I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Jacket H&M | Shirt Uniqlo Men | Pants Gmarket | Heels Chloé | Bag Topshop | Scarves Accessorize

Erh what-the-crap of an outfit shot, huh? sorry, my face is on holiday leave with blotchy atopic skin hence the scarves.

Since I have nothing intelligent to say (do I ever), let’s do questions time!

Clearly I’m the only one excited

Ask away any questions, I accept all forms of queries, shipping takes approx 2-5 days. FREE SHIPPING!

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  1. Loooove the color of your chloes, I’m a little obsessed with Chloe footwear in general. Your pants are rad too :)

  2. Q&A Q&A!!! you asked for it.

    did anyone ever tell you that you look like Sun from Lost? yes, this is a serious Q.

  3. omg you do remind me of sun from lost!!!!!!!! lOL love that comment. i love sun! :)
    lost is the best show ever…

    ok anyway… whats your nash, where were u born/raised, where have u traveled, how tall r u!?

  4. love your jacket!

    okay, how do you take care of your hair? don’t tell me it’s in your genes, though i suspect it must be! haha

  5. wow wow wow!
    and now the question…
    I’m a new reader, so i don’t know much about you… what’s your job?? :D

  6. To the above: It’s because she’s Asian, isn’t it? Haha, I’m joking. But I’m going to have to disagree and say that you don’t really look like her at all o_o

    Anyways! My questions: WHY are you so fabulous? And also, how tall are you? And can you post more DIYs? Haha, I love them!

  7. i loovvee your shoes!

    my question:
    where/who do you get your inspiration from?


  8. you look so classy.

    andd awwwwwwwwriiight q&a!
    i want to know what your favorite blog is.
    some people i can tell what they like but i can’t really do it with you. you’re like all over the map.

  9. wowza…look at them legs!

    hm…ok…i know you’re korean but where were u born and where do u call home? i know u’re in london for school but u mentioned being from eastern europe, i think?

  10. Yoshi

    I second Christine’s comment, can you post more DIY’s? :D because I adore yours… I have yet to try one out, but they are all amazing, and you photograph the steps so attractively!

  11. Shini i actually really like those outfit shots! their really bright and look like their shot for a magazine or something!
    HAHAHHAHAS anyways questions …
    how did you come about to adore fashion and who influences you in your style?

    love always, victoria.


  12. kim

    Those shoes are gorgeous.
    Q: what is your favourite travel destination? and what is #1 on your list of places you still want to travel to?

  13. does atopic skin run through park dynasty blood? maybe… because i definitely had a case of “ah to pee” a few weeks ago. omega 3 helps a lot!! stock up on some of those fish oil capsules!

    this is so ridiculous but i can’t figure it out. how do i get an rss feed of my twitter posts onto my blog? i just can’t figure it out… :O

  14. Nounette

    Hey. Love the pants. Can you buy them online ? thanks

  15. I like your style so much, the shoes are gorgeous.
    I will tell my friend what you said and the volume in my hair I get by backcombing it and using some hairspray to make it stay that way. I love big hair :P
    Aaand I must ask you, who takes your pictures? Yourself? :)

  16. Those pants are killer! I’m loving anything cream, beige, nude at the moment and you look so great in that color! I love the way you add the color with scarfs and shoes! Yes, I love Q & A!

    What is your favorite kind of breakfast? If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

  17. suu

    hi. may i have the url that you purchase the pants from? i cant seem to find it on gmarket.

  18. love the trousers!! .. they’re so .. particular.. in a very good way. thumbs up on the scarf too.. nice colour palette for the whole outfit :D

  19. I absolutely love the pants and the shoes!
    Q: What is your favorite color?

  20. Sooo cute! I really like those pants and shoes. You stylish girl!

    I’m not very good at this question thing :P

  21. This whole outfit is spot on! Wonderful burnt orange shoes and those trousers are just a spectacular shape/colour, they look like high-fashion jodhpurs (in a good way).

    Hrmm questions……..
    What’s your favourite area/restaurant/shop in London?
    Where do you like to go on holiday?
    and… What are your favourite/most versatile (in your opinion) items in your wardrobe? :)


  22. I got a pair of jodhpurs in the mail yesterday, but they didn’t fit!!! I know you’re not wearing jodhpurs, but the line down the legs reminded me of them. Oh, the pain.

  23. I love the shoes!!
    Here are my questions: how do you put outfits together and where do you get your inspiration?
    Thanks for doing the q&a! :)

  24. oooh..i love your scarves!!!

  25. This is great. I love your pants, the colour and the fit. Mmyes and the shoes which match the scarf!

    Do you have any DIY-projects you’d love to try, but haven’t yet?
    Why have you chosen the name “park & cube”?

    hehe :)

  26. i love those shoes! tried them on but they were too high for me… poo… nice to see that someone cool got them!

  27. shoes and outfit are great! actually im really in the Q&A mood so here some questions =D
    What three things would you bring to a desert island?
    What is your motto in life?
    i’m guessing that ur Korean, if so do you also watch korean drama’s?(favorite?)
    favorite store to shop?

  28. You look so classyy.
    I love the color of your shoes… It’ssoamazing.
    (omg keyboard strike over here and too lazy to add spaces… yea…)
    well well well… What could I ask you?
    What music do you like?
    What are you interested in outside fashion and webdesign?
    Can you tell me one really weird or unusual thing about you?
    What countries have you ever visited in your life? What was your favorite?

  29. Well, I think the pictures are beautiful, such vibrant light. And your outfit is so spring! No qiestions from me, everyone seems to be asking them already.


