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Will instagram for food, I kid you not


Jenny from the (Swiss) block (of cheese)






(All instagram-style additions in this post shot with the Samsung Galaxy Camera)









Military coat – Zara. Jeans – James Jeans. Shoes – Isabel Marant. Scarf – Highlands tartan scarf. White cashmere turtleneck – Uniqlo. Travel wallet – LV Mon Monogram; Thank you Jen for the shots of moi!

Last weekend my life turned a corner… correction, my crusade for a hyperglossed online representation of my life turned a corner. Berlin had won the Most Photogenic City as part of Samsung’s Life’s a Photo social campaign around the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, and I was part of 45 bloggers that were invited out in celebration. Guys, this camera changes nothing, and absolutely everything – I’m having a whole new instagramming experience with this. See, I’ll still pause a perfectly civil dinner to do Taichi moves over the food with an image-capturing device, but those photos will be crisp and juicy in colour. I’ll still look like a complete douche-baguette fondling my phone at the dinner table but this time I’ll be editing my photos instead of flipping between filters that make the chocolate dessert look like cold poop, or hot poop. I will still get pinched nerves on my shoulder thanks to weight in cameras (nothing replaces the Canon beast), but I’ll have agility with this beauty tucked in my sleeve. And get this, I will still overshare the mundane things of my life, but I may or may not use the 21x zoom to shoot the better looking food across the room because haven’t you heard, bragging about stuff that ain’t yours is the next level, yo. See – nothing, yet EVERYTHING.

On an unrelated note, and I’ve spoken about this before, there it was again – the odd sense of comfort when travelling with a bunch of bloggers where an eyebrow shrug towards a corner means outfit shots, now, and collectively tackling snow in four inch heels until we’re reduced to communicating in 140-character grunts, mostly using words like feet, hurt, hungry, cold, hotel. There were many, many bloggers/photographers/instagrammers (I’ve never seen that many MEN in a press trip) at this event and at the end of the day we were inevitably sat around a round table having to make small talk and seem normal. Of course, being bloggers and inherently introverts – we all kept our head dipped and noses in this amazing new apparatus, affixing clip-art party hats on photos of eachother using the editing software, silently laughing at jokes that was never heard past the salt & pepper shaker point on the table. The waitress thought we were in group-prayer for the entire evening. Best party ever, really.

Also, Most Photogenic City in the world? Discuss.

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  1. beautiful shots and love your scarf!


  2. Gorgeous pics, that is such a great opportunity.


  3. The photos are really beautiful, I love all those painted walls!


  4. Your photography is ridiculously inspiring! I have so much to learn… :) And I’m a sucker for street art – it always makes an amazing photo! Berlin holds up pretty well I’d say!


  5. stunning captures!


  6. Ironic how we drop thousands in dough on DSLRs and then always resort back to miniature ninja-like photo weaponry to do the same job. We bloggers are such a weird specimen.


    Right this way, a CHANEL GIVEAWAY 

  7. Awesome <3

  8. I have been thinking about the ‘most photogenic city in the world’ bit since Carrie brought it up in her post, and I can see why some people say Berlin, but those people clearly have never been to London or Paris, or anywhere in Italy, I think!

    Also, bloggers at dinner tables… while in lots of London (not so much Los Angeles) though restaurants they are pretty used to me whipping out my DSLR and snapping photos of my food, I have particularly fond memories at the bizarre looks a couple of bloggers and I go in The Diner in SoHo before it became a stereotypical London blogger hangout, when we’d just come back from a whole load of press days and we were going through press releases and goodie bags over our meal. I think they thought it was out shopping, and had never seen diners treating shopping like that before!

  9. that is really funny. I dont think berlin is that photogenic, but your photography skills def makes it look amazing. I wish I had your eyes.

  10. We can all be douchebaugettes sometimes… it’s human nature. But hey, at least you take great photos! I think if I saw a blogger out in public, I would smile because they are brave for putting themselves out there!

    I think each city has gorgeous places in it, and it’s up to the photographer to make it a good shot. however, I know many places in Canada that can make a gorgeous photo!


  11. This looks amazing. Hearing tons of good stuff about the camera already from all the bloggers. I wonder who else also went aside from you and Carrie!

    Can I presume that all the instagram photos here were taken with the Galaxy camera? (They should have created a new name to differentiate between their cameras and phones!)

  12. Shini, you never fail to serve up exquisite variety!
    This, right here, is why I love this blog so much.

  13. your photos are fantastic

  14. Oh thank gawd i’m not the only one who thinks aloud that some truffles remind me of doggie poop.

  15. Haha, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that party. >-<

  16. beautiful pictures from Berlin!! This camera is so cool!!!


  17. stunning pics!

    xoxo from rome

  18. This camera looks lovely and takes some amazing shots. I need a new camera and will take a look at this one.



  19. I don’t think Berlin is the most photogenic city in the world. I found it quite difficult to photograph actually. Maybe it’s better in the summer? It just felt really cold and sort of fun down. Berlin is beautiful in it’s own way… but I think it’s kind of difficult to capture it on camera.

