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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Vest, Tshirt, Bag Gmarket | Pants DIY slashed Uniqlo | Sandals L’Autre Chose

Well you knew it was coming, the birthday post. I’m sorry. At least it only comes around once a year, and I’m 5.5 hours late myself. Being born on the 4th of July has all its advantages – the fireworks, aww… all this for mee?

I actually hate the hype around birthdays – only blaming the fact that I never ever had any hype for mine. Since July is the summer vacation month and no one was around to remember, all I’m used to getting are those e-cards with cliché messages from an online database that needs an excuse to remind a long-lost visitor of its existence. Ah look at me wallowing in self pity, nevermind this big baby. Oh and I’m not looking for happy birthday hope you had a great day comments so please, please, tell me something about the weather or something.

I just want to thank God for all the blessings, love and guidance for the past year.
I don’t know what my future holds but I know it’s safe because You hold it.

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    i just had too ;) have a swelll day!

  2. Happy Birthday! :) i like you outfit btw especially the pants and the vest

  3. Dee

    Happy Birthday from one sister in Christ to another!

  4. I LOVE your blog and find it so inspirational!

    생일축하해요~ Happy birthday!

  5. The weather here is sunny but it keeps raining intermittetly and its rather chilly.

    Your jeans truly do look amazing on you. Such a wonderfully simple but chic outfit that looks lovely and comfortable!

    ps. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  6. Chloe

    your outfit looks amazingly comfy!

    and happy birthday! :D

  7. Happy birthday! Haha and your nails looks pretty!! (:

  8. Oh sweetie I wiped a tear, maybe the title of your post or the last line you wrote :)

  9. Happy birthday! I hope this year will be a blessed year for you :)

  10. i’m in texas and it’s really friggin hot. like desert hot. (there is my obligatory comment on the weather as you asked). HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

  11. mei

    quite sticky in the morning, but cool and breezy at night. it’s been a while since i’ve seen blue in the sky.

    happy belated “today-is-the-day-your-mother-expelled-you-from-the-uterus” day.

  12. I totally know what you mean about birthdays, mine is in the February in the coldest part of the winter here… ugh.


  13. You know,
    gmatket has super cheap things!!
    But sometimes quality isn’t good

    Anyway, I love your diy pants.!
    Sadly, I did diy my pants, but absolutely failed….

  14. happy happy bday!

    may this year be good good good for you.

  15. Melbourne is wet and chilly but its still bearable walking home from the gym in cotton tights. But only while that post-workout bloodflow’s still happening. After that you just gotta hope for a little mercy.

    Happy birthday. Even if no hoohaa, gotta love carte blanche and the fact you can immerse in guiltfree self-indulgence.

    N. x

  16. i don’t wake up on time to see and feel the warm weather for what it is. haha

    happy bday :D

  17. Happy Birthday !!

  18. hahaha :) love the diy and Im the same way with Birthdays lol anywayzzzz happy birthday to you :)

    and I think your future goes in a pretty awesome direction, you are creative and talented and you are able to direct your talent and skills in a very professional way towards what you want, and that is a treat not many talented people have, I admire you for that so much, you have no idea :) :) :)

  19. happy birthday! ^^

  20. Happy happy happy birthday Park!
    May all of your dreams come true.
    You really really are going to go places, so hold tight!

  21. amen! happy birthday, Shini :)

  22. też tego nie lubię, więc rozumiem :)
    za to napiszę o Twojej boskiej kamizelce, bo sama bym taką chciała :D

  23. Happy birthday!!! my bday is in the summer too (late june) and even I sometimes forget it!!! lol :)

  24. Well my birthday is in December when it’s school vacations and noone remembers and sometimes that includes my bestfriends. Shucks did I just wallow in self pity. oops.

    Well now that that’s over let me tell you about my day and the weather. HAHA kidding.
    Hope you are well! And that you are having a blast cause you deserve to have a great birthday and besides who needs birthdays when you can celebrate every single day :)
    As cliche as this is hope the coming year will be a great one for you with lots of love, laughters and joy!!

