I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Shirt Vintage Ralph Lauren | Jeans H&M | Shoes Nine West | Bag Public Beware

Hiya. I haven’t been doing much worth talking about. Everyday, sizzling in the white sun, then in the evening getting poured on by buckets of rain with awesome thunderstorms…it’s like a fairytale weather, really. I have nowhere to go or no-one to meet (literally, I have 0 friends here, curse of the international schools) so please, take pity and understand the lack of posts.

I do have something funky in front of me that I want to share.


I have a fish of questionable identity. If it was Korean it would be an icecream and it’d call itself Steve Kim, but this one I found in a Japanese packaging with a German import label. For those living in Europe will know that import labels for Asian food always happen to be stuck on top of the most important bit of the original packaging, like HOW YOU EAT THE CONTENTS bit. So here I am, confuzzled, wondering whether it needs to be microwaved/cooked or shoved in mouth before it melts. I shall give it a poke.

(Look what you make me end up writing about, summer.) For those new to the blog, hello and welcome, yes I lack a few crucial braincells.

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  1. Michelle

    wow, I’ve got the first comment .. :O
    hehe, nice fish ;)

  2. I think I’d just sit and stare at it scratching my head…

  3. haha Steve Kim. I’d like to meet a fish named Steve Kim. Although I think if I knew his name it’d be harder to eat him. Not if he was delicious icecream. Then I don’t think I’d even have any remorse…

  4. aww that’s Taiyaki I bugged my BF to get me one for a whole weekend in Japan town SF. But they were always sold out. Once I got it I realized I wasn’t a huge fan of red bean paste :( I think you just eat it like a pastry.

  5. o ironio! nie masz tutaj bliskich przyjaciół w Polsce, a ja z wielką chęcią bym Twoją przyjaciółką chciała być :D bo przyjaźnić się z kimś tak sympatycznym i z wyczuciem stylu to sama przyjemność :))
    outfit prosty, ale świetny, na dodatek te paski od butów zachodzące na spodnie wyglądają obłędnie :)

    buziaki z południa! :)

  6. Alex

    Lol what IS that??
    Aw I love your sense of humor. You’re one of my favorite bloggers! <3

  7. ha ha.. you are too funny!! love the h&m jeans

  8. Love those shoes

  9. xD eventually, how did you eat it ??

  10. Just from watching lots of J-dramas, I think you eat it as it is.
    I looks just like the cartoon fish you get in Japanese anime! So cute.

  11. How I wouldn’t mind a few thunderstorms here in dry los angeles. Haha and I love 붕어빵 아이스크림….so have you identified the contents within the “questionable” pastry? And was it good?

    p.s. I love the minimalist look and I love the shoes.

  12. I took a bite and it was yucky so i microwaved it and it was yummay! :D just like the 붕어빵 you find in the streets. Well, microwavable version of that.

  13. shinface! Its a PASTY (!!!) and yes british terminology on foreign import towtally! how british of me… also, just realised that pasty is just pastry with out the R. btw i request more piccies of momma’s bowls :D tata!

  14. I love, love, love your shoes!

    La C.

  15. haha boonguhbbang! yum!

    ohh and those labels are stuck on the most important sections in the US as well… good thing i already knew how to make ramyun… haha

  16. So simple but great!!! Those shoess! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  17. I love those shoes, ive never seen such swell shoes in Nine West

  18. i wouldn’t eat that thing. it looks bloated. unless you put hot sauce on it. one can eat anything with hot sauce. fact.

  19. Hahaaa it was FROZEN olga ma deer, and it’s a sweet dessert thing hahahaha hot sauce.

  20. They label foreign stuff like that here too… and it’s bloody annoying! Glad you didn’t die of food-poisoning or something.


  21. It’s called taiyaki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiyaki

    You eat it like how you would eat a filled donut. Next time you might try toasting it for a bit to crisp the outside. :)

    I think they also have frozen ice cream versions with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste.

  22. hmmmm i thought it was ICE CREAM!!!! but maybe not :P

    while we’re on the subject of food, your jeans look super duper delicious btw :)

  23. HAhaahah cute post! What did the fish turn out to be! Look very interesting and appetising if it’s what I think it is!

  24. i love how casual your outfit looks, yet greatly put together!
    and your little ramble on the puzzling food–hilariouussss.

  25. oooh cute fish! I really have no idea about how to cook it!

    the look is great, this shoes are a dream!

  26. i love your posts! you’re always so witty!

  27. fish shaped cream puff? twinkie? maybe cut it open and sniff it….that’s what i’d do. Love the jeans tucked in the straps. Your outfits always have such little perfect details

  28. weather looks nice over there!

    the fish looks like my profile icon. kinda. hehe

    p.s. i have a question – are you using a weblog service like wordpress with your own domain or is it like your own database? I love how you can reply directly on your website!

  29. Halow, yesh I host WordPress on my own hosting account, but if you have wordpress you can always install the reply widget!