    Anyway, I had loads of fun despite the cold. Love all your photos. You captured the city so well. xx

  20. Rebecca

    Most photogenic city imo is Hong Kong – light pollution, pro or con whichever you take it, is to be blamed for. The truth is, no matter how crap your digicam gets, you are almost guaranteed a good photo in point-and-shoot mode. And of course, photos never do a place justice if it’s not explored first hand.

  21. wow that camera looks great! So small! Xx

  22. Very lovely photos! Your blog is a beautiful collection of entertaining words and captivating images x

  23. Did you love or did you LOVE west berlin? lol

  24. Was just over at Wish Wish Wish and spotted you in one of her pictures and thought ‘oooh Park and Cube must have been among the lucky few who got invited to this event too’. So here I am and yes you were – fabulous pictures – fabulous opportunity.


  25. Aww love your wallet! : )


  26. aahhh the pictures are amayyyyyzzinggg! <3

  27. Stunning pictures but as the most photogenic city in the world? I’m not gonna place my bet on this one and mainly because I’ve not experienced Berlin myself. As for now, this is absolutely gorgeous and I believe this is all due to your ridiculously impeccable photography talent.

  28. definitely one of the most interesting and of course photogenic cities in the world. sadly your photos were mostly taken in that one backyard at the hackescher markt (great place though, but no diversity). there are lots of other places that are far more interesting. come back and give it a chance for a few more days : )

    greetings from berlin.
    love your blog.

  29. Hi Andrea, tell me about it! We had less than 2h to see 5 locations in E.Berlin which meant most of the time spent in a van. Next time would love to go for a few days so I could check out much more!x

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  31. you’re right. bloggers are inherently all introverts. haa.

    the pictures are fab.

  32. Love your great pictures!

  33. “taichi moves over the food” that describes it perfectly, hahaha! I’m always annoying my friends “wait don’t eat it yet, need to get a pic. i think that’s why i don’t get invited out anymore :( Anyway…sounds like such an awesome camera, i’ve been really impressed with all the new stuff samsung have come out with, the notebook was really good and now this camera!! XX

  34. Beautiful city and post and outfit :) Aaaalways wanted to visit Berlin.
    Btw I’m the awkward person who almost got you run over on Old Street the other day. Didn’t want to seem like a stalker or anything but I HAD to say hi :)


  35. Lauren at adorn la femme

    A throng of fashion bloggers storming the city! What a cute visual!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

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  37. Such lovely photos and blissfully written content as always.
    Big love,

  38. This is the coolest camera I’ve seen in a long time. I’m obsessed with taking silly instagram pictures. It’s become a topic for my friends. I’ve never been to Berlin but all the pictures that I’ve seen portray that Berlin is so beautiful. It’s one of the cities I’m dying to see in real life.

  39. Lauren at adorn la femme

    I adore how described this gathering of bloggers in the most photogenic city! Was startled when you called them introverts~ I have always thought bloggers must be extroverts since they typically wear their hearts on their sleeves for the whole world to see!!! These photos are exquisite and the one of you with the bear is darling!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  40. These are goregous pictures. I didn’t know Samsung had a camera! I’ve been looking to upgrade my point and shoot as well!

  41. You are awesome!! And you always have great photos!!

    Gvanta from http://www.hannoverfashion.com

  42. I love your sideways take on life – and your photo’s!

  43. Great photographs!


  44. Craving for a new digital camera. My old panassonic one is starting to have some symptoms of deadliness haha. Love the post!

  45. my home town! <3

  46. Berlin looks amazing, it seems to suit you down to the ground as well, you look really at home there! The camera looks amazing too of course!

    Love Tweet xx

  47. I am SO interested in trying out this camera, I really wanted to get a Mark 5 but this one seems like a better idea…

  48. I love these photos, Berlin sounds so beautiful, the blogger meetup sounds amazingxx

  49. AVVESOME colors in your photos, it does somevvhat emits the coldness from the vvhiteness of berlin. Rather interesting to hear that bloggers,instagrammers or photographers are inherently introverts. Perhaps that’s why they are so affluent in expressing alternatively in a more virtual manner (online). Hope to meet you someday if we ever cross path!

  50. Nia Mulyawati Sutarvan

    that’s beautifull :)
    great !

  51. Not sure it is the most photogenic city in the world but Berlin is a fabulous city to spend time in…

  52. I’ve always had an interest in visiting Berlin, and am excited that it’s within reach now that I’m in London. These photos have just put it that much higher on the list – what an amazing city, and you’ve done a great job capturing it. #cantwait

  53. Great pictures :D
    An Italian kiss
    Francesca from http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  54. I love Samsung devices especially their smartphones. Anyway, I just bought this Samsung Camera and it’s really amazing. I love the photos, and I don’t believe that it’s under-rated. I observed that one of the keys for a successful blog is to have great photos.

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