    Take careeeeeeee! :D

  25. Happy Birthday Shini, looking incredible as always :)!!!!

  26. Happy birthday! Luv ur blog and style! Def one of my favs!! : )

  27. audrey


    and i love that your post are always peppered with humour (:

  28. happy belated birthday then ;) and all the best. xoxo

  29. Nina

    Hey, I think that birthdays are overrated too. What is a year? It’s just a full round of the earth around the sun. What does that mean for us? Anyway, I do hope that your birthday was a nice one. And of course I hope the next year of your life will be great. (There are the standard birthdaywishes you didn’t want. I’m sorry.) Did you get Sims 3? :) (I follow you on Twitter.)

  30. this year my birthday feel in Easter day which was cool, but i wasnt at home to celebrate both as i was studying in america at the time…plus i was on my way home from a road trip from atlanta so i was on the raod foe it….i think after a certain age you just stop counting down the days and it becomes troublesome.

    but anyway as a long time reader i would like to wish you a happy 4th of july!!!

    oh yh and a happy birthday !!!! lol

  31. maybe i should get into the habit of proof reading lol

  32. Although you said not to, I can’t help but say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You look amazing and I really need to make some of those jeans. What’s the best way to make them?

  33. I know how you feel, I was born 4/1 and after christmas and new years eve it always seemed like there was no time left for celebrating me, so now I rather leave the country then having a party, but happy birthday anyway, because I feel like someday this has got to change :)

  34. The weather is beautiful here =)
    My sister is born on 9/11 so that a worse date I promise
    Happy Birthday have a great day.

  35. oh man i just had my birthday 3 days ago :D although it SUCKS to have my birthday on July 1st in hong kong. it’s the day that Britain gave HK back to China in 1997 so every year now it’s a public holiday and for some reason, it’s the day that half of HK’s population decides to RIOT and PROTEST. so there’s ALWAYS a mega mega crowd of chaos and traffic jams eeeeeverywhere. AND i dont even get fireworks ):

  36. well my parents’ wedding anniversary is on the 4th July too, maybe we can celebrate that together? lol ^-^
    And in stead of just saying Happy Birthday (which is lame & useless since everyone says it), I say: hope you had a great birthday cake! Wiii!

  37. those are DIY pants??? wow ;) i’ll copy-paste ;)


  39. I wont say happy birthday I will just say that the weather is crap in my town and I am about to start my internship so I am pretty happy, I am sure you are having a really good summer too!! enjoy every day!!

  40. Ok so hmm.. I can’t say it but can I just say you look lovely on your b-day! I really love that vest, I think I might have to check into this Gmarket thing. :) It’s a good thing you have provided a clear guideline for us readers. :) Enjoy your day!

  41. Happy Birthdaaaaaay!! Love this outfit, I need more grey t-shirts.

  42. Danielle

    Just read your Q&A and I couldn’t agree more about the Docklands! I live in Canary Wharf and love to see the baby swans though my dog usually scares them away!
    Feel free to come to my flat anytime to feed the birds pizza crust, hah. I’m aware I’m sounding borderline Creepy McCreeperton, but I assure you I’m not– moved here from US and am without many girlfriends :[

  43. I love your slashed jeans.

    By the way, thanks for talking about Shwing Schwing, i really loved the shop and ordered a dress ! (I wish i be able to make a stop in Singapore within a year on my way home to see if there are other great shops like it !)

    (see ? I didn’t wish you an happy birthday, yet !)


  44. I love the way you dress.


    great look, I love this waistcoat so much!

  46. My birthday is on July 2nd and I’m glad I’m not alone on thoughts about early-July birthdays (as I wallow in self pity haha) I hope it was still a good one spending it with your family and all :)


  47. Happy Birthday!! Hope u had a gorgeous day..
    and i love those ripped jeans.. perfect on you

  48. Those jeans are gorgeous..and Happy Birthday, im just like you i hate birthday hypes just some cake and good friends and no fuss is much more fun

  49. I’ve read the comments
    everybody had written happy birthday
    like a bad joke planned all together ahaha:)

    so how old are you, that’s the matter:)


  50. The weather is certainly lovely today….. but happy birthday as well! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it :)
    Love the vest and of course those perfect pants.

  51. OK…your last line did it for me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! AND I LOVE your blog and what you are doing :]

  52. Well i have to deny your wishes and hope you had a happy birthday…love those jeans…they are so me.

    Great jeans.


