortunately , those are my favorite candy! hhahah….

    P.S. I was hoping to get a pink one, but after see you carried this color,,,OMG, now I want both colors, :) this color looks so great with your polka dot dress!

  652. Great competition, I adore these bags!

    GIMME! ^_^

  653. Line Melting Hulbækdal

    God! Those Candy Bags are just amazing!
    Oh how I wish to have one on my arm!

    Line Melting Hulbækdal
    Trondheim, Norway

  654. i want to eat those bags, they look sooooo YUMMY :D
    love your blog

    love sheana xoxox

  655. i want to eat those bags they look so YUMMY :D
    love your blog <3

    love sheana xoxoxo

    bristol UK

  656. Yoko

    I love the way you put together pieces! I would never think to wear your outfit with the furl bag, but you make it look so good! So stylish and effortless!

  657. yoko

    Los Angeles, USA

  658. yoko

    @Yoko, USA, Los Angeles

  659. Nicole Pearson

    I love reading your blog, your hilarious.

    xo Nicole Montreal, Canada

  660. Maria Kim

    your blogs are pleasing to look at and fun to read and please do let me know how the bread soup bowl logic with your bag works out.

    Buena Park, CA USA

  661. Happy April Fools Day! (But my bid for the bag is not a gag.)

  662. Almost fooled me there! x

  663. Reda

    London, UK

    These are beautiful. Your blog is ace – lots of snark snark, beautiful photos and great design elements.


  664. I think Pink one is perfect for Paris and Blue one is perfect for New York.

  665. Sebnem

    I love and want one of this >bonbons<
    Kisses from Istanbul-TURKEY

  666. martina

    bellissimo outfit! pisa italia

  667. Josey

    This bag would be perfect for a clean, minimalist outfit. The perfect pop of color. :)
    I love that it’s such a simple bag, with clean lines but convinient enough for everyday use.
    Riverside, California

  668. “and here’s all you need to do: Follow me….
    …. to a dark alley and see what I need from your wallet.”
    Lol the thing is, I probably would for a Furla. Nah, I’m just playing (or am I?).
    They remind me of the jelly’s I used to wear when I was little (remember jelly shoes?) and not too long ago when they went through their mini revival; with a Furla I guess I could hang on to that bit of my childhood for just that little bit longer.

    (London, England)

  669. Love the contrasting yellow with the peachy-pink!

    I live in a super small town called: Kwintsheul, in The Netherlands

  670. Favorite blog evaaahhh.

    Good ol’ Woodstock, Vermont, USA

  671. Monika

    I regret I deleted my facebook profile. If I didn’t, i would like your Facebook page and Furla page and everything, because I’m completely in love with your blog and the bag. :D

    Veverska Bityska, Czech Republic

  672. Hi there! Great giveaway! Gosh, I’d give my right arm for a Furla Candy bag. Or my left arm. To hell with it, why not have both? And I’ll even throw in my grandmother. Ain’t that a great deal?

    Anyway, here are my details:
    Full name: Laura Hunter-Thomas
    Location: Rugby, UK

    I have, of course, liked the Furla Facebook page, your Facebook page, and followed you on Twitter. It’s the least I can do!

  673. I’ll take your two arms and grandmother, when can I expect them? Don’t you need my address?
    xxxxxx thank you so much

  674. @Shini, great, the deal is sealed. Don’t worry about it, I have…sources. My grandfather owns the postal service. How else would I be able to mail body parts and live humans? Anyway, they’ll be coming via Royal Mail, so God knows how long that’ll take…
    haha. You’re welcome :)

  675. I’d love one!! They look so deliciously cool!

  676. Christina

    @Christina, Oh, and, I’m in East Windsor, New Jersey, USA

  677. Ana

    I actually don’t know what to write in this comment :P I usually just read blogs don’t comment much. I guess I can say i’m a faithful reader? Yeah, that will be fine :) And the truth :)


    Zagreb, Croatia

  678. leena

    fashionably edible rainbow candy…oh my!

  679. leena


    i am in saint petersburg, florida. although i often wish i lived in the russian version…

  680. GlamaRuth

    I have one pale blue Furla satchel that I got about 10 years ago – you have inspired me to go dig it out from the back of my closet. It doesn’t look anything like a gummy bear, though, so I’d love to win one of the Candybags!

  681. Ruina

    those bags are so colourful!

    love from,
    Toronto, Canada

  682. Diana

    Bags look perfect for spring!

  683. Jennifer Coats

    I saw a pic of these bags the other day and fell in love! The colors are so bright and cheerful :)

    CA, USA

  684. thanks for entering, but omg deleting your address info, we don’t want potential thieves/identity theft! xx

  685. Gloria

    I love that the colors are keeping in line with the whole spring electropop theme!

    Gloria C., NJ USA

  686. Hey!!! amazing giveaway!!!! I am in love with the candy bags ;)
    My name is Ana
    My country: Spain
    City: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Thanks Furla and You!!!

  687. I love the pure, translucent splash of color, and it’s delightful to see the sunlight dispersed in the bag!

    Boston, USA

  688. Sally

    i love these!!! would love to win one :)

    aperiox at gmail.com
    new york, ny


  689. I love the bright colour yet classic shape of these bags!

  690. Stephanie

    @Stephanie, I forgot my city! Vancouver, Canada

  691. Kathy

    Saw those Furla bags walking past their store. Totally caught my eyes..so deliciously beautiful like candy. From Southern California, US

  692. hope i win i have been DYING for one of these can’t afford it though ;(

    Elysia, Stamford, CT (USA)

  693. Theta Barrios

    This is such a wonderful creation, simple and yet very hypnotic. I’ve always loved eccentricity, and I think this Furla Candy Bag is an absolute piece that would shout out my personality. I loved your idea of drinking milk out of it….. And how about using a giant squiggle straw then? It is absolutely FUN-tastic!

    Legazpi City, Philippines

  694. Rachwho

    They add just the right amount of ‘pop’ to your outfit. Lovely!

    Melbourne, Australia

  695. Bright colours for the win!

    Izyan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  696. Gummybears are my favorite candy! I love the bags!

  697. Abby Gallagher

    oooohh love the colors together!!!!
    gimme gimme!

    St.Louis, MO USA

  698. Sweta

    These bags are just too adorable; I love their vibrant colors!

    Sunnyvale (CA), United States

  699. Toronto, Canada! Canadians love us some candy.

  700. Beautiful combi of candybag and the classic black shoes with polka dot dress. Love it!

    Saw the bags the day before in paris… they’ll look fabulous with a bulb lighting up in them. My favorite is the orange, oh the green, all of them!

    The Hague, Netherlands

  701. Christine

    Singapore, Singapore

    I submitted it once but they entry didn’t get posted! I think!

  702. Tram V.H.
    galloway, new jersey (USA)

    Long time follower/fan- I love the blog and your writing. The layout is pretty incredible too, keep up the great work :)

  703. Awesome and funny Furla Candy bag!

    Hong Kong, China

  704. Your mum has a taste! Love the coat (and a bag of course).

    London, UK

  705. I would love to fill a Furla candy bag up with gummy bears. Maybe the orange one with those spicy red cinnamon bears…yum. Thanks for this contest opportunity, and good luck everyone!

  706. Analisa

    @Analisa Svehaug is from CA, USA :)

  707. […] What would you do with a Furla Candy Bag? I would pick Orange. Fill it with gummy bears (inspired by Park and Cube). […]

  708. Marie

    The yellow bags are beyond amazing and so much more fun than the clear ones every fashion blogger seems to be toting around these days

    Mackay, Australia

  709. Awesome bags. just perfect for spring :)

    Ines, Zagreb, Croatia

  710. Ewa Lewszyk

    OMG. Gorgeous!

    Ewa, Zielona Góra, Poland!

  711. Love with those bags! And I absolutly love your style, adorable!
    Vancouver, Canada

  712. wow, this’s such an amazing giveaway! totally love that bag :D

    Verona, Italy


  713. Monica

    Long time lover of your site! I’m always excited to see the blue corner + white star pop up over your site on my macbook’s rss… hehe

    You’re looking beautiful in your pink polka dot skirt.

