I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Top & Shoes – Zara, Shirt as skirt – Mum’s from Stefanel, Bag – Storets.com

Thank you brother for the outfit shots; Shirt as skirt inspired by Elise’s lurvely outfit

I’m slowly starting to realize that a birthday in July is not something I’d like to gift to my child, possibly a November or an April birthday instead. Call me ungrateful but this is one day I allow myself to wallow in self-pity as I scroll through the phone in search of a few who’d want to have dinner with me and eventually give up thinking why am I the one organizing my own birthday party… a sizable chunk of the phonebook is out of the country anyway.
Thank you G for inviting me over for coffee with 3 near-strangers and the delicious bday tart. And for those trying to deduct my age from the number of candles, it’s not 3 for 30, or 23; it’s 3 for 3 – the age of my inner child that sulks over such trivial elements in life. Sorry.

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  1. I know what you mean! I used to hate that my birthday was ALWAYS after school got out. But these days, I love that my birthday is always on a guaranteed vacation day :)

  2. Well, happy birthday! MIne is on January 1st and most people are recovering from their hangovers on that day :/

  3. Wendy

    It’s unfortunate that the beginning of your life, the day you were born, a presupposed momentous occasion for parents and friends, can later in life become the day that makes you (the) sad(dest), because it feels that no one cares enough to celebrate those initial moments of your life. The first breath of your life. But do not let that daunt you, you should regress to those first moments, because it is great that you are alive, and that you can celebrate it annually with or without people. Even if I don’t know you, I enjoy that you are alive because I can experience what you have offered through your blog.

    Joyeux anniversaire, cher.

  4. Hi Shini,
    Happy Birthday….to you.
    Enjoy it while you still have no. 2 in front.
    I like your creativity (skirtshirt thing).
    Funny that you are away nearly at the same time as me. I will be at BKK tomorrow night.
    I won’t stay until my birthday 24th August. But will be at my brothers for the first time in 11 years (can’t wait)
    Have fun..

  5. glad to know i’m not the only one who wears mum’s shirts as skirts
    sto lat (:

  6. Awww. :( I think I remember some of my friends bemoaning their summer birthdays, when all their friends would be gone for vacation. But I always thought: all the pool parties you want! As you can see, I’m also about 3 years old in age, ahem.

    So happy birthday! *throws confetti* If it helps, I think you wearing that shirt/skirt is damn genius.

    Enter my Thai Jewelry Giveaway!

  7. happy birthday Shini
    it’s your bday so you can sulk all you want
    i like your outfit
    very innovative
    i usually see people wear brand new things on their birthdays, but i like how you mixed it up!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!
    Chin up!! you and your blog are amazing!!!
    Lots of Love

  9. I love your shoes. So classic

  10. Happy Birthday Shini!
    I’ve always hated my birthday because I share it with my brother and we have a totally different attitude towards celebrating. He likes to make a huge deal about it and I’ve always just wanted to ignore it but every single time I’ve had to put up with a big party and being embarrassed while people sing to me. If people actually ignored or forgot my birthday I know I would be sad though, I just much prefer the idea of a low-key birthday.
    You look fantastic and the coffee and tart look super delicious.

  11. That skirt is insane!

    Love Grace.

  12. Luna

    Congratulations :)

    Gahh, yummy good!

  13. YOUR SKIRT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m going to try doing that when I feel unusually ambitious and crafty.
    Have a happy birthday! I sort of know how you feel because at my university, classes start during the week of my birthday (this year it’s the day of) so no one is really in the mood to hang out (at least not my studious friends). BUT I hope you still had a great day!!!!!!!

  14. My birthday (mid September) is kind of in an ideal time of year – the school term would be almost finished, the weather should be nice as it would be spring.

