I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Kappahl, Waistcoat – Courtesy of Dorothy Perkins for Take 10 Project, Dress – Gmarket, Knit Dress & Bag – Market in Vilnius, Shoes – Zara, Belt – Vintage
Thank you brother for the photos!

9 other interpretations: clockwise Sabine (Psynopsis), moi, Adele (Molto Curiosa), Vicki (Magpie Girl), Sherin (Hi Fashion), Leia (Leia’s Delights), Saskia (Not Just Medical), Jen (A Little Bird Told Me), Sarah (We Shop Therefore We Are), MJ (Dreaming Spires & Old Car Tyres)

When we decided to call it a ‘Challenge’ I don’t think any of us actually thought it would be a literal challenge, a style trial – you’ll see in every one of our Take 10 posts we’re expressing some kind of ‘how the helsinki does one style this garment’ remark or another. A lace waistcoat, is this something you’d picture in my wardrobe? Well it’s hanging there now, limp, distressed I’m sure, in the thought that it’ll never again see the light of bulb after this shoot – but fear you not waistcoat, I have seen much potential in you. Dorothy Perkins have sent you along the river on a wicker basket and I will raise you. (Into a DIY victim MUHAHA)

Anyway, do take on a fun challenge by picking out a completely not-you from the sales rack, and have a good old brain rattle that’s usually only necessary during calculus… see how it hurts. Oh, I just compared calculus with styling a waistcoat, shoot me.

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  1. love the lace dress, it reminds me of rodarte

  2. How about gimme your lace waistcoat and I’ll do the DIY hehehe.
    Fab styling btw.

  3. Loved how you styled it! Also, Kit’s right, she’s a dab hand at the ol’ embroidery now! Haha.

  4. Loved the bag!

  5. I love the heels!


  6. God! This is something totally amazing! I think I’m in love

    Btw, don’t forget to check out my new project! – The Fashion Passion

  7. I like both of yur knit dress and bag. They look so pretty!

  8. Love your take on the challenge. That dress is soo unique :) You look soo cute :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. Love your outfit. The dress is beautiful. Sometimes In think trying something different can help with the creativity.

  10. Wow it’s amazing how when I looked at the whole take 10. One item in all but worn in a different style and combination. I love this!

  11. Loove the lace dress! Beautiful!


  12. I love everything about this outfit, the belted waistcoat, the mess skirt, the shoes and the bag! You look brilliant, this is definitely one of my fav from the challenge x

  13. love the dress!

  14. It looks great on you!


  15. I actually like the waistcoat a lot! But I like that knit dress even more. :)

  16. I have to say, a lace waistcoat isn’t something i’d think of buying or wearing, but as soon as i see it on you guys i kinda feel like i’m missing a vital piece of my wardrobe! I particularly like how you and Adele have style it. x

  17. laetitia

    i know what you mean, same thing happend to me with a floral skirt, but thats kind of why i bougth it, at that point i wanted a bit of a twist, sometimes i wear it and sometimes its well hidden in the closet.

  18. The stark contrast of the black and white and then the loose knit with the lace looks original and great – love it!


  19. I knew I had to spend my holidays in some boreal country, your knit “thing” is just amazing! ;)

  20. I like how you did the combination :D
    Love the first picture (:

  21. that crotcheted vest is so cute!!! you could wear it with a million things!!


  22. Love the knit-dress to death

  23. A fabulously creative outfit. Love your description of the challenge! Onwards and upwards for the next one! xx

  24. You look fantastic Shini! And your collage is like, a bajillion times better than mine – I wish we had just used yours! /feels incompetent

    P.S. Posting your waistcoat back today so it can reap the benefits of a Shini-DIY…!

  25. magdalena

    This I love.

  26. Love these photos shini! love the mix of textures with the knit and the lace.
    Your collage is fricking amazing!!!! lol i nominate you to do all the collages from now on!! haha! :) looking forward to the waistcoat DIY! x

  27. You look amazing. :)

  28. Ooh I do love this, and am so curious about this challenge. I’m going to check out Saskia’s post next. This is the core of why I do (& visit) fashion blogs. It’s not about shopping, for me, or want or wish list. It’s this creative challenge: theoretically anything can look good on anyone.

    That said.. I am so not a black lace waistcoat kind of girl. I’m now using my imagination to try to figure out how I’d style it.