  55. hey!
    the weather here is super hot and i just heard of three other people who also share their birthday with independence day who knew it was such a popular day.

  56. aww my birthday is in late june so I can relate in some way. Everyone is off on their summer fiestas so I find myself commonly alone on such occasions. Well…생일축하! I wanted to be conspicuous amongst all the birthday greetings & wishes in english. haha So how old are you now? are you 87년생?

  57. yep, can totally relate. being an august baby means i have the same dilemma. i remember it used to make me a bit sniffy when i was a wee little one, but as the years went by i realized WHO CARES? bdays suck…and stuff. yeah.

    the weather is rather uncomfortable here, kind of like suffocation. how about yours?

    oh who am i kidding, HAPPY BDAY!!! wish you all the best (love, peace, success, happiness, and so much more) this year :)

  58. Happy Birthday Shini! Sorry about that but come on, it’s your birthday!! Celebrate it! You look beautiful and have a really awesome blog! If you must know about the weather, it’s really hot and windy here! Take care and enjoy the presents! xxoxoxoxo

  59. OH how could I not say happy birthday. silly.

    I too have a summer-break-birthday in august, so I know how you feel! I love the summer the best though, so I am glad I was born in summer.

  60. Nyx

    Well I have State testing on my birthday…

  61. happy birthday love!
    speaking of love- your pants are greeeat, im sooo glad tyou slashed ’em!

  62. The weather is so hot I could just walk out and break an egg on the pavement and I swear I would’ve gotten a bullseyed egg on the spot (of course with complimentary pebbles and shiznit).

    Yum. I’m sorry, I just have to :)
    Saengilchukahamida~! I hope I got that right ^^ Happy Birthday!

  63. Happy birthday, girl! My birthday falls on Korea’s Constitution Day, which used to be a national holiday where everyone got the day off, but now everyone works. :(

  64. Happy birthday! I don’t generally like ripped jeans, but you pull them off well.

  65. Good outfit, I love it! congratulations for your blog, it is amazing. XOXO

  66. everybody always forgets my bday too as it is the last day of school
    despite your aversion for birthday hype i have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    i like your vest a lottttt.

  67. oh gosh, you summer birthday kids! At least you have nice weather to celebrate. Try having a birthday at the end of November in the snow. Not so fun. :)

  68. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    P.S I don’t celebrate my birthday…..last time my friends and I celebrated was when I was about 11 hahahaha.

  69. 1. happy belated birthday (even if you’re not looking for anything!) :)
    2. this outfit is awesome. my favorite looks are always those that are decently casual but still fabulous–and i’m really digging the slashed jeans!!

  70. that t-shirt is awesome. You always have cool nail polish colors. Or colours.

  71. nice nails

  72. Happy birthday Shini! It’s my best friend Micheals birthday as well. Hope you had a gorgeous day :)

  73. happy birthday lovie!! Hope you have an amazing year, thanks for always being so wonderfully inspiring :)

  74. awwww. whatever. happy b’day Shini. hope you had a good one :)

  75. Very chic outfit! Love everything!!! Happy bday :)


  76. MaritParit

    Happy birthday :)
    My birthday is also in the summer holidays, but I love it because then I don’t need to go to school or anything, I can just relax and sleep till late in the afternoon. This year though, school starts on the day of my birthday. Oh joy.

  77. Well, non-happy birthday then ;)
    I cannot believe we still haven’t had our apple tart together.. we should be more organised! Anyway, I hope you’re having a nice summer so far.. I’m still in class – ridiculous for July, huh?! Half-procrastinating in the sun thinking of the dissertation I’m supposed to do, half-planning my holidays in France next month.. :) Anyway, I cannot believe I am spamming your blog with my life.. I like your outfit as always, it really suits you – would look like a tragic hippie attempt on me – I’ve had a look at the Gmarket thing, but it looks like going to Selfridges for the first time on a sale day when you’re 5 years old or something. Your tutorials are awesome though, maybe I will go further than the homepage someday.

  78. I don’t like to hype up my birthday either, probably because I’m at an age that I wish I wasn’t at yet :) Hope it was rad. Great DIY on the jeans- they look exactly like my Topshop ones and was surprised they weren’t when I read your caption :)

  79. Happy Birthday!!

    I love that shredded pants. Looks great on you too.