    Sydney, Australia

  714. Viola

    I LOVE CANDY! (wonder where aaron carter is now haha)

    awesome blog, awesome clothes, awesome photos of london, awesome that you’re korean and a christian, awesome BAG!!!

    london, UK

  715. I was happy with marshmallows in my cereal :)
    The bags remind me of glow sticks! Beautiful & Bright.

    Thank you & Furla for the generous giveaway!

    xx. JANE
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  716. Rafaele

    I’m really in love with these bags!
    By the way, I love your blog to!
    Toulouse, France

  717. Oohh! This is the best give-away ever!

    Gent, Belgium

  718. I love the vivid colors! How fun for spring!

  719. I’ll keep fingers crossed and hope to win, since these bags are trully fab!
    Anyways, here comes my details:
    Name: Nathalie
    Country: Forlimpopoli/Italy
    I’ve, of course, liked the link throught my fb page too!

  720. Tina

    I believe you know how much I love these bags. I love them at first sight and when I saw the giveaway, my heart cried out loud. I really really really hope I could win this *Cross fingers* X}

    CA, US xoxoxo

  721. bai

    the colours strike me! i just know this’s always the right place to put my smile back and i need it, if not, for the whole april, my very best friend is coming back for her wedding. i have not seen her for close to 6 years. she likes pink!

    bai, malacca, malaysia.

  722. Méli

    nice bags!
    Paris, FRANCE

  723. Malin


    Hässleholm, Sweden

  724. Diana

    Blue one is sooo soo adorable.:)))


  725. I’m totally love your blog, Shini! Since a long time ago I read your blog. And I amazed of your looks. Your style always amazingly chic. Everyone knows it. You’re one of my favourite blog!
    This giveaway is freakin cool! The candy bag gives a bright color for neutral outfit.

    Indonesia, Jakarta


  726. Those bags are wicked cool.

  727. love the colours of the bags esp. blue and red! love your photography and blog as well <3

  728. @Tina, ahhh forgot to put y country down~ London, UK

  729. Cecilia

    Oh they all look amazing and lately I’ve been craving colors. I would love to own a green or yellow one :)

    I’m from Malmö in Sweden.


  730. Those colours remind me of my childhood. Oh, nostalgia.

    Laura, Nottingham, UK.

  731. Jenny

    so cute!
    i suddenly have a craving for gummi bears…

    Sydney, Australia

  732. Princess Margot

    What a great giveaway!!

    I have my eyes on these bags! I really hope I win one!


    London, UK

  733. Hello! Thank you for AMAZING giveaway! I love the pink one, so I hope I win and get the pink one! Woot Woot!!!!

    Name: Begüm Günceler
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey


  734. Yen; Adelaide, Australia.

    Love the bags!!!!

  735. I like the way you think and write!
    Keep up the good work….xxx

  736. Ann

    They look edible. I could really make some enemies in the morning if I brought one of those bags to school – neons tend to not bode well with tired students.

    Boston, America.

  737. wow! it’s really an eyecandy. i especially love the pink & orange bag. . .

    cherie from philippines

  738. Bora

    i think your blog is fantastic and the bags look great!

    Nottingham, UK

  739. I absolutely love that skirt/leather combo. You look “bonita” (spanish for cute as a button)

  740. Marta

    First I stopped at the block of colou that is the lime furla bag!! then i saw the polka dot skirt! then my eyes started swirlingtrying to choose what i like most! vintage, polka dots and strong colours: is there anything mre appealing? kisses
    porto, portugal

  741. Suanne

    Lovely! Just looking at these could keep me cool in the tropical heat!

  742. Aleksandra

    Hope to get one ;p

    Aleksandra, Krakow, Poland

  743. delish!!

    Fairfax Sta., Virginia, USA

  744. The best outfits ever! … not only amazing clothes and accessories but you also know definetely how to use them.

    Bogotá, Colombia

  745. dust

    I like the blue one!
    Dust, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  746. winnie

    i won’t mind to get the neon yellow one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck!!

  747. figen

    delicious! pink one please.

    Istanbul, Turkey

  748. Dewi Ayu

    #aprilwish i can get one of those furla’s candy bag. It reminds me of jelly. thats bag looks yummy :9

    Dewi Ayu
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  749. oxy

    Hi, I think you are very smart and funny person, would like to have this bag.
    Frankfurt am Main/Germany

  750. funny

    want to have this bag so much

  751. María José Martín Labrador

    Thanks for this opportunity and for your love for your readers.
    A kiss from Seville (Spain).
    P.S. You´re invited to my city.

  752. anca

    Oooh my…it was love at first sight with me and these Furla bags…probably has something to do with my Haribo filled childhood but I would looooooove one of these bags.I promise I won’t eat it :)

  753. anca

    Oooh..I was so thrilled with this giveaway that I forgot my location.I hope this doesn’t count as me trying to leave multiple comments, it was an honest mistake..I live in the city called Cluj Napoca, in Romania

  754. Ah don’t worry! The location is just so I can differentiate the UK/World entries, nothing else ;)! xx

  755. Sophia Lee

    Love the bags!

    London, UK

  756. LOOOVE these bags. Would love to own one even more!

    lizzy okoro
    new york city, USA

  757. Cece

    Neon explosion in my brain!

    Love love love!

    Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

  758. Yes please!!

    Christina Ooi, christinaooi at gmail dot com, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  759. yay a giveaway! I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I love these bags, usually Furla has such a classic look. The orange one is my favourite!

  760. Sue

    Helloo from the UK. The bags are oh so lovely.

  761. Aleksandra Wozniak

    I’m not goint to leave a super extraordinary comment below, because I think that it’s totally inauthentic.Simple admiration might be much more honest than so many words which means the same. I just want to write, that it’s been one of your best outfit so far. I mean, I really love the mix of colours;D


    Cracow, Poland

  762. Beautiful outfit, the bag really made the difference!

  763. that bag is the best one for years! love it soooo much!

    Name: Amaia Ormazabal
    location: Donostia, Spain

  764. Gabriella

    Love, love love

    Gabriella, highland Park, USA

  765. love ur polkadot skirt <3 and drools for the bag :)

    Berty, Singapore.

  766. Natalia


    Czech republic, Prague

  767. Elizabeth Aja

    Chic and sweet !!!! Love it!

    Mexico City, Mexico

  768. Diana

    Ohhhhh I love the pink one !!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    Prague, Czech republic, Europe

  769. Kelly Christiansen


    Hamilton, NJ USA

  770. Kasia

    candybags are gorgeous!

    Warsaw, Poland

  771. chrissy

    i love your blog:) and the bags are cute.
    california, usa.

  772. I’d love to win!!! Love your blog! Melbourne, Australia x

  773. Rebecca

    North Carolina, USA :)

  774. Mimosa Vu

    I love the Furla Candy Bags. I hope I can win one!

    Mimosa Vu
    San Francisco, California, United States of America

  775. Aah! Candy?! Oh… A candy bag? Fine. I’ll take it.

    East Lansing, MI

  776. T.Y.

    I’ve got neon yellow fetish, haha. BTW, I really dig your website. Love it when sistas are out there influencing fashion and consumption.

    Location: Place where Lobbyists are on Ecstacy aka Washington D.C., USA

  777. Ola

    Thankfully to this article http://lamode.info/blogosfera/articles/Blog_park_and_cube.html I was able to find out what’s Your connections with Poland. Finally ;)
    Lokalny patriotyzm rozrasta się w poczuciu, że elita blogowej modosfery wychowała się w naszym małym państewku ;) więc z dumą: Warsaw, Poland

  778. I wish I spoke better Polish to reply to you that I’m no elite blogger hahaaa but you flatter me, I’m proud to be from Warsaw, no question about that.

  779. Ashley Winters

    I absolutely love your polka dot skirt! Baton Rouge Louisiana

  780. Stephanie Hoang

    Addendum: This is the same comment, but I included my location as well. I didn’t know how to delete my previous comment, but please only consider one of these submissions!

    I never really know what to write on your comments for fear of sounding too pretentious or stupid.

    I just admire the ease of your fashion, especially in comparison to many other “famous” bloggers today. Moreover, being a computer geek, I love the fact that you did your own layout instead of borrowing a pre-made one.

    Please keep on posting your interesting perspectives on fashion and sense of luxury.

    Portland, OR

  781. I love comments like these, thank you so much. And as for the location thing, it’s just so I know who’s UK/World for the two draws ;) but deleted your previous anyway (BECAUSE IT WAS PRETENTIOUS)

  782. love to have one of those arm candy


  783. ME. WANT. BAG. haha. these bags are awesome thooo.

    Columbia,MO USA.

  784. Sierra

    Hnnng, yes please.
    Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

  785. super nice photos. I love your use of colour!

