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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Uniqlooks January: One item, three looks – Dotted silk blouse







Look 1: Dotted silk blouse – Uniqlo. Shearling leather jacket – Muubaa Phoenix. Khaki pants – Uniqlo. Shoes – Zara. Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli. Hat – Gap.
Look 2:   Dotted silk blouse – Uniqlo. Sleeveless trenchYesStyle. Leather shorts – Vintage. Shoes – H&M x MMM. Puffer vest – Uniqlo. Bag – Kurt Geiger.
Look 3:  Dotted silk blouse – Uniqlo. Shearling leather jacket – Muubaa Aurora. Bag – Reiss. Skirt – ASOS. Lace-up booties – Sam Edelman. Headphones – Frends @ Avenue32

Hello, what’s up? My dog ate my keyboard. Once again I got an overwhelmingly positive response for a post and this time I just had to take a step back and bask in that momentary bliss, shedding the occasional hot tear that would fall in the wine glass that I’d drink from while bobbing my head to Alanis Morissette. (Fact: it is actually impossible to bob head to AM) Recycle-chic, you saw it here first. Let’s get back with the program, shall we – and what better way than to let trusty old Uniqlooks to press the resume button! Over to you, dotty blouse. Wish I could fake it and pretend this was shot relatively recently but snow in London – the kind that stays white below the ankles – is so rare that we all know these looks were shot that particular day over a week ago. Not sure which day it was, but I’m pretty sure it’s the one where lots of babies will be born exactly nine months down the line because heck I’ve never seen a city that doesn’t actually clean the snow. Hands up if you live in London and own a snow shovel? Of course, yours truly is out in the streets with the hubby only getting as intimate as getting a snowball in the face. Oh the things I write in this blog to keep it PG-13… (apparently thirteen-year-olds are the key to blogging success, hey)

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  1. i love this! such great winter looks! you look gorgeous. i especially love the red purse, and that fur coat!

  2. I have a ridiculous good memory, so good in fact I don’t need to check my diary. The first time it snowed it was on a Monday the 14th, snowed again on Thursday onwards. Your dotty blouse is making my eyeballs go crazy.

  3. Danielle

    Nijce post! Snowball fight intimacy ftw! ^^

  4. you look always good! ^_^

  5. love all three looks but especially adore the patterned beanie and the bright red bag! you look amazing!

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  7. The three outfits are so great! But if I had to choose my favourite, I’d say the last one.


  8. fantastic wedges!


  9. Sweet lord, are those clear wedge heels in the boots? How did I miss these? NEED. :’)

  10. Shini and her hubby, sitting in the snow, K-I-S-S… forget it, just tossing snow!
    p.s. Snow is an amazing replacement for dandruff if you’re into that sort of thing. At least it looks cute on you and not obscenely unhygienic.


  11. Love that shearling coat, gah!

  12. Hahaha, PG-13! Good one :)

  13. love all of them <3

  14. Great photos and I love the way that the same top can be worn so many different ways.


  15. Irene

    Absolutely love your style! <3

  16. Love your blouse. Seriously, I may be a little bit in love with it. Uniqlo? For so little money?! You are awesome for sharing this secret.


  17. love all the colors you used. it suits the season so well. the middle is my fave. It took a second look to realize that you’re wearing two vests. the layering is genius. stay warm Shini!

    ♥ Diana

  18. I’m in love with the first outfit ! let’s pin it on Pinterest ! yeah ! hope you are fine , gorgeouuuuuuusss ! ;-)

  19. Hey! It’s not really the first time I visit your blog, I’ve actually been doing it for quite some time now, and I have to say, your blog is one of the most professional looking sites I’ve seen until now amongst bloggers – if not the most of them all. I really like the design and how well organized and easy to navigate it is. And also, aestheticly appealing. Your photos are simply amazing. Just wanted to let you know that :) Keep up the good work!

