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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Jacket ASOS | Top Topshop | Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants Gmarket | Shoes Office | Bag Public Beware & Samsonite

I love airports, I do – but I can’t help but notice the procedure of travelling by airplane is not anymore a method of transport or a service but some kind of mandatory firedrill in a governmental institution. The hype! I walk through the metal detectors with 40% less clothes after losing jacket, belt, shoes and bag to the scanner – pants threatening to obey gravity and drop, and still something manages to set the detectors off. Turns out it’s the metal buttons on my pants – would you like to escort me to a private room and ask me WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO WITH THE BUTTON? Why don’t you take my bladder while you’re at it, I tell you it has more potential of blowing up than my innocent 100ml of moisturiser. I know, it’s all for my own safety – but seriously, most of us struggle with locating the switch to open the hood of the car, let alone wire a bomb, and I don’t think we yet understand the benefits of terrorizing a plane. Do I get extra mileage for that?

The baseline is, I would like to knit in the plane at least once in my lifetime. Sometimes I would like to cut some paper in the plane with sharp scissors too.

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  1. You certainly travel in style that’s for sure! I’m in love with your floaty top and strappy wedges. They’re amazing!

  2. i love this outfit! The black and white photos are sooo lovely!

  3. Yvette

    You look beautiful and the outfit is fab! So this is my first time commenting, but I’m an avid reader (Google Reader represent~) and I love all your posts…not only for the outfits, but for the refreshing style of writing and antidotes.

    Anyway, enough of my gushing! Have a great day!

  4. love these shoes very very much.

  5. wow, haha, soooo true about the whole plane thing
    freaeeeeaakin terroists had to ruin it for us, i swear i spend less time waiting in line for the club than i do at airport security

    loooove your heels btw ;;;))))

  6. But you look amazing while waiting to do that!

  7. I’ve realized that as a college student it is nearly impossible to travel light and effortlessly and beautifully when you have a huge carry-on filled with books and shoes and all things heavy because hey, i’d rather be stuck pulling a 40 pound carry-on than pay ridiculous sums of money in overweight charges! Sigh…

    I love your bags though and when I someday have my own jet, I will personally invite you to knit and cut paper and bring as many products as you wish! :)

  8. I am totally in love with this outfit. And this “Why don’t you take my bladder while you’re at it, I tell you it has more potential of blowing up than my innocent 100ml of moisturiser.” made me smile/laugh.

  9. Samantha

    Love the photos!! And you look amazing, as always :) Saw your comment at Sarah’s blog, my sister wants the dungarees too haha so we may have to fight for it ;)

  10. LOLLLLLL knit on the planeeeeee hahahahahaahahahahahaha you funny shini you funnnnyyyyy. and i think from this moment on, every time you wear those shoes and dangle them in front of me im going to cryyyyyyy and wail about not having them strapped to my feet right now -.-

  11. haha… totally understand that part. Everytime I get on the plane, I think I’m only close to naked. I don’t wear boots anymore, cause that’s such a pain in the ass. And all my jewelry goes into my bag way before I reach baggage check. Once I had to take out all the stuff in my pencil case so that they could look for a non-existent cutter. Sweet lord, that was embarrassing. And they almost didn’t let me through with my 2 dozen krispy kreme doughnuts at Heathrow cause perhaps there was too much cream on them? -____-“

  12. great pictures. I used to love airports but you are right, they kind of sapped the joy out of it with all these procedures. I no longer travel in style because it is simply too much work. And this whole paying for your first checked bag is ridiculous…

  13. You look so stylish while travelling! I tried to wear as comfy and easy clothing as possible for the plane, so the only thing I had to take off at the security check were my wedge sandals. Like I could be hiding some bomb in my wedges! LOL

  14. genialnie wygląda ta luźna bluzka przewiązana paskiem i czarno-białe zdjęcia <3
    kurcze, szkoda, że nigdy nie latałam samolotem… chociaż z drugiej strony bardzo bym się bała ^^

  15. Such a great travelling outfit. And the wedges solve the problem of wanting to wear nice shoes on the plane but not wanting to wear heels as it would be too much of a hassle to take them off to slide down the emergency inflatable slide thingy, if necessary.. Or maybe I’m overthinking things a bit.

  16. lol :) i know what you mean, i have been struggling with the 100ml rule ever since it came out, most times I just end up trying more from Boots in duty free

  17. I usually get away with carrying knitting needles on to the plane. Just to be safe, I make sure they’re wooden!

  18. haha this was hilarious and rightfully so. I’ve been following your blog religiously but never knew quite how to approach your wittiness. Well I just had to acknowledge my delight in your blog and how I regularly check back for new posts. Please do update more frequently. :D

    p.s. the black and white photos are classic.