  30. Dorothy

    love the simplicity of your outfit, right down to those striking shoes!

    my question(s):
    .best item you own?
    .where in london do you take your pictures?
    .and where in london are the best vintage shops?


  31. LOVE the outfit, one of my faves yet.

    How was your day?

  32. Oh Q&A, me likey!!!

    1. Did you ever economise to buy something really special and what was this? (I don’t know if that was right, I hope you understand my question)

    2. Did you stop buying certain magazines since you started reading blogs?

    3. Do people recognize you on the street? :)

    I think that’s all for now… Happy easter!


  33. gorgeous shoes and pants color combo

    btw, laughing so hard at the ‘serious’ question about you looking like Sun from Lost, lol!

  34. the chloes… .great color!

  35. i LOOOOOOOVE your chloes!!!


    2. What`s Central Saint Martin like. hard to get in? tell me about the experienceee:)

    3. what`s your dream job

  36. Astrid

    those heels are the business.

    1. What would you do if the love of your life wanted to move to a nudist colony?
    2. Do you think poetry can be read without a perverted mind?
    3. Have you met the love of your life yet? Fashion does not count.
    4. Will you post pictures of your boyfriend?

  37. Oooh, I have the same shoes! :) Chloe has the best shoes.

    Um… my question = When did you move to London? Are you originally from Korea?

  38. 2 questions:

    – favourite item in your closet?

    – do you like capsicum and if so what is your favourite coloured capsicum (red, yellow, or green)?

  39. STARR

    Your pants and shoes are amazing shini!

    Q1: Favorite movie of all time?
    Q2: Number one fashion inspiration?

  40. Grace

    =] i love QandA!!
    and what is up w/ asian sterotypes
    they say we all look alike…
    anyways real question.
    can we see a picture of your boyfriend??
    this probably doesn’t quality as a question..

  41. emily

    how tall are you?
    what lens do you use on your camera?

  42. I’m so glad you’re doing a q&a post!

    What are five essential things you carry on a daily basis?
    What is your favorite movie and book?
    What do you think about fashion bloggers and their increasing celebrity?
    What are your favorite non-fashion blogs?
    If you could spend a day with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

  43. can’t get enough of that sense of humour. love those pants, very interesting seaming on it.

    my question is, what camera/lens do you use?

  44. i cannot believe that those pants are from gmarket. oh the wonders of internet shopping o_o!!! wow!
    and those chloes are sooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeet!

  45. Julie

    what is the most expensive shoe/clothing item you own?
    if you can only own one pair of shoes from your closet, which one would it be?
    how often do you go shopping?

  46. YAYY you’re doing a Q&A post!! Helloo everyone’s excited about it ;) I think you’re going to be spending quite a lot of time answering questions… anyway I really love that scarf of yours! And though you may think the photos today aren’t as good as usual I do like the sort of ‘rushed’ quality about them. Reminds me of models in that Chloe campaign who are always running…

    Anyway my questions are:
    1. What made you decide to start blogging? Did you have any specific goal in mind for your blog? What sort of future do you foresee for your blog? What keeps you motivated to blog?
    2. Do you have any siblings/friends who are aware of your blog? What do they feel about it?
    3. What do you hope to do in the future (occupation-wise)?

    Heh thanks!! =D Hope you won’t mind answering these! Congrats on this being your 100th post!!

  47. gorgeous pants! and the color of the shoe is so amazing, kind of like one of those orangey reddish tomatos (yum)
    How much is to much to spend on clothes?
    Best steal you’ve bought?
    Any shoppers regret?

  48. Hi,

    I think I read that your parents live in Prague. Is there a sizeable Korean community? Do your parents speak Czech (don’t know why I think that thought is strange – after all my mom speaks German but a Korean who speaks Czech somehow seems weird)?


  49. T

    Where do u get the materials for u diy in london?

  50. awesome outfit

    you look very sophis!


  51. Hey,
    I was wondering – where do you take your confidence from? I mean, where do you take the confidence to keep updating a blog that absolutely anyone can see? I have to say that I’ve only recently started blogging, and being rather shy in real life, I feel kind of embarrassed sometimes. It’s just that I fear people I know or people who see me at school might find out and think blogging is weird or something and even might make fun of it. I know it sounds really weird, but that has been going on my mind for quite a while (and also rather kept me from blogging outfit pictures).

    So I’d really love to hear your point of view.
    Thank you so much, have a nice weekend.

  52. Adorable outfit as always Shini! The whole outfit is very equestrian insired but the shoes add a nice touch of color. :) I hope school is going well for you.


  53. oops, forgot to ask a question before.
    who would play you in a movie about your life? hehe I’m random.

  54. Ohoh! The Chloé shoes…:)
    I have questions too! What is the Easter treat you are indulging in right now while still looking fabulous in between amazing platform shoes and knitting like a granny – I know it sounds like an oxymoron to eat chocolates and knit while remaining fabulous but I am sure you do so that is why I ask. Mmmmh, long question. Sorry about that. Another one: favourite pair of shoes you own, and most coveted pair of shoes of all time?

  55. I actually think it’s a pretty decent outfit post. The scarf + shoes=stealing my heart.

    My question is… (and it might have already been asked): What do you plan to do after graduating (aka what job would be your dream)?

  56. Sam

    What are you/did you major in?
    Ethnically speaking, where are you from?

  57. Those heels are too darn brilliant and that’s as much as i can muster for a Sunday night! x

  58. beautiful shots!
    the scarf is gorgeous, i think i will wear more often foulards after seeing yours!


  59. […] I have the url that you purchased the pants from? (these pants) […]

  60. Heey, that looks like supernice, it’s awesome. You look the best, great!

  61. loveeeeee. the chloes are flawless
    can’t wait for the Q&A post.