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DIY Studded top: Revamp a plain corset-top!


Blouse GossamerWingsStudio | Corset Morgan

Just a quick one today. I forgot that when you come back home mum knocks off a couple of years off your age and you’re suddenly 13 years old, getting scolded for not being home before 7pm. I was driving a car when I got that text message from her. Yes mum, I’ll come straight home, it’s a dangerous world out there, someone might mug my windshield wipers on my way back. Ah CLOWN MONSTER IN THE BACK SEAT!

Revamped an old corset from Morgan. It was bedazzled before, but I thought I could use the bling somewhere else so I detatched everything and studded it. Nothing special. Next step is to grow boobage to hold the damn thing up – will not help the fact that my body age (chesticular, in particular) (hey that rhymes!) is 13 now.

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  1. Love this, both the DIY and the way you paired the corset with that shirt. Gourgeous!


  2. genius!
    yes yes yes!!

  3. haha, back home i see? im still at home and my mother treats me like im five. boo. i cant wait to move out…

    great corset though, i digg the layout of the studs!

  4. Haha I have the same issue with no boobs. I can’t wear certain dresses because there’s a just a poof of air where my boobs should be, haha.

  5. Love it! We are all kiddies in our mothers eyes…lol

  6. That looks phenomenal!

  7. Jennifer

    that is amazing, where did you get your studs? I really love that.. you did great.. when most people do their studding its really sloppy or spaced out funky. lol

  8. wow it looks amazing. i think it will look as good with a tee too. :)
    i’ve tried on something similar and i can feel the studs poking my skin. does it irritate you?

  9. Fab work lady,

    Love Grace.

  10. haha it looks great! (and filled in ;))

    i love the fact that you thought that you could use the bling elsewhere… so practical you are!

  11. I love this and would try it but studs are always sold out at the notions store. *sigh*

  12. I like what you did with the corset!! It just seems very different from what others do.

  13. beautiful

  14. You positioned the studs perfectly, it looks flawless, and extremely amazing.

  15. Wyelin

    This is fab!

  16. wow this look Very good, I always get very inspired by your DIY’s!

  17. lol, i’m at home at the moment too & i feel 13 too, although not having to cook is a bonus! the DIY job is amazing, just wondering where do you get the studs from??


  18. You’re amazing! It’s a shame I’m not as good as you at doing DIY:s :P

  19. Wow – nice DIY! Turned out looking really really good – the same cannot be said for mine :(
    It would be mine

  20. i love what you’ve done with that corset!

  21. zaniemówiłam!

  22. Mel

    Love this outfit! So Alexa! I loved how you vamped it up with the studs and pairing it with a feminine blouse.

  23. Lovely idea! It look so good with the studs x Sushi

  24. This is amazing..I love the gold studs.


  25. oooo. looks awesome with the airy white shirt underneath.

  26. oh man shini, you super inspire me. frealz. that top is amamamamamamzzzing!!!!!!

  27. Oh lovely! Looks amazing!

  28. Oh I love this ! So great that you’ve done it yourself !

  29. Peaches

    im a DIY person too

  30. ah, boobage is overrated anyway… that’s a great stud project! question, do you have to apply backing to keep the studs from scratching? just curious.

  31. I love this, you did an awesome job! It looks great how you’ve worn it with the delicate lace top!

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  33. I used to ask my mum “you let me study thousands of miles away, and I have go come home at 10pm when I’m here?” yeah… parents. Gotta love them! haha.

    Awesome DIY once again.

  34. Eek you’re so talented! I love this DIY, it must’ve taken ages seeing as all the studs are so perfectly alligned! Brilliant =) xx

  35. omg.. this looks so perfect!!! so talented!! xx

  36. Oh my God, I love this DIY! Your blog is amazing.!

  37. As usual, great diy. I love how the corset and studs look together. Simple yet wonderful.

  38. Its actually kinda sad that I got too excited for a second there…when I realised it was a DIY post. Love your DIYs and subsequent inspiration hits for me :)

    The revamped corset looks fabulouso…maybe tissue or chicken fillets…lol, kiddin ;)

    And yes, mums are terrible when you go back to the family home…or atleast mine is.

