I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Monnari, Bag – Vintage, Shoes – Zara, Shorts – Topshop, Top – Lace body DIY, Bracelet – COS

Zachęta National Gallery of Art; Jan Lebenstein collection; Thank you Andrzej for the shots

What I love about the Polish is that they never like to beat around the bushes. Have I taken up a new gardening interest – no, not in a million years would I gain the ability to keep a plant alive for more than a week – I mean it in the way they seem to be able to nonchalantly spit out their most honest of opinions. Meet interesting specimen no.2: Andrzej (above in the dashing white jacket) is a freelance journalist who I’d first met last London Fashion Week standing in line behind me for one of the shows (previously did an interview with him here). We were walking in Old Town the other day and I was completely yanked off guard when he casually commented that my face is round. I know, dearest Asian readers especially, I had to stoop down to pick up my own jaw. Later I realized that he didn’t mean to jab at a complex, so I’m sorry for that slap and flying side kick; did you find that tooth?, but only to comment on how round faces are grossly underappreciated in the industry. To top it off he sent me a link of an article he wrote for Lula.pl last November about round faces, entitled ‘Pretty as a Doll’. Ah well, then I just had to forgive him.

Also, insert another priceless facial expression on finding out he’s about 10 years younger than I thought he was, my age-o-meter needs serious inspection these days it seems.

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  1. Not many people know that all Asians do, in fact, know how to properly give a good slap and flying side kick to all offenders. At least that wasn’t the most off-putting comment (ending up being a compliment, rather), I did once get a guy tell me that I spoke English “pretty well, though with an accent.” I’ve been living in America since I was born, sooo…. yeah.

    But I gotta say two things: one, that jacket is stunning. Two, your face is the perfect oval, it’s wonderful. :D

  2. @Charlene, omg that happens to me, too. T__T Whyyyyy……

  3. Hhaaaa truly a FML situation, you should’ve retaliated that his English is “quite understandable” too!!

  4. @Shini, hahaaa oooh I LOLed for a bit! would’ve loved to see his face if Charlene told him that teehee

  5. agh but did he have to have a picture of Tila Tequila in the post?
    yay round faces *sticks fist in the air*
    I’ll never stop loving your Zara shoes, btw. :D In fact, I think I’m going to go shoe hunting soon, as I work a couple blocks away from one of the few Zara’s in SoCal.

  6. Your photos are always so inspiring. It’s very hard for me to take compliments without giving the side-eye. I know people are just trying to be nice by saying, “You look like the-only-asian-celebrity-i-can-think-of” but I can’t help but being offended!!

  7. I really like your vintage bag! Your photos are so clear and inspiring~

  8. haha the ultimate compliment…your face is small. and it is! :) my jaw did drop…haha my first thought was “moon face???” (i felt like he said it to ME!) haha

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  9. I’m the same with plants.. every year my parents go away to Greece and leave me with the task of keeping ONE plant alive, and every year it dies…

    Lovely jacket by the way :)


  10. oh! old town…oh! i miss warsaw soooo much!
    and round faces are the cutest possible!!!!

  11. round faces are so cute, lily cole for example, she’s beautiful with her round face.
    you both looked so great!

  12. But round faces are cute! Your pictures are gorgeous, love your jacket! Great purse, too.


  13. ahw you look so nice, I like round faces!! :) take care!

  14. Your jacket is divine!


  15. That first shot is stunning, oh round faced one ;-)

    You look more gorgeous everday missy!


  16. Image 0910 is beautiful!!!
    keep up the wonderful posts

    follow me at http://www.unleashthepixies.blogspot.com

  17. i love your outfit in these pictures.

  18. Beautiful photographs as always.:) I love the way you write, so inspiring! Did you see the piece I wrote about you? xx
    lots of love,

  19. Owh you’re sooo kind, thank you so much for the piece! Your blog is sooo sweet, that card you drew, fabulouso!

  20. That jacket is simply perfection… Where do you find all these fabulous things? Let alone afford them all…


  21. Ah it was a birthday gift! It was so cheap too, £35? :D

  22. this bag is delightful. Whole of your clothes today is graet and good matching

  23. MMM

    I want that bag!!!
    great post as usual =)
    have a look at

  24. grethe

    amazing shots!

