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Photos taken during LFW AW’10 Ashish show, Hair strips from shop in Seven Sisters

I remember coming out of the Ashish show in February wondering how the hair was done like that, and 6 months later on Monday I ran into the answer in Seven Sisters. Now, Seven Sisters is not a boutique or an edgy hair salon, it’s a neighbourhood in zone 3 of London, an area I swear never to set foot in again.
Never have I been insulted like that in the space of 10 minutes – threatened to call the police, and literally shoved away from a storefront. What did I do? I took a photo of the shopfront, with my LOMO camera no less, because I thought it was interesting – rows and rows of old wigs. This man stormed out, fuming at the nose and foaming at the mouth, snatched away my camera and demanded me to delete the photo. Not sure what part of This is a toy-like film camera that I use for FUN he didn’t understand, or why he even has a public window display, but he went on to threaten to call the police. So I told him to go ahead call the police, I could do with a second pair of furrowed brows. SERIOUSLY? This guy thinks I took a spy pic to of his wig display? Funniest direct quote ever: “These people are so tricky, she shut the damn camera so the photo can’t be deleted.” Facepalm.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. The hair strips (real hair!) were a steal for £2.50 each, all it needs is to be sewn into a tiny poppy hair clip for use!

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  1. lol you make me laugh!
    would have been very funny to see
    I hate people that have such issues with cameras. I still really don’t understand it

  2. OK I can totally understand why you’d ramble like that, one word: RUDE. What’s the point to display it in public if you don’t want anyone to enjoy it?

  3. Oh Shini that’s awful! It really bothers me that photography is so suspect to people, what is really the big problem with taking a few photos? Usually the response isn’t more than an annoyed glance or sneer but it’s still kind of upsetting to me, what is there to be angry about? For that guy to actually think he could call the cops on you…he needs to do some research. That kind of over the top reaction actually makes him seem like he has something to hide, maybe he’s actually just running a ‘front’?

  4. that’s ridiculous. the man must be a bit old fashioned…I mean, definitely old fashioned if he didn’t realize that you were using a film camera. “shut” the camera? I wouldn’t step foot in that neighborhood either. and anyway, he should know he’s getting good pr! :D his store name probably could’ve been posted if he was nicer.

  5. lol. old guys and their weird issues.

    Cool pics! :)

  6. haha! how funny was that??
    seriously now, I have traveled all around Europe and the only place where I’ve ever been offended for taking pics of display windows was London. err… if i wanted to spy, i’d take pictures at night, when you are closed dude!

    *cool hair effect!

  7. Funny story! Beautiful photographs too.

  8. LOVE THE TITLE OF THIS BLOG POST! So sorry that happened to you. I really dislike being scolded for taking “spy” pictures too. It makes me hesitant about taking pictures in public. By the way I really love the quality of your pictures! They’re so colorful and extremely sharp.

    I enjoy your “rambles” because it becomes more personal and enjoyable! Great to connect while reading.

  9. hahah. shini this is awesome. so sorry to hear that you got hassled… would have loved to seen that scene go down though. sounds pretty epic. can’t wait to see one of those tiny wigs woven into your hair!! wooo it’s going to be so cool. xx

  10. Oh my, that dude’s attitude is the reason I don’t feel as free taking pictures anymore. People get so cranky. Nice pics by the way!

  11. Oh, some people are just plain stupid.
    But the pictures of the show are wonderful, i’m in love with the blue cardigan-thingy there (;

  12. Frankie

    Love the title!

  13. love it! its seems like colour hair strips are the next in thing.


  14. The shop keeper probably thought you were from Trading Standards. LOL

    (The shirt in the first picture is dope.)

  15. Love this sroty, Shini…and it’s also strengthened my dislike for Seven Sisters! That part of town just creeps me out! Stupid old man, why not just get some black cloth to cover up his storefront then?!

  16. exacccctly.

  17. I love the color hair strips!

  18. Ha ha, love your ramble! Seriously, why do people always think you’re a spy when you’re openly taking pictures? Surely you wouldn’t be a very good one if you were that obvious! Any chance you coudl let me know the shop? Need to get some fake hair for a fancy dress party and these seem real cheap, despite the rather crazy shop keeper!

  19. Hahaa never in my life would I buy anything from that man – I might’ve made it sound a bit too rambly but I was terrified and so insulted in real! The hair strips were from this Indian place down the road from the evil guy’s, a HUGE shop filled ceiling to floor with hair fixtures. Google Streetview tells me the shop is called Beauty Queens Cosmetics on 15/17 West Green Road! I’d recommend looking closer to where you live though, you can find these in any hair/wig shops!

  20. @Shini, thanks Shini, will take a look and see what I can find darn sawf! xx

  21. HILARIOUS! i mean, hopefully not too traumatic for you, but I’m astounded at that guys stupidity.
    And I love the Ashish pictures… definitely wishing my hair was long enough to weave colour into plaits…

  22. Those hairs are gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

  23. WHY ON EARTH DID YOU GO TO SEVEN SISTERS? The area has a reputation for being rude and extreme verbal abuses *tut tut*

    Did you know that LCA+ was originally designed as a pocket size Soviet SPY camera? Maybe he thought you were a spy agent? LOL.

  24. You always crack me up with your stories. Hilarious.

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  25. !!!!!!!!!!!! Well I shall certainly stay away if the residents are so mental. ‘shut the damn camera so the photo can’t be deleted’ – made my day!

  26. Ahhh man, what an experience huh? My aunt used to live in Seven Sisters and she wasn’t too fond of it either, she told me that when she moved out of the city to move to much more tranquil Surrey, she found out that prostitutes lived next door to her! Intereeesting!

