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Gojane.com $26.50

So the first Nicholas Kirkwood knockoffs have surfaced.

Did I tell you, I went to the London Kirkwood sample sale (75% discount) a few months ago and walked out empty handed? I must’ve had a orange peel for a brain that day.

(These gojane versions aren’t really for me though)

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  1. Right when I saw them I thought Nicholas Kirkwood. You can’t get away with the odd platform, seriously.

    Sigh, they’re just not the same. And @ the sample sale.. uhhhhh were you on drugs? Maybe? lol

  2. I totally agree; they’re hardly the same, but the real ones are gorrrrgeous.

    It’s okay. There will be another sample sale, at some other time, and the shoes will be twice as fabulous!!

    La C.

  3. i’m always weary of shoes seemingly that nice for 25 bucks. the quality must be really bad

  4. Indigotangerine: oh yuh, I assume the heels will snap and send the wearer flying down to the gravel and possibly knock out a few teeth.

  5. They’re too high for me haha. But yea, 26.5$ shoes scare me a little, I wonder how much they’ll hurt. And I really hate walking into a sale and coming out completely empty handed. It’s a really bizarre feeling when you see fabulous clothes and fabulous prices and all you can say is er… I don’t know if I want that!

  6. I bought the gold/black bebe heels mostly for the color combo – but the kirkwood-esque front wedge surely didn’t hurt.

  7. im not feelin it either.. it doesn’t even come close to the real ones!

  8. Hmmm, there’s something about the shininess (ha, def not talking about you) in the second pair that’s throwing me off immensely. Something about it screaming, “I look like plastic!” doesn’t really…tickle my fancy? Haha, but the front wedge may just balance it out…

  9. yeahhhhh! I saw them!!! :D they’re incredibly beautiful! pitty that the ship to italy is so high…

    but these are amazing!!!

  10. You know, I see the resemblance, but they don’t look right to me. might it be the gold? I don’t know.

    but I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of originals;D

  11. I don’t really like the GoJane ones, they look pretty and all, but as you say, not for me. I’m a sucker for bigger shoes, these are a bit too small and tiny and pretty for me. I would like to know how you were able to walk empty handed away from a Kirkwood sale though! :P

  12. Lovee these shoes! I actually find most gojane shoes to be extremely comfortable! But wow how did you walk away empty handed? Silly! :-)

  13. Gotta give gojane props for trying to pull a NK.


  14. WHAT!!! you walked empty handed…out of nicolas kirkwood. gahh, i adore his shoes and these ones aren`t doing it for me either

  15. I agree, they’re a bit too shiny, happy for my likings..

  16. I noticed that too and was going to post on it but was far too lazy and you’ve beaten me to it :P

  17. This will happen sooner or later~
    & we all know it lack something

  18. Jellysack

    they’re gross. they look like plastic.