    I can’t wait to see you because, having decided I loved the white dress and curious, I see you got it from a MARKET IN VILNIUS. That is not a well known city, Shini, at least not for a girl from the NY suburbs. Except that my grandmother happens to have been born there. Got the chills. xo

  29. What’s up with us and weird coincidences? I bet your brother sat jury for the trial of my brother’s ex gf or something!! Glad to have you back, but goodness how did you leave the paradise behind!? I’d have stayed and said screw boring London! Can’t wait to hear about it Thursday!

  30. @Shini, boo. whatever you guys are doing thursday i’m sad i wont be there. hopefully see you at the yard sale though?

  31. yah BOO, we figured we shouldn’t be evil and drag you away from your dissertation, my bf is practically MOANING about his deadline. Go LSEers, get it done and we’ll play! See you at the yardsale definitely!

  32. love this take 10 project idea so much. you always manage to take unlikely things and make them look incredible shini. you are like a little fashion magician (the diys are included in your bag of magic tricks)… p.s. i ADORE that bag. please please get me one next time you go back home.

  33. :'( Vilnius is unfortunately not my home, I’d love to visit again and sweep their market again… garh. Let’s get together now that Jill’s back and all! :D

  34. @Shini, yes please! i am officially doing nothing after the first week of october… and i still really want to eat sushi with you in poland. just so you know…

  35. thats a beautiful outfit :)

  36. I love the contrast of black on white – Shini, you rocked the waistcoat!

    Bring on the next challenge… :)

  37. Love the layers and different lengths!

  38. i love your outfit!


  39. You look absolutely beautiful! I love the dress you wore with the lace waistcoat! I will definitely be a new follower if you follow my blog back!


  40. wow i think you’d have won that challenge, had it been a competition.
    you totally made it your own.. back n white.. varying lengths.. hot shoes… yep thats a winner.

  41. That knit dress is so beautiful. Love that bag too! You look so lovely Shini!

  42. I really love how each of you girls wore this lace waistcoat so differently! Your version is really feminine and pretty! I love that white dress! You look lovely!

  43. cool! love your knitted maxi dress.


  44. I have already let you know the love I have for your whole outfit!
    Very proud of us all :D

    Adèle – moltocuriosa.com

  45. You say it, Shini! Wouldn’t it be boring if we stayed in our comfort zone all the time? And your knitdress combo is just fabulous. (& now I’m very excited about the future of your vest…)

  46. I think you did the most original take on the waistcoat…the knit dress is genius with it!

    But yes, I would love to see how this little DIY project goes…muhaha!


  47. I love your style, you’re so unique ! Your knit dress is so original ! I love your website so much !


    ®® ® ® ® ®®

  48. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR DRESS ! its sooooo beautiful, and it looks amazing on you!!
    I want to follow , but i dont know how.:(
    Anyways, fabulous blog!
    I actually made my own fashion blog about 1 and a 1/2 week about and i was wondering if you could check it out when you have time. Thanks!


  49. Love your bag, your dress, your style!

    Les Soeurettes Dalyne


  50. Davina

    I gotta say Shini,

    you wore it best, in my opinion.

    Always love black and white, very smart combo.

  51. simply beautiful! love the black lace vest over the dress


  52. Rosemary

    Thus far one of my favorites outfits you have pulled together <3 beautiful.


    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  53. i love that each of you styled the lace vest so differently! x


  54. I love how you wore yours. The black lace on the white dress looks amazing.

  55. cute idea! taking sth you normally wouldn’t wear and trying to make it work…PLUS putting your results out there for the world to see.

    feels like i havent been back here in ages and glad to see your blog is going so so strong now shini <3

  56. I’m going to DIY mine too – can’t see it getting as much use as it is… crop top maybe? We’ll see…

  57. It never actually crossed my mind to challenge myself that way by picking out something that I usually wouldn’t! It’s genius… I think I shall try it sometime and see how it turns out! P.S. Your entries always make me laugh ;)

  58. That’s simply genius! Love it :)

  59. haha i love the text as much as the photos and outfit♥

  60. I love the way you layered textures. Even though the lace vest isn’t your style you sure did make it work and I love that!!!!

  61. Love your shoes

  62. nice outfit!i love it!
    and good luck for the next challenge :)

  63. so rodarte fall 2008….i love it!!


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