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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Vintage; Cardigan & cashmere scarf – Uniqlo, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Shoes – H&M, Gloves – Dorothy Perkins #teenvogue

Thank you Macku for the photos!

Oh the joy of internet scandals… in one corner there’s a bloke blatantly copying the style and practices of another blogger, and in another corner there’s a blog of a major magazine with no apparent education on copyright and, well, human-to-human manners. (Read about it) It doesn’t really matter at what age you start exposing yourself to the internet and committing yourself into these small communities (blogging, in our case) but concerning the game rules there’s really not much to it. It’s not rocket science, or brain surgery, or knitting hair from your back – you take something from someone – a newspaper from their lawn or a JPG from a blog, you let them know and credit accordingly. Well, I mean, don’t take the newspaper and yell across the yard THIS NEWSPAPER IS FROM 23A. My point is, you learn this when you’re 3, so there’s really no excuse.

This reminds me: ‘TFS’ is not a source. If the image was a scan from Vogue Jan ’10 issue that was uploaded onto TFS, then the correct source is ‘Vogue Jan ’10 found on TFS’.

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  1. Yoshi

    Yes! Just like you can’t list ‘Google Images’ as your image credit.

  2. You’re SOOooo right.

  3. ahh, haha. this is just a nightmare, isn’t it. i’m so glad you’ve brought it up. that is insane about pascal’s blog. i had never seen the other impersonator but it is a clear and blatant rip off. also, seriously lame about elle stealing jill’s photos and not crediting them. especially shocking that they’ve got a chain of about 30 comments saying LINK HER and they still haven’t? it is annoying and ridiculous. also, quite silly because it is just so simple to link back to people and credit accordingly. actually, there is nothing i find more annoying then blogs that just steal other people’s work and don’t put any originality into it. but that is a whole other story.

    on a separate note: your outfit is gorgeous. i love the layered up bright blue, the pleats, and the childlike patterned mittens. too cute.


  4. Love that electric blue on you!

    Also I can’t believe the copycat blog and Jill’s problem. I can’t see that page anymore so I’m guessing they’ve removed it after everyone commented on it. Still, it’s terrible that it was Elle! Totally agree with crediting images properly!

  5. Love the bright blue! It is gorgeous!

  6. Awww I love the head to toe (actually it’s neck to calf) royal blue outfit…for some reason it’s very Kate Middleton (still) celebrating her engagement to my childhood’s knight in shiny armour….she stole my man.

    Copyright Infringement – seriously they gotta learn. There was a similar case with a young british photographer Lara Jade, her picture was stolen without her permission and was used in adult dvd cover blah blah blah.

  7. Such a lovely outfit, so bright! The mittens are adorable and all of the colors are really nice together, the red nails too!

    I can’t understand why someone would want to blatantly copy another in such an obvious way, even down to the name of the blog. It’s not satire so why? Lack of confidence? Lack of originality/ideas? Obsession with the other blogger/wanting to BE them? I feel a bit embarrassed for the copycat but he still deserves to be called out on it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either; I can’t remember the name of the other two blogs but it was essentially the same thing and the original blogger was actually worried that new readers would think SHE was the copycat. Craziness.

    I also don’t understand why Elle couldn’t just add the image credit, geez it’s not that hard. I’m curious, what’s your opinion about posting images when you don’t know the credit at all? Post and ask for others to let you know where they came from or refrain entirely? I agree that it’s pointless to credit TFS, especially because part of the posting policy on TFS is to credit the image sources so there’s no excuse!

  8. Pascal and I actually thought it was someone spoofing him and making fun of his blog, but when we realised it was completely serious it was just so shocking! I don’t know, I’d rather have lack of confidence and originality than face humiliation when someone finds out that I copied another blog entirely. I mean, if you’re going to copy, then make sure the thing you’re copying isn’t well known at least???
    I personally think images with unknown sources can be posted with a query to the readers, because that’s still declaring that the content is not your own. The biggest offence is when you take the image and claim it your own, or let the users believe that it is – so to avoid such communication we source all the images!
    Anyway, anyone who’s written a highschool eassy will know, that credits should go to the primary source – ‘School Library’ is not a valid source, right?

  9. (I am sure I have slacked on a blog post or two in the past so I can see the same happening for other bloggers with the exception of the Bloke.) Thank you for the TFS bit. It is difficult to source so please, anyone this applies, use original content. I am so behind and didn’t pick up on the scandal.

  10. haha thank you shini and this entry really made me laugh by the end.

  11. justice! xx

  12. my blog is, in reality, a direct emulation of yours. i try to keep it identical. however i do this in a postmodernabstract way so you haven’t even noticed yet.

    i nearly vommed at Bloke’s blog, and i just feel a bit sorry for elle.es blogger, she clearly isn’t the brightest button.

    oh, and if i’d seen you in this outfit i would have made a hilarious ‘why so blue’ type dad-joke. ok? x

  13. HAHAHAHHhahahahahha brightest button.
    I knew your blog was a complete copycat of mine, the sidebar and THE SAME DAMN FACE gave away. Stop it before I contact my lawyers.

