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A happening in Pittsburgh, PA (I know right?)




ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_05 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_06

Photo by Cup of Couple



Mike & Gabi of Cup of Couple



ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_12 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_13


ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_15 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_16


ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_18 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_19


Gala of Amlul

ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_21 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_22


ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_24 ParknCube_Levis-Pittsburgh-Station-to-Station_25


Wearing: Cardigan – ATEA. Leather trousers – Raquel Allegra. heels – Alexander Wang. Full outfit coming SOooosooon.

Yonks ago – September last year to be exact – I woke up in a truly irregular setting: Pittsburgh, USA. Kidneys, did I have them? Both fine. I ordered up some breakfast room service, and got dressed to join the rest of the equally puzzled crew down in the lobby. We were going to see a train – one inhabited by artists, musicians and their various instruments – that had arrived at Penn Union Station the night before. Brought together by Levi’s, curated by artist Doug Aitkin, this train (an assortment of vintage carriages dating back to 1914) had originated from New York and over the course of 3 weeks was to travel through the country to the West coast, dropping off and picking up creatives on its way, putting on festivals in celebration of art, street culture, music and food in ten cities between New York and Oakland, California. Much like going West for gold, in fact, especially in how the journey itself transpires to be the more valuable reward. It was essentially a kinetic, modern art installation championed by one of America’s oldest, and most identified brands – an ad campaign, of course, but only technically. I must admit, much of the art was lost on yours truly, to whom the world of contemporary art is a dizzying mystery… I did although enjoy myself all the same as the world of food, is in fact a sanctuary (especially when ghost chili cucumbers are involved). All-in-all, given the similarly dizzyingly mysterious nature of waking up in Pittsburgh one September morning – like some kind of abstract performance art- I remember it all as though I had some kind of an official part in the expedition… Alas, I was no artist, and we – the motley crew (international press of all shapes and sizes) – travelled by air. My only regret is having spent too long checking if my kidneys were there and then gobbling down scrambled eggs that I didn’t allocate enough time to explore the city at all. Classic.

Huge thanks to Levi’s for allowing me to experience a small part of the Station to Station adventure.

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  1. Definitely always check for my Kidneys when I travel lol.
    Love those boots Shini!

  2. One thing to say: Love your shoes!!!


  3. beautiful capture!


  4. Love, love and more love for these beautiful pictures!
    I wish I was in sunny California now…

  5. There’s something about American cities that really stands out unlike any other place I’ve been. You capture what I mean so well. Love the photos.

  6. I always love seeing your photos from your trips – you manage to capture everything so perfectly! America is one of my favourite places to visit, and although I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, I definitely want to visit now hah!
    The train sounds like such an amazing idea – I’d loved to have explored it and seen one of the festivals.
    Have a lovely week!

  7. I agree with April. I love seeing your travel photos. Also those bags are so tempting!


  8. I’m so mad I missed the exhibit when it was in Los Angeles! Thanks for sharing a little bit of what I missed out on!

  9. Great post, LOVE those shoes!!! Pretty sure we’re not the same size though. C x


  10. I always love your posts Shini- but did you say on instagram that those gorgeous boots were on sale?! :D x

  11. Great pictures. It’s so cool to see other bloggers in these spontaneous shots! x

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  12. beautiful pics… nice footwear!!


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  14. What an amazing pics!

  15. ollyvia laura

    adore your photos, you are amazing


  16. amazing pics!
    that train sounds so amazing

  17. Sylvie

    hi shini!
    i love your photography; do you have any recommentations of lens(es) to use when traveling?


  18. I adore Pittsburgh! I would totally live there.


  19. Danielle

    Beautiful pictures! The visit to the train itself must’ve given you a transcendent experience..

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  21. Don’t worry, the art would be lost on me too! Lovely post!

    xx Nicole

  22. Cool photos!


  23. Lol! Kidneys check is a must :)

    Dress To Cook

  24. Wow! I am from Pennsylvania! I live in London now. I never thought I would ever see a posting about PA on this blog, but it’s nice! It makes me nostalgic for trips to NYC on Amtrak. On one trip I found the perfect pair of Levi’s at Barneys for 50 USD! Ls are my favorite jeans, but they are so expensive and Europe, which makes me sad!

  25. Leather trousers are cool! Love your blog and pics, always top fashion!

  26. want to travel JUST NOW ♥


  27. ollyvia laura



  28. These pics are so cool! Lovely images full of style

  29. Love this post. It’s such an original idea by Levi’s to put on something like this. Really awesome that you got to take part in it. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh but it looks really beautiful in these shots.

    p.s. is it bad that I can’t stop oggling at Gala’s legs?!


  30. Shaneka

    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Sad you missed see more of the city. Its very nostalgic and original and often overlooked. Beautiful pics though, but you know that. :)

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  33. seems like a great trip

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  35. charlene

    pittsburgh is a beautiful city with many neighborhoods to explore. you should go back