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Bra set courtesy of B by Ted Baker for Debenhams

Can the boys go out and play with lawn sprinkler while the women talk about body lumps? Thanks!

Ladies, I’ve had a life-changing experience today. No, I didn’t go to Seven Sisters again with rotten eggs; I was invited to view the B by Ted Baker lingerie range in Debenhams and to have a bra fitting. My history of ‘bra fitting’ had been allowing shop assistants eyeball my chest and be given a bra that mysteriously didn’t fit so well. Naturally I thought it was the bra, because eyeballing is such a scientifically-proven effective way of measurement, no? Turns out that all my bras were two sizes bigger and one cup smaller than my actual size. So basically my entire adult life (avec boobs) I’ve had some cotton/polyester contraption around the chest that was sort of relevant to its function. But now my lumps have a home.

The collection ranges from traditional bra sets to silk cotton loungewear, great quality for pricetags that range from £10.50 to £49.50. I personally preferred the simpler ones with no pattern, because no matter how and where, butterflies will always always remain the symbol of tackiness for me. Also I strongly recommend the free bra fitting service in Debenhams for anyone wondering why you can tie a knot with your bra over your chest.

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  1. Very nice photos. I too dig the plain design over the butterflies.

  2. M-J

    Truly beautiful!! It look so well made . Wish I could find them someday in Canada… probably not :(



  3. ahaha i totally agree about the butterfly thing, but there is something so endearing about lingerie shopping! regardless, glad your bras will now serve their intended purpose. it’s a milestone in your life, i’m sure!!


  4. Luce

    I am with you on patterns being tacky. I see some gorgeous bras sometimes but I just want them in a simple colour not some pattern I would also find in a colouring book.

  5. “I’ve had some cotton/polyester contraption…” Hahahaha..ha ha..ha.. wait a minute.. *looks down shirt*
    I’d really love some quality bras but c’mon, do I really need it? Mine are almost nonexistent (tiny A-cups in da house!). But I am 16 so I am still patiently waiting for the day when these two will decide to GROW THE F UP. Hurry up, girls!

  6. Baaahahaha I told my pair to grow the frappé up and they rebelled against me, tell them to take their time ;)

  7. belle

    Gorgeous! <3 lingeries. They are such delightful personal surprise – who cares if no one sees it – it makes for dressing that much more fun.
    ps. Question: Will be in London in a few weeks — any cool hangouts/sights that are must sees?

  8. Oo how exciting, Shoreditch/Brick lane area is a must!

  9. love the photos and i thoroughly enjoyed the post. :)


  10. Oh my goodness, that is some sexy lingerie. I wish he would sell here in the USA. I love Ted Baker.

  11. Whoa, that is some gorgeous lingerie! And while the simpler ones are lovely lovely, I actually really like the butterfly pattern too.

  12. Thanks for bringing this up. While I always admire wonderful underwear and lingerie, I always seem to be buying the wrong size. Which usually results in back and shoulder aches. And of course putting away the beautiful piece.
    Although the thought of people looking, measuring or touching my breasts is kind of intimidating, I think I’ll give it a go. For the love of my back!

    Wonderful pictures as usual!

  13. piekne…….
    xoxo from rome

  14. agi

    haha, I always enjoy your funny remarks, I like ur sense of humor!

  15. i’ve always been to self-conscious to let anyone measure me, although am almost certain i wear the right size.. i do love shopping for lingerie though – and these are the most beautiful pieces x


  16. i really like the set you chose. enough to go and check them out. i’m not a fan of the ted baker brand but i like how simple and classic these are. lovely photographs.

  17. wow these are gorgeous! thanks for sharing :)


  18. Completely ditto with the butterfly pattern thing. Even things irrelevant to clothing with butterflies on them makes me cringe a little bit.

    But I like the bra set you got! The free bra fitting service may just be my excuse for getting a set myself (also that coral loungewear?)


  19. That’s just crazy! And the lingerie looks just lovely!

    juliet xxx

  20. nice underwear!


  21. Haha, I’m really awkward about having my chest measured…I always don’t know where to look! Its like reverting to my catholic schoolgirl past all over again. I read in some magazine once that about 70% of women wear the wrong bra sizes, so don’t worry!

