I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Gmarket, Scarf – 1m cloth from Cloth House, Pants – H&M, Shoes – ZARA, Top – Christopher Kane for Topshop, Bag – Etsy. Photos by Susan Falkenas.

Somehow I’ve managed to spin back into the damned routine that I remember banishing out of my system at the end of my second year, where work of all sorts mutate into triple-eyed beasts that follow me into my dreams and knock down perfectly fine potted plants from my ledge of sanity. This routine that involves taking in webdesign jobs on top of schoolwork and existing unfinished jobs. I line them up perfectly time-wise which is probably why they tumble like dominos when one goes wrong. So I had a breakdown, I confess, but thankfully snapped out of it seeing that the work wasn’t going to do on its own. And here I am, worried about whether my concept for a school project will tickle the tutor’s fancy, yet there are more and more bodies (and survivors! thank God) being pulled out under rubbles in Haiti. Gotta be ashamed of myself. Thank you God for allowing me have a frickin higher education and a job as a candy bonus, and I’m so sorry.

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  1. Kim

    omg that scarf! i know you’ve been wearing for a while but i have material just like it!
    i hope your doing alright. i have like eight days til school starts again : (

  2. I love your parka!

    juliet xxx

  3. wow! great look!
    we have almost the same scarf, but mine is black! I adore it (and I’m wearing it today!)

  4. I just started following your blog, and I love the photos, love the outfits, love the layout design, and love the words.

    I feel creatively drained, but I really like how you kept things in perspective. Thank God for the survivors.

  5. I seriously just blogged about my breakdown as well. I think winter is just a universally horrible season for students. really hope things get better for you and I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT.

  6. I always try to remember that I’m lucky, because I am. I’m lucky to have a home, a family, money, a well-functioning brain and the ability to wiggle my toes on top of a load of other things that are easy to take for granted.

    Lovely outfit as usual! I’m really itching to try a colour scheme next time I paint my nails.

  7. It’s always good to keep yourself busy as bee! Life needs balance in order to flourish. Good to see you’re ok and back with yet another cool look! Love your hair like that by the way.

  8. Awesome look! I love your scarf and jacket.

  9. s.

    i sort of laughed, because i know how design/school/work/life in general can overwhelm us to the point of thinking our life is crazy and out of control. inevitably (and thankfully) though, perspective manages to knock me on my head. not a great cycle, but at least we “get it” eventually lol.

    good luck with your re-tuning! :)

    chic and effortless, as usual.

  10. hope everything gonna turn out okay for you abt your studies. glad to have you back on the blogging world :)

  11. parka and scarf are amazing!
    And your legs in Zara’s boot are tooo… long :)))


  12. I totally understand that feeling of being overwhelmed by freelance/work/study… but disasters like Haiti put it in perspective.

    As a graphic designer (with more than a passing interest in style/fashion) I’m really curious to see some of your work. Do you have an online personal portfolio or can you share some of your work in the future?

  13. I don’t have an online portfolio yet but will do within a month ;)
    Do you have one we can all oogle at? :D

  14. PawPaw

    Hi! I love your outfit! This military stuff is so “in”! I saw that various brand had developped that spirit for the next winter, for woman and man. For man, U-NI-TY’s collection has a kind of Irish military resistance spirit, I saw it at Tranoï this weekend. For woman it’s Balmain who did it. I can’t wait to wear some pieces!

  15. some time viewing your blog, and I like your style:)
    pozdrawiam, hold on:>

  16. wow wow wow
    this doesn’t apply to just this post.
    park & cube, in general,
    is beautiful.
    you are amaaaaazing, woman! :)

  17. Shini? Can you read Korean on your computer?
    힘내!!!! 화이팅!!^^ 넌 할 수 있엉~!!!ㅋㅋ

  18. yaeh as long as youre thankful for everything!

  19. totally love all the colours here. have been seeing a few people lately in army green jackets like that and i am totally desperate for one. your top with the little mirrors is so cool too! xx

  20. totally asinine comment for a serious post, but i love the alternating nail polish colours!

  21. that is perhaps the bestestestestest satchel i’ve ever seen.

    it’s good to appreciate what you have in the end, even if going through it seems somewhat tought. it’s all relative i’d say.

  22. Danielle


  23. Good idea with the scarf! I had a similar breakdown just as I was finishing school, and I try to remind myself how lucky I am all the time too.

  24. ahhhhhh.

    this makes me smile. I recently decided i was going to revive my army surplus jacket which i have not worn for at least 5 year. Part of the reason was because there was a spider crawling on it one day WHILE I WAS WEARING IT. I fell out of love with it on that day.

