I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Waistcoat – Uniqlo, Jeans – H! By Henry Holland, Shirt – Vintage, Shoes – Zara.

Pity. I was truly contemplating on starting an YOUR HAIR!!? era but the minute I sat in that chair and felt the interrogating glare of the woman in the mirror, I chickened out. Not even a need for a good cop/bad cop routine… actually this happens so regularly I’d chicken out at a traffic warden. (I don’t know how that translates in my allegory…) I love a trip to the hairdresser’s, the simple fact that drastic change only costs an hour in a chair, but annoyingly the length of my hair is just too endearing to part with. Beats me why I even come in the fist place. Thankfully Mr Lee (director/stylist) got the jist and performed a flurry of snips and shuffles as I counted each falling hair, and by the time I looked up a leaf of a fringe had descended on my forehead. Neat!

You must check out the Hurwendeki hair salon in Brick lane, the owner is super friendly (and knows when to stop cutting, evidently) and as you can see, the salon looks amazeballs.

Thank you again Kit for the photos of moi!

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  1. That salon looks amazing! …the chair! :) Also, love your boots.

  2. You looked really prrrretty in th after-haircut shot. Aww. And that salon looks fabulous.

  3. 이쁘게 자르셨네요 ^^

    i only let asian people cut my hair!! hehe

  4. Hahaaa me too :P Is that racist of us or what haha

  5. mochababe73

    @Shini, No it’s not. I am a black woman, and I only let black people cut my hair. This was after a Hispanic woman said she could curl it, and a white woman gave me the worst haircut ever. LOL!

  6. Aww you look younger!
    The salon is soo creative, what a smart person for thinking of such a cool salon. :)

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  8. What an amazing salon…I don’t think I’ve ever been to one that looked artsy and chic. Although everything is all brick and raw it still comes off as warm and inviting…I just love it….anywho love your boots!!


  9. janet

    lovely picture and a unique place.. :)
    you look lovely with ur new hair :)


  10. This looks like an interesting hair salon! I always chicken out when I want to do something new to my hair – I only cut it once a year though.. :)


  11. wow such a cute salon! and although you chickened out, the new hair cut looks pretty! :)


  12. That place looks amazing!


  13. Kyu


  14. wow you get your hair cut in an amazing chic place!!!


  15. Oh I never chicken out, the last time I had my cut was in HK I said to my stylist ‘Go for it, do whatever you want’

    How’s your fringe maintenance?

  16. appearing and disappearing whenever and wherever it wants to, such a rascal. Still bummed about not being able to go with you to seaside, just reminded myself I also have to take food into account grr…

  17. @Shini,

    Ahh maybe next summer then :P

    Umm there’s no ‘e’ after w on the salon’s link ;P

  18. now that’s the best looking hair salon I’ve ever seen!

  19. That is a pretty awesome looking salon! You should just do it! Get a bob! I think you’d look great in one. Though I felt the same, really scared when I got my fringe, but I love it now.

    Btw, how the hell do you wear your shirt as a skirt thing?! I tried doing it, but my shirts couldn’t fit over my mahoosive hips – my hip to torso ratio was be really out of wack!


  20. Hahaa you know, I tried it with one of my own shirts too, no way in heck they fit… You have to try oversized or menswear!

  21. After chicken-out visits, I’ve long quit on the plan of doing anything drastic to my hair ever. I have come to realise that i simply don’t want to and IT’S OK:)

    Now I judge a good salon by how well they know when to stop cutting and how imaginative they can be in reshaping my hair without loosing the length.

    Seems like you’ve found a gem there, in more than one ways!

  22. this salon looks absolutely lovely! i adore places like this; shabby shic, organized chaos and what ever other oxymorons you can think of, hehe. i went to the hurwundeki cafe a couple on months ago which is just wonderful, a bit out of my way but i’d definately go again for the atomsphere.

    it was lovely meeting you at the next event, by the way.
    love, jazzabelle. x

  23. OH MY GOD!!!! That’s sooo nic and cool and I love it so much! That saloon is soo pretty!

  24. this place looks so funky! not at all like the generic foofy places that most hair salons have turned into. loving the fringe and so impressed that you are already mixing in some shearling into your outfit! you are so on top of the autumn/winter trends. xx

  25. what a lovely, beautiful hair salon

  26. Oh I love my hair stylist too, she knows exactly what I want and won’t go chopping too much off my hair! Looks like such a unique and cool looking little salon too!

  27. Love the space of your salon! It’s beautiful.


    C. des Soeurettes Dalyne

  29. These photos are gorgeous!

  30. omg amazing place !

  31. Man, that hair cutting place looks way cool. Like I’d live there cool. Oh and those shoes are awesome. Oh and can you give me photo tutorial? I always get a case of ‘i need to throw out my camera’ when I stop by your site…

  32. mochababe73

    This is my first time on this site, and I love it. I think that your pictures are more beautiful than the Sartorialist.
    I am starting a blog, and yours is a great inspiration.

  33. Luna

    such a great place!


  34. ++f+

    lol. i posted two posts about me chickening out like you. first time, i asked for the leaf over my forehead. second time, the leaf almost got trimmed. the rest of the weeds stayed on and got fried.

  35. “amazeballs” new word of the day…

  36. My cousin has been cutting my air for the past thirteen years of my life and her salon is never as amazeballs as this! I’m jealous.

  37. Oooh lovely fringe! I know what you mean about length though, I wish I’d never cut mine off, and as soon as it gets back to a decent length I am NEVER letting it go…

  38. it’s kind of vintage beauty parlor….amazing would be nice to viisit

  39. the hair salon is soo lovable :)) it’s like they got an old downfallen place and they’ve just tried to place some stylish furnishings but in such an adorable way:)


  40. Lovely, lovely salon. That chair – I die! Love your hair too. I’ve just started going back to a salon after using a mobile hairdresser… you can’t beat that salon experience! x

  41. thats the cooleset salon ive ever seen. just cut it :D i’ve done that twice already and im 14! its hair, it’ll grow back. and is that BANKSY I SEE???? on the outside of the salon??? if i went there id be too mesmerizzed by the graffiti to walk in! lucky salon owners, its an honor to have banksy graffiti your anything. im jealous!

  42. Heheee that’s not a Banksy, but if you come to Brick lane/Shoreditch it’s graffiti heaven, and I mean GREAT wall art, not just hiphop scribbles! I adore your courage to cut hairrrrrrr….

  43. This is such a cool hair salon! Wish I could my hair cut there! XD

  44. Julie

    Love the new hair!! Know that feeling… and what a great salon! Can’t wait to check it out xoxo

  45. I know that feeling. I even have issues showing my hairdresser a picture of how I’d like to have it. But then again, I’m so not able to describe the way I do want it to be cut.

    Keep up the good work!

  46. Tiffany

    love the gold cups!



  47. Guuuuurl, your hair is lookin FAB!! & I miss you!!

  48. amazing

    definatley going to check this place out!!
    love your blog :)


  49. Chrissy

    Well the hair looks fab, and will definately remember them next time I need a local cut! Oh and they have a cafe too… feel some long ‘working’ breakfasts coming on soon….

  50. this place looks amazing. i would never guess it is a hair salon. the fringe suits you nicely…

  51. this place is superb.

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