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Neoprene Coat – Gemma Degara via Etsy, Swearshirt – Uniqlo, Pants – Zara, Boots – Loeffler Randall from TwentyThirtyForty.net, Bag – Topshop

It’s a fact, no other food makes me drop everything and travel into the depths of suburbia, or make me change trains multiple times and take a bus; no other than Korean BBQ. If I may, I shall now sing a song in ode to it, do firmly mute your speakers if you value your health. I’ll be belting out some long notes to warm up my larynx first, then sing in serenade mode non-stop for a few hours. Then when I get exhausted and hungry, I shall go eat some Korean BBQ, how’s that for a plan?

Well yes, I believe you get my point.

Unfortunately the best place you can get Korean BBQ in London without having to bbq your own Korean self to pay for the receipt is to go down to New Malden, a one-hour journey from central London down south into Surrey. Wikipedia says New Malden is the most densely populated area of Koreans outside South Korea, which left me thinking what about Koreatown in LA? Surely it’s a more prominent Korean neighbourhood? Probably it was referring to Europe. Anyway that’s a whole other subject that may overshadow the splendour of BBQueen, so reserve that for another day perhaps.

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  1. whoo whut can I say? That pork is ,hot!

  2. That looks delicious, and so do your shoes. I love when they cook the food right in front of you, makes me want to eat it even more!

  3. Korean BBQ is the best food for stuffing yourself silly. I haven’t had it for a while, sadly, but you’re sure making me hungry with that pancake shot. Once I go home to the West Coast I’ll have to get me some…

  4. I love that jacket! They’re sold out though.

    I remember when I studied abroad in Seoul, I ate BBQ after the club at like 4am. They’re open freaking 24 hours I think. Best place to study abroad, EVER.

  5. i love the picture of all the wires.
    and the food looks yummy!
    here in vancouver we have korean bbq places all over, but i’ve never tried any.
    i think i will now :)

  6. I love your shoes!!
    I would like to wear high heals like that but i’m too lazy :)

  7. Hehe this reminds me of when I had Korean food in London!

    I was in fifth grade and traveling through the UK for a choir festival (I was a choir geek!!) and my mom was on the trip as well because she was the accompanist for the children’s choir. We got so sick of the crummy food they were giving us we decided to venture off and find a Korean restaurant in London! I wish I remembered the name… it was the first time I had craved Korean food so badly and we were slightly rebellious for ordering 갈비 because it was during the whole mad cow phase… although the waitress assured us it was US imported meat… haha

  8. How amazing is your new header! <3

  9. Man.. I’m dying to have some 삼겹살 even though it’s time to have breakfast now :P

  10. HAHA I can’t believe you went to New Malden! I occasionally visit friends there, my schools in Surrey (but I live in Surrey). You can tell the moment you arrive in New Malden station about the Koreans, you walk down the stairs and get greeted by the best smell of the little place in the station.. Yum.
    It would be mine

  11. Korean BBQ is so expensive, I have to save some (no, actually almost all) of my allowance for those gorgeous golden brown goodness. thumbs up.

  12. I miss London! I hate to spam, but the last hours of my giveaway are going on! You still have time to try your luck!


    juliet xxx

  13. Love the oufit, you look amazing!


  14. Mmm, Korean bbq…

  15. Korean BBQ is definitely the best on a cold winter day. Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and get some and stuff my face haha.

  16. These are such cool photos, I love your shoes! xx

  17. Hazel

    LOVE KOREAN BBQ! Love cooking it with friends & family around the table, love the sizzling sound it makes, love eating kimchi with it, love love love (i want cho luv *Lady Gaga*)

    Gooodness, why do you make us suffer? I’m starving ova here!

  18. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    your extended legs strike a cool silhouette. i love bacon. but i thought the meats are usually marinated?

  19. HMMMM that looks sweeet, curious of what else they have for Korean BBQ :)

  20. ooo have you been to Koreatown? I’ve always passed by but would end up at Chinatown or Little Tokyo. Korean bbq…I haven’t had any for so long, even though I’m surrounded by restaurants that serve it. If only I could eat your pictures.

  21. Wow beside the Korean food, I loved the christmas decoration on your blog, seriously!

  22. I haven’t eaten Korean food very many times but this definitely makes me want to again!

  23. That looks so scrumptious!

  24. thanks. now i’m hungry like hell!
    love the coat, xx

  25. gahh i can’t wait to go home for the holidays and gorge myself on all you can eat korean bbq in ktown

  26. I love Korean BBQ too! I just took my bf for the first time! I can never have enough when I go… check out my post on it too! http://emilypanda.wordpress.com/2009/12/08/korean-bbq/

  27. The only time I had Korean BBQ was in Thailand… but it was delicious! Not sure how authentic it was though…


  28. i love what you’re wearing! those heels look amazing on you.
    and o.m.g! you’ve just made me so hungry for korean food right now. the best i’ve ever had in the states is in san francisco, but i’ve lived in la for 4 years now and still haven’t been to koreatown hahaha

  29. Like your blogg:D .. you have a very cool style!

  30. //Loving your blog’s Christmas look

  31. christine

    yummmyyy!! i love korean food! i’m going to a korean restaurant tomorrow, can’t wait!

  32. Lee

    Oh what was that place called? I might go on an adventure tomorrow.

  33. Very artistic photos

  34. OMG it looks sooo delicious!!!


  35. I love that you added the snowman to your logo!!!

    Also, Korean BBQ… amazing! I need to get on down to LA Koreatown.

    Love Grace.

  36. Lydia

    Looks amazing! I also love Nara in Soho for Korean BBQ!!! Not quite as far to go!

  37. Erm, please please please NAME THE RESTAURANT! This looks delicious! New Malden is pretty close to my mum’s place – so, as I’ll be leaving London and heading that way for Xmas, it seems right that I try this shizzle!!


  38. Yarrrh the restaurant is called Yami and it’s quite close to the train station on the highstreet!

  39. Korean BBQ is soooooo good. Ugh, now I’m craving it.

  40. woah whooo!!!!!! pa-jeon! yum

    delicious food always call from great distances

  41. samgyupssal!!! and pa jeon!! You make me very jealous, and yes it is worth the travel for good korean bbq!!!

  42. i love that first photo of you and your jacket is beautiful :)

  43. huixin

    That photo of the bbq pork makes me drool~ =D It’s such a joy to enjoy bbq in cold weather, i can never get to enjoy that in my country. It’s summer a year round.

  44. Like the wire photo and your shoes.


  45. always love your photo, anyway happy holiday :D


  46. You look great and I can see You feel good in your clothes, this is the most important

  47. Aww you make me miss LA. I loved Koreatown and the food…yum!

  48. Is this pajoen or pajeon in the 4th pic?? I think i need some korean food soon haha :D

  49. LOVE IT!!

  50. aside from the bacon, those booties look awesome!! Happy holidays Ms Shini!!