    Now because of you i want to wear it every day… well not EVERY day but near enough.

    MM x

  25. great scarf! last photo is the best :)
    adorable boots

    Watching the waves

  26. you look soo cool in the cold weather
    i looove the boots and that army green jacket is great!

  27. Love your style !

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE yur jacket!!!!

  29. when i see your nails i think i definetly need to go n get some yellow nailpolish. tomorrow.

  30. I love the silhouette and colours of this outfit, especially the raw edges of your scarf. And, thanks to your influence, I’m officially off to paint my nails candy colours. xx

  31. wow
    jacket is gmarket.
    looks like so expensive
    scarf is so pretty
    jacket & scarf look like set :)
    thanks park :):):)

  32. I like your nailpolish :)

    Good luck with uni and work! I’m sure things will work out fine.

  33. i always have to relearn the lesson: you’re not superwoman and you can’t do everything.. alone.. in a week. it’s a hard one, so i totally know where you’re coming from. and we’re all entitled to a breakdown every once in a while-sometimes a good cry helps me solve all my deadline problems lol.

    but i just hope that i can look as chic as you do in these photos next time i have one (and judging by the weather and the earths alignment with the sun, should be any day now..). but seriously, you look fabulous, i love all the pieces in this outfit!


  34. Achieving balance in life is always the challenge, isn’t it? I always end up looking back at the most frantic times as being the most creative, too. Love the manicure colours!

  35. tom tuttle from tacoma

    i really like this outfit. i know exactly what you mean. we really must be thankful for His mercy and grace. He’s on top of those to-do things, i’m certain.

  36. Your layering is so amazing and I looove that bag!

  37. Yoshi

    Yellow and blue nail polish is the best.

  38. Love your metaphor for work here, with your perfect flower pots of insanity! so nice to read quirky little bits as part of blog posts sometimes!

    ML x

  39. Nice blog, great style. So inspiring:)

  40. great nails ;D and scraf

  41. Love the whole outfit :)

  42. This is an awesome outfit, I love the green parka type jacket, especially with all those little laser cut holes!

  43. Colourful nails have never looked so good.

  44. Your blog keeps getting better, having such a personal style is a great luck, so envious!
    Anyway i used a picture from here in my “blog”, but if you don’t i agree i’ll delete it, just tell me!

  45. That’s fine! Thanks for letting me know, although that photo is by Gary Morget!
    Btw, really love that song you have as bg on your blog!

  46. So cool. I love your blog!


  47. I love it all. And your nails make me real happy.

  48. I love the easy relaxed drape of the coat, yet the entire ensemble has a very sophisticated feeling. Great idea about using fabric meterage for a scarf – a much cheaper option! and so much more choice :-D

  49. this post sounded like me when I fail to follow thru with the schedule prepared in my head for whatever project needs to be done, then they start pilling and I freeze to improductivity until its like 2hrs for deadline and finish it decently but not as good as what had planned, then the guilt comes, its such a vicious circle but yeah we should be greatful for all we have and stop complaining so much. Btw luv your blog!

  50. Love this great slouchy glam look, really awesome!


  51. i need a parkaa.. oh yur so on trend lol, love the multi coloured nails, very easter-chic! x

  52. you’re going to be just fine… plus you are a talented individual. keep up the good work and it all pays off.. literally!

  53. H.

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful; i love the way everything fits together. Good luck with all of your work! Also, I was reading your faq and just now realized that you go to CSM! I’m living in nearby for the semester and always see wonderfully dressed people, it’s great <3

  54. I really like your parka!!

  55. I’m pretty much on the same page. I’ve got design work for a coffee shop (they’re demanding a lot :{) and events for a magazine…both I cannot believe I agreed to doing because I’m supposed to be doing my thesis this month. ;__;

    (I have a break down every other day.)

    Anyway I really love you put the outfit together! Heh :)

  56. hope everything gets better from here for you , and those in Haiti! always love your posts :)

  57. Honestly I wanted 2 say something smart, bt realized I can say just a word: CUTE

  58. ashley

    great outfit, esp in last photo! love the ragged structure xoxo;
    nice nails too! great photo taking, cant w8 ter get thre

  59. What an amazing outfit… those boots and jacket work so well together, I want to be wearing that RIGHT now!!!

  60. I’m sure things for you will get better! And your shoes are totally killers. ;D

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  62. Nice scarf and jacket!