I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Shirt Gmarket | Pants Zara | Shoes Nine West | Bag Pollini

  • Slept 3 hours in the past 24 hours.
  • Watched Slumdog Millionaire with le boyfriend again and ended up competing who can slurr the millionaire part of “Welcome to…Who Wants to be a Millionaire!” line best. (BF: Who wants to be a millioerrrrele! Milliereareeee! MiRARGAHRGHRRrrr)
  • My mother keeps shoving ginseng pieces in my mouth whenever she comes into my room. Like sock-in-mouth kind of shove.


  • Recent grey sandals I bought in Zara sale is rather strappilicious. Slowly realising that most of my shoes are composed of straps and buckles. One cannot have too many straps and buckles, yes? somone please comfort me.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!

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  1. I love your blog, awsome title on the entry =)

  2. I just realize how long is your hair now!!!! beautiful!!!

    I also love strappy shoes.


  3. think of it this way, shoes are always meant to have straps and buckles!! kind of true, right??

  4. i would die die die if my mom force fed ginseng to me :/


  5. hahaha. your mom sounds adorable. i still haven’t seen slumdog millionaire (me thinks it’s more of a couple movie). and I don’t think it’s possible to have enough straps and buckles.

  6. Haha, that ginseng thing made me laugh out loud, you’re mom sounds like a riot! Love the shoes too, we don’t have Zara here, only Aldo and I can’t even afford that!


  7. I had notice too that your shoes are composed of straps and buckles and that’s the part I love about your style, make me want to add straps to all my shoes! :D

  8. ah, love that top, was it made that way? or did you button it awesome? and gah! that colour looks amazingggg on you.

  9. nie wiedziałam, że ta koszula ma takie piękne zdobienie na przodzie! <33

  10. i love your white skinnies, they’re sooo versatile
    i’d wear them all summer if i were you (well unless its sweltering liek it here ;))

  11. Seval

    I think this is a beautiful and so different shirt & wonderful combination withe that necklace… And you are right, One cannot have too many straps and buckles :)

  12. this is a winning outfit, Shini. did you DIY the necklace? love that blue shirt (i thought you DIY’ed the *rufflles*) with the white bottoms (denim?). these colours would go perfectly with tan shoes and bags as well.

    we’ll forever remain as babies in our mommies’ eyes, sweets ;)

  13. White denim! I loove white denim! I need to invest in white denim!
    I’ll stop with the exclamation marks now, its getting a bit weird..
    I love your shirt with the simple ruffle detail and your necklace. I love it all :)

    It would be mine

  14. looking absolutely gorgeous as usual Shini!!! love the vivid blueness!
    i quite like those ginseng pieces, are they the sweet kind that come in the little gold packets?

  15. love your outfit and great blog :)

  16. Love your jeans! I think Slumdog Millionaire is the best movie I’ve seen this year! I would like to say that one can never get enough of straps and buckles! The more the better! xxoxoxo

  17. love the blouse & the new sandals are amazing!! you can never have enough straps and buckles indeed!! :D

  18. Love the colors in this outfit! I need to get some more blue action going on.
    I got the same sandals from Zara and they are so comfy cause the heel ratio is so minimal. In my eyes they are more beige though, unless they had them in different colors (?). I recommend loosening the buckles a bit (like one or two holes), so they don’t rub your feet when you walk.

  19. Ana Rita

    Love love love you blog and love even more your hair!! :D And I’ve also tried on those Zara sandals, they are great! <3

  20. Ooooooo the purdy Gmarket blouse! It’s such a great colour :)

  21. *shaking head approvingly* (if there is such a thing) what a perfectly crisp yet soothing color combination – gorgeous

  22. I can´t believe I haven´t sees slumdog mil. yet…and I love your outfit…the blouse is incredoble

  23. I’ve seen this sandals today! they’re pretty amazing! nice look as usual! the shirt is really cute!

  24. That G.Market shirt is so pretty – I especially love the detailing on the front. And those Zara shoes are pretty awesome too, can’t wait to see you wearing them.

    Slumdog Millionaire is SUCH a good film! I really need to invest in a dvd…

    Keep blogging! :D

  25. Ginseng is ruining my life. They are selling it in the subway stop near where I am staying in Korea, so I feel like I smell it all day after taking one whiff.

  26. Wait, you’re not eating it raw, are you?

  27. Such gorgeous pictures!!
    I really like your blog as well, you have a very natural sense of style!

  28. I love Slumdog Millionaire it’s such a good film !
    Love the sandals :)

  29. I love your blog!

    The shirtis amazing, same thing about the shoes! Very chic!

  30. Lovely addition to your collection! Damn I need to check sales out.

  31. ginseng is good for your health, so just try to enjoy it ^__^

    i can’t seem to like buckles at the toes of a shoe as they were pretty uncomfortable, but still, can’t deny that they look lovely.

  32. I saw that shirt on gmarket. it’s gorrrrgeous on you. And those grey sandals are drool-worthy, no doubt.

  33. Hehehe that film is awesome ♥ And I love your shoes

  34. I am officially a fan of your blog! you have the coolest style ever!
    this is my blog if you want to take a look sometime,

  35. beautiful long hair.


  36. OH its okay, all of my shoes have lots of straps or buckles or something on them tooo. bask in the glory that is shoes, my friend, because they are wonderful…

    ACTUALLY, it would be fun to see your personal shoe-rack or shoe-pile, whichever version you breed. I love seeing that on the selby and such!

  37. oh i love slumdog millionaire too, but it’s definitely not only a couple’s movie (don’t worry green jeans)

    love the blouse with all the folds! and hey at least your feet weren’t cut off in your first pic! that’s progress even if you have to endure some excess ginseng… (ha.)

  38. Cinthia

    I love those shoes!!

  39. The tiny straps and tiny buckles look very chic!


  40. no one can have too many straps and buckles!

  41. I love your shirt, just perfect!
    un slaudo.

  42. Ta koszula jest rewelacyjna! :)

  43. Nothing wrong with strappy shoes!

  44. great find those shoes! lucky you could still find something that nice in your size at Zara, I never manage!… Love the lightblue shirt you’re wearing

  45. I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!


  46. Your shoes! I LOVE your shoes :)

  47. Haha. My mom wouldn’t dare do that to me. Though when I was at uni she used to put handfuls of Ginseng teabags into my bag….to have during ‘stressful times’ apparently. It made me smile but the tea is so hard to drink, you definitely have to get used to it. Love those Nine West shoes, I’ve been on the hunt for some like those.

  48. came across your blog — and I just fell in love! especially with this entry – can totally relate with you on the BF part — we do that most of the time too LOL the silliest things are priceless!! :)

    hope you could drop by some time,

  49. I love that film, especially when the little boy jumps down in the shit to get an autograph.

    And, I love your blouse, and shoes……………and pants. OK, I love you whole outfit :D

  50. How often do you cut your hair? I guess it *just* clicked how lo-o-o-o-o-ng your hair is… lovely outfit, by the way. It’s simple without being boring.