  786. One word: J’Adore!

    Montreal, Canada

  787. i love the orange candybag! i can’t decide if i want a candybag or a jil sander plastic bag. but if i win this one i’ll be oh so happy!

    New York, NY USA

  788. Karen, New York, NY

    i’d love one of those bags! your blog is amazing!

  789. I love these photos! You have an unique style that I admire and I fancy your blog too. I am now so obsessed with these Furla bags, they are sooo fun!


    Austin, Tx U.S.

  790. Such a lovely blog. I love your captures.
    Toronto, Canada

  791. glo

    sarcasm bone, can you give that away? kkkk

    i rmbr reading some time ago that fashion can be learned…
    in my case… much learning needed.
    ’tis why i love your blog~
    (and whenever what you’re wearing is from “mum”)

    [buena park, california, usa]

  792. Wah, these bags are so-so very cute!!

    Location – Teneriffe > Brisbane > Australia!

  793. yay, candy hued bags! :)

  794. Si Li Wong

    Singapore, Singapore

    Love the skirt too!

  795. Tessa Kirgan

    This is exactly what the bags remind me of..gummy bears! The green on is just kick ass. adore these.

  796. Canan

    Ohhh candy bags and one of my favorite cool blogger..

  797. I absolutely love CANDY BAG!
    from Cerro Maggiore, Italy
    e-mail debra210000@hotmail.it

  798. Andyyesterday

    I want neon arm candy too…a must have!

  799. i love it !

  800. loooove
    paula gdynia, poland


  801. i love this handbag, thanks for the gift!

    from France,

  802. Moran

    That is the coolest bag I’ve seen!
    LOVE your fascinating blog – keep up!

    Tel-Aviv, Israel.

  803. Tatiana R

    Very girlish and delicate Furla collection. Love its confidence and the mood they bring to people who own them. They transform every outfit into something surrealistic.
    Just Great!
    PS.Thank you, for your blog and the opportunity to win one of those.

    Balti, Moldova

  804. Jessica

    I already see this bag in my hands.

    Congrats for the blog!

    Jessica, Paris, France

  805. Magdalena

    I <3 FURLA bags and I dream to get it!
    Your yellow-green version looks sooo cute!

    Cracow, Poland.

  806. Cool bag.
    London, United Kingdom.

  807. jen

    One in every colour please! Love the blog :)

  808. jen

    Sorry. location is Cardiff, UK!

  809. Aileen

    Have always been a massive fan of your blog – loving your style!
    Brisbane, Australia

  810. I wish i have the magic-bag,so that all my dear things could seem so colorful from there…

  811. Eugenia


    This bag will definitely add a dash of colour to any outfit!

    <3 your dress!

  812. Cindy

    I can’t stop staring at the beautiful colors of this bag! Thank you for doing this!

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  813. Ania

    I <3 your blog and these bags.

    Warsaw, Poland

  814. claire

    I want the blue one. Thank you for this gift
    Frankfurt am Main

  815. Nahathai K.

    Love them in all colors! such amazing bags
    I’m also a fan of your blog, goob job Shini :)
    Bangkok, Thailand

  816. oh, i love these bags, they are absolutely awesome

    Leuven, Belgium


  817. LennyP


    i really love your blog. It’s just so inspiring!

    And these bags are sooo cute! They’re perfect for springtime!

    Have a nice day

    Prague, Czech republic

  818. Sofrane Fajardo

    Dear Shini,

    My sister’s dying to have one of these….I wanna give her one before she leaves town…so, pleaaase pleaaaaase pleaaaaase, can I have one? :)

    Oh, how do I get you to pick me……..

    Paya Lebar, Singapore

  819. You could do a pandadance for me…

  820. Sofrane Fajardo

    oh, is that a deal? ahwwww shini please don’t tease me…..


  821. Theta Barrios

    Oh how could I get you to pick me…..

  822. Theta Barrios

    Legazpi City, Philippines

  823. Paulina

    since the day I saw these during my mini holidays in Paris, at la fayette I’m dreaming about them every night! such a cuties! I’m always wearing grey, so that would be nice change;)) Greetings from Warsaw, Poland:)

  824. Minttu

    Omg I love your blog! It is just too cute. You are so pretty and smart. <3
    I especially love your photographs. <333
    Yes, these are my real feelings. I'm not trying to suck my way up. :D:D:D
    And yes those bags are to die 4. Like carrying a piece of candy with you. Mm…yummy. Even if I don't get that bag here (probably wont.. ) I will definitely save my money for it and buy it. <3

    Minttu, Lahti, Finland

    God bless, xoxo

  825. loving the pink one xxxxx

  826. Keersa Townsend

    Taxi took off with my purse yesterday… :( So I’m on the market for a new purse.. and this one fits the bill!

    LOVE your blog!

    Keersa Townsend
    Brooklyn, New York

  827. Jovana

    Delicious and sugar-free – my kind of candy! :*

    Kumanovo, Macedonia

  828. These bags are just too cute!

    Karolina, Piaseczno, Poland

  829. Kasia

    Kraków, Poland

  830. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried sending ANYTHING to the Philippines, but I hope this will be the perfect chance for you to do so ;)

    I’ve always been a silent reader here, but the temptation to put an ultra-bright flashlight inside that bag and take it to a subway station at night (or actually anywhere with no lights!) was too much.

    LOVE xoxo

  831. @A r r i a n e

    Manila, Philippines – I meant to say!

  832. Lucy Smith

    Your styling is genius! I always looks forward to checking your blog :)
    P.s the bags are brill!

    Lucy, Scotland, Uk

  833. Estelle

    This bag is so perfect, a simple and effective cut but the colors bring the final and crazy touch!
    I keeping my fingers crossed!

    Bern, Switzerland

  834. I am trying to come up with something smart or funny that I can write, but my brain is empty at the moment. Instead I will just tell you how I feel. I love your blog and every post, photo or comments you post has its’ secret way of inspiring me. Ok, that sounds lame, but it is the truth.
    Anyways, the Furla bags look so beautiful, like a little mystery in itself.
    Bergen, Norway

  835. Allison Stock

    Love the leather top paired with the dress. Looks very cool.
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  836. The bag looks awesome! It’s in my favourite Speedo shape but in the cutest colours! When i first saw it, i was squealing “Cuuuuute!” My fav is the blue one, though the yellow looks super funky on you~

    Nana :)

  837. Claudia

    There’s no harm in trying :)

    from Cesena (Italy)

  838. Becky

    Houston, TX.
    Those bags are so cute!

  839. Becky

    @Becky, Houston, United States.

  840. these bags are exquisite.

    Kasia, Warsaw, Poland

  841. Dana

    Who doesn’t love candies!?

  842. Roh Hyuna

    나두 갖고싶다잉!!!

    Warszawa, Poland

  843. Can you marry a bag? Love them!

    Roelinda van urk
    Holland, urk.

  844. There’s no harm in trying!

    Ravenna, Italy

  845. Tanja

    i love these bags they are soo beautiful ! They totally remind me of jelly babies , or haribo sweets haha : ) It would look so gorgeous in summer with shorts and wedges , especially with the sun shining through it .

    Belfast , United Kingdom

  846. JennC


    Toronto, Canada

  847. Lauren

    Love these bags, been wanting one for quite a while now. I usually wear all black so I need a pop of color!

    Lauren, United States

  848. anna

    great accesory for actual trends, would love to have green one!

    London, UK

  849. These are seriously amazing. I’m in love with the neon/citrus/yellow one. It’s fantastic!
    I’m in Estherville, Iowa – USA. :) xooxox megan
    meganvansipe at gmail

  850. Holly

    Ooh nice.
    Leeds, England.

  851. kate

    I love the bright neon colours those bags have!! They’re so cooooool

  852. Flora

    Love your site!

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  853. 800+ comments already!! I bet I wouldn’t be the first to say this, but…eye candy!!!

    Name: Joey
    City, Country: Sheffield, UK

    Thanks for organizing this!

  854. Dood, I don’t think you are the first, but NICE PUN. bHahhaa. (not even sarcastic, dunno why I didn’t think about it earlier…)

  855. Nancy

    Love those bags and your outfit. Would love to win one :)

  856. Nancy

    Woops, I forgot to leave my location! New York, NY. (This isn’t some ploy to get me to try to enter twice…haha)

  857. Helen Kim

    Great bags, great site! Many thanks for the opportunity and for ‘brightening’ up my day (sorry, couldn’t help it!).

    –Helen, London UK

  858. Adrienne

    Harvey, Louisiana, U.S.A.

