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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Pleased to meet you, NYC










Distributing fingerprints on every surface at the Marc Jacobs SoHo boutique






Marc Jacobs Daisy






Marc by Marc Jacobs FW13






Wearing: Shearling leather jacket – Muubaa Aurora. Contrast-sleeve jumper – Topshop. Quilted orange skirt – Topshop Boutique . Geometric print skirt – YesStyle. Bag –Kurt Geiger Shoes –Givenchy.

This post was drafted the day after I’d returned from a trip I still suspect was only a dream, one of those sickly-sweet ones you get when your bed linen are freshly washed and you’ve just jumped in from a hot bath. The photos were edited ten thousand feet above the pond, then strung together in a sequence once home, I was drunk with fatigue, but my head was still in the clouds with fresh giddines. I decided I’d leave it at that to pick up fresh the next day, which was the day I read the infamous piece by Suzy Menkes on the circus around fashion weeks and the general integrity of bloggers. Now, to be clear, this is not a rebuttal, or even a commentary. I’m not in the bleachers when it comes to  the street circus game – I’m neither a ‘peacock’ (not that I choose not to, but learnt early on that I do not have the tailfeather(x) -factor), or a ‘black crow’ fashion industry member shuffling through to do their job at fashion week. But it did make me halt because that blogger in paragraph twelve who accepts ‘trophy gifts and paid-for trips’, does refer to me too – in fact, isn’t this sort of post exactly one of the latter? A few days later Leandra wrote her two cents, and then Susie, both gracefully agreeing and disagreeing with Menkes’ points, but also undeniably displaying an attitude of self-reflection which I also found myself to adopt on reading the article. The only difference was, I couldn’t find a suitable response (preferably backed by stellar writing talent) or even the balls to ignore it completely, especially having this post lined up. So every evening since returning I’ve been arguing with myself whether to man-up and post, or seek refuge in the Winchester with a pint and wait for it all to blow over… and this went for two weeks. Who was I kidding, this was not going to ‘blow over’. Echoing what Leandra wrote earlier, we are indeed entering an era where bloggers will not be able to show preference without having our motives questioned. So here I am, withdrawing myself from behind the oh no, will they judge me too wall, with a small promise to you that I will be as honest as I possibly can when it comes to the content of this blog, and that quality control will come before any amount of kebab-money.

With that said, I’d like to thank the Coty and Marc Jacobs teams for the opportunity for an amazing first-time experience in New York, and a privilege to learn more about Marc Jacobs fragrances through #MJDaisyChain. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Love what you wrote despite your claim for lack for writing talent. Tis not true! I just hate how Menkes paints bloggers with such broad strokes, without attempting to understand that there are differences between the quality of blogs out there.

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  3. Cocoa

    Hi, i’ve been reading your blog for a very long time but never thought to make a comment until now.

    While I do understand about the ethical problems (sticking to your own opinions, not letting people buy you off as a brand) of being a blogger, I also think she’s writing from an elitist standpoint that the only people that can break into the fashion industry are the ones with “real jobs”. While I have an interest in fashion, I chose not to act on it as my “career” and chose to go a different path, but I still love fashion. With that being said, I respect you and many other bloggers because as ordinary people, they (and you especially!) have created a sort of a bridge between ordinary people, and those with “real jobs” in the fashion industry. I don’t know what I would do if I was a blogger of your caliber, because you have been given so many opportunities, and most of them would not have presented itself to you if you didn’t have this blog at all. I understand that the intention of a “blog” in the “golden days” was to showcase personal style and have it be relatable and such to normal people, and that it was supposed to be the voice representing real people, not a voice diluted with sponsorships and glamorous giveaways from exclusive designers.

