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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Shirt Mum’s Stefanel | Tee FCUK | Jeans Zara | Shoes Office | Bag DIY Studded Vintage | Necklace/ring Warsaw Antique market

Thank you for all the Turkey recommendations for the last post – I was intrigued by the restaurant on water bit, that actually comes quite close to fish coming to sacrifice itself in a puddle of lemonjuice! :D Still quite worried that I haven’t found a bathing suit yet. I’m going through the swimwear racks in all the shops but all I can find is bikinis that look like 3 pieces of tree-leaves strung together, or those that accommodate a balloon party if you know what I mean. I wish I could pick and order from ASOS’ vast collection, but we can all expect that to arrive after I get back from Turkey. I guess the only choice now, is to knit a swimsuit since we all know that DIY is the answer to all wardrobe dilemmas. Let’s see what kind of yarn I brought home…

Mohair… hm.

How about this, bathing suit from the year 1858. VINTAGE!



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  1. LOL at vintage bathing suit
    you’d rock it anyways – and the mohair bikini LOLL
    intense shoes shini-
    i love the whole mood of the outfit
    its so laidback cool which i neveeeeer can pull off =(
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you have fun!

  2. You should try some sort of fabulous crochet knitted bikini.

    That swimsuit looks like it will drag you down into the depths of the ocean. No, not just a giant dress, wear the pants too!

  3. i know this is a HUGE stretch but i loved your gmarket translation guide(it was AWESOME) and i just found this new website: eruca.jp . i’m not sure what language it is and i’m definitely not sure how to use it….all i know is there are TONS of great clothes i have no idea how to order on the site.

    if by any means you can translate any/some of it, know someone who can, have any advice at all thatd be great.

    ps. LOVING those office shoes…may have to go get them

  4. That’s in Japanese :P Sadly I don’t speak the language, but surely I’ll let you know if I come across someone who’d be willing to translate it! (The site’s in English, but is it like Gmarket and doesn’t work beyond the fist page?)

  5. that bathing suit is exactly what I was looking for this summer! haha, no just kidding, your shoes though!

  6. go with the vintage bathing suit.. LOL

    i hope you have fun in Turkey!

  7. I’ve watched quite a few movies that featured that era of bathing suits, I have to say, it’s so interesting! They even have those changing rooms that have stairs that lead into the water. ahaha… you gotta be rich to swim at the beach in those days! haha.

    I love your belt!

  8. What happened to your beautiful face?
    I love your outfit nonetheless.

  9. great idea to DIY the bathing suit! I’m courious now! :)
    great outfit, I like so muche this particular necklace! have a nice weekend!

  10. omg loooove that outfit!! the shoes and the bag are so great!! love it!! also like the plaid blouse!!.. xoxo helen

  11. Alex

    Ah yes, that vintage bathing suit will do. ;D Btw, did you look in the mirror and realize how AMAZING those jeans look on you?! I’ve been obsessed with bloggers and their awesome jeans lately. ^^’

  12. LOL sure, why not. but i would go for the 1900’s style. the striped one? lol how come asos delivers in such long time?


  13. Cuz I’m in Warsaw :( It’s amazing in the first place that they even deliver here… aren’t striped swimwear only for men!?!? :P

  14. LOL oh man, the vintage bathing suit is ridiculous. But knowing your creative genius, I am confident you can make something out of that “suit”. haha And I am totally diggin’ your outfit. It’s so ’90s.

  15. :) you always wear some perfect pants…. i love them all :)

  16. ale się uśmiałam tym zdjęciem z 1858 ^^

  17. Seval

    Hahaha you are kinda right! :D sacrifice of the fish! well he knows where to do it anyways :) I hope you find/make the perfect swimsuit! I loved your ring and the gray-brown combination…

  18. Hmmm. Interesting vintage bathing dress, though I think a) you won’t get a tan, b) in all possibility you will drown. And if that happens, no more Shini posts. :(

  19. Such a cool outfit. I really like the wash of the jean..perfect for summer.


  20. i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. I love your outfit, especially the bag :)
    And I hate swimsuit shopping, hehe…the vintage swimsuit looks so uncomfortable and I guess these women had to be really strong if they wanted to keep their head among water, hehe

  22. hilarious!! i’m truly curious about what you are going to make for a bathing suit! :D

  23. This might just be my favourite park&cube outfit! I love that necklace!
    It would be mine

  24. Re: Thank you very much, I had a great time :)

    Love your outfit, the shoes are awsome =) Like how you belted it up like that.

  25. Haha, amazing.

  26. LOL love your humor :) outfit looks effortless!!


  27. The shoes and the jeans=♥

  28. Hahaha I love the vintage bathing suit! Do it, do ittt.
    I love the jewelry in this.


  29. this seemed like the most appropriate respond for a DIY goddess like yourself.


    if i didn’t have 32 bikinis i would try it myself. as for this vintage bathing suit. not even god approves of those anymore.

  30. great vintage find, haha.
    good luck finding your bathing suit, searching for this one ideal item can get pretty horrid, I bet you´ll find the real thing by chance in like 2 years.
    and hello, how much do I love this whole outfit?


  31. i love this look, sooo laid back grunge but the details reaally pump it up
    and man, those shoes are awesome- knocks everything up even five more levels ;)))

  32. i love this look, sooo laid back grunge but the details reaally pump it up
    and man, those shoes are awesome- knocks everything up even five more levels ;)))
    tooo cool

  33. absolutely love love love those shoes and the old bathing suit is
    hilarious. makes me feel thankful that I am living in modern times.

  34. wow. Id rather swim naked than wear a bathing suit from that era. Thank God for the technology and evolution of fashion.

  35. I love your necklace! So pretty! I’m looking for a bathing suit too but it’s so hard to choose! That vintage bathing suit is crazy! How things have changed then! xxoxoxo

  36. You should try etsy. They have a lot of sweet one-pieces that I’ve been drooling over lately.

  37. Yaaah but there’s no time to order online and receive it before I leave, I leave tomorrow!

  38. Love the outfit!
    I’m still looking for a bag to stud like yours…


  39. that swimsuit is glorious!!! i would wear it everywhere to land me a strapping amish lad for husbandry.

    that jewelry is very very nice, i’d love to go to warsaw one day! is it beautiful? i bet it is~

  40. ♥♥♥

  41. girl! that style!
    I loved every part of your clothes!
    since its the shirt sandal.
    I love the bag too.


  42. I seriously cannot get over your DIY bag; I’m in love with it – I do love it moreso than the Alexander Wang one! (Now people will hunt me down for saying that…)

    Anyway. I do think I’d drown however fathoms deep down into the ocean in that bathing suit… (;

    La C.

  43. the DIY bag is just awe-inspiring!
    love it!

    check me out: http://www.befrassy.com—TEEN VOGUE’S most recent blogger of the moment!

  44. I love this outfit :D

  45. Great blog!!!


  46. I love those shoes! I also love this whole look, it’s very 90’s (in a good way of course). :)

  47. This outfit has that je ne sais quoi that i can’t put to words, but i love it!

  48. omg, your wedges are amazing!

  49. Hey Shini, hope you don’t mind that I used for of your shoe photos for my blog. I have a link to your blog to give you due credit of course. =)


  50. lol :) and I want your bag!!!!!!!! :)

  51. Fantastic shoes.
    Strój rewelacyjny :)

  52. this is the kind of outfit i’d rock. sweets! it’s just to warm to wear flannel in nyc right now. xo, v

  53. love the outfit!