    Nice bags!!!

  859. jennifer

    love your style!
    super cute bags XD

    austin, US

  860. Hi, i love these bags!! dying for having one

    I’m from Mexico

  861. Celia

    i love these bags! and i never win anything! so i’m just going to give this a shot. good luck to all.
    Oregon, United States

  862. patricia

    Beautiful outfit for a beautiful bag. I’m ashamed to write here for the first time because of the giveaway, even though I follow you regularly. I guess the possibility of getting a furla bag is too appealing. I hope you don’t mind! ;)
    Amazing blog by the way, your style is so unique.

    Barcelona, Spain

  863. Thank you so much for this Shini & Furla!

    Vancouver, Canada.

  864. so minho

    꼭 당첨 되어서 5월이 생일인 우리사랑하는 마눌님 드리고 싶다요…
    꼬~““옥 뽑아주실꺼라 믿어의심치 않아요.. PARK & CUBE AND FURLA FOREVER!!!!!

    Tkts in advance.
    warsaw in poland.

  865. Nina

    It’s fluorescent in such a lovely way. I instantly thought about this song, as I saw the bag:
    I fell in neon love with this furla piece


    Lodz, Poland

  866. Holly

    These are GORGEOUS. I’m in the UK and NEED one to brighten up dreary days!!! Ohpleaseletmewin!!!

  867. Suleekha

    Oh man I could really use one! I’d buy one for myself but alas, this student has no money to spare.
    San Diego, United States of America

  868. OMG!!! is this real life ?~ hope to win ^^
    I’m from Lima, Perù! ♥

  869. That bag is just too perfect.

    Espoo, Finland

  870. Love the neon colors! Wouah! Brightens a day!

  871. Marion


    I’ve just noticed your initiative and I’m so glad to be able to participate because I’ve seen those bags on so many different blogs and I simply fell in love. To be honest I will not say that I would like one of them better because all colors are amazing and any of them would bring a little sunlight in my rainy and freezing Montreal :p Anyway, thanks again for this opportunity and for your blog !

    Marion (a french student living in Montreal)

  872. cutest bags of the season. All the colors are perfect and nostalgic of childhood memories.

    New York, USA

  873. Olya

    oh dear, that’s the best, candyfest in spring – purrrfect

    Moscow, Russia

  874. This is fantabuloustic!! The lucky stars whoever win this giveaway must be as pop as these candy bags (oh of course I wanna be one too =)

    Thanks so much for hosting this, Shini!

    – Carri from Toronto, Canada

  875. Zoe

    Woohoo neon! We need a little colour in Canada it’s all snow

  876. Sarah Song


    I’ve been in love with your blog since…. forever. Keep doing what you do!
    God bless<3

  877. Victoria P

    Love it the yellow and blue ones :)

    New York, USA

  878. Tina Wu

    Ohh, I love the colors!

  879. ale

    I’ve been lusting a see-through handbag for over a year now and this one is perfect!! I loooove the colors!!!!

    Monterrey, México.

  880. Patricia

    I am in awe at the colors of those bags! So pretty. :)

    Manila, Philippines

  881. Yum :)


  882. Becky Chiu

    The bag is cool!! I am from Taichung city, Taiwan R.O.C.

  883. I want one. :)

  884. Tanja

    I love candy(bag)s :-))!

    Berlin, Germany

  885. May

    5 Greengate Road, Killara 2071 NSW Australia

  886. Loveliest Furla bags yet!
    Can image totting candy in them going around town


  887. Jane

    love these!! the neon shades are amazing :)

    Sydney, Australia

  888. Cristina

    my fingers get sticked to the window every time i pass by the furla shop!

    loving your blog.

    Venice, Italy

  889. yay for bright colours!

    Melbourne, Australia


  890. Anna Warzecha

    Come to mommy! :)

    Zabrze, Polska.

  891. ah, love those bags! sign me up!

  892. oh, I forgot my location: New York City, USA

  893. Sara L

    been seeing these bags everywhere and I absolutely love them! they look good enough to eat!

  894. Sara L

    @Sara L,

    Location: Paris, FR

  895. your blog is as lovely and vibrant as those Furla bags! keep the posts comin’ because your blog is very inspirational! :)

    much love,
    nasia (from Manila, Philippines)

  896. Angelyn

    Hearts the bags! Have a great day Shini! :)

    Angelyn from Singapore

  897. Can I have some sweet candy please… pretty please!

    Charlotte from http://www.thefashionguitar.com
    London, United Kindom

  898. Hi, I’m really happy to have the opportunity to win this bag, cause I dream about it for years. well, not exactly that, but a transparent one, and Furla Candy bags make my dreams come true. I’m so excited !!!! I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria! And Furla Rocks!!!

  899. polly

    Polly Krokocka
    Skierniewice, Poland

  900. Maciek

    I’m a guy, so I wouldn’t carry one of these, but I would be happy to look at my girlfriend carrying that crazy bag;):) I’m from Warsaw, Poland and never seen anyone with bag like that, let my girlfriend be the forerunner!:D greets from sunny Warsaw, Maciek

  901. Charlotte

    These are amazing- I wish they’d be edible.

  902. Charlotte

    I forgot: Uk, London :)

  903. Can I have my bag AND eat it?? :)

  904. me

    “i want candyy..” (:

    Love from Finland

  905. Hey :)

    Well, of course I am leaving a comment here… not only because I am hoping to win the yummy candybag (I’ve spotted it some time ago and it immediately caught my eye), but also because I am really glad I found this blog through the giveaway!

    I am definitely going to Furla collection launch in London next week, hope it’s going to be great fun (quite sure it will be :))


  906. omg that bag is lovely, I love transparent bags, especially this one since its so brightly colored haha.

    location: San Diego, California

  907. Kamila Czerniawska

  908. Oooh thanks for entering but deleted your address, dangerous to put your details on the web like that!!

  909. @Shini, Oooh, thank you for deleted. The blog is perfect :) Have a nice evening :)

  910. changwei

    i always look your blog~it’s really great

  911. changwei

    i always look your blog,and it’s really great~

  912. priya

    Omg Love The furla candy bags! They are sooo amazing! A deff must have for this seasons colour blocking trends

    Priya, London

  913. Linda

    love this bag!
    Poland, Warsaw

  914. These are the perfect spring bag – the top photo in this entry is absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Brooklyn, New York

  915. NOAM

    YUM! These bags look like they were made out of farry dust ,kittens and crayons!!

    Perfect :)
    ___( )___
    I Noam’s I
    I (blue) I
    I____bag;)___ I

    Tel-Aviv, Israel.

  916. noam

    OOPS! it looked like a bag when I sent it… oh well

  917. epic. very lovely. and marshmallows with a bowl of cereal. yummie! not as gooey as gummy bears but decent enough. ;)


    Gloucestershire, UK.

  918. Kate

    Love love love these bags even though they would make NO sense in amongst the rest of my wardrobe I’m seriously tempted to purchase the blue one.

  919. gera

    I want this bag for my girlfriends gift. Thanks

    Frankfurt am Main

  920. super cute!

    williamsburg, va usa

  921. hanne g f

    o m g !

    oslo, norway

  922. Hello! I’m in LOVE with these bags! I remember having a blow up back pack from Korea when I was in High school that was candy colored and I carried it all the time as a purse until it popped! These are like a sophisticated way of saying I’ll never grow up!

    Esther Chung
    Columbus, Ohio

  923. Mika

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a lolipopi piece and thank for the inspiration coming from your blog.

  924. Mika

    Sorry, I forgot to write my address: Tel Aviv, Israel

  925. Kaci

    All the bags are amazing! Just like your blog.

    Tallahassee, FL, USA

  926. janet chu

    love your blog/fasion aesthetics~!

  927. Róża Augustyniak

    The cutest blog in the network :) Sweet and colorful but classy. Thank You for giving me inspiration
    Greetings from
    Łódź, Poland

  928. These bags are quite beauitful! Love the neon and muted pink.

  929. Oh my gosh I would love one of these bags so much! I think i would choose blue… or pink…. oh man it would be hard to choose! Here’s my info:

    Rochester, NY, USA

  930. Love the blog and thankyou for helping me when i emailed you with my work a few weeks back!

    Love the bags also, so so so cute!

    Kate, Manchester UK


  931. Miliana

    this would be just perfect for summer..

    Montreal, Canada.

  932. I love these bags! I’m crazy about it for a long time!
    Belo Horizonte – Brazil

  933. Mengyi Audrey

    Love the acid green with dusty pink!