    But if I had been given these opportunities, I would definitely try to make the best of it because it’s not everyday that you can bring a dream like this to life. It may be hard to make the best decisions regarding what/what not to accept/support and still maintain a sense of dignity while doing so, but I think you are doing quite well with this type of !@#$

    It’s sad that bloggers have been painted with such a grim picture lately; I think it’s the reluctance of the ‘insiders’ allowing ‘outsiders’ in combined with a few bad eggs from the blogosphere, and the creation of a new job title “blogger” that has made it so hard for you and others to be able to live peacefully and do whatever the eff you want

    I also completely understand your lack of trying to derive some kind of input, because it has probably made you go through an early mid life crisis :/

    (Seriously, do whatever you want, i’ll always be eyeing you with a berserk look of jealousy and admiration and secret longing to be best friends with you because, you are thee best -> not biased at all towards you)

    anyways this is just my 2,or 3, or 5 cents. i don’t want some kind of argument y’all.

  4. Is it bad tnat i kind of was wishing this post was about Marky…mark….


    P.s. Tho i do love the smell of Daisy EDP :)

  5. fantastic boots!


  6. Your photos are gorgeous, very neat. I like the fact you shot the Marc Jacob shop before and then we get to see some pictures from the front row. I particularly appreciated the one of the hord of photographers because of the two that noticed you were photographing them and that even one of them was showing you his tongue as if he were telling you “uh who are you shooting ? WE are the photographers here !”

    As for Suzy Menkes, I both read Leandra and Suzy pieces and obviously each one expressed their opinion in a way that I could have never done because of my lack of writing skills (not to say that I’m not an english native speaker but that’s not a good justification per se, I know) but nonetheless Suzy Menkes’ piece touched me. Though I never went to a fashion week, I do feel like my blog is a place where I can freely express myself without binding to some rules, I can speak of whatever I want and open a discussion with my readers. Obviously there are different type of blogs, like there are good and bad ones. Us, bloggers are surely not fashion magazine editors or journalists but I do feel that we have the right to express ourselves, regardless of if we are inside or outside the fashion world. Furthermore there is one thing that printed publications will never have and that is really valuable : THE IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK of our readers. In journalism, readers are passive whereas with blogs they are active which I think is something that is taken in account by the brands working with bloggers.
    Jenine Jacob, founder of Independent Fashion Blogger, also wrote an answer to Suzy article and published an interesting video where the so called fashion journalist were praising fashion bloggers back in 2010. In this case, I am wondering if her sudden change does not lie in the fact that fashion blogging is taking a new road which is difficult to tell where it will lead us ?

    I wrote such a huge comment and don’t even know if I’m making sense, anyway, your writing skills are not to be ashamed, on the contrary ! What brings me back to your blog is precisely your writing !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  7. Your pictures are so WOW-inducing. I’m happy for you and your experience! It’s definitely something to remember!

    Sandra xx
    Sandra wears Prada

  8. Beautiful photos as always!
    And I’m glad to read your post regarding blogging integrity. Nowadays it’s always “he/she got it for free, so their opinion MUST be extremely biased”, which is NOT true. Suzy Menkes may not, but I have stronger faith in the bloggers who I follow and look to for recommendations.



  9. Shini, your posts are ALWAYS beautiful and a pleasure to look through, and I’m sure all of your readers would agree that things you would be worried to post/think are not worthy would in fact be loved and welcomed and read!

    This post is certainly no exception :)


  10. Ahh, New York… where even the grimmest of colors are beautiful.

    I had actually read that article in T, and though I’m nowhere near the behavior she referenced and am not arguing on self-pardoned pretenses (not that I’m accusing you, Leandra, or Susie of that!), I can’t agree with all she wrote. Sure, a lot of people look like they’re just trying to make a publicity stunt and I do agree that much of personal style has been lost to bigger and better trendsetting, but as for blogger gifts? Bloggers provide a service, and successful bloggers deliver their service to thousands of people daily, which for the most part, is done entirely free of charge. If brands would like to thank bloggers for their work, or allow them an opportunity for in-depth, high-quality content, I don’t see a problem with bloggers being given product or expense-paid trips to fashion weeks. They’re potential business partners, and in many cases, it isn’t unethical to give gifts or “take them out for dinner.” Maybe I falsely interpreted her complaint, but that’s my two cents.