  22. oooh, so pretty!
    a bra-fitting has been on my to-do list forever, you just reminded me, hehe x

  23. I never been to any bra fittings in my life except at La Perla’s press day (3 years ago), the lady just looked at my chest ‘On you’re a XXXX, I’ll send you a sample through the post’ WTF she was correct.

    I bought that butterfly dressing gown a while ago for my sister’s bday.

  24. She was correct? See, I told you eyeballing is scienticially correct… that is just so weird.

  25. AAAh the first one is sooo pretty! still a bit ‘ick’ over bra fittings, i guess i’ll never get over those awkward teenage moments!! xxxx

  26. Amen to the tacky butterflies! But actually love that pink set you chose. Might have to pop along and check it out…

    Miss B xx


  27. Oh man. As soon as I saw the first picture of this post, I knew that I was going to comment about how I just discovered that I’ve been wearing a bra that was one cup too small and a size too big; and then it turned out that that is precisely what your post is about.

    I feel liberated. And free. And so happy to be a B rather than an A.

  28. That first bra equals perfection



  29. great choice!

  30. Snapsies on the butterfly front! I would love my boobs to have a home, I once had a crap bra fitting at John Lewis wherin I ended up with a couple of bras in a size that no normal shop sells, that bit into my skin and left me with a red ghost-bra when I took them off. I’ve been a bit put off by this but maybe its time to try again…

  31. Hey, love your blog, had a look at it, when you came into Robinson Pfeffer once while I was interning there last month!
    Thought I would let you know what my blog is: http://www.thevelvetweekend.blogspot.com

    Really like your photography in all your posts, you have a great eye. xo

  32. I need a bra fitting so much, i find most bras really cause me chest pain but i’ve not had good experiences with fitters either!
    lovely lingerie :)

  33. lusting these pieces.. the colors that crimson is perfection.


  34. Haha great post Shini! Your photography is superb! Absolutely loving that first bra!

    Hope your well!

    Adèle – moltocuriosa

  35. love the bedding on the last pick!!!;)

  36. the images that you took are so beautiful. the bra and panty set is envious. I think I am in major need of checking what is the exact size of my ladies. eeek!
    thanks for sharing and recommending! this place must be in Europe judging by the euro sign?


  37. Love the butterfly print!

  38. hahhahaha. that is true. i had a laugh! and the same problem with bras until while a go… and no pattern for me either. sexy but simple is my way!

  39. I second the recommendation for Debenham’s fitting service. I first went there several years ago, having been ‘measured’ incorrectly at at least two well known high street stores. The nice lady asked what size I was wearing currently, gave a hearty snort of laughter, and came back with brasseries which started at two cup sizes bigger than my current size. Perfect fit! And yes, eyeballing works.

    Now to find sex brasseries that don’t show under t-shirts and clingy tops. I have my trusty nude t-shirt bra from Debs, but…shexshy, it ain’t.

  40. so pretty!


  41. Your lady lumps must be very greatful that they are the right home. Thanks for the debenhams tip, my lady lumps are seemingly not happy, and I am overdue for a bra shop. xx

  42. So pretty!! I thought bra-fitting usually involved groping and measuring with a tape!



  43. ahhhhh love the first one! love your blog + love the bedding in the last shot!



  44. I started reading your blog recently… I LOVE IT! Your writing is so endearing and funny; I especially enjoyed the post about your boyfriend writing false comments to squash your mindgrapes. Beautiful photography, too :)

  45. @Waagella, OOPS totally forgot to ask you what the red thing in the third picture is… is it a skirt?

  46. It was loungewear pants if I remember correctly!

  47. a girl can never have too much lingerie! lovely.

  48. Maya

    Thank you so much for this post- I’m constantly looking for bras that are pretty but comfortable and don’t cost that much. And these are so gorgeous (although the butterfly print less so, I agree) they’ve seriously been put into the running for my new favorite bra.

  49. […] all I’ve done lately is to find out every personal numbers I memorized had been wrong – bra size, eyesight digits, age… (Realised I’d been telling everyone I was 23 long before […]