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Urban Outfitters Pressday SS11

I wish I can do short and sweet when it comes to pressdays, but that’s just my personality I think, can’t keep things concise. I once left a fridge post-it note for my brother that went on about 4 notes just saying that the food is in the fridge. Well, I had to include introduction, literary review, argument and conclusion, no? At least that’s what they taught me in school, I guess you wouldn’t know because you didn’t stay in school or something… HRMPH FINE good for you and your short note writing skillz. So I guess my point is… I’m growing tickling fondness for the vinyl trend in footwear (refer to annex); blisters-in-the-making is apparently the new Behind the Scenes in SS11. I find that Urban Outfitters has an exceptionally good taste in their boutique section; they’re taking in different brands that somehow speak a similar language, or alike enough to carry through that quirky chicness of UO. Another favourites are those flat wedges by Won Hundred– very Anywho!

Thank you Amber for the invitation!

Annex: Since this will only be affordable once I join the Ocean’s Eleven team and be able to fit in a casino cart.

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  1. • and alll this time I just thought I was the only one with this problem.

    • that’s why I’m so into bullet points these days

    • we weren’t @ urban outfitters @ the same time but you, me, and Jen all fell in love with and shot those shoes

    • i’m not posting about urban outfitters until camilla comes back from holiday (crazy, I know)

    • my we’re both up late!

    • the food is in the fridge

    • nighty night! x

  2. I cannot wait to see those yellow shoes in store!!! Everything in this post is awesome!

  3. Hmm.. for once I’m actually interested in seeing this new collection. Then again, it doesn’t really matter. Apart from the shoes, everything else seems to break at the first wear. :(

  4. AHHHH. Drool. Those flat platforms were made for me.
    I understand your post-it experience. I have trouble keeping things concise too. It took me a 2-page letter to tell my boyfriend that I’m taking vacation from work this winter…
    That is why I edit so much. The shorter the message, the more thought and time went into it. Haha.

    Also, I’m crazy about your blog. You’re awesome.

    La Copine

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  6. what a great mish-mash of photos…i’m especially adoring the silk ruffled top..and those bondage shoes…..i don’t really mind much of the vinyl trend….the chloe heels are amazing..and its transparent….which might give a sense of height rite…:)”

  7. baige blouse and baige loafers are super cute. I love urban outfitters. I can spend at least an hour in there.. Cute stuff.

  8. Oh, I LOVE the blouse on the third photo and the turquoise ring. Of course, then, the next UO is 280km away from where I live and not even in the same country. Shucks.

  9. I would literally like to own everything in these pictures!

    By the way, you write really well. Always funny and entertaining, I really enjoy following your blog!


  10. I absolutely adore these photos and the first two pairs of shoes. Your blog is one of my favourites. x


  11. thekla


    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check it out i would appreciate it:)xx

  12. – the neon-yellow platforms
    – the white lace dress
    – the suede/plastic/silver toe shoes
    – the white body with the graphic black chest part

    yes please!

  13. I am equally impressed that this is urban outfitters. It seems that they would like to expand the stereotype that they have. I guess the stereotype is that they are a fast fashion store that tries to conceal it with “interesting” cuts and semi-high street designers. I like when brands/stores go through this sort of re-invention.

  14. I love it all! But that ring, it KILLED me!!

  15. No need for a long essay, just type ‘Yeah, this’ end.

    Love UO’s homeware esp the Diana Mini camera :D

  16. I want that night gown… NOW!!!!

    I’d love to get some feedback from anyone on my blog… let me know what you think!

    Stunning work, keep it up


  17. Wow, I just came across your blog & it is so incredibly visually stunning! Amazing design, layout and photography, I’m sure you already get that a lot but I just wanted to reiterate. :$ It’s everything I wish my blog could be but isn’t! Haha

    I was quite surprised to find out these photos were from urban outfitters! Haha Maybe it’s the locations I go to, but their pieces never come across as so very alluring to me in person. Or maybe it’s the moment when I reach for the price tag that dispels any further interest, haha.

    Anyway, I’d like to say again how talented I think you are. :) I look forward to trying to go through your whole blog once my exams are done! ;) haha


  18. how amazing are those shoes in the first picture!
    love the blog!

  19. Hah! 3M would be happy to hear ;)

    I gotta agree – I wouldn’t have guess that the pieces are from different designers if you didn’t mention UO.

    Weird lil me? The lime platform loafers are looking real delish right now!

  20. I looooove the first three photos. The tones of them are so wonderful.

    Check out my Etsy store, I think you’d really like it:

  21. It all looks gorgeous, I love UO!


  22. J’adore. Do you mind if I put this up on my blog (which is linked)? I’ll be sure to credit you. The brogues and the unitard that look like they have protractor boobs are the bomb.

  23. Yup that’s fine! Thanks for asking!

  24. Shae

    I love the 3-tier china candy dish. Is that from UO too?

  25. really appealing!!
    some shoes im gonna need in here!

  26. such great shoes, love the platforms and then the perspex transparent sandals and 3 tones metallic brogues,they’re ideal, so chic and easy to wear at the same time!


  27. LéaD

    This new selection looks really nice. Can’t wait to see it in the stores :) Thanks for this new photo coverage which is, as always, awesome.

  28. ha ha ha.. very anywho.. You’re right :-)

  29. shini,
    you go to the most coolest places!
    love it!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  30. I love the blouse (perfect with black lace bra and velvet trousers for x-mas) and the ring (perfect for all black outfits and vacations to warmer weather)!

  31. Looks great!

    juliet xxx

  32. omg i want everything!!!

    follow me on http://www.hopethislasts.com

  33. Irene's Closet

    First shoes are so strange! :D

    Kisses from Florence!

  34. I was so in love with the flat wedges I contacted One Language to request them, and they told me that there must have been a mistake because they didn’t make those shoes, only canvas totes. Who did make them????

  35. WOOoooooppsss
    It’s not One Language, it’s Won Hundred! My bad, sorry!!

  36. Thanks Shini! love your stuff!

  37. Dez

    Love your aesthetic but growing tired of always seeing photos of shops and stuff.

  38. Hey hey Dez, what would you like to see then?
    I was trying not to post so much of myself since it was starting to become too self-obsessive and I hate that… Let me know what you might be interested in seeing! :D

  39. My god, I want everything in these photos!


  40. Gorgeous photos!

  41. yes their boutique has such a good collection!
    will certainly be looking out for those amazing wedges and that nude body

  42. love the nude brogue with the strap! what brand are they?

  43. Apparently by Folk!

  44. @Shini, thanks!

  45. wow. this store looks amazing! i want practically everything :)


  46. I only wish my blog will look this good one. But until then i’ll keep visiting here.

    Another fine post


  47. Such an inspired post. I love your sense of style and photography. I’m just starting out and I’d love to know what you think of my blog. It’s a bit daunting and exciting breaking in. Have a beautiful festive season and I’ll keep visiting. Thanks!

  48. Where and when can i buy the beige top and the shoes on the 5 pic?? I LOVE IT ALL:)

  49. Most of the stuff here will be available by March in Urban Outfitters!

  50. Here’s one of the shoes that’s already available! http://goo.gl/4FbQb