  11. it’s kind of hard not to read the menkes piece being both a blogger and being.. er, online. i feel the stereotype of this “blogger” menkes describes is kind of dismissive and totally discounting of actual credible bloggers out there. more than just a bit patronising, and quite hypocritical (surely this barter system economy thing has been going on for an age) but hey this is the internet and everyone’s entitled to their opinions..

    what i actually wanted to say was, that is one kick ass jacket and love your images of the marcs show and new york.. as always i love going thru your photos! x

  12. I love your honesty and I still can’t believe you don’t think you have a writing talent. What nonsense!

  13. such pretty shots!


  14. I read those articles too, and I agree with Leandra! Time changes!
    It is so great to have been to New-York, it must have been amazing, all the photos are beautiful, as well as your outfit!


  15. I love that you’ve layered 2 skirts, & those boots are awesome!!

    I think i need to read the suzy menkes article again before I form a view.. but already i find her annoyingly provocative (maybe she’s just enjoying playing devil’s advocate?!).. Ultimately, i think it doesn’t even matter what the (paid) reward is for doing posts, so long as the output is still of high quality. For example, I find some of the Blond Salad’s words cringeworthy, but the quality of her photos & outfits still impresses me, so I carry on reading.. My favourite blogs however are the ones with an interesting perspective, great pics, & eloquent words, ie this one :), & Frassy etc..

    Katie x

  16. The dream you lived is beautifully transposed with these shots ! !


  17. always love your photos, absolutely amazing


  18. Hi there,

    I don’t want to be a nag (which I might sound like now) but isn’t it Marc Jacobs FW 2013 (right now it says 2012) ?

    I love your boots, they look really good on you and I am already in love with the new collection of Marc Jacobs. He’s got so many good things! Always!


  19. Well said :) I would also like to agree with the others that have commented in saying I love your writing and without a doubt that second shot of NY took my breath away. If that’s not talent I’m not sure what is!


  20. You are so lucky, this project is just amazing!!!! I really love your outfit!!!


  21. stunning photo’s x

  22. I haven’t really followed the debate, but as a reader I feel I can pretty soon pick up which bloggers who are sincere and honest, and whom are not. Maybe I’m deceiving myself?

    Well, I like these shots! All those bright colors are just what I need right now.

  23. No way am I complaining about “trophy gifts and paid-for trips” when they end up in such gorgeous posts. I think the major point arising out of the ‘fashion circus’ debate is that it is wholly dependent on the individual: after all, no matter how much you try to generalise them bloggers (and people in general) are undoubtedly individuals. You yourself, Shini, are an individual I love to hear from because you strive for authenticity and I think – without added condescension from the traditional media – the cream does rise to the top on its own when it comes to voices and blogs that people really want to read.

  24. Well, as I’ve already shouted to the world (i.e. my 21 twitter followers) that I’m dearly missing your fashion week commentary I am delighted that you ‘womaned up’… I only read the Ms Menkes article this morning and while I agree on many points with her (circus, self-indulgent to ridiculous, etc.) blogging is a way for beautiful girls to become models, gifted writers to become journalists and creative people to try to get work in the fields they’re interested in. It’s a tough world, and trying new ways cannot be wrong… Plus, I don’t want to miss out on your writing and photography no matter sponsored by whoever.

  25. I always love your photos, they are amazing. It looks like you had a great time! Very jealous.



  26. I always love your photos, they are amazing. It looks like you had a great time! Very jealous.



  27. I always love your photos, they are amazing. It looks like you had a great time! Very jealous.


  28. Love Marc Jacobs! I have a super lovely green bag :)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  29. Amazing pictures!