    A year older, a year wiser. Happy birthday :)

  15. firstly, happy birthday!
    2ndly, i organize all my own birthday parties, actually my 21st birthday was my first birthday in a while, i’ve always had a love hate relationship with birthdays

    but either way, it sounded like it was a good day

  16. Hey, happy birthday.
    It is just another day in the year- opinion of my boyfriend. yay ^^
    But I like to spend this day with my family, great event to come together from time to time.
    So don’t worry, your blog is like others mentioned before, absolutely amazing.

    enjoy yourself.

  17. Happy birthday! :)
    You look amazing, like always. Those shoes are beautiful!

  18. well i hope you managed to have a wonderful day anyway! don’t worry, my birthday is at xmas so i sulk too!!
    Loving how you wore a shirt as a skirt- awesome xxx

  19. Happy Birthday, Shini.. Don’t be sad, enjoy it as it comes and just pay it forward to your child. My birthday is in plain final presentations time, I wasn’t able to celebrate for five years!

  20. Liana

    Happy Birthday to you Shini, and Happy Birthday to me too! (us 4th of July babies)


  21. I love your skirt/shirt/whatever you call it :) And happy birthday!

  22. Happy Happy :)

  23. lots of love…happy b.day :)

  24. Love your shirt skirt Shin! You can also wear it as a harem trousers, just turn the shirt upside down, button up and belt it up hehehehehe.

  25. i always celebrate my birthday for a month, i call it the birthday month :)
    happy birthday!!!


    let’s have a mini post-birthday celebration when you’re back in London. love your outfit. that skirt is so cool and i like seeing your inspiration for it! that coffee looks beautiful too! hope you are enjoying yourself. p.s. i’m still dreaming about that sushi picture…

  27. happy birthday, loving your look, that checked skirt is gorgeous


  28. Happy Birthday! Lovely outfit :)

  29. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day even though it may not have startet out so good. Use the day to celebrate yourself! :D

  30. Love the shoes!Gnammy cappuccino!

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style


  31. aw :(

    My friends birthday is the 10th of july, so that sucks

  32. aww, i’m sure your family & friends have something special for you. happy birthday! stay as fabulous as you are. :)

    also, i love what you did w/ your mom’s shirt! i’m gonna try that sometime!


    boat ride through the sky

  33. 생일 축하해!!!!! ^^ 보고싶다!

  34. Nilu

    Happy Birthday Shini!!
    Sadly I too know the pains of being a July baby…I’ve just given up now and make do with month early celebrations or 3 months later. Looks like you had a lovely day though!
    Such a brilliant idea, I’m gonna try the same with my mum’s shirt!

  35. ++f+

    happy 3rd! ;)

  36. love this entire outfit! the shoes are perfect!


  37. Happy Birthday! I lurk but don’t often comment: I’ve got an August b-day and always felt like it was kind of forgotten, too. One idea from my friend whose b-day is on Christmas, in case you haven’t tried this — celebrate with friends a half-birthday or just one or two months ahead, when you aren’t competing for attention with summer holidays or, say, JESUS.

  38. happy birthday!

    usually when i wear a shirt as a skirt i tie the sleeves into a bow… i’ll have to try it like this!

  39. Happy birthday, dude.
    I rarely go fangirl, but your blog is my favourite in the world.
    Hooray for you!

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINI!!! Another Cancer baby..wahey! I hated having a birthday in July as well because everyone’s always on vacation..but at least it’s better than having it at exam time I guess!

    I love this shirt as a skirt idea..dunno if it’d work on me, must try it out tonight.


  41. Happy Birthday Shini!


  42. being a child is not a thing to be sorry for :)
    sto lat, sto lat!

  43. You’re so cute. I have a birthday in June and know exactly how you feel.

    You should just start celebrating a half birthday.

  44. Love your pictures :}

  45. Wow, I LOVE your shoes! And skirt. And this blog, which is why I’m now following you. Tee hee. :)

    – xo, kyki ♥


  46. Aw, I totally feel your July birthday pain! Nevertheless, I hope you had a grand ol’ day :]

  47. Kathleen

    Happy birthday!
    I’m an August birthday and I have the same problem!
    I love your blog <3

  48. Happy birthday :D The pictures on your blog are simply beautiful. I think you just got yourself one more reader ^^

  49. happy belated birthday!

