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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Mum’s Deni Cler, Black jeans – Zara, Bag – River Island, Scarf – Solar

Hello from Warsaw! Please excuse my sparse posting, I’ve had to go to the extent of committing blogger sin by taking outfit photos at the mall because I’ve been waking up to dusk everyday. I wake up to the sun setting – is that wrong or what. Well, the fact that I’m waking up at 2pm and the fact that the sun is setting around then… is probably a similar type of crime. The weather is quite exhausting, I completely forgot that Warsaw gets this bitter cold despite the fact that I spend my winter here what, every year? Happily there are lots of stuff to steal from my mum’s closet, whether she likes it or not – I WILL WEAR THAT GUCCI BAG BECAUSE I’M SO COLD.
What can I say, -17°C makes some screws come loose.

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  1. -18? DUDE, that is freezing!
    I thought I had a hard time with -5 in Denmark.

    Oh, and that’s a real pretty bag, I must say!!


  2. Beautiful pictures, love the bag!

    We have that much snow in Sweden as well, but it is not that cold…

    Have a nice day!



  3. Oh my, I want to live in your coat it looks so snuggly!

  4. Tell me about it, it’s the same damn thing here in Finland too. The whole week it has been like
    -17C and it’s so dark ALL the time. This weather is a definite inspiration killer. You, however, manage to look amazing despite the weather!

  5. I love your coat :)

  6. Love the nail colour.

  7. wow. Your nail polish and bag are sooo amazing… lovin’ this outfit. You look so prettyyyyy <3 !

  8. What brand and color is this nail polish!? i love ittt :)

  9. It’s BarryM 304 Mint!

  10. I love the red. So festive!

    Maria x

  11. I love your red coat !

    I miss snow so much :) I want a white christmas :( !

  12. skye

    I love your bag and your nail polish. lol

    The sun sets around 2PM in Warsaw in winter?!! That’s kind of depressing. We haven’t hit real cold temperatures in Canada yet, so we’re still in the -5 to -10 range.

  13. OHHH!!! That coat is so amazing!

  14. I love the red coat, it contrasts so well with everything white. I’m sure you can be seen from miles away :D How many hours is the trip to Warsaw?

  15. Owwh only 2.5h by plane! :D

  16. Great coat, you look so smartly in red.

    Cheers! :)

  17. Where did you get that nail polish? I love it! I saw it in the Chanel show a few months ago but it appears that green is too scary for the dutch market..

  18. It’s BarryM 304 Mint Green colour, they have a site that delivers too, except I’d recommend you get it from stores. (They lost 2 of my orders) If you’d like I could get you in London after the first week of Jan and send it over ;)!

  19. The red coat is absolutely striking! I will never complain about 20°C weather again. How do you function in such conditions???

  20. You don’t! :D

  21. The sun sets around 4pm for me. I don’t know where Skye is from in Canada, but I had a -47 morning last week in Saskatchewan! :/ I didn’t dare go outside. It’s about -10 now; much more reasonable.
    & I love your bag!

  22. wow!
    your red coat is fantastic! I love it co mutch:D


  23. ahhh totally love that nailpolish..is it chanel??
    you look stunning in red.


  24. Are we talking celcius degrees? Because weather that cold would leave me no choice but to hibernate. That gorgeous red coat is probably the only item of clothing that can warm up the mood!

  25. Definitely Celcius, I think if it were Fahrenheit I’d have to dig in next to the sewers :P however disgusting that sounds (SOUNDS WARM)

  26. I’ve been wearing that nail shade too, it helps combat the weather I think.

  27. Woow Are u in Warsaw!? Yes in Poland it’s so cold !! The best way it’s stay at home ;-) I love this brtish bag ;-)

  28. Wow, -17 degrees… I’d cry for you, but I’m afraid they’d just freeze! How do you even stay warm in that kind of weather? (I guess minimizing time outside helps, hmm?) Enjoy your vacation!

  29. CzerwonaAzalia

    hey ppl i don’t know where you from but it’s NOT THAT BAD – i just came back from theather and it’s -15 in cracow :)

    Girl if you will be here in Krakow please say before if you need any help or sth :)

  30. i could never survive such cold temperatures!! the snow looks so gorgeous though

  31. You look so lovely and warm! I rarely look in River Island at bags but you make me view their bags in a different light now, yours is so cool!

  32. Haha I second all the other comments, LOVE the nail polish (but its all the better worn with the equally awesome bag!

