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Cardigan, Pants Zara | Cropped Top, Shoes H&M | Dress, Bag Topshop | Scarf, Belt Korea

Sorry, midriff not available as it resembles bloated chicken breast.

Friend: You look like a ladder.

Me: I look like a ladder?

Friend: Yeah, you know, with the blue genie and monkey and the carpety thing.


Chanel Two-tone Tights photo via Limelife.com


Asos Two-tone Tights

Finally a more down-to-earth rendition of the Chanel two-tone tights ($220), these are only £10 in ASOS! I do remember there was an Urban Outfitters alternative with sheer front panels but I’m liking these better.

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  1. I love you blog! You are gorgeous!

  2. I love the way you wear the cropped tops.
    I also made a special post about this tights some days ago, they look so special….


  3. LOL…Aladdin…LOL

  4. bianca and isabella

    amazing pictures love

    the crumpet girls

  5. yay! are you going to get the tights? i can’t wait to see you rock them if you do

  6. oh dear…poor aladdin…poor you. haha.

    And it’s good to have you back blogging! I love those trousers, they fit you so perfectly which I think is super important when wearing a harem-style.

  7. haha, a ladder. friends say the darndest things..
    ive been coveting those twotone tights but now i keep thinking of clowns and i cant stop!

  8. Were the pictures taken somewhere near Sloane Sq?
    Love the freshness-Spring-y feel in the photos…:)

  9. I think good charity shops are on Marylebone Lane….go and check them out :) Plus there’s a few lovely backdrops on the side streets that you can photograph with your lovely outfits :)

  10. Thank you so much for leaving such sweet birthday wishes; your comment was too sweet! *blushes*

    I love the color of your scarf; it’s my favorite shade of green! And as always, the outfit is unbelievably impeccable.

    La C.

  11. i like these a lot more that the 2 colour american apparel tights everyone seems to be sporting. they make my brain hurt.

  12. LOL. A ladder?! Those ASOS tights…………I neeeed.

  13. bloated chicken breasts? no waysss

    your backgrounds are always so cool looking.
    and those asos tights definitely look better than the urbanoutfitter ones.

  14. still thoroughly enjoying the miscommunication you run into with your friends. was it Ellen again?

  15. was gonna post about these tights..they are fab i hope they still sell them by the time i get back home…i love your shoes cant believe they’re h&m!!

  16. these tights are like a less crazy version of AA two-tone tights, the ones where one leg is one color and another leg is another color. too costumey for my liking. anyway… ramble ramble

    a ladder… heh heh nice one

  17. A-ladder, lol.

    This outfit is great, I love that color green on you…the pants look comfortable/perfect

  18. “Mr. Aladdin sir/
    What will your pleasure be?”

    LOL, we had to perform a song from Aladdin when I was a kid in summer fun.

  19. lol.

    i wore my “aladdin” pants this weekend and my friend started singing…
    “i can show you the world~”

    i was confused at first. haha

  20. Super cute! Is that sheer shirt under the cropped top part of it or just another undergarment? Anyway, I like it much better than a bared midriff.

  21. i’m obsessed with those tights! and i love your outfit. bahahah a ladder

  22. I really like the nude and black ones. Want a pair! x Sushi

  23. “a ladder” ?

    LOL. that’s awesome! and are you wearing darker shadow? it looks great, brings out your eyes:)

  24. i like your pants and scarf!


  25. oh i am SOOO going to asos and ordering those tights after i post this!!!

    ive been wanting those forever – and urban outfitters came out with some weird and cheaply made version that wasnt as cute – but the asos tights are PERFECT!

    thanks for sharing the wealth shini!

    btw. i want those pants. omg.

  26. Hahah your friend is so silly! But I lovee this look, especially with the scarf! And I can’t wait to see how you wear those tights!

  27. You look so chic in those pants and I love the way you wear your cropped top! Aladdin is one of my favorit Disny movies and “A whole new world” is my favorite love song. Wouldn’t it be cool if people just break into songs and dance like in “Enchanted”?

    By the way, you don’t look like a ladder. You look like a cool chick! xxxoxoxoo

  28. Absolutely brilliant way of wearing the crop top!!

  29. Those tights are amazing! :)

  30. I want this tights too! :D

    my shoes are from texto, but I buyed them in a street market for only 19£ more or less! :D

  31. hem… I just forgot to say that I adore this outfit!

  32. you have such good finds from korea.

    i haven’t bought much while living here yet… i thought i’d go crazy but it’s been pretty easy to not spend so much money! but maybe i haven’t gone to enough places…

    where was your favorite place to shop while you were living in korea shini??

  33. you look a little like hyoni kang in that first pic, so cute.
    Thanks for the heads up on the tights :)

  34. This is by far one of my most favourite outfits by you shini. i simple lovee the colours and omg .. everything is just so beautiful. I like how the lime green scarf gives you a even brighter glow too.
    love victoria (:


  35. ooo loving the tights! i’ve been looking for something like that for AGES!

    – Geri

  36. I love the smoky eyes , Shin!
    you look so cute on it!

    and oh! i love the scarf color… it’s my fave color!

    your pants are so amazing. I want a pair!
    Well, the black and white ones look better I think…

  38. i just found your blog off knight cats page and im so glad i clickced the linkk, your blog is wonderful! that outfit is amazing! and i have been looking for so long for two tone tights! i want colourful ones though!


  39. I’ve been longing for those tights! Nice to see a-not-so-pricy-alernative :)

  40. Wonderful, a cheaper alternative of the two tone tights. Bursting out in a Disney song in the middle of the street is very enjoyable!

  41. Those buttoned Zara-pants look freekin’ awsome!! ;)

  42. love the zara pants :)


  43. Lol, a ladder. awesome.

  44. I need to get some of these tights. They make your legs look slimmer!

  45. I bought these tights the other day! I love them, though I have a hole in the toe already. Just need to be a bit more careful I guess, might get a back-up pair when my loan comes in. I too love the look of crop tops, but am very scared about baring the stomach area.

  46. love the shoes & colour of your scarf is fab!! how great are those two tone tights!

  47. i love the inner satin top combined with the cropped top! and nice shoes too x


  48. I love the layer under the crop shirt.

  49. wahahah i got the urbie two-tone tights..and the sheerness sucks, i think i’ve ripped a hole just by stroking the sheer part when i was trying them on -.- sucks major, but i think i prefer wearing it so the black part is in front and the sheer is in the back?? i dunner…but those asos tights are score!!! oh and also..just realised you’re not following me on twitter!! follow follow please!! heahae

  50. I just stumbled upon your blog – you’ve got great style, LOVE this look!