  50. Love everything you’re wearing in this and your hair looks gorgeous too, birthday girl! xx

  51. nina

    i hope that you really had a happy birthday although i do not know the troubles of having a summer birthday its always fun to use my brother july birthday to go to the movies and the beach

  52. you look fantastic girl. Love the skirt. Hope your birthday was great.


  53. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!!! (means ‘Happy Birthday’ in Dutch ;)

    Your shoes look amazing, you look amazing, as always ;)
    I hope you’ve had a nice day and I wish you the best of luck for the future =D

    Just found out about a cool Korean band: BigBang. (You might already know them, you might detest them, but I love them, and just wanted to share them with you :)


  54. happy happy birthday! great b-day look and i adore ur shoes


  55. Emma G

    My birthday is slap bang between Christmas and New Year’s. I just treat it as a day to be selfish and go off and do my own thing.

  56. Happy Birthday. I have a birthday and always look forward to a whole day of doing what I want like sitting drinking coffee, reading magazines and painting my nails. Sadly that never happens, the day usually ends up just as hectic as any other and I feel a bit disappointed.

  57. Happy birthday!
    I hope you at least found something to enjoy on this lovely day!


  58. Happy birthday! Well, perhaps you should consider moving to the Southern Hemisphere, parties are not as plentiful during these months as it is too cold to even really want to go outside (I’m sitting in my coat dreading that fact I have to go out for dinner soon)


  59. Happy birthday sweetheart. That’s exactly how I feel about my birthday too. I usually don’t tell people it’s my birthday bc I can’t deal with the well wishes!

  60. Try to enjoy yourself anyways! Do crazy thing you wouldn’t normally allow for yourself, spend carzy amounts of money on shoes, go to movies, to a nice restaurant or dancing.

    juliet xxx

  61. Sophie

    Happy Birthday to you! :)

    And I can relate completely in regards to the birthday issue. It is sad when everyone in your world forgets, but refreshing when someone remembers without having to rely on Facebook for the notifications!

    All the best!


  62. hope you had a lovely birthday sweetie pie. wishing you many happy returns.
    Big kiss honey bun.

  63. Hope u had a fabulous birthday and I love your outfit below xxxx

  64. chin up girl you have a lot of blessings, i don’t really celebrate birthdays, as it part of my beliefs, so it makes me greatful for every other day where I have my health, and my family. there is nothing wrong in letting you inner child sulk, but don’t forget all your wonderful talents, wev’e never met but through your blog it’ sinspired me to try and make my blog special unique, and to take pride and care in my work. xx

  65. I love your shoes in the first picture!


  66. oooOOo! love the shirt skirt. thanks for sharing and a happy birthday to you!

  67. happy belated {stylish!} birthday!!!

    (\_(\ …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…* *:
    (=’ :’) : !+!+!+!happy birthday to you!+!+!+! ‧.. (,(”)(”)?…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…* ﹐.‧*’‥`*‧.﹐﹐.‧*’‥`*‧.﹐﹐.‧*’‥`*‧.﹐﹐.‧*’‥`*‧ ..* * * * *….* * * *

  68. I’m a bit late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely!! Looking fabulous and original as always (love the shirt as skirt – i’ve been known to do this myself occasionally)

    Miss B xx


  69. Happy Birthday Shini!

    First time leaving a comment – i believe the occasion demands it.:)
    Love this blog, the photos, witty texts, your styling choices….especially shoes and nail polish (can’t stop wearing mint green on my nails since i saw it here).

    See you sometime in Krakow ;)

  70. Happy Birthday!

    Hope the inner child enjoyed the sweets!

  71. Hope it was a happy birthday!

    Hope the inner child enjoyed the sweets!

  72. Well regardless of the somewhat disappointing birthday, happy belated day of birth!!

    Usually I just hate making big deals out of my birthday to avoid trying to get people to celebrate with me. This year I didn’t mind terribly though which was weird. I had a picnic where I cooked most of the food and went out to dinner with friends and still had to pick up part of the bill…at least they sang me happy birthday.