  33. yiiiikes that’s cold. I think? I forget how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. It’s been around 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit around Los Angeles. hehe yes I do love the weather here. :b

    and love your nail polish! I’m actually wearing a color like that!

  34. That red coat looks so good to you. I’m lucky because I just missed the cold weather before coming to visit my family, apparently it was -30 degrees celcius! Now it’s around -10 or so and doesn’t seem so bad, but I’m still not used to it!

  35. -17 degrees? That’s just insane. I’m definitely appreciating tropical weather right now. :D

    I really want that nail polish! :X

  36. despite the cold and the little light, you made beautiful pictures, congrats! the bag is super!

  37. negative what? omg that’s so cold!! happy holidays shini and really love your nail color here :)

  38. so predictable of me to say, but i love the mint nail polish! it’s just so good.

  39. That coat is gorgeous!
    I’m so hot and cold with freezing weather – on the one hand, you get to be all bundled up and adorable, on the other, it’s extremely hard to find good boots that keep your toes warm but are also not hideous.

  40. Gorgeous bag! Makes me ponder a DIY with an Indian Flag! ;)

  41. ashley

    the red overcoat look all warm and fuzzy!
    nice bag in hand too, iwish thre was snow here!
    freakin hot *.*

  42. That must be the most beautiful winter coat I’ve ever seen! I really don’t like winter, we’ve got -11 right now, and I’m freezing!

  43. i just died at that bag. >>–> …. <3

    i'm in love!!

  44. Hey Shini,

    Congrats in winning Best Blog award on Handbag.com!!!!! You deserved it.
    Have a fab time in freezing Poland, the weather here is choatic.


  45. that sounds disturbingly cold. And I thought a 4 o clock dusk was bad! At least you look super chic, and cozy. Stick it to the weather!

  46. my favourite blog of all blogs

  47. haha thanks for the tip! im so gonna try that on my mum next time it hits under -5 degrees. (we’ve got low tolerance here, nz weather is pretty mild)

  48. The coat is so beautiful–it’s my favorite shades of red.
    Love your blog!

  49. Here in Finland we have cold also! About the same, but last week we even had -33 C (our record of the year).

    juliet xxx

  50. What a cute bag! And I love your hair ^^

  51. I love the coat and Gucci bag! Fabulous nail color too! xo, Mel

  52. Hehee that’s not Gucci! that’s just River Island :P

  53. WARSAW! How cool! Happy Christmas…


  54. WOW. What a beautiful purrse! ♥ this 2nd pic.

  55. laura

    love your bag!!!

  56. izabele

    that nail polish is charrrrrming. and your coat, dear god! you could never find such beautiful thing in my country, behhhh
    anyways, lucky you x
    ( it was -17 in lithuania two days ago aswell, but it started to rain today. we’ll all drown )

  57. Can’t believe that bag is Zara!

  58. We just got our first big snow over where I am! It’s exciting at first, but then you have to slough through it the next day. Not so pleasant anymore. That jacket looks so ridiculously comfortable and I am definitely going to try to get my hand on some of that nail polish.

  59. kevin

    Lovely blog,great photos!
    You have great style,
    So gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!and a
    very Happy New Yearall the best!

  60. Happy Christmas Darling! Enjoy Christmas Eve tonight and I hope Santa spoils you! Hope to see you again soon.
    Take care. xx

  61. The coat is beautiful!

    Merry Christmas.

    Love Grace.

  62. I love your coat. it’s so classy

  63. oh god! oh god! oh god!! i loveeee your nail polisssssh!

  64. The Opposite of Vulgarity

    Love that bag! SO cute.

  65. Beata

    I’m trueborn Warsawlady :P You exaggerate all! :P I remember last year -27 temperatures and we went at schools as always;) How can you do not like it?? It’s so brisk then! You can harden yourself. And a hot tea with honey afret walk – priceless:P
    Cheers mate! :*

  66. you take the most amazing photos. love the clothes, and you’re lucky to have such a great christmas atmosphere around you!! happy new year <3

  67. Oh my! Your handbag is amazing! =O

  68. love Krakow and Zakopane! Happy I found your blog, follow me please. Happy 2010, I have a question also where did you get that British colors flag handbag? I love it!!!

  69. Owh I got it from River Island in Poland, you should be able to find it near you too!

  70. Om. my. God. I think I just fell in love.

    With your purse. Haaawt!

  71. the bag –> one of a kind!