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Jacket Gmarket | Lace top, necklace Mum’s | Pants Schwing Schwing | Shoes New Look | Envelope Bag Etsy

My family were invited to the annual July 4th Independence Day party held by the American Embassy in Warsaw, the one we always show up overdressed and famished, like it’s a clothes-for-food affair. Trade in an unnecesary sock for that rare American cupcake (Such cupcakes are nonexistent here). That plus one on my invitation? Meet Ms. Stomach, my secretary. Funnily it’s also the one where we squeeze through a throng of who-are-these-people in the huge embassy resident gardens without seeing a single familiar face before ending up exactly where we started. I’m in the right party, yes?

So this year we left quite early, seeing that again there was no one familar, and the sausage tent wouldn’t take my shoe telling me the food is all free. Free? I don’t know that currency, I’m overdressed and hungry, boy! They had a Starbucks tent, if you’d believe it, and into it a gigantic queue that bent around the house. It’s only been a few months since the very first Starbucks opened in Warsaw so let’s understand, it’s probably still considered holy.

Thank you to Min and Annie from for the awesome gifts. Check out Schwing Schwing, an online shop based in Singapore that sells delicious and afforable clothes & accessories. :D They ship to all international addresses and the shop is regularly updated with new pieces. Have I mentioned that they’re also incredibly kind? (Thanks Samantha for telling me about them!)

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  1. Cynthia

    Love your outfit! And while there are Starbucks on every corner over here in America people still obsess over them!

  2. Shini, you look awesome! That is one of my fav outfits from you!



  3. Your posts are always so much fun to read!

    Love Grace.

  4. Haha, what a cool excuse for a party. Love your jacket, can’t believe its from Gmarket! xx

  5. Wow you look so fancy! I really like those pants of yours and the blazer’s shoulder line is amazing. Poland looks a bit like Finland. :)

  6. VioletTheClaxon

    you look so great!

  7. i was wondering if i saw a tiny sharp edge on your shoulder but wasn’t sure until the 2nd photo! :) that’s cool that you’ve been going to the US embassy for the 4th of july parties. are your parents diplomats of some sort?

    p.s. no cupcakes?! do people at least make them at home??

  8. Nina

    Ahh I love your outfits and photos and everything! Nice webshop! :D

  9. I love the shoulders on that jacket – spectacular!

  10. this looks Very good on you!

  11. Thanks for the Schwing, Schwing info, it’s a great site! I love that jacket; hope you’re having a great summer.

  12. Hey, it’s Min here! Hope you liked the items and much thanks for linking us. We blogged about you on the site’s blog too.


  13. You carry off the shoulder pads well. I love the texture

    It would be mine

  14. You live in Poland?
    Btw, love the outfit, as always

  15. zawsze jest się z czego pośmiać, czytając Twoje posty i dlatego między innymi uwielbiam je czytać :D
    że tak powiem – w Polsce może Cię jeszcze wieeeele zaskoczyć ;)

  16. The jacket is awesome..love the shoulder detail.


  17. wow wow wow wow wow-
    i love every single entry on your blog!
    you are so beautiful and your style is so amazing!

  18. i love the shap shoulders on that jacket and also the envelope bag. brilliant

  19. Love the jacket! It’s a great outfit.


  20. tweed jacekt, american indeed! love the structured shoulders too, tres chic.

  21. Great jacket!!! Love the shoulders and tweedness!

  22. RX

    Beautiful jacket, you totally rock it!

    Try checking out this Korean webstore http://www.zipia.net too! They have pretty cool clothes at affordable prices – I love that site!

  23. such an amazing jacket!!!

  24. you look luxe yet edgy, Shini!

    and wow, another singapore online store! the argent wedges are sold out already…

  25. Gorgeous! You look stunning! I love your smile! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xxoxoxo

  26. you look amazing ,so chic yet edgy!!

  27. when the first starbucks opened in amsterdam, my cousins travelled an hour’s train in just to get a grande sized latte each. Holy grail!

    That necklace looks devine!

  28. HEYYOU !
    Some new stufff are coming on BB&HH… lets check this out (:

    thx Bisous.

  29. hum you pull off this outfit sooo well. them shoulders look like they can do some hardcore damage hehe :D i know you tend not to accessorize but i that necklace is so daanng intriguing! american embassy party? sounds faaaaaaaaaaaancy!

  30. great outfit, I love your bag a lot!

  31. you look beautiful! and really happy! haha you’re in Warsaw..I thought you were in korea..
    how stupid am I.

  32. What a lovely and stylish outfit :D The clutch is great!

  33. wow i love your outfit here!! stylish, especially your pants


  34. Gorgeous outfit. Love the long necklace. Yay parties!!! :-D Xxxc

  35. Those sharp shoulders on your jacket look amazing!

  36. you my girl look wonderful! inspiring but simple ;) way to go :)

  37. what a great outfit, the shoulders on the jacket make it!

  38. oh God!! this jacket is AWESOME! wow!
    I love the whole look! this pants looks gorgeous on you!

  39. i love the dramatic shoulders on that jacket! i have to confess that after seeing all the awesome stuff you wear from Gmarket, i had to try the site out myself. except… uh… i don’t think i’m smart enough to figure it out. i even read your tutorial and i’m completely hopeless. i’m seriously considering learning korean just for this reason–i wish i was kidding.

    hey at least listening to Girls Generation non-stop has given me a head start…

    ps. do i have to use IE for Gmarket? i was using firefox and that could have been what went wrong? … i dunno.

  40. Oh, it wasn’t so bad at this party ;) “only” something about 1500 people around :)
    And I saw you there, but I was too shy to say hallo :/

  41. haha i love the way you write, i hope you had a good fourth!

  42. mirae

    I was wondering if you could take a close up picture on that awesome piece of accessories?

  43. I LOVE this outfit! You look gorgeous! I cannot get enough of that jacket♥

  44. Love love love the jacket!!!

  45. I really adore this outfit, you look so chic x Sushi

  46. I love your jacket

  47. Love this look, very chic!!

  48. Beautiful look.

  49. impossibly chic, it’s the jacket!!

  50. Wyglądasz niesamowicie! Prosto i z klasą.
    Pozdrawiam :)