    Sandra xx
    Sandra wears Prada

  20. Ohh the first look must be so comfty ! This dotted blouse is perfect.

  21. Love that blouse but love those boots with the Perspex heels more! I need them in my life!


  22. Gorgeous pictures Shini. I love all three of your outfits. Hottie hottie hottie! xx

  23. Pissed I missed London in the snow this year! And my opportunity to shoot 10 outfits in a row so I can pretend I live in a perpetual winter wonderland. It hasn’t snowed here ONCE since I’ve been home.

  24. I kinda like how you’ve layered that vest over your trench there

  25. Seraphina

    Shini, you are breathtakingly beautiful! Your red lipstick matches you so well.

  26. Snow makes everything so pretty! Loving the outfit with the navy skirt and blouse. Also those vintage boots are lovely.

  27. so so nice!! the most perfect snowy shots ever


  28. Very cool looks! (no pun intended)



  29. i like i like! my fave is the second one! <3

  30. Fantastic outfit! Great!

  31. I love this jacket…! But you look freezing! Xx

  32. You look like an absolute angel in the pic of you with those awesome headphones and the snow has slightly dusted your hair, BEAUTTT!!! I live for uniqlo posts, they always give me the most awesome inspiration XXX

  33. Great snow outfits!


  34. Oooh perfect layering as always! I especially love the look with the second look with the trench. That red Reiss bag is pretty awesome too.

  35. Love all the looks that you came up with, and who could resist those headphones?! Brilliant :)

  36. LOL on keeping these PG. I suppose the racier topics yes but by all means don’t let that limit you creatively speaking…

    god i don’t even make sense.

  37. love the polka dots!

  38. What a fabulous blog you have created – so professional. I love the striking photography, the witty blurb and the fabulous outfits. You rock girl. Coming back to this blog during my break!


  39. My favourite goes to the the first look. Your shearling jacket is so nice in black !
    And i like its subtle pairing with khaki pants and brown shoes.

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  41. thanks for braving the cold to get these brilliant shots. love the shirt.

  42. Love these winter looks! I also think I just fell in love with a bag (the Phillip Lim one). Is that even possible?

  43. Love that polka dot trend and this blouse – right most look is my fav!
    Haven’t heard of Uniqlooks before… will check it out now! (In my blog I was going on about how the Uniqlo down jackets are EVERYWHERE in Asia… hahaha)
    (And your last line … ahahahaha)

    gz x

  44. ayy_ayy

    wearing heels on snow? was it slippery? :)
    i love all the look. and the love bag is cute.
    *hmm.. thinking of some diy*

  45. Love your jackets and ankle boots!

  46. I love this jacket !

    x Selma

  47. So cute! Love snowy fashions :)

  48. I wanted to say hi and tell you I just discovered your blog and I’m absolutely SWOONING over it. Given how many internet sensations there are these days, it is so rare to come across a blogger with both great style AND a great voice (which you have, in spades). I love your sense of fashion, and I laugh out loud while reading the written portions of your posts. I’ll definitely be sticking around for more.

    My blog is http://www.mytomayto.com if you would like to check it out.

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  50. Wow gorgeous looks!
    I absolutely like the way you writing style :)
    Keep up the good work!

    With love,


  51. Hi, just wanted to say how much I like your blog and even more love your style!!!
    My name is Karolina and just start my blog few weeks ago. Please check my website if you have a minute:)



  52. LOVE your blog :) <3
    I am new to blogging, PLEASE check out my blog and comment :)

  53. Love the red bag and the matching red lipstick!

  54. Ahhh those shoes!!! That bag!!! Those headphones!!! Need.

  55. annie

    great coat

  56. I like the 3rd look the most, but also can’t help from saying that the bag from 2nd look is so cute!
    You have a great sense of matching clothes together:))

  57. Wow, amazing blog!! Congrats! The design is beautiful!

  58. I love the polka dots, and red accents with the lips and purse. I am not sure how I feel on the shoes, it may be that I cannot get a feel for how the heel is in the snow picture. I also love the layer look you give off, I feel that it helps calm the exciting print down so we can enjoy the look of the outfit as a whole.

  59. Love the jacket!
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  60. I just love the look with the dotted shirt and leather jacket, it looks so superb
    with the leather hand bag !

  61. Fabulous style you are ! I love it ;D

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