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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

CSM BA Fashion Design Group project; Black heels by Office; FDM – Hester Kitchen, Victoria Kwong; Fashion Print – Catherine Gertner, Paula Kim; Fashion Knit – Hye Sun Choi, Gyu Won Do , FCP – Marcella Saads, Derek Ho;

Don’t look at me, I have no idea how I ended up ‘modelling’ (used in the loosest form possible – if I’m a model, a pillow would be one too) either – clearly Gyu was desperate. Remember Gyu, the CSM knitwear student I visited in June? Time flies! I’ve known her since before Foundation and now this is her collaboration project in her Second Year (with BA Fashion Communication, BA Fashion Print & BA Fashion Design students). The inspiration for the pieces was the myriad that is the CSM Charing Cross campus, and a story of a new girl getting lost. This girl, Ariadne, finds a red thread that leads her to a mysterious room and ends up living there for the rest of her life. The ‘red thread’ refers to the colour of the corridor floors. The patterns and prints are based on photomanipulated images of the room (actually exists apparently), notably the carpet, and the ‘face’ of Ariadne.

Usually I find that students’ garments incredibly fragile but the knit, print, and panelling skills on the four outfits were impeccable – sophisticated enough to go straight to market. Being around the team through the fitting, photoshoots, last alterations and the line-up at the final crit I really really got to experience how much work goes into a collection, not to mention team tension and shared responsibilities… They basically created a brand – tags, website, press release, packaging…the whole shebang… in about 5 weeks. Now I want to study again, this time properly.

Disclaimer: there is no mad old lady, living in a room in the CSM Charing Cross building.

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  1. You always have the most interesting posts… I wouldn’t have thought about a lot of the types of designs you have presented or found them on my own if you didn’t post about them. I love seeing works in progress too, the knitting on the shoes is very cool.


  2. Wow, amazing collection. I love seeing all the details close-up and the concept of the shoot (and collection) sounds amazing. Very inspiring.

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  4. this is AWESOME! i had no idea what the images were all about when scrolling through them but thought the put forward the most incredible vibe. i absolutely love these shots and the way the yarn has been working into so many details of each model. really incredible. what a cool project to be part of shini. xx

  5. I really like the photo of you painting your lips. The red eyebrows are so nice!


  6. LUFF. I do remember that visit you paid her! you look lovely in that picture up there btw!! pretty makeup and braids :)

  7. The designs here are very interesting…. great post


  8. your photos are always inspiring!

  9. amazing! so much talent at CSM. Yeah i know what you mean about wishing you could be back in school..so many new things I wish I could’ve done whilst at school -.- and now i’m just an old hag slaving away at the office

  10. very very cool!

  11. love your style!! if you like vintage clothing please come and check out our blog and site!



  12. wow!! Love what you’ve done with the shoes!!

  13. I would love to own that vest, it’s like, perfect (which is not something I say regularly)! This post reminds me I have some legwarmers to finish …

  14. Kyu

    Nice one Gyu Won sista.. and my sista.. and the team.. nice work y’all. :)

  15. Wonderful pictures, love everything of them :)

  16. adore those shoes! looks like such a fun day:)

  17. I’ve just developed a thing for brightly-coloured eyebrows. Love it.

  18. I love the story behind this collection. You are a beautiful model! Don’t doubt yourself. Great photos, these pieces are really strange, but beautiful in a certain way.

    ♥ Alyssa

  19. Your pictures are great!!

  20. these are gorge knits, loved the colour combination and the prints


  21. You are a lovely model! And I love those knit-covered shoes…

  22. You make an AWSOME MODEL!!!

    love from seoul,

  23. I love the make-up the most. Those red threads in every place I can observe? Dreamy.

  24. Every time I visit your blog I am catching up on all the awesome things you get to do! I love living life vicariously through you. I love the outfit in the 9th picture, as well as your lips, very Princess Amadala circa Star Wars 1.


  25. The concept is great!

    I’m in love with the idea of shoe embellishments– and the red knit is superb!

  26. Love the concept of the red thread. I especially love the last picture…

  27. i love that knitted vest! I find it so hard to knit and it consists a lot of patience and concentration. the collection looks awesome

    Check out the jacket I made

  28. I love the idea! Sometimes I find student designs too concept heavy but this is the perfect mix! The red wool accents on the garments are perfect I would buy any in a heartbeat! Btw, you make a wonderful model!


  29. Wahhhh, you are modelling? I lke you ;-)

    This reminds me of my friendship band making, hair braiding times as a bratty school kid. The shot with the skirt tail is stunning. Also liking the red eyebrows- tres Givenchy.


  30. Lovely post and great!! Keep it up

  31. wow you are amazing these are insane! perfect for X-mas!


  32. Have always loved your blog. Great photos too!

    Would love for you to check out what we have in store!


  33. Wow, I love this!

  34. Fascinating. You mentioned modelling last week – this is amazing. I love the concept behind it, and these photos, the whole way you put the post together. This is high conceptual art, I love love love it.

    Even tho I don’t normally like red – in this instance, I do. And that pattern: I just love it when people THINK. Makes me want to go back and do college over, too. xx

  35. Good photos! It feels like an art. I love the shoes of first photo. Amazing collection.

  36. I love the red eyebrows! Maybe you should make them part of your everyday makeup… x

  37. maybe it will be fun if you upload some video about knitting..
    it’s rather difficult to make if i jut see the pictures..
    thank’s shini… :)

  38. i love the model’s look