I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Hat – Gmarket, Sweater coat & jeans – Zara, Striped top & bag – Topshop, Grey cardigan – Uniqlo, Boots – Dr Martens | Thanks to Emily for taking shots of me!

Congratulations you made it down all the way here, have a Gatorade for your fingers.

I had a fantastic Saturday with new friends I met through the blog, Jackie and Emily, thanks you guys for coming out on a cold day! We ploughed through the market as a trio of cheapasses, gasping and gurgling at £60 necklaces and poking at £30 porcelain finger dolls, photographing like it pooped currency. This one seller actually muttered stupid photographer behind my back so I whipped around with violence and thanked her for calling me a photographer, PEOPLE THINK I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER woohoo! No, I didn’t thank the rude woman, we moved on to get £0.50 bag of Haribos for lunch.

Next time you’re in Portobello be sure to check out the Burrito stand near Portobello Green, donkey-licious! (burrito…obviously does not contain donkey meat)

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  1. these are such inspirational fantastic photos!! great stuff!!

    helen x

  2. that cheese looks delicious!


  3. You are not only stylish but such an amazing photographer…your able to express so much in these photos and you pick up on the essence of what your displaying.

  4. These photos make me wish I lived in London though those prices are a bit steep for me. I love the metal fox, not sure what it is?

  5. I love the dolls house furniture :)

  6. ahh I’m obsessed with the photo of the woman with dreads! I need to go back to London, I miss its markets and interesting people.

  7. Wow, your photos are spectacular! How cute is that hat paw thingy…lol!

  8. stunning photos!!

    check out the giveaway in my blgo


  9. MW

    i love the design of that first picture: the colors, the focus, the text. do you know the name of the font? just wanted to say that i absolutely love everything about this blog and think you are so beautiful and inspired/inspiring. :)

  10. Thank you so much, really means a lot to me.
    The font I used is ParmaPetit for the big and Garamond Premiere Pro for the dates ;)!

  11. woah I know Emily! what a small world! and I looooove your hat. and all those little miniature figures, even though I don’t like pets much heh.

  12. Love the photography as usual, u’ve got a great eye.

  13. Love ze pictures, that crepe looks good mmmm. I shall check said burritos out next time I’m in the area. Still haven’t seen you walking around Chiswick :)

    I love the pin heads… how did you get so close without rousing suspicions? xxx

  14. amazing photos =) and i love the scarf! haha

  15. these photos are wonderful. the place looks fun :)


  16. amazing photographs! i loved the market (i’ve only been once) but i did find the prices quite steep as well – especially with the weak dollar.

    love your blog and your blog layout too actually.

  17. You are a photographer! Love your hat/gloves. Reminds me of this http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kw2faahafR1qzg1xu.jpg. The dolls really freak me out! I think it’s just me though. And traumatizing childhood memories of Are You Afraid of the Dark

  18. you ARE a photographer! i love the photo of the row of necklaces. so well done. you make this place look magical.

  19. Prices aside, that look like a pretty interesting place! Your pictures are very nice, so I would say that you are indeed a photographer. :)

  20. I’m in awe at all of these pictures– the details are so minute! the little toy dogs, the bright military jacket… I especially love the beautiful little push pins (is that what they are?).

    And you go girl (cliche, woops)! You tell her. I bet she was intimidated by those bear paws, too. xD

  21. Oh my. These photos made me truly smile. I spent 6 months in London and Portobello was absolutely one of my favorite places in the whole city..this really brought me back! Thanks so much for posting.


  22. Colorlynn

    Very interesting market. I am planning to go to London in May. Definitely, I will go to Portobello~Thank you for the photoes, they are good to me:)

  23. Amazing shots!!
    xxx Robine

  24. oooh! I also want to spend a day at Portobello! It’s been too long since I were there last… TOO COOL scarf/hat :D

  25. These are terrific shots-felt like I was right there with you! I love the distressed brown leather bag! xo, mel

  26. Mary

    I miss London…. :-(

  27. So lovely photos! I miss portobello road. Reminds me of that song from bedknobs and broomsticks. :D

    love your docs by the way. hehe

  28. oh so fun! Love your use of basic colours for this post, Shini! Cool & calming! My favourite is actually the top picture – the title. =) And of course your cute outfit.

  29. You look so cute with that hat/scarf/paw-gloves combo!
    And that rude seller should be grateful, without ‘stupid photographers’ like you, she wouldn’t be able to jack her prices up to £30 for a tiny doll and then sell it to gullible tourists! :)

  30. Absolutely fascinating shopping finds! I particularly love the leather satchel and the straw boaters.

  31. Wow! provided here that: D hahah .. doing some great shots, just like a booth with some bullshit, and its charm has pictures:)

  32. LOVEEEEEE the hat pins and straw hats. :] Glad youre having fun!

  33. but you are a photographer! (: also, you look adorable.

    that hat and suitcase need to be in my life now!