  30. Hm… if it seems impossible to bite through this fish, maybe you can use it as a very pretty paper weight. :) Those Nine West heels are killer!

  31. This is lush, especially the heels! Makes me sad they’re going into admin.

  32. hello! i love your blog and i hope you meet new friends soon (i had 0 friends for a while when i was studying overseas)

    well, as for the fish, i would have thought it was an ice-cream but you seriously need to poke it.

  33. the fish looks cute! loving the outfit :)

  34. Love the heels, they are so lovely!

  35. I love this outfit. Especially the shoes ♥

  36. hahahahahahahahha you’re in korea lucky lucky
    you’re making me a very JEALOUS WOMAN!

  37. Baaaahhaha I’m not in Korea :P I sure would be lucky if I was huh :D

  38. Hi! Are you Korean?! Haha I love ur shoes btw!!

  39. Another hysterical post. Maybe you should take up comedy!

    I assume you are at your parent’s house and thus haven’t spoken to people your age since highschool. Sucks, but at least you’ll be able to catch up on sleep.

    And the shoes are awesome.

  40. super ★ shim

    Totally off-topic (oops) but I’ve been wondering for a while… what shoe size do you take when you order from GMarket? 250 or 255? I *think* I’m of UK6 as well but 250 just… kills my feet :(

    Thanks in advance! ♥

  41. Just discovered your blog, I really like the layout and your posts and your clothes. Keep up the good work! :)

  42. Hahahha glad that you have helpful readers who figured this one out. It looks kinda awesome, hope it tasted good haha.

  43. it’s my first time here and i love it… great shoes!!

  44. hahaha ^-^ So and did it taste like fish?

  45. pancake?

    did you wear your eye makeup different here, Shini? you look lovely anyway :)

  46. owhh noo no different eye makeup :| I could be the black-eye my bf gave me for making him take pictures. Seriously no one wants to take pictures in this country.

  47. hahahaha so random?? did you end up taking a bite then?? i bet it has like RED BEAN in it or something…(which i hate)…it’s like SURPRISE FISH INSIDE.
    and those shoes are sooo lovely!!! they look weird when they’re in the store and not on someone’s feet

  48. Yuh actually I didn’t buy them when I first saw them cuz they looked so weird on their own :P I’m quite in love with them though, they look great ON, and sooo comfortable.

    Oh the fishy yes, red bean paste, and lots of eggs, I think it was pregnant.
    No, um, it was a thingi you put in the microwave and then it gets uber hot and tasty YAY

  49. haha, mystery fish!! I like how you’ve done the straps on your shoes over your pants at the top, very cool.

  50. Dem shoesss! I really love them a lot. And what an entertaining bit of food that fish is!

  51. you are perfect with this outfit! I`ve got the same heels. Congratulations for your blog, I love it. XOXO

  52. I want your shoes! And that fish.

  53. u have amazing blog, i just fall in love:)

  54. Where are you in this photo? It looks soo nice! Also, the strappy shoes over the jeans? Perfection.


    Love what you always do; with your jeans/pants tucked into shoes. So.. Shini. <3

  56. I am just dying in love with your shoes right now. you always make me laugh out loud reading your posts! xo

  57. Huh, I love the jeans tucked into your shoes thing. I have often struggled with wearing cuffed or ankle-strapped heels with jeans due to not wanting to cover them up! Problem solved, and it looks great. Dont know why I didnt think of it sooner.

    Also, I find myself pretty bored during the summer too (friends all have jobs!). I often go by myself to hang out at the beach or a market, stop into a bookstore and ogle the magazines for hours… I do that. Yup.

  58. I really love those cream shoes! You hair looks lovely by the way. I have no idea what that fish is about…when in doubt, fry! xxoxoxo

  59. lovely shoes ;)

  60. karina_amelie

    hey, im new on your blog. and i just read your post and i so understand what its like to go to an international school and have no friends haha. i am visiting my parents in houston, texas (ehhh talk about booooring) and i know nobody here i can hang out with, and as ive noticed its not as easy to go make friends if the only time you see people is when your outside of your car in a mall. :/
    i love your outfit by the way! im gonna keep lookin through ur blog. x

  61. Oh I love thunderstorms! That fish makes me laugh. I think I’ve seen those icecream versions before. So funny

  62. junie

    Who takes your photos?

  63. How could I not know about your blog sooner?!

    I am hooked, and with all the fashion blogs out there these days that’s saying something!

    I had to feature you on my store’s blog, hope that’s okay – you had me at ‘hello’. =)

  64. A pastry that taste only good when warm/hot. What’s in it? I love it when they have red bean paste in it. :P

  65. steve is the cutest fishy evah! donnnn’t eat it… :( too late, eh?

  66. i honestly love/am addicted to the giggles i get from reading your rambles everytime i visit…
    you look fabulous by the way. can’t beat basic denim + white shirt. fresshh.


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