    Oh well.

  73. Happy Birthday!
    Lovely outfit.


  74. my birthday is in july too, and i haven’t been home for a birthday with friends to celebrate it in 7 years. you described exactly how it feels. :)

  75. Diana

    June birthdays are the same. Except a dozen other people share the same birthday week and I have to compete with that. What worked for me this year is celebrating my birthday on a non-birthday weekend with friends and spending my actual birthday quietly and stress free.

    Happy birthday! I love your blog.

  76. Oh Shini, I’d have taken you out for your birthday, if I’d have known! But I know what you mean: I never enjoyed my own birthday parties, even as a child. My favourite times are when we go away and my husband barely mentions it. I hate the fuss and attention. Like Diana said: spending my actual birthday quietly and stress free.

    I love what Saskia did (I didn’t know it was hers, either): made it a party for other people. That I like.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday! I came here to link you cause I felt like doing a post with shots of you. Those are the most beautiful shots of you (and the coffee!) and I love the idea of a shirt as skirt, it’s brilliant. Can’t wait to try it! xox

  77. AH! the skirt (?) is AMAZING. i need to try and do this.
    you are a babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. I sulk too. My birthday is the 26th of December. Competiting against Jesus is rather difficult. But I’m thankful that the people I love remember every year! (Or maybe it’s because I start reminding them after Halloween!)

  79. Hi Shini!

    I’m one of the Take 10 girls and don’t believe I’ve left a comment on your blog yet to say hi. (Shame on me, sorry!)

    Anyway, I LOVE the shirt as skirt idea! I’m going to go check out the inspiration behind that right now!

    Also, I have an August birthday, and I’ve had the same woes. I end up just celebrating with my family!


    3 Happy’s for you!

    Bless you and may the year ahead be filled with lots of fun and joy for you and be very fruitful.

    Good times!


  81. Julie

    Happy bday!! and enjoy your holidays xoxo

  82. Happy Birthday!

    I hear you… my birthday is in July too. It totally makes sense…. who wants to leave the AC in the midst of the inevitable heat wave that ALWAYS happens in July?

    I love your ensemble here – it’s an unlikely match but it totally works :)

    And that cup of coffee… did someone make that for you? It’s beautiful!


  83. love the sandals :)


  84. LOVE EVERYTHING…skirt is insane!


  85. Such a beautiful little post. I adore your style and the pictures are so lovely. The coffee is a piece of art in itself. xx

  86. You have the nicest of feet!

    Anyway, happy birthday! I spent mine alone too, traveling (in Bali). The coffee and the tart looks delicious!

  87. Wow..I love your shoes so much

  88. A very happy birthday to you. Birthdays may only come once a year but your friends are there everyday. July is nice.

  89. Happy bday! Your shoes are fabulous!

  90. http://www.unleashthepixies.blogspot.com
    You have such a beautiful writing style.
    Happy Birthday

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  92. i love how you’ve done the shirt-as-skirt here! i had to read back through a couple times before i quite got it through my head that it wasn’t just a really interesting skirt. happy birthday!

  93. my bday is in july as well, next monday! And I’m thinking almost the same think, but the zodiac sign cancer is sooo lovely and fits me sooo well that happy even with an empty b-day party!!!!!!!!!!!*

  94. linda

    happy birthday shini! i love reading ur blog!
    my bd 5days after ya so i kinda noe e feeling =x

  95. I would love a birthday in summer! Happy be-lated birthday!

  96. My birthday is today!
    So I know what you mean.
    When I was younger all I wanted was to be able to go to school on my birthday and have a friend surprise me with balloons.
    Oddly enough all I have wanted for this year is a fruit tart!
    Or maybe all us July-born just think alike.

  97. wow, the dessert looks exquisite, the fruit pie, the coffee foam pattern

  98. I would love to say Thanks for your contents. I will keep its to my friend. Thanks ^^