  34. simply beautiful photos!
    this is such an amazing post..you are so talented, you have such a great eye!

  35. ooh LOVE these photos. i shot at least two rolls at a similar market (flohmarkt) in berlin a few months… didn’t make it to portobello when I was in London but loved the sunday up market as well.

  36. Seriously!!!! This post was amazing, did you shoot all the market pictures! They are incredible! I’m so inspired by the band jacket and the crocheted outfit…Thank you for this post the pictures made me feel like I’m there.

  37. love these photos lovee and miss this market. went once this past summer and oh, it was magical.

  38. Oh so much stuff! It looked like so much fun!

  39. I always find good new places to check out on your blog, thanks!

  40. Gorgeous pictures! Just stunning.


  41. Mei

    oh the teapots! i would love to get my hands on one (all) of them!! and sausages (at least that’s what i know them as)! yum! i love steaming them when I make rice.

    i love your blog because they’re always full of neat treats.

  42. Your photos are brilliant and makes me wonder why on earth I haven’t been to Portobello market yet! I love your scarfy-hat! It’s actually genius!

  43. Goshhhh I love London soo much! Missing the cool market and fashion scene because of these images! Beautiful…can’t wait to come back! xx

  44. Wishing I was in London! Keep up the great work! I’ve been scoping your blog for weeks now and finally decided to join the fashion blog world. Thanks for the inspiration! =]

  45. Hello! I feel like I’m re-experiencing the market by looking at your pictures. I showed my brother your blog and he was very impressed by (aka jealous of) your photography skills haha. See you soon :)

  46. omg, it looks so great! jealous.

  47. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it! You’ve a great style!

    If you want check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks a lot!


  48. great photos it all looks so colourful and pretty!

    love the outfit it looks really warm!


  49. This post (and blog) is full of awesome. A dimension of London I have yet to discover. Subscribing to you. :)

  50. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Make me want to be there!

  51. whaouuuuuuuu it’s an amazing place!!

  52. fantastic pictures <3

  53. such amazing photography shini! what camera and lenses did you use for these? and were they edited in photoshop or just raw pictures?

  54. i absolutely ADORE markets!!!! so much to see, buy and eat!!!! :) want to go to london sooooooooo badly

  55. iLOVED all those antique things♥ specially the teapot! i want one like that!

  56. I love the smell of vintage items. I especially loved the picture of the hats, tassels and the typewriter. Absolutely inspired photography. Love it.

  57. love that market. been there ones, so many amazing stuff :)

  58. Happy to see the yellow Dr. Martens feature in your photos (I made them).

  59. now i must go there!!

  60. good tip on the burrito place! that is hilarious that someone called you a ‘stupid photographer.’ good reaction though!

    i love portobello road. your photos captured the vibe really well. did you get a cupcake from the hummingbird bakery? ah, that is my favourite!

  61. Sue

    Bo Peep Bo Peep!!!

    Not sure if that’s the concept you were going for but that was the first thing I was reminded of when I saw the hat/scarf.

    I love your photography skillz. I am learning to get there. :)

  62. sooo Fierce shin! loove it :)

  63. What a fun experience!

    Great photos x

  64. cute hoodie!

  65. WANT BURRITOS NOW. so many cute little trinkets! my favourites are definitely the little marching people, the straw hats, the typewriter, the awesome swimming illustrations and that cute little fat lady in the OG swimming suit! love them!

  66. zu

    Awesome pictures!

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  67. I really miss London!
    Thank you for posting these! The photos look great!


  68. The fox and the typewriter are awesome. I also love your hat.


  69. I love how you’ve captured the magic of the market, so pretty :)

  70. Wonderful photo “mishmash”.. i say it in a positive sense.. colors, close ups, focus, construction.. in tagalog i’d say super galingggggg!! (wickedly great!!)

  71. can you beeeeee anymore adorable? i think i just died looking at your furry paw.
    and these photos are amazing!

  72. the extensive finger scroll was so worth it and the electrolytes were much appreciated!
    i dunno what exactly that is in the picture that requires the jar of nutella but i do know that i want it.
    your pictures are like a beautiful old eclectic treasure chest where i never want to reach the bottom (hows that for a simile?). nice work :)


    The photographs of the little details are gorgeous~
    Bring me there! :D

  74. Miluska

    I miss it! What I’d give for Startrek transporter.

  75. […] Just take a look and tell me what you think! (the picture was taken in the U.K., somewhere in London, at the Portobello Road Market, the world’s largest antique market; more about that here) (photo via) […]