I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Top – Uniqlo, Pants – Zara, Bag – Vintage, Necklace – H&M, Watch – Casio, Bracelet – COS, Shoes – Bought in Tokyo 2008

Leather bag from Old Town market I fell in love with <3

It even surprises me how much I travel with my family. Apparently at my age I should be doing roadtrips with a horde of friends to the soundtrack of I’m not a girl not yet a woman, regularly taking turns to bully the one wearing the bumbag. Instead, I’m riding  into a golfcourse sunset horizon with my mother, father, brother and golfbag – note, that ¾ of the family can not play golf. The car journey is always the same – my brother and myself wedged in each corner of the back seat, with a mid-point fence made from tennis rackets, jolting awake to dramatic truck overtaking. In fact, my father seems to be rather taken from the thrill, we’d sit at the edge of our seats clutching at something solid, pleading for mercy while he takes over every vehicle in sight. Once he’s tired he switches on the 80s’s acoustic ballad hits and we’d roll over and simultaneously let out a moanthe lyrics are so cheesy that with a bag of Nachos we’d be a Taco Bell delivery car.

Well, Vilnius was beautiful, there were evident traces of a once-wealthy Lithuania that used to own half of Central Europe circa 1450’s. Next time I’m running away on a golf cart for a proper tour of the city, I believe finding a hotel 15km from the city was one of my father’s evil masterplan to teach me golf.

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  1. oh no, you got your shoes wet! nevertheless, beautiful photos. truly beautiful. loved your little story about the car too, reminds me of my brother and I – except my dad prefers music from the 70’s.


  2. oh i love that necklace!! and these shots are so beautiful! all that nature around you :)) xx

  3. these shots are so lovely, and I adore your pants!!

  4. So many good photos! I love the teapots halves stuck to the wall, was that in your hotel?

  5. It was a tea-house somewhere in Old Town!

  6. These are some really nice photos
    a really beautiful outfit that you wear!


  7. I adore that you still travel with your family, if I’m quite honest, I’d love to visit places with my family sharing our own interests and things, but sadly since I’m no longer a teenager they no longer want me on board! It’s a shame really.

    Also, I’m crazy about those Zara pants, they look so comfortable! How long ago did you get them? Do you think they would still be on sale?

  8. You should definitely try to organize a family trip! although it’s funny how they don’t want you on board, I’d have imagined it’d be the other way ;)
    I got the Zara pants a few days ago actually, they were on sale for £12!

  9. I love your photos!

  10. Nice boots and floral pants!

  11. beautiful photographs. who took them? either you are a self-timer savant or one of your family members is a budding photographer.

    when do we get to see pictures of your golf outfit? i assume a plaid newsboy cap and collared shirt are involved.

  12. hehe this time my brother took them, I can’t imagine carrying around a tripod everywhere I go!
    NO ONE will see me in my golf outfit because I has none BUHHAHAHA.

  13. true true
    i always hang out with my mom on the weekends and i dont mind travelling with families

    i dont really mind, even though sometimes i feel like im not doingstuff for my age..

    oh wells, being unconventional is the new convention

  14. What you’re wearing is really nice, did it feel good to have your sandals get wet? :P
    I think going on vacations with your family is nice… at least you still feel young and have that family love near you :)

  15. Good luck avoiding golf xD The trip sounds like fun!

  16. Andrea

    Fantastic boots! DIY?

    By the way, I’m glad to see you don’t mind getting your shoes wet!

  17. Oooh yes it’s DIY ;)!

  18. The shoes in the first photo and the bag in the last photo are sooo pretty and nice!!
    Want them!

  19. wonderful collection of photos


  20. I love your sandals and trousers!! Gorgeous!

    if you have time check out my project:
    The Fashion Passion
    Catwalk Wish
    Simple Morning

  21. I loooove the way you wear this floral pants!
    It’s just so so so cool!

    Your pictures are amazing!