  934. Mengyi Audrey

    sry, forgot to say I am in London.x

  935. Oooh oooh! Pick me!!
    Yellow Yellow!

    Thanks for the shot my dear : )


  936. Bri

    Ooh Ooh!
    Forgot to say I’m in Oregon, USA.

  937. Hyein

    coooool bags

    london, uk

  938. i can be an annoying kid and i am definitely still a child at heart… i want colours around me for ever and ever.

  939. @Laura, I live in London, UK (forgot to mention it)

  940. unnie~ i love your blog! and the pretty colored candy bag! i hope i win hehe

    texas, usa


  941. Stacy

    shiny and cute!!

  942. Nathalie Mejia

    I was wondering when I would happen upon a person as IN LOVE with candy, sweets, and all the goodness that comes with glucose..and AHA here you are with your ingenious gummy bear cereal and wonderful almond donut stories perfectly paired with unique fashion ideas!! I believe this food & fashion love affair was simply epitomized in you spectacular make out sesh with the “Glamour x Krispy Kreme”
    So, although this bag might lead to higher blood sugar levels (and the world knowing of all the treats a hide in my bag) I conclude with “can a pretty please with a gummy bear on top of a vanilla cone with sprinkles have one?”

    All the best with you blog!!
    (although I am VERY envious that you are already wearing skirts because in Toronto, “the great north” Canada, we just has a snow fall…in April oy vey)

    Nathalie from Canada who loves candy and thus it is only sensible that she own a candy bag!

  943. Emma

    Bag lust!

    Melbourne, Australia

  944. love it!
    Kaja, Bełchatów, Poland :)

  945. Jessie Choo

    please please sent me one for my 21st this june!



  946. Laura Fiig

    oooooooooh my!

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  947. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now through Bloglovin’! I feel a bit shameless for not having commented up until this giveaway, sorry!

    You’re blogs a joy to read, such crisp photos!

    Hugs from San Diego, USA <3

  948. these bags are so good! the perfect accesorie i tend to mainly go for tan/neutral colours for bags, these are the perfect pop for summer though. the orange + yellow are probably my faves. you styled it up really cute
    Bibi, London, U.K

  949. I love these bags ! :-)

    Warsaw, Poland

  950. The bags are quite unique and different within the colours that they are sold in. I actually adore the yellow and pink one.

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia.


  951. Mia

    A bag of summer atmosphere and sweet candy. Light and playfull, girly and uncomplicated. <3

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  952. i love the colours.
    are those black shoes alexandria ?

    Warsaw, Poland

  953. Silvia

    Think pink! think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.

    Think pink! think pink! if you want that quel-que chose.

    Red is dead, blue is through,

    Green’s obscene, brown’s taboo.

    And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce

    —or chartreuse.

    Think pink! forget that Dior says black and rust.

    Think pink! who cares if the new look has no bust.

    Now, I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman

    what a woman oughtta think,

    But tell her if she’s gotta think: think pink—!

    Furla Candy Bags make me…. THINK PINK!!


    Nice, France

  954. Great look!!! I’ve just found your blog and I am in love with you!!!LOve your style and pics here.

  955. Hodan

    the kind of bag I imagine gummy bears would carry around if they were real and were into fashion haha!
    Sydney, Australia

  956. LOVE this bag!! Following! :-)

  957. ….. London, England!!

  958. I want to win this wonderful bag!

    xxx, Caro

  959. Carolin Wais

    @Carolin Wais, oops forgot: Germany, Herzogenaurach

  960. Sharnaz

    I love you! (In a totally non-stalkery kinda way…uhm, yeah.)

    Perth, Australia

  961. Oh I’ve fallen in love with the bags!!

    London, UK

  962. Lydia Chan

    what does the cube part of park & cube stand for?
    very informative diys :D

  963. Lydia Chan

    opps forgot to put city and country

    Toronto, Canada

  964. alexia lloyd

    Oh my goodness, how exciting; all my bags are so traditional and boring!

  965. Marion

    These would be so perfect for me this summer!

    Nantes, France

  966. Tsze

    Have always read your blog and absolutely love your style (great inspiration especially the DIYs)! As for the bags, they’re so bright that I can’t stop smiling :D Might even start using pink if I ever got it although the green, blue and red are favourites!

    Love your style & blog,
    KL, Malaysia

  967. Liz

    they look soooo cool – just perfect for summer


  968. Weronika

    You often visit Poland and it’s great! I hope you liked my country as much as I liked your blog :)
    Ohhh… And by the way… The yellow bag would look great in my hands :)

    Warsaw, Poland

  969. absolutely adorable bags!
    xoxo, Spela
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

  970. anda

    Hey! I love that you do this for your readers!
    And those bags are crazy! The colors are crazy! I’m from Botosani, Romania. Never seen one of these bags on the street!
    It would be great if every girl that wins one of these bags will take pictures and you will make a post with the winners. Good luck to everybody and of course, good luck to me! :)

  971. Viv

    Your one just reminds me of kermit, I kinda wanna draw a face on it. They seem pretty practical, hopefully i’ll win one as my current few handbags are a bit beaten up. xx

  972. Viv

    ooops, apparently i can’t read, i’m in London x

  973. eades

    Yay for spring and sweeties and double yaay for wipe clean bags. I spilt yoghurt in my handbag yesterday this seems like the solution to me.

    eades (UK)

  974. I’m in awe. totally fall in love at the first sight! <3
    I know it's impossible for me to win one of those bags… but it's not a crime to dream right?

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  975. Bags ! ♥

    Seoul, Korea

  976. alicia

    Oh, this is sooo nice!!!
    I’m Alicia from Vigo (Spain)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  977. Noor

    Unlikely that i win- i have really bad luck when it comes to these things, but figured i might as well give it a shot. The bags so cool!

  978. I love that bag!! I immediately thought of gummy bears as soon as I saw the photo of all the different colors together.

    Philadelphia, USA

  979. these are gorgeous! *_*

    Weingarten, Baden-Württemberg,Germany

  980. Frankie

    Love the blue one! Yours looks great in contrast to the pastel colours!

    Liverpool, UK

  981. Mroux

    I’m so so so in love with this bag!
    Warsaw, Poland

  982. Magdalena

    they’re amazing. It’s just what I need for spring:)

    Warsaw, Poland

  983. Kinga J

    Love your style and blog <3

    I'm in love with Furla Candy bag since I've seen it for the first time. Have a little hope to win one.

    Torun, Poland

  984. your blog is truly one of my favorite.
    it may sound strange, but i’ve learned to polsh my nails here (i love to look at the nails at the photos – the little detail that makes the look whole) and when i am looking for the inspiration how to combine clothing for the day, park and cube is one of the first places i look at.

    i am looking forward next posts as a happy child for christmas presents.
    thanks for them.


  985. Ela

    Shini, your outfits are so perfect ;)

    Pruszków, Poland

  986. Flavia

    I’ve loved furla since my italian grandma gave me a beautiful silver handbag of theirs! These candybags are plain amazing, I particularly love the lime one you have.

    Madrid, Spain

  987. Tammy

    Those bags are the coolest!

    Phoenix, AZ

  988. Sehrish

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!..

    Boston, MA, U.S.A

  989. Ketija

    I saw these bags in the Furla window a month ago. They just made me smile! ;)
    I would smile even more if I could get the blue one for myself :D

    Chicago, USA

  990. Joanna

    Truthfully I AM a huge geek, so when I saw sun shining through your yellow bag just two words popped into my mind. Two words that came from ancient greek (it’s odd to think that, isn’t it?) This are: chloe and ectoplasm. ‘Chloe’ in the meaning of this unique shade of green that you can see only at the begging of the spring (like right now), this fresh, yellowish shade. And ‘ectoplasm’ – I’m talking Ghost Busters creature Slimer and Disney’s Flubber. For me this bag is a cool combo of spring freshness and out-of-this-world fun. This pretty thing and I belong together so for the sake of all the nerds out there please consider me!

    P.S. Yes! Geeks do love fashion.


  991. I looove nerds, and YES FLUBBER, that’s EXACTLY the colour of this bag. It was meant to be yellow but I couldn’t put my finger on which colour this was… Flubber is it!
    Oh yah, the comments I’m getting are crazycool, wish I’d done it according to best comments! Fingers crossed!

