I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Faux leather Jacket – H&M, Striped top – Gmarket, Suspender – Sonia Rykiel for H&M, Shoes – Office, Red Skirt – ASOS, Cardigan as skirt – Zara, Bag – Topshop

As of Wednesday term ended for me so I’m now latched onto full-time holiday mode, meaning that I no longer sleep in the direction the bed intends me to, but the direction facing the TV, or diagonally depending on whether there is food to consume near an edge of the bed. Actually I’m scheduled to fly back home to Poland on Monday so I’m trying to juice all opportunities where I can be this lazy (to the point that it’s wrong), and not be scolded for it. Looking at the current European weather, it seems that I will have to do some snow digging, but seriously only if we really needed to get the car out of the garage, please let me be, I’m hibernating.

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  1. sara

    i cant wait for school to end! enjoy the hibernation :)

  2. i love what you’ve done with the sweater!

  3. You are just so creative in structuring your outfits. I really admire that Shini. It looks like you are gonna get snow-challenged in Poland. Think hot chocolate, it helps :D Im also hopping to end school and go back to Spain for x-mas. Don’t know if i’ll be lucky enough to have time for hibernating, enjoy it!

  4. The first photo is wicked. So much going on in it!

  5. suspenders are so cool !

  6. super creative with the cardigan as skirt deal.

  7. conscience

    as for now, no snow in Poland but we expect some today :D

  8. I love your new take one the cardigan! Btw, which objectice do you use on your camera? I’m getting a new one on my Canon 500D and really like the bokeh you have in your pictures. Thanks!:)

  9. enjoy the hibernation! =) love your photos, they are always so beautiful

  10. you look goreous! love the style wearing and shooting

  11. Bst part of holidays, resting and sleeping , definetly

  12. hey i love your blog!! ive just tagged you on mine, you should check it out! :]

  13. Who ever photographs you is talented!

    juliet xxx

  14. that sounds so good! i want to lie in bed until i’m sick of it :( so tired, yawns
    but what a fantastic “new” skirt you made with all the layering!

  15. I love your way to create your outfit and I love the way you wear it!
    You’re génius!

  16. Patty

    Lovely photos! Have fun in Poland. :) I’ve got a week of school left before my Christmas break. You’re lucky to be on yours already!

  17. You deserve the rest!! I’m not done until a week from now so the craziness has only just begun…

    I love the night shots it really sets the mood!

  18. Wow, style on a budget! Love your blog, shoutout to the photographer!

  19. Cardigan as skirt! How have I never thought of that? Haha and yes my backyard does occasionally spit out very confused looking deer onto my lawn who seem to have no idea how they got there.

  20. Suzie

    love these pictures (especially the first one) and your outfit – you are one of the most creative bloggers I`v ever seen!

    PS I`m also going back home (my sweet, sweet home :)) ) to Poland for xmas next friday – finally!!

  21. I love your blog design, it’s so much more aesthetically pleasing than a lot out there.

  22. I know. I just want to hibernate also. Believe it or not, Houston has been catching some cold weather too!

  23. I am both perplexed and amazed by the cardigan skirt. I love every bit of this :)

  24. love this soooo clever!!

    and i love that color orange/red!


  25. where were these gorgeous shots taken?!?

  26. hey

    i cannot believe that you commented my blog thefitoftheoutfit

    i adore you and i see you such as an icon or something, since i read about you in tons of fashion magazines!

    thank you a lot

    a big hug from italy

  27. Oh my goodness the night shots are beautiful!!!!
    Have a fab christmas in Poland!

  28. gosh i love what you’re wearing! the effect of your skirt is just fascinating

  29. The cardi as skirt is amazing! Layered over the tomato red skirt it looks really sharp!

  30. Awesome photos and I love how you put all this together. Have a wonderful xmas back in Poland! I would love snow but sadly I think the UK won’t see snow until Feb as per usual!

  31. Jessica

    me and my boyfriend’s morning pillow talk consisted of him confessing that he has a “huge crush on that park and cube girl”. hardly a confession because i replied with “yeah me too”.

  32. i’ve been following you for a few months and I adore your blog, and will be (finally) featuring you under my “blogs to love” list. Check it out http://julialuckett.wordpress.com/

    Stay wonderful!

  33. The cardigan as a skirt thing is wayyyy neat. ;]

  34. you are so creative with your wardrobe! And that first picture is so gorgeous i could have fainted fromepicness overload.

  35. you look so cool. i love your outfit

  36. Rad outfit- and hibernating sounds quite spectacular right about now!

  37. LOOOOVE the colours! :D
    Realy some pretty pictures!

  38. ahh this is ace!!

  39. I love what you did with the suspender. What exactly did u do? CREATIVE!

  40. I am never bored with your blog. By far the best of the best! I ADORE that garter/leather/belt thing you are rocking. Makes me think of the Bess NYC ads with Noot….
    Excellent, outstanding work….Keep it up!!!
    Should you want….
    Check out my blog, if you like:

  41. love this outfit…. the suspender belt looks good.
    I wasn’t overly impressed with the collection she did. it looked good in the pictures but seemed poor quality in real life.

    Love the shoes as always (not just because I have them ;) )


  42. very different look…definitely made me look twice!


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <–2 girls bloggin fashion from nyc and chicago!

  43. Different and cool, like it!


  44. Thanks for your comment. I’ve just posted pictures of my perfect little kitten if you want to check them out! xx

  45. seriously amazing photos, my fave= 1st one. Night photography can get hard sometimes but whoever is taking yoru pics has done a great job. Clever layering in your outfit, i love the sweater tied in the front as a skirt…

  46. hope you had a safe flight back to poland. can’t believe it’s been like a year since we first started blogging already…

    and you graphics are so subtly genius. a snowman in the & sign. a candy cane stripe across the top border. i love it; always love your layouts.

  47. It’s looks amazign and soo original wtih this sweater!

  48. that’s a very interesting look with that sweater and suspender!

  49. me

    hello first time posting!
    great cordinate i loved it! especially with border shirts and garters!!!
    love them!!

  50. likie the stay-up à la sonia rykiel!

  51. Awww… I love the blog’s holiday theme!

    Suspender thing is DOPE, as I’m sure you know. Happy holidays, and have a safe trip back home!

  52. Wonderfull blog!! love it!!
    I will come back for sure!!

  53. M&E

    woooow your look is amazing.
    love your outfits and your blog.
    we always read it :)))
    lot of kisses.