    Have a fab week bella

  39. WOW! great DIY!!!

  40. dana

    i love the little detail u changed, and the way u match it with that cute shirt makes it fine without boobie’s support. totally love it, stunning <3

  41. Great DYI project!

  42. you are always so crafty! i wanna stud something soooooooooooooooo darned bad but i can never find studs at my craft stores… i guess i have to resort to online. haha.

  43. that last picture is perfect
    i’m dying for a studded bustier but i’m way too lazy to do something about it

  44. Fabulous!

  45. wow I love it!

  46. Super cool. And nothing like a doting parent right? Just remind yourself that it comes from a good place (that’s what I do).

    ps. Yeah I’m probably the least qualified to compare denim, but hey, isn’t the internet made for voicing opinions I have no business voicing?

  47. My mom is the same way….but as long as I call her about 20 times a day where I am, she’s fine. I love that studded corset! I think it would look great on plain tshirts! xxoxoxoxo

  48. My mom is the same way…but she’s cool as long as I call her 50 times a day to let her know where I am. I love that studded corset…it’ll look awesome on plain tshirts! xxoxoxox

  49. the stud layout is really neat, totally takes the top to a new level. I also really like the shirt you paired it with. i too am in some search for boobage, i can’t wear anything strapless.

  50. lulz about the boobage. i know what you mean about your mom scolding you for the most ridiculous of ridiculous things. the treating-you-like-a-13-year-old hasn’t gotten better since i’ve moved back home permanently after graduation hahaha.
    the other day d, my mom and i were just talking about the store morgan where d used to purchase some uh interesting numbers :D
    your revamped corset is awesome, especially paired with that blouse!!

  51. incredddddible
    why are you such a genius

  52. lol, i love your humor
    what do you mean the corset isnt special? you completely turned it up like 50 notches- i love it!

  53. It looks beautiful!!!!

  54. Lol I love the outfit. Especially the blouse. Very nice. M,um’s are funny creatures.

  55. My gosh, I love this! It looks absolutely amazing with the floaty top.

  56. Oh my, I LOVE your DIY project! <3
    Amazing. And indeed, may MJ rest in peace!

  57. yennie

    哇好漂亮啊,喜欢楼主的风格,不过我不会英文 SORRY

  58. Sally

    I love the white shirt. Its beautiful and the black and gold corset is PURRFECT with the white shirt.

    Once again, it is truely AMAZZZZZING ^__________^

  59. Hey, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here are the rules:

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  60. AMAZING! absolutely fucking amazing!

  61. yay new DIY. i loved it! I may try something alike.

  62. by the way where did you get the gold studs? and what did you do with the cutter?


  63. I got the studs from studsandspikes, and lookie Here for DIY studding help.

  64. Digging how you placed them studs! My mom is an overprotective one, too! The best line she ever told me and my brother was “watch out for trees” when it was really windy one day. So classic!

  65. Just love it!
    I need to bedazzle a few stuff too!

  66. WOW!
    love DIY!!!


  67. hey where did you get those studs from? they’re awesome.
    nice blog!

  68. this is amazing!!!!


  69. I love the look of a bustier over a floaty, feminine blouse. It’s especially a nice juxtaposition, when the bustier is toughened by some hardware like gold studs. A nice model of binary opposites getting along swimmingly.

  70. this is so glamorous

  71. i love your d.i.y. skills, i wish i was as talented as you are, you know. i would like to publish the photos from your “tutorial” above on my blog, i hope that is okay. of course i will link you/your post. if its not, please let me know!

    lovely blog you have got!

  72. I recently found you while readying refinery29, and i fell in love! You are such an inspiration and so creative. I had to post when i saw this entry.


  73. cr

    boobage doesn’t really hold corsets up either :(

  74. That looks amazing! I love the combo with the shirt!

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