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Korean model Kim Won Jung (hubba hubba)


ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_03 ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_04



ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_08 ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_09

ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_11 ParknCube_Milan-Streetstyle_12


O hai


Photography: Jin Oh. Edit: Park & Cube

I’ve decided to take the Saruman approach over the past menswear fashion weeks (London, Pitti, Milan, Paris) and have allocated eyes and ears to spy on distant lands while I sit in my tower in a big white (bath) robe. Here’s some of my picks from Milan, shot by one of my favourite streetstyle photographers who I was lucky to be able to commission, Jin Oh (who might remember, also shot this with me). I won’t lie, I was positively aching at the fact that I had volunteered to miss out on all this cute boys (and girls) action… Oh well, will have to put a ribbon in le husband’s hair this evening and make do.

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  1. Hubba hubba has recently become my go-to phrase… preferably accompanied by the tongue wagging emoji. It is definitely well fitted to the first photo. What a babe.

    Love all these photos and really intrigued by this new direction of you commissioning someone to shoot for you. The fit is really perfect because the style of these shots is very much in keeping with the normal look of your blog. You did edit them, after all, so I suppose that may have something to do with it.

    Anyway, gorgeous post as per usual. Looking forward to the street style photos that are soon to drown us all in the coming weeks… bring on fashion week.


  2. I like the style on the first picture, his style is really cool and interesting!!


  3. The is no one like you. Love your pictures.


  4. Oh wow! I would have never guessed you commissioned these!
    They look so YOU.

    Anyway, commissioning doesn’t include putting hotties in a bag and ship them to the UK, does it? The first picture is just wow, guy included obviously.


  5. Danielle

    These photos are gorge!

  6. Ahh I love that last one so cute! And boy is that guy smoking, he could literally be on fire the amount of smoke that leaving him. Such great photography, i can see why you’re such a fan!

  7. All these street style photos are so cool! Lots of great style!


  8. great snaps !!!


  9. always such beautiful pics!!…


  10. Wow, great pics, great post! C x


  11. LOVE these photos and all the street style! Personally loving the polka denim {?} suit! I’m such a sucker for patterns :) And that pup! xxx

  12. love it!


  13. grey suit – perfect!

  14. inspiring looks!

  15. These pictures are so inspiring … Perfect dreamy styles ! x

  16. Beautiful photos and for once I love the outfit of Anna Dello Russo! Very classy xx


  17. Ana Ilka

    I know I can count on some fashion fun everytime I check out your blog; yeah they are some stunning photos and you have amazing style….but where else will I ever find a blogger that has LOTR related humor?

  18. “Korean model Kim Won Jung (hubba hubba)” I see what you did there haha.
    He sure is very handsome ;) The fashion is outstanding too!
    My portion of street fashion is complete now in a good way (:
    x Jessy

  19. Great selection of photos, they look amazing!

    Love Emma xx


  20. ollyvia laura



  21. All I can say is, Milan knows what’s up.


  22. inspiring photos as always. love em all <333

  23. Oh Milan! <3

  24. these photos are out of this world, second to last pic has to be my fave! oh and thanks for making me click on the link to show the pictures Jin Oh took of you, gonna be craving that chanel cardi for the remainder of the week :P

  25. oh wow loving these street style pics!

  26. Nice bit of rare men(swear) appearing on these pages. Bit fan of Red Wing, they get the thumbs up. Yet to see many girls rocking them.

    Buckets & Spades

  27. Alex

    Oh yes I finally understand those Lord of the Rings jokes. Clocked in like 13 hours of research over two weekends, so now I have to get in on it.


  29. Great selection of photos!

    xx Nicole

  30. maya

    which filter did you use here? thanks.

  31. Great pics http://www.3starsabove.com

  32. Gorgeous snapshots!


  33. haven’t heard of kim won jung prior but WOW yes hubba hubba – those lips!

  34. Too much smoking!

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    Love these fabulous fashion styles!

  36. Wow! I love this blog because of the great content and photography! These pics are amazing, congratulations for the wonderful work!

  37. Loving the red blazer and red shoes looking classy http://www.3starsabove.com

  38. *Gasp*

    These photos are beautiful!
    Omg Shini, I’d like to be just like you when I grow up. KThnxBye!


  39. I like your streetstyle a lot. Keep posting streetstyle for men and women!


  40. Penter

    I love the first one!!

  41. I like the picture in which girl has wear yellow long shirt. Your website is a complete fashion magazine and i regularly visit your blog. I have adopt many fashion trends from your magazine.

  42. The coat the boy wear in the first pic is so cool, love it.

  43. some styles never loose their fashion appeal and all these pictures prove that.

  44. Third picture style is what i always admire, just love it.

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