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Top – Courtesy of Schwing Schwing in 2009, Jeans – H&M, Bracelet – COS & Accessorize, Ring – H&M, Shoes – Zara, Bag – MarzArt

Beautiful Oliwia from The Gallow; Dress – H&M, Shoes – Gap, Necklace – DIY

Areas around Plac Konstitucji

The Warsaw I remember is gone, the bumpy rollerblade rides past the crush’s house, the jewellery stand near the park that frequently robbed me of my coins… Warsaw is now air-conditioned rides to meet new friends for coffee, and priceless facial expressions on finding out she’s 15 years old. It’s also weaving through the streets to come across apartments with bullet holes from the war, and trespassing into private property for a quick photoshoot for some internet thing called ‘blog’.

Oliwia from The Gallow blog contacted me the day I landed, insisting for us to bump into eachother for coffee. I had no idea she was 15, she didn’t look or talk like one, and she certainly didn’t dress like one. She may still be the age where ‘meeting for coffee’ means ordering green tea while I sip liquid she still finds too bitter, but her aura was all grown-up, kinda like that girl in middle school that always hung out with high school boys. I always feel thankful that this blog allows me to meet interesting people, and pretty Oliwia was no exception. Look how she’s wearing her H&M skirt inside out just because she liked the lighter pattern.

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  1. Liana

    Wow, i totally had no idea she’s wearing the skirt inside out! Interesting and unique! Most likely the first ever that I have seen in my 24 years of life.

    Thank you for sharing pictures of how Warsaw looks like!


  2. Oh! Your lovely dumpling clutch bag…
    I like her Gap shoes…
    And she really has her unique style…

  3. Wow she really doesn’t look 15, in a goood way of course :).
    I love your oufit as well Shini~

  4. Olivia is too cool!

    And I totally heart your clutch.

  5. Shoe

    oh sorry i meant Oliwia!

  6. The city looks beautiful though I must say. as does olivia

  7. and you! whoops i was hasty in pressing enter lol.

    It is nice that you have had opportunites to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t


  8. love these photos, absolutely amazing and that grey clutch bag is gorgeous.


  9. I love your shoes! Everytime I see shoes I like, they’re made by Zara.
    Love your photos, Shini!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  10. She’s very stylish. Hate to think of how I was dressing when I was 15! x

  11. oh, lucky Oliwia! and right, i wouldn’t suppose that she is in my age :). you both looked so great. and i wouldn’t notice that she wore the skirt inside out unless you wrote about it, it looks so nice.
    how long are you staying in Warsaw? i love this city. it’s amazing to live here :).

  12. this is such a beautiful post shini. it’s so interesting to see what warsaw is like. the photos where you can see the bullet shots in the wall are crazy. i’ve never been before but i really would like to. that’s very cool that you got to meet up with oliwia! i’ll definitely check out her blog. xx

  13. adore the print socks!

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  15. I love love love the black shoes!

  16. Old or new, visiting Warsaw is definitely on my bucket list. It’s always interesting reading about relics of the World Wars, especially for us here in the US, where bullet-holes on buildings are more likely a result of drug wars than anything else.

    I like the color of your shirt. Do you do a “Wayne’s World” schwing! motion when you wear it?

    Olivia seems too cool for school! I shudder to think of what I looked like at 15…

  17. That clutch of yours is amazing! And 15? Really? She is soooo much cooler than I was at that age.

    xx Cristina

  18. WOAH. That girl is 15?! Bloody hell. I still fail at life too because she looks grrreat!! I love how she’s mixed up the cutsie socks and sandals look wth leopard print socks. I was still in my black phase at 15.

  19. Ooo your city is beautiful I love old and worn out buildings…something we’re lacking off in London.

  20. warsaw <3

  21. I love her necklace. And shoes and socks as well. The Warsaw you shot may be different, but it sure is beautiful! x

  22. Carolina

    on her blog she writes about drinking…not alcohol right?

  23. @Carolina, I obviously meant coffee. It’s bad for your brain or something.

  24. I’m actually starting believe that I have wrinkles or look like somebody’s granny, because of these priceless facial expressions of yours.

  25. the facade of the bldg in the first pic is truly gorgeous and your (felt?) bag is soo cool! love it. and i so want oliwia’s leopard print socks….


  26. Amanda

    The first picture is stunning. I have been following your blog for a while now, you always have interesting photos and I particularly like your style of writing. I recently started my own and would love if you would check it out.


  27. your bag is simply beautifull! &great pics of warsaw;)

    Come follow my blog:


  28. I want to go!

    Love Grace.

  29. Ohh, I’ve just found out about your blog and I love it to bits. I was almost timid to comment here, I felt unworthy to read all this beauty.. I just started a blog myself and would be dearly honoured to hear what you think of it.:) And euh, would you mind me writing a post about you? I want to tell all about you to my readers.;)

  30. you look fantastic!

  31. Woow you girls have an awesome style!!!!
    The bracelet is to die for!!


  32. A lovely post. Warsaw looks like a fascinating city. And you’re both wearing gorgeous outfits, of course! x

  33. This reminds me of some of our croatian towns, that have moved on from the war past, and had licked their wunds, with some new kids on the block, its amazing. Everything changes every day, but still.. And this girl, for sure doesn`t look 15, and has my vote for a great style :)

  34. ah, looks so exciting! and beautiful.
    both of your shoes are amaaazing. xxx

  35. wow,really beautiful pics. xx

  36. Sam

    the creativity is so inspirational! the inside out skirt is brilliant. i love the scarf bracelet too! ive been really into Persona bracelets lately.

  37. Oliwia is wonderful :) Your style also, I really like the bag.
    I love Warsaw

  38. beautiful city, love it, very fashionable and romantic place