  27. Ha! That’s so funny! I also think I only ever set foot in Seven Sisters once, I’m sure the majority of its residents are lovely, but my experience was not great. At least I didn’t get this kind of mental treatment though… I do like that red checked shirt, is it all sequined? Wow x x

  28. Beautiful photos, love the colors in the hair.

  29. God the guy sounds like a complete nutcase – although in Venice we weren’t allowed to take photos of the masks in the window displays.. needless to say i need on the sneaky.

    i think i might hunt for that hair.. would be a good way to try the coloured tips trend, x


  30. should’ve told him to go wig himself up

  31. WHOAH! That’s hilarious! What a crazy man!?

    I don’t get why he would have a window display if he didn’t want it to be seen….Weirdddd…


  32. Wow, that’s strange, but thinking about it the hair shops in Seven Sisters don’t really have window displays, it’s all plain plain. BUT I think Seven Sisters is the best place to buy hair in London! The people who work at beauty depot have always been super friendly.

  33. What a total creepy face! I don’t what I would have done but laugh out of nervousness.
    Your story was a great read and Ashish is quite amazing.

  34. Hahaha wth?! Why would anyone even SPY on a hair wig shop?! I hate it when shop owners get so angsty about pictures.


  35. Leonie

    Just saw the same exact thing in a season book, for hair dye and cuts, in the hairdresser and thought it was rad. Same colors and everything, thinking about getting them since i have been there, at the end its just one strand of hair!

  36. love the mix of colors!

    Come follow my blog & new retro shots:


  37. Hahaha, that’s made me laugh first thing this morning, but I do sympathise! People seem to think they have a God written right to stop people taking photos, even on a public street. Very annoying!!

  38. Love your blog!


  39. Oh god, how horrible! Good old seven sisters, perhaps you have to put it down to the huge amount of competition in the wig industry in outer north London? There’s an enormous market for wigs and weaves and just about anything else you can put on your head to help you look like beyonce… so he was probably trying to protect his artistcally designed shopfront???



  40. I actually didn’t get the hairstrips from there, he only had a corner of mediocre wigs and the rest for fake Gucci/Chanel/YSL Handbags/Accessories! Which reminds me, I’d have loved to see him call the police and get busted for selling fake designer bags….hmmmz. The place I bought the hairstrips was amazing though, angels compared to him, I’d go back just for them.

  41. Oh seven sisters, such a “friendly” neighbourhood.
    maybe after the yard sale we can get the 73 up there and take incognito photos of wigs?!
    looking forward to hanging properly with you!
    x fi

  42. Oh my, we should absolutely take a hoard of bloggers and do paparazzi shootout, I wonder if he has a gun under his counter though :P See you a the yard sale!

  43. Oh dear!! this doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience!


    I loved the Ashish show it was amazing! Wish I could of been there!


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  45. Nina

    The hair looks so great on the pics above, but I don’t think I’d dare to wear it like that myself. Today I saw hairstrips like these in H&M, thought I’d let you know. Although those were probably fake hair (I didn’t really look that close).

  46. Owh H&M does hairstrips? Thanks for letting me know! These were real hair though, and quite cheap as a matter of fact!

  47. those hairs are fantastic!!

  48. that is beautiful.

  49. I was considering colourful hair and that seems the good way to do it. Safe way.

  50. lily

    I wanna have hair like these!
    Look, what did I found: http://looklet.com/look/7224110

  51. Hheeh that’s funny! I wonder based on which outfit though, not really familiar….

  52. Rosemary

    Absolutely love these photos! So crisp and the outfits are amazing and look so comfy <3



  53. the hair clips are cool. the stuck up old guy, not so cool. but hey, at least he gave you a story to tell.

  54. seriously cool,

  55. its good to hear i’m not the only one being harassed for taking pics!!! or no…even just having the camera hanged around your neck is a threat!!!

    my story : camera in supermarkets. i was treated like a “high alert/threat” customer.

    whats their problem eh??

  56. so cool, i want pink hair!!! :)



  57. Joey

    Oooohhh…please post pics when you’ve tried the hair strips :)

    Sucks, the unpleasant situation. People are too sensitive these days with regards to photography. Can’t remember the number of times I was told off for taking pictures. For God’s sake! Nobody’s gonna copy your display! We’re taking photos because we think it’s pretty and they should be proud, really.

  58. haha made a memorable trip for you!! when i was thirteen my sister and i were literally kicked out (and banned) from a tacky shop in Maine for writing down a quote from a button they had for sale. they were basically accusing us of trying to steal ideas from their merchandise. we still laugh about it today.

  59. I can’t believe that that happened to you! I love the hair though I think I may want some

  60. […] btw is the day of the Seven Sisters incident. I figured if a day is made by a fruitful excursion something has to rain on my parade, this is […]

  61. shit, he has issues. great blog btw, im like going through the whole thing :P



  62. Hilarious! I only just saw this. You poor thing! It’s because you were alone. I bet he was freaking out because they were real hair.. I bet something’s up with that. He could perhaps be a serial killer, and these are like his trophies.

    This needs further exploration. Seven Sistergate!

    I know: Let’s do a blogger meet up there! Safety in numbers. If we could get like 16 bloggers, all with cameras and killer heels.. just thinking out loud here..

  63. Kelly

    Oh Seven Sisters. It’s a very cool name for a town, but I would agree, not the nicest place. When I was living in London, I was not in the best of areas either, but my friend had to transfer at Seven Sisters to Enfield, which is even worse.

  64. […] Wig pic unrelated to Seven Sisters incident, that one I asked for permission for and the owner said TAKE PICTURE, TAKE MY MONEY, NO […]

  65. […] – we’re in the 21st Century afterall, no? I’ve been keeping these hair pieces since April 2010 after wanting to imitate this particular Ashish show and back then I had the right sort of hair, […]

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