  992. Ally McNaughton

    These bags make me nostalgic! I miss my gummy sandals!!!
    Such a beautiful and fresh accessory

  993. So these bags are amazing!

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  994. gorgeous shini – i love that you chose to mellow the bag out. and that dress….. justttt lovely.

  995. Megan

    These bags are adorable! Would love to own one.
    United States

  996. These are too cute!! I love the blue and pink :) popsicles!

    Mel, mellylo7@gmail.com, Minneapolis, MN. USA

  997. Lydia Hamer

    mmm. i could just eat it up.

    Wellington, New Zealand

  998. Jessica L.

    I love these bags ~ so cute! Great blog too – I wish I had found your blog sooner.


    Los Angeles, California, USA

  999. I’m sure it’s a stretch that I will even win one of these, but I am in love with this post and was pleasantly surprised that it was also a giveaway, after all I was lusting after your über cute bag! (Just sold a skirt similar to that dress in my vintage shop, as well!) so, who knows?!

    Maybe it will be fate…ful….

    Kelly, kellyshoestrings@gmail.com
    Fresno, California, USA

  1000. Judy Yoon

    New York, NY

    These bags are super cute and will really pop with any outfit. I would love to be gifted one!

  1001. yes i can imagine how beautiful it is the cereal with gummy bears on the top of it :)
    gummy bears, it feels like that when i saw this bag.
    if this bag smells good. i am afraid i will try to eat it :)

  1002. @Sara Djamal,
    i forgot to mention
    im from


  1003. Angela

    The bags are adorable! Love your blog too!

    Los Angeles, California

  1004. Stephanie Cedeño

    Candybag Haiku:

    A Candybag would be swell
    for storing gumdrops
    … and even makeup pastels.

    The bags are absolutely adorable and the pop of color would be perfect for all seasons! However, I could mistake this beauty as candy one day… Much love from (currently) Madrid, Spain and my homebase Boston, MA, USA !

    -Stephanie C.

  1005. I’ve been following your blog for some time, but this is my first time posting — you totally got me with these delicious pictures and now I’m craving some Disney-ficaction!
    NY, USA

  1006. hallo im Tita from indonesia,would be a great pleasure for me if i can win one :)

  1007. I’ve been eyeing these ever since I spotted them in Rome over Christmas!
    -much love from ParisxToronto

  1008. I need a purrrfect bag for Spring! Isnt this just the purfrrfect bag?! This bag will definitely add colors to my spring outfit. Currently an exchange student in Seoul, Korea, this bag will follow me through my adventures in Seoul!


  1009. I love the popping colours of the bags so much!

    vienna, austria

  1010. Klaudia

    sapphire blue is the best

  1011. iv

    Tasty colours! I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be the lucky one ;-)

    All the best,

    Poland, Warsaw

  1012. Natalie

    I’m usually not so fond of neon colors, but I so love those bags!

    Natalie (Madrid, Spain)


  1013. Tegan Ella Hendel

    Good God they are amazing!
    I promise to actually fill this bag with candy and send you a photo if i win one!!

    Sydney, Australia


  1014. Claire Au

    Amazing giveaway! I would love to have one please!


  1015. Kuma-chan

    Lovely bags! :D

  1016. wow, love these gummy bear color bags, candy tasty! :)

  1017. I forgot to mention, Singapore!

  1018. KAT

    hahaha, i thought of gummy bears the first time i saw the bag too :) never tried pouring milk on them though ;)
    love the bag!

    Warsaw, Poland

  1019. This outfit is beautiful, love the fluro against the muted tones.

    Sarah-Leigh Wade
    Southampton, UK

  1020. Gaby

    The Furla bags are really original! I love the way that you combined yours with more neutral colours, I’m crazy about the combination of nude and bright colours these days.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

  1021. Valeria

    I love your style and your blog too XD
    Furla is the best!

    Chieti, Italy

  1022. Mai

    I love your blog so much! I always look forward to new posts.

    Sydney, Australia

    P.S. Thanks for the chance to win a Furla bag.

  1023. this is my first time visiting yyour blog thanks to a comment/recommendation from Ellie at AAtheory :)

  1024. Antonia

    anything that can brighten up a girl’s day more than this bag..?

  1025. The bag is so fun, and I love how it gives a look a whole new twist! Not to mention when the light shines through, wow.

  1026. oops I forgot one thing:

    Oslo, Norway

  1027. Leanna

    Those bags make me so happy. Couldn’t pick a favourite colour. Fingers crossed :)

    London, UK

  1028. Lovely giveaway!
    From Paris, France

  1029. Dalal

    I love the bags colors they will be nice in the desserts summer heat of my country :)
    Fahaheel, Kuwait

  1030. Sabrina

    LOVE the bags!
    Neon and candy like is rad rad rad!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    (I totally dig your aesthetic too!)

  1031. Anne Veng


    Im danish and one of those bags would be a SHOWSTOPPER … Keeping my fingers crossed

    Amazing of Furla to donate them / thumbs up

    Best regards


  1032. samia liamani

    love you!

  1033. chattraporn s

    omg l really love your style
    i’m following your blog for so long!


  1034. bla bla bla

    hey, I want that bag!

    You Know My Name And Location And Email

    ( Areta, Warsaw, areta.szpura@gmail.com )

  1035. Jing

    They are one of the hottest bags this season…
    and you are one of my favourite bloggers all the time…


    Jing, Melbourne, Australia

  1036. Victoria Adams

    These bags look delicious! A fresh, modern take on a classic shape. Not to mention, a perfect pop of color for a summer day.



  1037. Victoria Adams

    @Victoria Adams, Oops! Forgot to mention New Orleans, LA, USA

  1038. Raissa Silva Dos Santos

    I live in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.
    These bags are awesome. The colors are bright and just so right!

  1039. hailing from:
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

    these bags are super fun! love the way you shot them in the light. :)

  1040. Emma

    The bag is gorgeos and it look so pretty with you outfit.


    Gnosjö, Sweden

  1041. Mimma

    ooooo… Love the bags

    Budapest, Hungary

  1042. mingen

    love the colours!

    Singapore, Singapore

  1043. Theresa

    I honestly believe this is just the thing to jolt me out of this long lonngg winter.

  1044. Shirley

    Cute!! this will match with my jelly flats! haha fun giveaway prize!


  1045. harlie babis-tizenor

    I LOVE these bags! paired with the muted tones it looks amazing!


    San Diego, CA

  1046. awesome shini! :D
    Jessica Wu
    Newport Beach, USA

  1047. alija

    at 1st i luv ur evrythng here frm head to toe to ur armcandy . these bags r an eyecatching n jus fell in love wid them. wish i could have one

  1048. alija

    oh sorry fogot to write ma adress its
    london e6 2ld

  1049. Sabina

    Yummy bags! ;)

    Szczecin, Poland

  1050. Dorothy Winful

    wonderful bag, good size and shape, what more can i say
    oh AND i live in the UK !!

    Dorothy xx.

  1051. Genevieve

    ooooo, I hope I get one!

    Middletown, CT

  1052. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I could only dream of winning as I am in need of new purse since mine is falling apart. Following on Bloglovin. I am from Florida, USA. I have my fingers crossed!

  1053. Lyra

    Love the candy bags so so much! Just like each firefly flashes its light in its unique pattern,so does the candy bag in bringing out the Furla world in the most distinctive manner! =)

    p/s: Love your style! <3


  1054. Stephanie

    Hi Shini,

    I am a long time reader but first time commenter. Thanks for writing and maintaining an inspiring blog. I wasn’t too sure on how I felt about the Furla bags, but your styling in this post won me over!

    Berkeley, CA

  1055. Arsh Kaur Dhaliwal

    Such a fan of this site, amazing things happening here.

    …. and Fulra bags are just too much fun :)

    Calgary, Canada

  1056. Judit

    Sort of hoping I won’t win ’cause it sure will cause me some sleepless nights fretting over which colour to choose (;

    Dordrecht, the Netherlands

  1057. Rachel

    In the words of the late Bow Wow Wow… I WANT CANDY! dun dun dun.. dun dun
    & I do love candy, as well as this blog!

    Los Angeles, CA

  1058. The bag is too cute! love love love love the neon colours. especially the yellow one. x


  1059. I love the green one! and yellow and blue!!

    Gosh, I love them all, and most of all I love your photo with this ultra modern bag an and the old-school bike! Really nice!


    (Warsaw (Poland), London (UK), at the very moment Yogyakarta (Indonesia), still more worldwide then UK I guess:P

  1060. Laura

    gah! how amazing are they!
    fingers crossed.

    syd – australia.

