I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, I’m either running around begging my mother to take outfit pics  (then later deleting the whole set becausem she manages to cut off my feet in every single shot), or busy killing my Sims3 character by shoving her in a pool and removing the step-ladder from build mode. My current mission is to get the roommate to befriend the Grim Reaper and eventually seduce him and see if they can ‘go steady’. This involves inviting elderly Sim neighbours to see if they might want to pass away in my house. Anything to meet my dearest Grim. I know, freak.

On a lighter, and relatively more sane, note, thank you to William for these two amazing illustrations.


Park and the little cube

William e-mailed me a few weeks ago, letting me know that he is also a Christian and then introduced me to his blog where he does daily drawings of friends, fashion and life with added scripture. I couldn’t express my surprise when I found the explosion of God’s blessings, inspiration and encouragement in that one small blog, a blog still wearing blogspot’s default layout and looking like absolutely no harm in the world. If you look closer, there’s a story and mystery in every illustration, drawn or painted with inimitable quirkiness. Now you can imagine my delight when he suggested to paint a few of me.

Some of my favourites:




All by William Montgomery – Montgomery Today

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  1. Lovely =)

  2. Eh, I used to do that stepladder/pool thing all the time. Especially in the original sims, when the damn characters wouldn’t age/die! 5 generation under one roof is too much, especially when they all look the same.

    One of the reasons I want sims3 now :P

    Pretty pictures, btw. ^^

  3. Oh yes, pool/stepladder thing is classic, there are oh so many ways of killing Sims. :D I love how in Sims3 they tell you so-and-so will die soon so give them a visit soon. That’s the time you invite them over for a swim. CACKLE.

  4. the last two especially remind me of maira kalman’s work. i love it!

  5. Beautiful drawings!

  6. Sims Hot Date ruined my freshman year of college. A group of us would surround a single computer and stare for three hours yelling commands for the typist. I once had a character named Robin who wore a skimpy red dress and worked for the government. A tank would come and pick her up in the morning. It was kinda out of control.

  7. Hhahaaaaaa I’m sure you’ve been picked up by a helicopter too – the neighbours just love it. I love how they manage to land a helicopter in the middle of the street of a residential block. Totally relatable.

  8. Peaches

    ohhh please email me the link to his blog
    and im a sims lover too and a christian too lol

  9. such beautiful yet simplistic drawings! oh how i remember that cat picture =3

  10. Such a pretty drawing of you.

    I’m currently quite addicted to the Sims3. I managed to kill my sim in the swimming pool on the first day as well:P Fun stuff. I’m gonna try out the befriending grim reaper thingy.

  11. Beauty illustrations, I often have a hard time simplifying mine drawings, but he does it so well! Yay, another Christian out there, it’s encouraging to know.


  12. wow, these are perfect, i lvoe his style of drawing! you look amazing in pencil, shini;)


  13. hahahah i totally know what you mean about sims3 engulfing your life. too bad my sims days are over :( any recreational time with the computer has been reduced to almost nothing now. hence my commenting on your post during my lunch break! o.o my tummy is about to eat itself. tell me how going steady with the grim reaper goes!

  14. oj, wielka szkoda, że ja Simsów 3 nie posiadam jeszcze, ale może za jakiś tydzień to się zmieni ;) uśmiercanie Simsów w basenie to moja specjalność, a dodatkowo budowanie im pomieszczenia bez okien i drzwi ^^

    przepiękne ilustracje, William ma wielki talent! cudne :)

    ps – jak pogoda w Warszawie? :)

  15. Cześć Baśku :P Budyn bez okien i drzwi jest genius, I wonder if they can die from sleeping in their own puddle of pee.
    Pogoda jest jak broken lightbulb, one minute it’s sunshine and hot, next minute it’s STORMY! bardzo dziwna pogoda mamy tutaj, i tam?

  16. thanks for sharing that, Shini. i’d like to know more christian blog sites so please continue to share. i have some listed in my blogroll, if anyone’s interested.

  17. the 1st illustration is amazing i love it !

  18. Davina

    The first illustration is just beautiful. The colours are lovely.

    I am a Christian also. It’s great that we can use our talents for God’s glory.

    Love your style Shin.

  19. Ivy

    Wow! This guy has a great quirky style. Such character in the drawings.

    And you are very pretty Shin!

    God is so amazing.

  20. Very nice blog and outfit posts! x

  21. Shini,

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful post! It is just perfect.

    Your blog is like no other. Your the postess with the mostess

    My sister and I walking to a cafe today were talking about how much style you have and how sharp your design eye is that you strongly possess.

    Always look forward for your posts. :D


  22. I wish sims3 was compatible with my laptop! Then again, I would be stuck on that game all day! Those illustrations are so lovely! How lucky!

  23. Those illustrations are absolutely lovely.

    P.S. You should invest in a tripod – you’ll never have to rely on people taking your pictures again!

  24. I dooo have a tripod! 3 in fact, but I forgot my remote in London. I know, dumbass. Timer doesn’t work well because the focusing in my lens is quite sensitive, so argghh quite the stress. :P

  25. Nina

    This paintings look amazing! Beautyful!

    Love to Sims 3. I’m too soft to kill my sims. I’m about to cry (okay, I’m exaggerating) when I hear a sim in the neighbourhood is dying very soon. This while I never cry when I’m watching movies or something, haha.

  26. I love those illustrations! Especially with the cat! Lovely! Hope to see your outfit posts soon! xxoxoxo

  27. look, killing off sims is probably the funnest thing one can do on a computer. i will always remember my first kill… i think it was in the original sims. if you had a busted light bulb you could make your sim shower/take bath and then change the bulb right away. they got electrocuted. ahhhh. she had such pretty brown hair. UNTIL SHE DIED. hahahah i’m screwed up in the head. whatever. for a while i was obsessed with having cemeteries on every plot. you know, you can’t BUY a grave stone. it was a bit repetitive though, and you only got one kind of a grave stone. BORING!

    i don’t know if you can go steady with the grim reaper. he’s one of those characters that’s not actually a sim. he’s like santa or the fire fighter. or the maid…. wait, you can snog a maid in the new sims, no? i hope it works then!!! let me know.

    i just read this message… i need a life.

  28. You can definitely date “the help” in Sims2! And I’m pretty sure you could be friends with Santa… I don’t know about the Reaper though…

    And now I want to play Sims3 again.

  29. This is me reporting back. Yes you can befriend the Reaper, but he leaves in 1h or something. So Cinderella.

  30. (Oh I love you.)

    Looks like you can befriend the Reaper, I will try snogging him though.
    I should try the change lightbulb after a shower….except, they don’t get to change lightbulbs anymore! I think I’ll try fixing a TV…

  31. Amazingly inspirational illustrations. I am a sucker for anything in watercolor!

    La C.

  32. love your blog
    keep up ze outfit posts please!! xxx

  33. Thanks hun, he is the most adorable thing ever! Didn’t actually know I could love anyone else more than I love MYSELF (apart from God- yes, shock horror I am a Christian too!)

    Fyi, I love Will’s drawings- very inspiring. I’ve actually decided to ‘change my ways’ some time soon… I’ll keep you posted, lol.

    Love the blog, as always.

    PP x

  34. me <—— christian

    that first painting is so rad. so so rad.


  35. So much talent!

    Love Grace.

  36. very talented artworks and illustrations.

  37. first time I come across your blog…and have been checking your article…you have such amazing outfit and style and those illustration are amazing also so lucky!!!

  38. hehe cuuuute love these illustration styles x