    Great post :)


  30. NYC, such a beautiful city. I love the colors Marc Jacobs used in the new collection, especially the purples.


  31. Such a beautiful pictures !! ;-)


  32. you look inspiring

  33. I LOVE THIS! <3

  34. don’t ‘real’ journalists get free stuff? one of those came to my shop the other day and after trying on some things told me that she never pays for her shoes. I asked her whether she works in a shoe-making industry, and she said no, she writes for herald tribune and she gets shoes from designers to write about. I was bummed out! so those are the ‘real’ journalists complaining about the annoying bloggers infesting the shows and getting free gear…right…

  35. Perfect photography and glad that you enjoyed your first trip to NYC. It’s an awesome city – I would love to go back some day!

    Yes, I don’t really have much to add with the whole Suzy Menkes article as I feel that every season this whole debate is highlighted again and all bloggers get tarnished with the same brush – I loved Susie’s response but all I can say is that I whole heartedly agree with your kebab and quality control sentence haha!

    To me, your blog is completely transparent and honest and I have honestly never judged you!

  36. Awesome post! Love it!


  37. I’m glad you finally decided to post Shini. If I hadn’t seen you in the flesh I would have been wondering if you were still alive.

    Your photos of NY and the MJ store make it look absolutely dreamy. I’m so glad you finally made it over to the US. Can’t wait to see more posts from you.

    p.s. you are always quite upfront about your sponsored posts and gifted items/trips.

    p.s.s. you are a peacock.

  38. Ruru

    What! you were in NYC!? My office is right at Lincoln Center, just across from the picture you took. Hope you had a good time! ;)

  39. I love that you chose to comment on this. After reading both articles as well the other day I found myself to be someone staring from the outside in. I’m neither a huge blogger nor am I a member of the fashion industry (although what I’m doing in school is working towards being there). I think it really lies with integrity and intelligence. There are some bloggers who flash the fact that they receive all of these wonderful things in a way that makes me want to run in the other direction, all the while leaving thousands of readers behind who still love and adore them. Then there are those like you, who I come back to not just for the gorgeous photos (which thankfully are not just all outfits) but also your honest writing that doesn’t seem forced or faked. I think that more bloggers should look at you as an example of how to be gracious and humble. I enjoy reading about your trips and gifts not because you flaunt them but because you do so in a way that honestly makes me think you just went to the store and picked up the item for yourself. Then again, in a niche that’s all about being the best, that can be hard for some women and men, and some seem to sacrifice that for internet fame.


    A loyal reader and fellow blogger.

  40. Beautiful photos as always Shini! I find the whole debate rather amusing, as if Suzy thinks the majority of journalists don’t get their press trips paid for, or receive discounts from brands, or are friends with designers and allow that to bias their coverage… I think it’s very clear on your blog and on Susie’s when something’s gifted or paid for, and you generally seem very honest about your likes and dislikes. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  41. Lauren at adorn la femme

    I appreciate your candor and honesty how you feel about the article and willingness to be transparent about the receipt of goods.

    When I see a blogger wearing or featuring a piece, I just love the fact they are talking about it. I don’t really care if they bought it or were gifted! I really don’t see what all the fuss is about–if I like it, I like it and I expect most other readers will make up their own minds and not be influenced so easily!

    I have interpreted Suzi to dislike bloggers in a big way and I do resent the remark she made about trophy gifts and expense-paid trips as if that is all my fellow bloggers aspire to~ like some foolish hoard. That was most insulting part of the article, in my humble opinion!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  42. Such beautiful photos!


  43. I’m glad you manned up and decided to post because I loved reading what you had to say :)

    I LOVEEEE your leather jacket, i am currently on farfetch.com umming and aaaahing, it’s painful and the givenchy boots look PERFECT, i am in total envy xxxx

  44. Hi Shini,

    I really enjoyed this post!

    I just wanted to say that You deserve everything you have worked so hard to achieve and your talent is undeniable.
    So no need to hide behind that ‘wall’ You mentioned, because, we, your readers, love your work.


