I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Sweater Vintage thru Etsy | Cropped Tshirt& Tshirt H&M | Skirt Gmarket | Leggings, Shoes Zara | Bag My mama’s | Necklaces Etsy & Some store in Covent Garden

After having dropped out of the fashion world for a week I find myself incredibly exhausted going through the piles and piles of posts in bloglovin’. Trust me, I love it, but there’s something about this fashion world that seems to be like a selfish running train that never really stops, you just need to pick up your pace and scramble on…

Also having boring thoughts about the philosophy of fashion, the worshipping of material and models, are we really celebrating creativity or is it the golden cow of today’s society? Actually, that’s  just another rhetorical question that we all know the answer to.

Hope your weekend was phun. <3

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  1. oh god. i hate that too! been gone four days and theres 400 waiting posts clogged up there for me!

    and thanks:) had a great weekend. i had to have mini ketchup. i always eat fries and chicken. LOL. i dont even chew gum anyway!

    fab outfit, really like the cut of that sweater great colour too!

  2. haha, if i have that many posts, i just skip them and start fresh the next day, bloglovin can be tiresome sometimes. you look miserable in the first picture:) i love your skirt, harhar.

  3. such a good outfit!

  4. Sometimes bloglovin gets on my nerves so I start deleting my subscriptions!

    But never, never yours.

  5. I know what you mean. I just deleted a bunch of blogs I’m too exhausted to read after. I love how oversized and blue your sweater is. :)

  6. i know what you mean by the creativity stuff..with the influx of trends upon trends i can’t think anymore.

    watching this > http://www.style.com/video/fashion-moments/8615595001 makes me feel so much better though. it starts me over fresh.

  7. your skirt is so great. i hate going away for just like 3 days, and bieng behind on EVERYTHING in the blogsphere.
    PS: I’m adding you to our blog roll

  8. I really love the sweater, it looks so comfortable x Sushi

  9. I love the way your wore your crop shirt! Very classy! I religiously check my favorite blogs everyday unless my internet decides to stop working. My weekend was moody to say the least..I’ll spare you the details. xxoxoxoxo

  10. omg! so chic!
    i like ;)

  11. i thought about the same thing the other day. well, not exactly the same thing but … i was thinking that only a few celebrities (including bloggers) are trendsetters. when lisa began to wear a lace top, everyone suddenly wore one, same thing for shredded tshirt or boots with heavy heels. and i think it is really hard NOT to want these items when you see them on stylish people like that; but in the end, we don’t really know what we like anymore

  12. You know, sometimes you gotta ask the rhetorical questions.
    Honestly, we have blogs with our own fucking pictures littering the entire site. I don’t know how to explain it to my friends when they stumble across my site. I mean, fashions and trends…it’s all social conditioning to an extent. Brainwashing, even.

    You know, I’ll end my comment here. Otherwise I’d babble on stupidly.

  13. Nice outtfit^^
    and I love your hair ^^

  14. an unrelenting selfish marketing train. sigh. but i still want to partake.

  15. i like your subtle accessorizing! seeing as you said you hardly ever do. lookiiinnnn geeeeeeewd.

  16. I really like that the sweater is kind of double breasted. I remember when I went to Covent Garden, I was 10 and I thought it was so fun. The whole time we were in London I insisted on wearing a trench coat.

    ps I resisted the moleskins for awhile because I’m left handed, but then I found the ones with the soft spines…and a little bit of dirt does do wonders…

  17. fringy necklace is love

  18. Well, hasn’t the majority been like this all these time, following trends and such. People just wanna look like everyone else just because the “trendsetter” looked good in it and whatnot. By the way, nice jacket.

  19. i love the necklace!

    -Patrick Demarchelier
    -best flats Sprint 08
    -Karl Lagerfeld quotes

  20. You are always so effortlessly chic! Love it!

    x Antonia


  21. i LOVEEE the vintage sweater!! *drool*

    you look absolutely fantastic my love!

  22. oooh, lovely necklace. and i always feel like i’m playing catch up. haha i need to figure out a better system.

  23. Welcome back!

    Hmm… personally, I like fashion because a) I am a consumer, though I am not wasteful when it comes to clothes and b) I enjoy originality in textiles, design, shapes, etc.

  24. I love what you’re wearing! The basic colours go together so well and that cardi just look so comfy!

  25. hi dear, beeing critical/conscious is a good attribute.the fashion system is a weird machine.i try to take it not to serious…not easy.take your time babe but come back soooon!we love you

  26. I’ve just discovered your blog… wow! I love your style! you’re totally amazing!!!

  27. Lovely outfit! I really like your sweater :)
    Oh and yeah, I can’t keep up with bloglovin either, too much posts! aaah :)

  28. I love the navy sweater – sooooooooo much.

  29. Love the cropped t-shirt over the t-shirt.

    Great outfit!



  30. what a super comf cardigan!
    great color!
    you look lovely~


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