  19. I love the outfit, and the photos ♥

  20. this pics are awesome! great look and the bag… OMG!! it’s so beautiful!

  21. I hear ya! knitting and cutting paper.. me too

  22. hysterical post. so true. your hair looks really cute!

  23. yeah, airports can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.

    i love this outfit…those wedges are fierce…i saw another blogger with those same wedges :-)

  24. Charlotte

    I love your outfit
    How much were your shoes and did you buy them recently.
    I’ve been following your blog for a while but this is my first comment.

  25. Halo! Shoes are Office and they were £80 but now they’re on sale for £50!

  26. I feel your pain. The thing I always find funny is that they still give metal knives to people for dinner in first class. I guess terrorists don’t fly first class…

  27. Baaahaha yes, theoretically I can threaten to kill people with my bare hands too.

  28. yes. i second your airport discourse. i have to travel a LOT, so me and my airports are like total bffs. being in an airport is like being on a different planet. i dress, eat and talk like a different person. also, airports are probably the best place to people watch without remorse. my favorite game is ‘spot the foreigner’. it’s funny, because most of the time i’m the foreigner.

    my goal is to get molested by one of those new air puff detectors they have now. they look fun.

  29. Oh I hate airport security… Just today I got stuck in the security line behind someone who clearly has no idea what the rules are.
    This perfectly describes my feelings on the whole thing:

    PS Love your blog! One of my absolute favorites!

  30. That article is SO GOOD, thanks so much. I’m wondering if it’s ever sent to anyone with actual authority to make any difference. What a joke that we’re allowing our own system to become…

  31. I don’t think any film adaption of austen’s classics is capable of success when in comparison to the book. So, I agree with you that the film is “beautiful on it’s own terms”…it’s just easier to consider it a separate entity. haha Also on the discussion of “films” I am very much aware of your fondness for Band of Brothers. So I just thought I’d offer you a recommendation. Have you heard of Generation Kill? While BoB remains unmatched….it’s another incredible series produced by HBO chronicling the lives of 1st Recon Marines.

  32. wow you look beautiful!
    love your blog!care for a link exchange?

  33. aw, haha! you are sure funny when you rant! i hate airports too:) i havent gone in a while (before the 100ml annoyance and i get what youre getting at. and what if you had braces or something? nightmare!

  34. I love traveling but I really don’t like going through airports security….the new regulations are ridiculous! I love the black and white pictures of you! xxoxxoox

  35. love your hair and the shoes!

  36. I feel your frustration with airports.

  37. Tokkiya

    Try ripping paper (e.g. newspaper) in the airports, it’s stress relieving and you’ll find you get a lot more respect and free space heehee

  38. Aimee

    Your hair looks so amazing when it’s up! You should do it more often ^^

  39. I just found your blog and can I say that I am already in love? You have amazing style, hope you don’t mind but I linked you :D

    I so agree with you, going through airport security these days is like watching an absurd parody. Last time I was in London I was actually left wearing a flimsy sundress and underwear when going through the metal detector :P So not cool.

  40. I just bought those shoes in the office sale the other day I LOVEEEEE them ahhaa

    You look lovely here my dear.


  41. Hey Shini,

    The ‘wrap it up’ wedge heel from office JUST went on sale, and I went to order them FINALLY, and they wont ship sale items to the US?!?! I am totally frickin angry…

    Do you perhaps happen to know of any similar shoes anywhere else on the internets that I could take a look at? I am so sad!


  42. travelling by plane is so annoying. First you have the whole debate of is my bag too heavy for the weight limit? Then is my handluggage the right size for the conveyor? And are you allowed a handbag as well as handluggage? Did I put my nail scissors in my checked bag? And is my eye-makeup remover in a smaller bottle? Do i have any big metal studs on my person? And are my buttons too big? Where are my passports/tickets/money/phone/other valubles?

  43. travelling by plane is so annoying. You pay for the privelige of having the whole debate of is my bag too heavy for the weight limit? Then is my handluggage the right size for the conveyor? And are you allowed a handbag as well as handluggage? Did I put my nail scissors in my checked bag? And is my eye-makeup remover in a smaller bottle? Do i have any big metal studs on my person? And are my buttons too big? Where are my passports/tickets/money/phone/other valubles?
    AND on top of all this they put your gate at the furthest possible place from where you go to buy your horrible cup of corporate coffee. Its just so stressful, and dries out my skin. Surely they can do better?


  44. KJ

    Yesssssss, I know exactly how you feel about the plane deal. My pants set off a metal detector once too and they had to call over a female security officer to search me.

  45. That first photo is probably my favourite of you since I’ve started reading.

    And that is saying a lot!

    The layering on this outfit, and the play stripes vs. straps, and volume vs. sleek and tight,… it’s all a wonderful, playful take on contrast vs. match!