  1061. Rafal

    Ah lovely bag, musthave 4 my girl – keeping fingers crossed.

  1062. the other day, my friend and I couldn’t bear to walk away from the Furla storefront… we couldn’t stop staring at the candy bags that were on display!


  1063. Beata

    This season’s MUST HAVE!!

    Riga, LATVIA

  1064. Karolina

    pink pink pink :))

    Baryczka / Poland

  1065. I really enjoy Park&Cube. Cheers !

  1066. Lien Michiels

    What a great giveaway!
    Keep up the great blogs!

    Lien Michiels
    Antwerp, Belgium

  1067. Always Pink…

  1068. i sooooo love candybag. :) hope i get one! <3

  1069. I really, really love the connection of skirt(1000% my style.) and bag. BEAUTIFUL.
    chears from Poland:)

  1070. Rosalie Zamora

    I am in Bryan, Texas, USA!

  1071. I loved seeing these bags throughout fashion week, and how you added a modern touch to such classic outfit of polka dots and Ferragamos! I got my first pair of Ferragamos on sale at Heathrow Terminal 3.

    I saw the Furla bags in person in Chicago, and am obsessed with neon everything:

    As a Graphic Designer too, I love color and feel this would be the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe and neon nails!!

    Providence, RI, USA

  1072. Wowza, didn’t know the green was that kind of green! But yarh it must’ve been like walking by a candyshop, such eyecandy! (enough with the pun…)

  1073. Frankie

    ahh I love the yellow one!

    Cambridge, UK

  1074. Bridget

    I am DROOLING over the yellow one in your photos!

    West Palm Beach, Florida

  1075. Too cute. It’s so unique and I love the bright colors!

    Fremont, CA.

  1076. Nathaly



  1077. Greetings from Copenhagen! :)

  1078. Prisca umba

    Look at those people shamelessly sucking up to you ,TUTUTUT XD (jokes). Anyway I like your shoes .

  1079. Jing

    I ♥ those candy bags, they look yummy enough to be eaten!

    x, Jing
    Glasgow, UK

  1080. Alexandra Olivier

    Alexandra Olivier
    United Kingdom

  1081. Geo

    I love how you styled it. The skirt is precious.

  1082. cloop: the sound made when a cork is pulled out of the neck of a bottle.


  1083. Oh so sweet love the yellow one!

    Antwerp, Belgium

  1084. the precious seethrough diamonds :)

    loving it


    Elina G. , UK LONDON

  1085. Elda

    I’d die to have one of those

  1086. love your diy’s!
    and this bag

    México, México city

  1087. Andrea Valcarcel

    Wowza! I will be crossing my fingers :)

    Salt Lake City, USA

  1088. Ariadna

    Lovely bags!

    -méxico city

  1089. I’m eying at the blue candy bag <3
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway, your sense of style is amazing =]

  1090. @Peiji, oops I’m so sorry >< forgot to put where I'm from -.- hope I'm not disqualified -.-

    Toronto, Canada =]


  1092. ‘course you’re not, the location thing is just for me to separate who goes in the UK draw and the World draw ;)

  1093. i heart this bag!!!!!!!
    chicago, us

  1094. Nicole A.

    Love from Toronto, Canada :)

  1095. very inspiring blog and lovely colours
    tallinn / estonia

  1096. Yi Hua

    Nice and sharp =) it match with your dress, candy bag rocks !! <3

    Selangor, Malaysia

  1097. Mara

    Love your style, looks effortless and so pretty.

    I’m loving Furla that bag is cute^^

    Monterrey, Mexico

  1098. Mariya Nasir

    I love you blog, plus those super cool bags.
    Edmonton, Canada

  1099. Mariya Nasir

    Love your blog, plus the super cool bags!
    Edmonton, Canada

  1100. Mariya Nasir

    @Mariya Nasir, I’m sorry for the double (now triple) post. I misspelled ‘your’ the first time.

  1101. Location: Nagoya, Japan

    I love your blog! I always enjoy reading your comments at the end, but the photos are always spectacular!


  1102. I love your skirt, both the length and patttern remind me of summer! Beautiful!


  1103. I imagine myself walking on the sand during a warm summer night, delighted with the beauty of our shell-shaped beach in San Sebastián. Sandals off, feeling the fresh foamy sea water between my toes, and letting my gorgeous Furla bag guide me towards the dawn of all colours. A perfect company for a perfect moment.

    Esti. San Sebastián, Spain.

  1104. Camille Manas

    Just looking at those bags makes me want to eat them ;))
    Bisous, Camille
    Manila, Philippines

  1105. irene celli

    Didn’t really know your blog before but love Furla as a brand (not sure it has anything to do with the fact that I am Italian – but live in London – or the fact that they have amazing products, always!)
    Anyhow, I am happy they brought me here and made me discover something new today.
    OK now the bribing bit:
    I will sign up to your facebook and twitter
    I will tell all my friends about your cool blog (this isnt to flatter you – it is really cool)
    Not sure I can do anymore (excepet coming to the event – already signed up) to win the bag.
    Just maybe to let you know that it would look amazing with a pair of trousers I have and that in the name of fashion I have to have it.
    see you at the event!
    irene (alias airenes)

  1106. You’re awesome, and the fact that you didn’t have to do all the above except leave a simple comment, thank you! x

  1107. Tiny tiny question, if you don’t mind, could I ask which link you followed to get here from Furla :D?

  1108. Came across your blog while following news/images from the London Fashion Week and I’ve been reading it since :)

    love your style xx

    From UK, coventry.

  1109. thanks for the opportunity xx

    Francesca / Chieti, Italy

  1110. Leanne

    The pink one is perfect!

  1111. Hi, love the blog & the bags!
    I want one so much :)

    Sao Paulo – Brazil

  1112. Very funny and interesting thing. Love blue. :>

    Toruń, Poland

  1113. Marion

    Life is a game !

    Thank’s for this contest, such a good suspense !

    London, United Kingdom.

  1114. oooooh.

    x Camilla


  1115. Elica Stamenova

    addicted to: candy, spring, & your blog! thank you! xx

  1116. sierra

    awesome giveaway! love your blog, been a fan for a couple years now :)

    xx from chicago//usa

  1117. uuuh I love their colours <3 <3 <3

    Lisbon, Portugal

  1118. Inês Samina

    I’m from Portugal and I follow your blog since a long time ago.
    Love your sense of fashion.
    Thanks, really.


  1119. Furla rocks! I want a Candybag soooo badly…

    Dallas, TX

    PS Your blog is bitchin’

  1120. Helia Barroso

    I need one of these bags, ’cause I’m portuguese and we are on crisis :)

    anyway, I’m not felling lucky, but I just wish I have one of these bags on my hands


  1121. Headless

    I dont have a shot in hell to win this contest but why not try. I like your style its simple but unique. I would love to win a purse that isn’t my usual ebay win and in black. I discovered you through blushing ambition and follow you on my new years resolution blog since..
    ca, bishop
    Best wishes from the Desert,


  1122. Oh my goodness, this would be SO fantastic!! No, even more than that… I have no words.

    My name is Katrin and I am from Mainz, Germany.

  1123. Grace

    Shini, I am shamelessly addicited to Park and Cube and check for updates at an unhealthy rate.
    I have been following Furla’s design sense evolve ever since my father bought my sister a Furla bag from Italy years ago.
    The gummy bears analogy made my morning.
    Melbourne, Australia

  1124. I have an unhealthy obsession for fluro right now. Fingers crossed.

    Sydney, Australia

  1125. uhhh what a lovely lovely gift- I am a design Student from Germany living in Seoul and I would loooove the blue one :)
    – perfect to make a grey rainy day turn into a bright blue –

  1126. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I saw these bags a couple of weeks back and totally fell in love! Love the shape, size and most importantly, the fact that they are water resistant! Perfect for rainy Vancouver!


  1127. Lee

    There are only about 1 zillion comments, but I’m taking a shot at it anyway :-)
    Lovely bag.

    Beijing, China

  1128. i love those bags, would really love one! x


  1129. i love those bags, would really love one! x


  1130. Adri

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)


    Mazatlan, Mexico

  1131. gummy-bear bag that fits my current bouncy mood!