  25. My first tought: Where did she get this fabulous jacket??
    And the answer is so simple: our polish Monnari, I’m so stupid :P


  26. love the outfit the pinks and greys are lovely<3


  27. OH MAN THAT ROUND FACE BIT. the only person i’ll forgive is my boyfriend because he loves my cheeks but i cringe when i hear it elsewhere. i feel your pain T_T

    and lol, the other day someone asked me what my favorite blog is and i said YOURS lololol

  28. I LOVE your jacket Shini! That’s my no. 1 fave item of yours ever! xx

  29. just beautiful photos. your outfit is impeccable! love your response to his comment- with a kick! hopefully really nothing but a compliment was intended :)

  30. Love your oversize jacket and I wanna visit your city!

  31. love the satchel

  32. I don’t know how you do it. I saw this jacket in a shop, tried it on and looked like a fat wet hen…And You? You look just amazing.
    And don’t bother your thoughts with Polish men – they usually are tactless, thoughtless, and indelicate. ;)

    (If you find an exception lock it in a glass case and put it on a display as it is a very rare specimen) :)

  33. Ay but I love them! They may seem indelicate but they end up complimenting you more than anything. AND I’d like to lock one up in a glass case just to look at once in a while, and Polish girls. You guys are one good looking nation.

  34. Aga

    @Shini, Yeah… true… guess one has to have a little bad boy in a boy (God knows I have) ;). In the end honesty matters most. …
    And on the other matter – I’ve heard about the girls but are Polish guys really that good looking? – Guess I’m just too much used to them.

  35. I like your bag.
    And those littele flower give life to it.

  36. this is incredible! lovely outfit and pics

  37. First: You’re awesome. I love your blog so much. I know I’ve said it before, but I just had to say it again.

    Second: Asians tend to be pretty honest themselves. Take, for example, my Chinese freshman roommate Cindy, who, after knowing me for a couple of days said, “Satpreet. How come you are so skinny but your arms are so fat?”

    Oh, Cindy. It took me a few seconds to recover, but I learned to laugh it off.

  38. adorable jacket!

  39. i love your outfit and the nail polish! so cute

  40. You have an amazing blog, Im very inspired. Great style and great photo’s!

  41. That purse—with the flowers in it- loving the color contrast.
    Loving that shade of gray as well. :)

  42. Shini, you look beautiful here. Love your expression on the second photo and your long natural hair. The artwork looks incedible too. Have a great day!


  43. ahahahahahahahhaha so funny. outfit cute as usual. love the purse! and the boys cute too!

  44. you’re so lovely and I love that purse ;D

  45. haha, round faces are the future!!

    Poland looks so pretty! i love your photos- that jacket is sooo beautiful xxx

  46. Great outfit..like your long coat and comfy looking shoes and bag..great

  47. LOVE


  48. “your face is so round” haha. He looks so dapper, love his jacket, and I love your jacket and bag!

    now i HAVE to read this article about round faces :)

  49. Great outfit! I always like your warm-weather outfits best, since those are the ones most inspiring to me here in Louisiana (6 p.m. temperature- 90 degrees F with heat index of 110F) but that’s going to change in a few days (moving north!). Love your shorts and jacket–they look so light and breezy.

    Just out of curiosity, because your outfits are so put-together and classy already, what do you wear for typical “dressy” occasions? You know, like church and stuff? Do you wear your everyday clothes or step it up a notch?


  50. love this look!

  51. I love the flowers tucked into the hardware of your bag, so cute!

    <3 Mhari

  52. lusting that gray bag.. so purrfect! First time to your blog- i’ll def be back!


  53. Your outfit is stunning. I love the jacket.

    I’m going to Warsaw on monday. Can’t wait. Do you have any recommendations on where I should go for food and shopping? My family prefers asian food (vietnamese!). Thanks!

  54. Leonie

    upload something drooling mammal im so bored on this side of london.

  55. Beautiful pictures and I love that bag with little flowers on it!

    And that’s what I love about travelling. Learning how people and cultures are so different from each other but in a charming way. haha

  56. love the photos, the background is stunning and your look is very cute, great detail and that vintage bag is gorgeous (great colour). would love to own the same


  57. Wow love the outfit. and your blog is not only fashion but also arts. love xx

  58. your hair is pretty.

  59. your sequined jacket is amazing! Love your blog!
    Kiss from Greece!

  60. lovely story.

  61. Absolutely fab, where did you get your bag from. Its a must have