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A few months ago I was complaining how Vogue UK was becomg more and more irrelevant to the young and poor student readers in terms of styling inspirations. Yeah, expensive styling and editorials with designer clothes is pretty and all, but when it comes to monthly taunting of neh neh you can’t even imitate this look, it gets annoying. One month I flipped through the entire magazine with one flick-pace, said hm and then shoved it in my shelf. I’ve never looked at it again, that’s how irrelevant it was. Even the high-end editorials were nowhere close to mind blowing.

Then something happened last month, possibly a group of butt naked students walked into the Vogue offices with placards saying WE’RE POOR. They brought back More Dash than Cash section, with affordable styling with brilliant layering. Sure, it’s not beautiful photography or high-end styling, but most of us don’t live in the desert with Alexander McQueen dresses with tigers; and sure, it slightly reminds me of Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire spreads, but it’s FUNCTIONAL.

The section is full of inspirations, useful shopping links, and subtle DIY possibilities. Look at the third outfit with the floral fabric used as straps for the Aldo sandals; or the brilliant layering on the last outfit with cut off celeste tights worn as socks. Personally, as a full-time student, this is what hits my chords, and, as uncool it is to say this, it’s recession-friendly. This is what normal people would wear, and normal people read VOGUE.






Vogue UK May 2009 Pages 112-117

Sorry I don’t own a scanner, at least this month I recommend a purchase. There is also an utterly amazing section carrying images that inspired fashion designers, stylists and photographers – definitely worth a look.

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  1. wow,
    this is exactly what everyone needs. finally, vogue, finally!

  2. Oh WOW! I should get myself a copy =)! I think I haven’t bought Vogue UK in about 4 years!

  3. I agree… sometimes I would look at Vogue from cover to cover and think to myself, did I just read 200 pages of advertisements?

    Thanks for posting the pictures from the editorial! Everything looks so personalized… and I want those pants in the second picture.

  4. I totally love this, I would wear every single one of those outfits.

  5. I love that third outfit. The sandals are gorgeous!
    That’s cool they put an “affordable” spread in the mag :)

    xo, Kate

  6. i might just have to run out and get one! thx for the recommendation shini. ;)

  7. Wow, I’m loving the second outfit. And the clutch in the third photo-it reminds me of an intense faux snake skin notebook.
    Oh, and I had the impression that Daul Kim would be intelligent since she “reads Tolstoy”? Really jealous that you met her, though!

  8. Hmmm… I’ve got to get me a copy of that!

    Thanks for the comment btw:D

  9. I’ve been wanting those goddamn Aldo sandals in that colour but they haven’t surfaced in any store or online yet except in black. Grrh, argh, gripe. ;)

  10. Look number two I love!

  11. I agree with Mira. Finally, looks that we can embrace.

    Most of these magazines tout “for the recessionista!” “Credit Crunch Chic” without actually believing it–most of the prices scream bankruptcy. Like I could really afford that Croc skin clutch at $765. How are we supposed to take these publications seriously when there’s a flimsy piece of cotton parading around under the guise of a shirt for the price of a whole country, but it’s listed under the “Steals” or “deals” or “Look Fab for Less” section?

    It’s about fucking time.

  12. i agree with this 100 percent shini!!! like seriously, we don’t live in the desert and with a closet of mcqueen and that’s why I always think that spreads like these or even the ones in marie claire or teen vogue are much more interesting. they are acutally relevant and gives such amazing ideas for layering, which is the most important thing in my book. i adoree this and now i want a floral jacket.

  13. too right. it’s far too easy to put a high end, unaffordable outfit together and say “here, doesn’t this look nice?” because that’s all most of us can do: look at it. while these kinds of spreads are pretty, i get bored with them because my brain can’t translate it into something within my reach. I find street style far more interesting, and diy things enthrawling because it shows actual effort and consideration for what’s being put together and worn. I don’t want to see head-to-to something or other, or $13495793475345734574 scarves and baubles. I WANT SOMETHING I CAN USE!!! hehe

  14. Ooo awesome!! I love it when magazines show outfits put together from outfits that aren’t insanely expensive. SEriously what’s the point of all those adverts that showcase astronomically expensive clothes that only a handful of people can afford? Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on this edition of vogue… if not i guess the online version will be good enough. X) Loving the floral blazer and dress and ahh those aldo heels!!!

  15. Definitely a good idea. these are the outfits that amazing lady on the train is wearing, and hopefully after reading this, we will be the amazing lady?? :o) lola re

  16. Shay, me too!!!! I want those sandals in the third photo in that nude color! Does anyone know where/when to find them?


  17. I need floral socks. I need more floral in my life…period.

  18. “but most of us don’t live in the desert with Alexander McQueen dresses with tigers”

    UMAKEMELAUGH!!!! = ]

  19. Wholly Functional

    I completely agree with the lack of affordable clothing shown in magazines like Vogue but I just re-looked at the piece you mention in Vogue and it seems that their only money saving advice is to go to a tailor???? err hello since when does the average/poor student have enough cash to have a tailor made blazer or pair of trousers?! And using fabric from Liberties (granted its lovely but have you seen the price of a metre!). It is so far removed from reality… and is more like an 100 page advertising campaign rather than anything mind blowing. Sorry its late I don’t mean to rant!