    Pszczyna, Poland

  1132. Noor

    LOVE THEM ! Furla is one of the best brand !
    (btw I love your blog ;) )

    Villeneuve d’ascq, France

  1133. Amsterdam, The netherlands!

    I can’t wait to win one of these, they have been my dream bags ever since i saw the for the first time! I could carry all my candy in it! haha


  1134. Stella

    Such a cute bag <3
    Paris, France

  1135. furla candy bags are so fresh and funny for the spring/summer 2011! a great obsession, no doubt ♥


    Lisbon, Portugal

  1136. Rebecca

    This is the loveliest giveaway ever! They don’t have a place that stocks Furla where I’m from so I’m crossing my fingers extra hard for this one! Thank you for such a great give away! Pink is definitely my favourite….or yellow…actually I can’t decide! They are all too beautiful!

  1137. Cecilia

    Hi! Loving all the Furla bags, I wish I won one of them!

    Cecilia Vaquero
    Madrid, Spain

  1138. Rafal

    lovely gift for my girl! i keep my fingers crossed :)

  1139. Tal

    I want this bag!!!

    Oranit, Israel

  1140. Linda, Singapore


  1141. Averie Hurst

    Love Furla

    -Averie, Winnipeg, Canada

  1142. I can’t possibly afford one of these, so just trying my luck here.
    Been following your blog for awhile, I’d wish I have amazing hair and style like you!


  1143. Wiktoria

    You make for your followers candyfest becouse you’ve got case of candy for them…….and I’ve got candylion :) Isn’t perfect match??

    Poznan, Poland

  1144. Eleni

    love the bags <3

    Eleni T.
    Thessaloniki, Greece

  1145. Weronika

    gotta be kidding that they are giving them away!?! that’s cruelty! But this one time I join the evil side!

    Goczałkowice Zdrój, Poland

  1146. Cola

    Oprócz żelek torby Furla kojarzą mi się też z zakreślaczami….
    Tak śliczne, że trzeba spróbować przygarnąć jedną…

    Warszawa, Polska

  1147. Piotr

    Peter wants candybag
    I think I should have it
    I think she needs my Girl.
    When she gets it I get a kiss!

    Poznan, Poland

  1148. That is soooo good, good enough to print out and frame hahaa

  1149. ceci

    you photographed them so convincingly! i wouldn’t have thought they’d have such a beautiful glow.

    los angeles, california

  1150. Barbara Gallego

    So happy for this giveaway!! I really like this candy bags, the colors are so shiny and so joyful!
    Great blog btw!



  1151. I think this is such a great idea. I love the Furla bags, they are gorgeous and the Candybag are so nice. I bet you are so happy with yours.

    Madrid, Spain.

  1152. Antonia
    New York City, USA

    these bags are amaaaaazing!

  1153. Sara

    They look so tasty! <3

    Sydney, Australia.

  1154. Shi Ying

    candy lovin’!


  1155. Holly

    oooh pretty colors.. :)

    love the blog. of course it would take free stuff to actually get me to comment (i’m sorry!).

    Portland, Oregon, USA!

  1156. So sweet…love!
    Hanoi, Vietnam.

  1157. ivoy

    thank you and i love reading your blog.
    love from Singapore.

    x ivoy

  1158. I saw you yesterday on Mozcau show ;)
    great photos from Warsaw!

    Adrianna, Warsaw, Poland

  1159. yuri

    woah i love you style x)
    and that bag.. i want the blue oneeee ><

    sincerly from Indonesia

  1160. I come from Italy, and Furla is a brand that I know too well!(my first “real” bag was Furla bag) and it’s very long time that I didn’t buy anything Furla-but this year I think I will definitely want a candy bag! *
    I really love your blog and I always visit you to get inspired

    un Bacio

    Assunta ∞.∞

  1161. sorry I think (I’m sure!!!) I send the same message two times!!!!!! sorry*

    Have u ever been in italy? because I think you might like it a lot and there are some nice spot and places that I think u may appreciate!*
    Hope to see u there someday!

  1162. Sophie

    thank you a lot for such a chance.

    Moscow, Russia

  1163. Magda

    LOVE IT !!!!!

    Słupsk,POLAND :)

  1164. Nina Vutova

    Lovely colours!

  1165. yoanna

    oh well, last day, but I hope there is still some chance left~
    Sofia, Bulgaria


  1166. Samantha

    Hi, this is Samantha from Singapore. I am new to your blog and would like to see more from you! :)


  1167. wen

    This is so cute! I hope im not too late!

    From, Singapore

  1168. Jeanette

    Absolutely love the candy-hued bags! :D

    Singapore, Singapore

  1169. Kamila

    No faffing around – I simply want this Candy :-)

    Kamila/ Warsaw/ Poland

  1170. I think the green one would suit me best.
    I’m not usually a fan of all things neon, but these are just delightful.
    As an art student, I like to be a bit daring (sometimes a little crazy) in the way that I dress, and I think that this could be a great addition to the wackiness. Something new to add to the vintage.

    London, England.

  1171. Hard to believe we met due to a PR company, but quite happy it brought me the only fashion blog with brain and bite. Impressed to see you carry on through so much strife and content good things come your way. Delicious candy bags included :)

  1172. These bags are perfect. I love them.
    I really appreciate what your doing here. This blog is full of inspiration.
    Good luck and more successes!
    Kraków, Poland

  1173. @Weronika,
    I’m sorry for writing a second comment, but… omg! how is taht possible that you come from Poland and I didn’t event noticed it earlier! Im so proud of it because your one of my fav bloggers!
    Jesteś niesamowita! Życzę wszystkiego najlepszego!!

  1174. Andrea

    for a little present..

    from Bologna(Italy)

  1175. Jessica

    Finger crossed!
    Jessica, Italy

  1176. Ah, just adore that bag! And of course, you and Furla have my support all the way. Keep up the inspiring work!

  1177. Natalie

    CUTE <3

    Czech republic – Prague

  1178. naty


    Czech republic – Prague

  1179. Kozma Leila

    oh my god, these look better than a mouthful of smarties. no, they look better than those enourmous gumballs.

    hm, i have always been the looser who wishes and never wins. but still.

    I live in Budapest, Hungary, and would be indescribably grateful. baking a cake from smarties and a ton of chocolate is in consideration, as I’m seriously desperate.

  1180. Ifey

    I need this bag in my life.

  1181. Alicja

    Hope furla bags give some colour to Warsaw
    Warsaw, Poland

  1182. I’ve been dying for a Furla bag I do hope I’ll win one!!!

  1183. adsaasdlkjnal


  1185. dude you’re disqualified.

  1186. @Shini, http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_li0xx5P8nw1qatwrxo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1302550537&Signature=MYQ1HjxbnUFvQ1zW4CxCbHlkAqE%3D

  1187. http://mideastposts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Slogan-4.jpg

  1188. Stephanie

    Would love one of these adorable candy bags to go with my colour blocking summer wardrobe! Thanks P&C x

  1189. I NEED IT
    well, obviously, anyone from Moscow, Russia need it – it’s so gloomy here.

  1190. A perfect bag for this summer:)

    Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1191. Zaq

    It would be candy-like present for my girl for her b-day

  1192. Zaq

    Oh, and Continental Europe

  1193. Diana

    OH MY GOD!!!! :*

    Europe – Czech republic – Prague

  1194. I’m in LAAAANDAAAAN :) but then you already know this..xxx

  1195. super fun bag! :) i love the colors. x

    – kat, USA

  1196. Nati

    fingers crossed!

    toronto, canada

  1197. boo! LOVE.

  1198. The yellow is a pretty pretty choice ! Ahhhhh I think all of them are really nice, for some reason, they don’t look tacky.. as they should. Woaahh-

    Vancouver, Canada

  1199. MARTA

    Your bag looks like jelly beans !!! So sweet :)
    Den Haag, Netherland

  1200. Marianna

    my best blog discovery of 2011! :)

    marianna, amsterdam

  1201. I want Candy! I want Candy! :)

  1202. Wing Mon Cheung

    The bags are so fun. Love the orange one! Fingers crossed!! :D

  1203. Would love to be able to own one of these bags! thank you love <3 xoxo

  1204. @Kate
    Name and email were posted in my prior comment, but my location’s Singapore!
    Dying to own the pink one, buy a flashing portable light source and dump it in! too cute. xoxo

  1205. Maja

    you have a great sense for fashion. keep going!

  1206. tess

    I think I’m in love!!

    Cologne – Germany

  1207. these are coooool. thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    (irvine, ca, united states)

  1208. […] the shop is still around in the mall… if keen, r_5_e@hotmail.com & we can discuss further…only wallet is left after buying at the Furla shop located in Centrepoint… not sure if the shop is… WordPress › […]