  22. I have that bag! Except its a mahogany brown leather :) Its my FAVORITE..and doubles as a great camera bag!

    p.s. I LOVE that photo of the moss growing on the leather seat. I don’t know why, but I love it.

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  23. Thought I recognised the Zara trousers, cos I bought one the other week and returned it back cos I looked like a village girl lol.

    Love the plant life on the leather…so cute, it’s like discovering ‘LIFE’ on planet mars…at last we have oxygen!

  24. KKahhaha village girl! You know, it makes me look like one too, except I wore it during holiday so I’m sure its forgiven, like you forgive people who wear ugly trainers while touring the city :P something like that I suppose ;)

  25. @Shini,

    Actually my parents comes from the villages in HK which I’m count as one. I can’t forgive tourists wearing flat open toe sandals with white or black socks…I’ve seen toooo many in central London.

  26. such nice photographs! i love your pants and the necklace.

  27. Taco Bell delivery car….that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I want those quesadillas at home.
    family trips are so strange! They’re always structured around one family member’s idea of a good vacation (usually a parent). I hope you had a good trip, though! I LOVE your pants. may I ask who took your pictures? do you just use a tripod? or is your brother really nice and takes them for you?

  28. You’re so right, always around ONE member’s idea hahaaaa
    Pictures…well it changes everytime, but this time my sweet brother took them!

  29. I was happily surprised, when i saw, that you are visiting my country, Lithuania ! Have a good time !

  30. I love that kind of posts with beautiful photos of details, where you show nice places…. :)


  31. My Grandmother was born in Vilnius and I really want to go there someday.
    Great photos.

  32. travel with family it is not bad at all, I like to travel with my friends, alone, with my boyfriend, but I still travelling with my parents.
    I am sure you are going to enjoy a lot your holidays.

  33. Wow, that was quite a nice surprise seeing the name of my own city as a name of your blog post. You should totally get a decent city tour around Vilnius, it’s an amazing place with its history and charm.

  34. malka

    It is definatly my city. I live here, so it a pleasure to see it in these amazing photos.

  35. Wow it’s so gorgeous over there. I wish my family liked to travel together, so we could visit loads of wonderfull, gorgeous places like the one you just visited. Alas, we don’t travel.
    It looks so peacefull and relaxing.
    And I really like the studded boots.

  36. That’s really unexpected post, because i live Vilnius :) and i should say that there is a lot of places to see :)

  37. shini i love this post! so funny because I wore the exact same trousers in a post i just did. the area your in looks so insanely beautiful – and the bag is great (kind of chloe-esque, right?). xx

  38. Yah I saw! Except you don’t look like a villager as Kit mentioned above. And so true about bag, I thought Chloe/Celine when I saw it :D

  39. Oh, want those shoes on the top <3


  40. I’m in love with your pants :)

  41. love your look, especially the photo in the water. the pants are gorgeous, love the floral print and the way they are sort of hanging on you.


  42. awesome pics!
    also… I love your outfit!

  43. Amazing for once more!
    Love everything about your style!


  44. Somehow travelling with your family sounds just as good as going with friends, so Why Not? Love these pictures – especially the one with the ‘green car’, and yes, GREAT BAG!

  45. Gaaah, i totally missed out on these pants! they never had them in my local store! They look so awesome on you here! xxx

  46. The pants are so cool!

    juliet xxx

  47. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of roadtrips with friends, I should make a note of singing Britney next time I go on one!!

    Also, you’re lucky! My family never goes on holiday, they prefer doing odd jobs, which usually means redoing my whole house (even though 4 other people they don’t know live with me)


  48. teapots and grass-filled leather seats xx

    better to be with family anyways in the end of day. looks like it was worth it ;p


  49. Love your floral pants Shini!
    And Vilnius looks breathtakingly beautiful!
    Definitely going to to put it in my must-see list!

    Take care!


  50. I don’t think you look like a villager! In contrary, you look totally chic!

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  51. Demian Lee

    Haha I lmaoed at the “80s’s acoustic ballad hits” part. =] Someday you will definitely miss family trips, so I hope you enjoyed the journey. Great photos and nice outfit!