  14. That’s the problem with the internet… no one is aware of copyright anymore, they just assume it’s all up for grabs.


  15. Beautiful vintage coat — love the color!

    Yeah, you’re so right. But sometimes not giving credit is plain laziness. I’m guilty, but I always make sure I credit small time folks.


  16. i seriously can’t believe the jill/elle situation, it’s ridiculous! so is the copycat blog… i’ve been inspired by many other bloggers but would never blatantly steal a layout..etc.

    i adore your mittens, they are ever so cute! OH and completely random question but were these photographs taken in south kensington, just before you turn onto exhibition road from the station? if i’m right then cor blimey! if not, just ignore this comment, hahaha.

    jazmine. xx

  17. Wow Jazzzo how did you know it was there? I never go there and that was the day my bf and I took a long trip to go to a Polish restaurant! Can’t believe you recognised it from the blurry backgrounds :P

  18. @Shini, haha, what can i say. i have a gift!

    nah, it’s because i walk past there like every couple of days to go to the victoria and albert museum! plus if you looked up at the flats above the blue shop you may have seen my uncle (the uncle who lent me one, ONE! of his two! ipads for lfw, hehe) poking his head out the window! lucky thing, i can’t believe he lives so close to the museum.

    oh yes, i still want to know what you have done with the itchy next jumper ;)

  19. Ugh, I hate that.
    I’ve been writing guest posts at the Fat and Skinny on Fashion and a website has been syndicating all my posts without letting me know, then giving the girl who owns TFAS the credit instead of me.
    Thankfully, she’s working on giving me the credit, but the website is being weird about it. For god sakes, just put my name on it!
    Okay, I’m done :)

  20. beautiful coat and colors!

    I usually use my own photos, but if not I source them.. it’s required by law isn’t it?! It’s not that hard either plus it gives you credibility… silly people.


  21. Shini, I couldn’t agree more! In fact, just the other day I posted a long-winded rant about internet theft. As much as I love how extensive the internet community is, it makes it legions harder for those of us who strive to produce original content to protect our work – and even more unfortunately, few people will correct their mistakes when confronted (no matter how polite you are!). The story about the Elle blogger makes me especially sad because these people SHOULD be trained in copyright!

    Anyway, there’s nothing I can say that you haven’t already, so on to other business: I love the blue of the jacket and skirt! Perfection!

  22. I love the colours!


  23. Nice outfit – that jacket is a real beauty. And you’re speaking the truth on copying.

  24. I’m in love with that colour

  25. love the blue pleated skirt…!!!!!!!…
    wooh…that copyright subject is quite touchy…if such an esteemed magazine is letting this happen then we may as well just imagine…..the case everywhere…
    anyways it’s great that you voiced something of this calibre…!!!!

  26. This is an interesting post, I agree the ‘bloke’ as he is now called is out of line and I can’t see the Elle post anymore so difficult to comment but it is interesting how blurred the rules have become. I think most people who repost without crediting are harmless and simply don’t know any better and will usually correct the mistake on being contacted but considering the mixed advice on copyright available online, I’m not surprised people are confused! There should really be a definitive, go-to guide… but on being alerted to the mistake, they could have contacted her!

    It is a bit of a grey area with watermarks involved though, technically this is a credit to the owner of the image, did the Elle blogger try to remove the watermarks?


  27. Interestingly both the bloke blog & Elle post is gone now…. about the watermarks – they were there, but only because the author seems to have failed at removing them – in some photos it was just cropped out but you could still see bits sticking out. That’s the biggest offence according to me – she knew what she was doing.
    You’re right, there really should be a definitive go-to guide… actually, these might help? http://goo.gl/Hv9G5 http://goo.gl/fnGBl

  28. I adore that blue on you and your boots! ♥

    That copier blog is ridiculous – I’ve noticed he’s closed off comments so I really don’t know what he’s playing at. I’m one of those sticklers for crediting and have a disclaimer on my blog saying that NONE of the images I post are mine and always, ALWAYS link back. If I can’t find a source to a photo, I’ll try to find another pic that does. Thanks for bringing light on this issue Shini =]

  29. Oh Shini you are such a classy dude: I really *like* this post. I wasn’t aware of PascalGate – that’s seriously not on. (Yeah they took it down as if that’s the end of the problem: no acknowledgement of apology. I’ve saved the content – and the comments, but I don’t want to dwell on it, just want to find a way of teaching other bloggers ‘this was my experience and this is what you do.’)

    Has Pascal commented the Rip Off Artist?

