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Tee Lego by Paul Smith | Pants Zara | Shoes Monnari

We’re planning to go to Southern Turkey, Belek in a few days so I’ve been constantly shopping for beachwear. To tell the truth, this is the first time we’re going to on a proper beach holiday – we’re more of a city-touring folk, well at least my mother and I are, the smarter half of the family. Pffffff, lying on a piece of cloth wearing a few pieces of cloth by a mass of water, nonsense! No, we need to go into the city, the huddle buddle and the dirt that we’re meant to have vacated from, look at buildings (because we don’t have buildings where we come from), walk until our feet look like elbows, and all the while looking like idiots trying to blend in. Fact is, the ‘trying to blend in’ never works – three things that only tourists do: 1.Carry a map of the area in a different language, 2.FIGHT WITH YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION over that map, and 3. wear your camera across-body. Sometimes we will even consider eating in McDonalds or Burger King. Hey, it’s in the tourbook, try out the local food: FRENCH McPOISSON BURGER.

So my point is, I think my father and brother have a point when they stress for a holiday on the beachside, although I do fear my mother and I will go on a quest to find out when the hotel was built and can we please have a map of this area in Korean please. Do you also sell plaster models of the Mediterannean sea that I may purchase?

Anyone else who’s been to Belek and might have something for me to get excited about? Like, do the fish spring out from sea and sacrifice themselves on our dish? Something like that please.

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  1. love your lego shirt and shoes!! haha, have fun in Belek and hope you get that map!

  2. aqueousmartini

    cute & simple outfit! no local korean tour guides of belek? they seem ubiquitous everywhere else :)

  3. i love the lego tee!

  4. Lego <3

  5. The shoes are adorable!

    Hope you have a great time!

  6. I know the feeling completely… oh the joys of family holidays. Ugh.


  7. As much as I love the city, there is nothing I would rather do than DO NOTHING and lie on the beach all day long after a long week of working… I think I just really like to lie around and people watch and read a good book, which I NEVER get around to doing otherwise. Perhaps I use it as an excuse?

    But I do wish that it were the ocean so that I could simultaneously eat fish right out of the water. We only have lakes here, dontcha know.

  8. ooooh Turkey! I love Turkey although I feel like going for a beach vacation totally misses the point of Turkey! True, there are some great sands along the southern coast… but eh hehe I’ve never been to Belek myself.. just Istanbul and along the Black Sea coast. Sooooo amazing.

  9. go to fish spa

  10. Nikki

    Haha! The last line made me laugh. I do hope you have fun in Turkey, I hear its beautiful!

  11. oh this tee is so original and cute! simple look but with great details! the lace-ups are amazing!

  12. Hilarious! That sounds EXCACTLY like me and my mother, too :D enjoy your holiday and good luck swimsuit hunting :)

  13. oh dear, I made a toe-curling spelling mistake back there… :S

  14. Nono, I think that’s the excact spelling :P

  15. baśka

    udanego pobytu! :D

  16. I’m Turkish but unfortunately I’ve never been to Belek! My favorite beach holiday location in Turkey is Bodrum. Other favorites of the locals are Alacati (Alaçatı) and Kas (Kaş). Kas is very close to Belek, methinks, both on the Mediterranean shore, and famous for its underwater richness. The Mediterranian sea is warm and *very* salty. Bodrum and Alacati are on the Aegean shore; the sea is less salty and more cooling than the Mediterranean. Have fun!

  17. Seval

    Hello! I live in Turkey, Istanbul… Well, Belek is in Antalya and Antalya is full of very misterious, old caves, beautiful watefalls, lovely castles… And the sand&sea&sun… the three s! wonderful… And they make some tours on boat, you should talke them, they go to 5-6 creeks and you swim in a crystal water… so, not sure that you will be able to stick to the beachside :) I think, you should plan each day before going or when you went there… I’m sure you will find guide in English but there is chance to find it in Korean as well… Hope you have a wonderful vacation…

  18. OOh thanks for that, I’m excited now, the crystal water is really intriguing. I was kidding about the Korean guide btw, I’m not that kind of person, I don’t even like reading in Korean. Sarcasm is the main theme in most of my writing, you’ll realise :)

  19. Seval

    :) Yes I realised :) But I was still surprized :) You may be surprized when you found the Korean Guide in Turkey too :D One more thing I want to add: There are small restaurants along the river, by the waterfall near Belek… Ask about them… There, “INSIDE” of the water, there are those tables to have wonderful lunch (fish of course!) or dinner… Your feet in the water… I didn’t have chance to do that when I was there but I’ll, as soon as possible! Cause this is how a summer meal should be I think, in a wonderful environment… Ok, I think I’m getting jealous a little bit cause I’ll be working in İstanbul then :) I’m sure it’s gonna be great! Come to Istanbul in the future too!

  20. K.

    Udanych wakacji. FRENCH McPOISSON BURGER for the win! HAHA.

  21. I envy most, those who are attained in world travel. I hope you have a great time in Turkey and allow for the little people like me to live vicariously through your blog. haha and you must take MANY photos, please….particularly of these caves, waterfalls and castles Seval is speaking of. :)

  22. It’s hard to believe you will be in Turkey in a few days:)
    Of course it’s not the same with being in the capital city or in İstanbul but Belek means holiday!
    Near Antalya-Belek you will find lots of antique places, theatres to visit. You should definitely go to Aspendos Theatre which is 8km away from Belek and also visit the old city of Perge. You will see beautiful aquaducts and also visit Kurşunlu waterfall, near the waterfall the national park includes beautiful birds with more than a hundred species. You may go to the castle in the middle of Antalya, will find lots of stores and Turkish bazaars. If you have time, take a oneday tour
    to Phaselis bay which is also beautiful.
    Enough I think:)
    I hope you have a good time, if you face any problems while being in Turkey, you can call me anytime (I can mail my number), I will try to help you..


  23. I really like those shoes :D

  24. This is probably my favourite outfit of yours I have seen so far. Love the tee and the shoes!

  25. Very cute outfit! Love the tee, the wash of the jean and the shoe. Very casual chic.


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  27. i like your shirt so much

  28. I really enjoy your blog. I don’t know how I stumbled across it but now it’s a daily must, like reading the newspaper to check my star sign. :)
    This outfit is adorable by the way, something which I can totally try out because it’s simple, cute and comfy!
    Hopefully you can pass by my blog one day, I took a picture of those awesome Office.co.uk shoes.. Tried to purchase but they don’t ship sale items to Australia. Boo! I definitely referenced the picture though.

  29. Love the simplicity of your outfit :)

    And good luck with the bathers hunt. Oh, bathers = Aussie slang for swimwear :)

  30. Hah, nice t-shirt – Lego ftw!

  31. I have no tidbits about Belek. But I must say, that Lego shirt is fantastic.

    Love Grace.

  32. i really like this outfit.
    simple yet edgy :)

  33. ooh I love the t-shirt

  34. what a cute shirt!
    so adorable!!


  35. Those shoes are amazing!
    And the DIY bag, absolutely adore it all!

    How about trading links?

    I am Teen Vogue’s Most Recent Blogger of the Moment…check me out! xxxxx

  36. I want a Lego tshirt too!!!!

  37. mm i haven’t visited in a while (i blame being old) but it’s so nice to come back and find your blog just as it always is ;) i likey the lightness of your jeans with them SHOES!

  38. The shoes are adorable!

    Hope you have a great time!

  39. Wicked outfit, simple and graphic. lovelyyyy lola re

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