  45. Great article, I love your photographs!


  46. Someone needed to start the conversation about blogs and traditional media and where it all fits, what it all means. It strikes me that most fashion bloggers, rather than being aspiring fashion journalists, as Menkes seems to believe, are more akin to one-stop ad agencies — photographer, model, stylist all in one, with the added benefit of a personal narrative that is either interesting to read about or isn’t. So the lack of critical journalistic chops that Menkes deplores as absent in most fashion blogs is kind of beside the point. The proof is in the blog — the taste on display, the design acumen in what’s shown, what’s left out (all the product offers and junkets that weren’t accepted.) I think you’re really on to something with your blog, because what your eye finds, whether through clothes or camera, never disappoints. Don’t look back! And have that pint in any case…

  47. Hi Shini,
    I love your oufit!!! You look so fabulous !!! Love your photos and Marc Jacobs collection!!
    Good luck


  48. Sarah

    It’s interesting that Menkes doesn’t accept gifts because so many journalists do. From working as a PR, I can assure you that magazine/newspaper editors are gifted too, and this influences whether the brand will be featured in their publication. In a similar way, magazines and newspapers are give preference to brands that advertise with them, with many magazines often offering brands editorial/inclusion in features as part of an advertising package.

    Where there is a ‘bribe’ as Susie calls it, it can be questionable what authenticity is left in any fashion media, and it would have been more interesting if Menkes had looked at this issue across both mediums rather than just focusing on bloggers, and then mixing up this argument with a rant about the idiots who dress up to get ‘Steeet Style’ papped. Susie, we know these people aren’t fashionable, and they will get bored and go away soon (hopefully).

    Times have changed. I read blogs more than I read magazines now. I buy magazines still, but many remain unread whilst I indulge in the free and often more orignal content that I follow online. Soon the rest of the world will catch on too and then I think Menkes knows there will be trouble. You deserve to be given these experiences Shini. Don’t let anyone take that special feeling away from you. Plus, there’s Kebabs to buy…

  49. one of my favourite outfit of yours!!


  50. Shini, I love this outfit!

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  52. Camilla

    you said you would post every 2 days

  53. I’m sorry, I’ve been unwell for the past couple of weeks but feeling much better now so will be back shortly.

  54. OMG I love your Givenchy boots…


  55. Camilla

    Sorry, Shini! Hope you get better!

  56. Amazing photos, collection look..i love everything about this post!



  57. I miss NYC :(

    Check out my blog http://postvitri.blogspot.mx/ . Photography and more.

  58. Please post something soon, going through Shini withdrawal :)

  59. great photos and NYC atmosphere!

  60. sassyshann

    Why is your blog not the top one one bloglovin’. Everything here is perfect from the photos to your style & life.


  61. I’m obsessed with this post! So cool you got to go see the show and visit new york. The shot with in the MJ boutique with the daisy perfume is perfection! Also adoring those givenchy ponyhair booties! And the skirt layering as well, it looks like two pieces but is it one? I love these sort of adventure posts where it feels like “a day in Shini’s shoes (givenchy ones none the less lol) :)

    xx The Provoker

  62. I badly want to NY!!!



  63. Really are really so wonderful and fantastic pictures.I love this blog so much.This is one of the best and awesome blog that i have visited yet.Thanks for sharing so nice and amazing effort here .
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  64. I love your photographs, outfit and blog. Enough said. :)

  65. I really enjoyed your journey and the photography is really fantastic. This has inspired me to go on my own journey (scaled down to fit in with my life – ahhh well) and keep a photo record, maybe publish it? but certainly share with my like-minded friends etc. Thanks, I love reading your posts and just slipping away from the real(?) world for a while.

  66. […] Daisy by Marc Jacobs – one of my favourite scents, a spritz of which took me straight back to this time last year when I had my NYC cherry popped. In fact, I started dreaming of the grand buildings, Central Park […]

  67. […] Daisy by Marc Jacobs – one of my favourite scents, a spritz of which took me straight back to this time last year when I had my NYC cherry popped. In fact, I started dreaming of the grand buildings, Central Park […]

  68. […] – Daisy by Marc Jacobs – one of my favourite scents, a spritz of which took me straight back to this time last year when I had my NYC cherry popped. In fact, I started dreaming of the grand buildings, Central Park […]

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