    On a separate note – I love these photos, love the electric blue! I haven’t seen you in that vintage coat, when did you get it? I love how you’ve thrown together the classic Chanel quilted bag with those kitschy Dorothy Perkin mittens: it actually really works.

    Lucky for you you live across town cause I’d hug you so hard in gratitude you’d die of embarrassment. xx

    (oh and btw fox in the woods: they didn’t! In some cases she cropped it – in Jen’s case I remember not putting it on because I’ve been thinking lately it’s such a pain and it’s not really necessary – because people GET IT by now.)

  30. I read about your blog in a Spanish magazine called Woman, and I came here to see it. I like it a lot, and I follow you. Oh, nice outfit too:)

  31. Owh really? I haven’t been contacted by anyone from Woman… could I possibly ask for a scan of it?
    Thank you for following xxx

  32. I hadn´t seen the copycat blog! Damned! Pascal´s blog is soooo good that someway it doesn’t surprise me someone wanting to be like him… Anyway you’re so right about the copyright :) Sometimes y forget at the moment, but at my blog I usually link the original blog or page, credit the photographer, stylist, model and everything about an image I can find and (what I like the most doing) I try to contact the blogger or the owner of a lookbook.nu profile if his/her photo is on my blog.

  33. Beautiful color!


  34. people will do all sorts of ‘nicking’ other people’s material for cyber popularity under the illusion that will not be caught out.
    that’s the problem originators will always face. sad but true.

  35. That’s why the rest of us are working hard to expose them and discourage such uncivilized behaviour…

  36. As of now, both the imposter blog and the Spanish Elle links are 404-status. I have to say though, I burst out laughing when I saw the copy blog’s name. I mean, could you make it any more obvious that you’re copying someone? When you see things like this all the time, it’s no wonder that artists of all types are so wary of putting their work up on the internet. If you’re not creative, just deal with it. Why steal someone else’s hard work? >:(

  37. Wow the bloke’s blog is gone too, I see. I’m a little sad that this was the method that shut down both the cases but it is the only method that actually works in educating others and preventing future cases…I totally understand why artists hesitate to put their work up online, it happens everyday!

  38. breathtaking color of the coat, so rich, so deep.

  39. The coat is so perfect!!! I can’t get over how cool it looks. I love your blog.

    La Copine

  40. It’s beautiful. The color looks great.
    I have already become accustomed to such things, although it makes me feel very helpless.

  41. It’s a matter of common sense and respect for the others. It’s a shame, really, there are some very creative people out there and their work should be appreciated, we all learn from them, we should acknowledge their merrits. The electric blue coat is great!

  42. I love this word ‘PLAGIARISM’

  43. it’s just not cricket it is, i guess there’s lots of rip of female blogs now roll on the mens copies

  44. Kim

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but the site’s header looks eerily familiar to a promotional picture of a korean girl group-the Wondergirls. The clothing and the pose are exactly the same. The only difference is their faces got covered. Wonder if PJY Entertainment is aware of this.

  45. OK this is getting serious. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s EXACTLY the same photo…

  46. First of all , I love the gloves. And you are right , copying from someone and not giving credit it a form of theft and I am totally against.

    alexandra @

  47. Tiffany

    Love those heart gloves


    Get all celebrity fashion at http://outfitidentifier.com/

  48. Read about the nasty elle case on Jill’s blog – it’s beyond words! Sadly I’m to late to check out the copycat bloke (oh dear, how shameful must that be to be found out like that).
    On another note – this blue FRIGHTENS me, but it looks AMAZING on you.

  49. an african girl

    @ Kim: It’s exactly the poster of The Wonder Girls! a simple Google search leads to that pictire. Is the site a rip off blog or what!
    @ Jill: It’s awful what happened to you, Ma cherie. C’EST TERRIBLE!! I wholeheartedly support you. An apology is the LEAST that magazine can do and I would not reward such practices with my money until then :)

  50. domi

    Hey Shini, Love your blog. I have a small request, not related to this particular entry in your blog: would you write something on how your store your clothes?:))) I know it may not be the most exciting subject, but in a way I think it is…how to keep your beloved items of cloth nice and moths free, considering the number of them (hi hi, the big number is mine;)))

  51. Wow! I love the blue color of that coat and the mittens are beautiful. Love it!

  52. oh!


    bisou bisou x)

  53. Love the dress. Love the shots..

  54. This blue velvet is amazing, very intense color. I love it

  55. oh dear, i haven’t come by here in forever. completely agreed. my biggest pet peeve is unsourced, uncredited images. so easy to put the magazine or photographer in there… why not?! and i hadn’t heard about this all… where have i been? love the outfit… beautiful blue! that skirt is loverly.

  56. Caitlin

    Lol nicely put Shini!

    Lovely blue hues. Is the pleated skirt vintage too? x

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