  52. lovely boots.
    dreamy photography. :)


  53. love the photos and your pants!

  54. You really know how to create a new world with your words. And what a stunning selection of images. Well done. I so enjoy your blog.

    Ella x


  55. Rosemary

    I love a million things about this post I don’t even know where to begin, killer boots awesome floral harem pants and fantastic handbag in the last photo. Oh and the dessert photo made me hungry. thank you very much haha. <3


    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  56. i love your pictures, especially your boots in the 1st picture =)

  57. cute family story! I love happy family stories like that, makes me feel all giddy and happy. Those pants are prettyyy gonna go search for them at zara now :D

  58. I love that leather bag so much~

    It’s wonderful that you spend so much time with your family – I think it’s something people our age forget to do these days.

  59. This is my city!! <3
    MY home.oh..Vilnius is great city and I never want to live somewhere else than in Vilnius. Maybe in stokholm, but Vilnius is first city in my life..

  60. cute! LOVE the pics

    come by

  61. I love your pictures, they’re so amazing! I fell in love with your blog! ♥

  62. my oh my, those colours, those sandals, those pants, that desert! i’m in awe of it all.

  63. you, your photos and your blog are all too cool!! love your outfit and i now want a chocolate pudding or something equally as yummy as that pudding looks!

  64. Audrey

    Question – is your hair dyed or natural? You have gorgeous hair color!

  65. Blake

    Is Old Town Market in fact an old town market or is it a store? Website? I really love the bag!

  66. Really nice post. Love your blog

  67. love your shoes..really shinny and those dolls. really cute

  68. I have just discovered your blog and I have just 2 words to say :

    C. des Soeurettes Dalyne (from France)

  69. I love your shoes

    And though I am anti small floral print- it looks absolutely adorable on you

  70. Pants are gorgeous!

    kisses from Warsaw ;)

  71. i love your blog!
    this pictures are seriously beautiful!
    hope you can’t take a look to my blog, i’m pretty sure u will love it!

  72. Those trousers are so fab Shini. And I’m a big fan of family holidays too – in a kind of ‘for better for worse’ way, you just accept them for what they are – the good and the bad! xx

  73. love the studded boots. and i know what you mean about family car journeys! gorgeous photos. x

  74. Those studded boots are a dream! The photos are lovely :)

  75. Love the look.
    It’s a shame you can’t enjoy the city more, but some qualitytime with the parents isn’t bad at all right?

  76. i love those pants!!! so adorable


  77. Hey! It’s so wonderfull to see my birthtown name here, on one of the most successful blog’s around the world. A – MA-ZING!

    Always wanted to admire your blog not only silently, so this might be the perfect time. Thank you for all the inspiration and for the quirky way of telling stories.

    And next time you will be visiting someplace here, please share in advance, there are plenty of local blog’ers (including me), who would gladly help you with the tour around cities :)

    Keep going!

  78. i really like your pants. never have a family trip sounds great though..

  79. love your pants!

  80. lusting those boots!! and those pants are adorable :)


  81. Beautiful photos, as always! Family roadtrips are always the best :)


  82. Ooh what beautiful pictures Shini! I especially love those floral pants on you

    Miss B xx


  83. this pics are amazing
    love the pants!

  84. I like doing both. If your in good terms with your family travelling with them is better than most things I know.

  85. I’m in love the the black boots

  86. That shot of the car seat with the moss growing out of it, is beautiful.

  87. I love the studded boots and your pants!

  88. Izabelė

    what a pity! I’m from Vilnius and I’ve been wondering for quite a long time if you would or have visited my city. and there you go – I head to France and you head to my town. Ah, it is as it is, I hope you enjoyed Vilnius. Best wishes, xx

  89. […] last summer I bought a pair of jersey trousers in paisley print from Zara as seen on Jen and Shini, worn it casually with a loose jersey t-shirt and flat sandals.  It didn’t work out and […]