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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




ParknCube_Yellow-Coat-otufit_03 ParknCube_Yellow-Coat-otufit_04_1


Coat – H&M. Jeans – DIY slashed Supertrash. Loafers – Hudson. Bag – Couronne. Sweater – Topshop Cardigan worn backwards. Bar bracelet – Zara. Watch – Larsson & Jennings. Tiger bracelet – Kenzo. Rings – Monica Vinader.

I have but moments before the car arrives to take me and one embarrassingly large piece of luggage to Heathrow – Seoul, here I come, start heating up the food. I’m putting this up right before I run out because, if I know my mother correctly, she will compose a short but powerful message on Whatsapp reading something along the lines of those broken jeans in your blog better not be coming with you to Seoul and this time I can be all aw but I’m already in the car. No. Don’t worry ma, I’m fully anticipating to go up a dress size or even two on this trip, I’ve basically packed fifty variations of sweatpants. (엄마 청바지 꼬메지 말아쥬쎄요ㅠ) Plus, after road-testing the jeans in London and finding out getting a sore throat thanks to cold wind through the knee-holes is the very definition of irony, I’ve decided to leave it out of the packing.

On a side note, I know I’ve put this up on Facebook already but I’d really love to get some recommendations of places in Seoul – I’ve never lived there properly and the only places I know are basically the Big Ben equivalents so please do help this hipster out if you can.

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  1. nice coat, love it!
    new look on my blog!

  2. I have to say that u are pure inspiration!!! Your blog is one of my favorite and the pictures are really nice, even more than that.

    Very nice outfit, the coat is very nice, the color is great and is like a little ray of light for the winter!



  3. amazing coat babe !


  4. Obsessed with your coat and bag!


  5. fantastic look!!!

    xoxo from rome

  6. so speial colour of the coat


  7. fantastic! simple but i love it


  8. hey hey hey ! Lucky you ! I went to Seoul last year so I have plenty of food addresses ! hope it will be useful for you ! <3

    Restaurants here : http://www.tokyobanhbao.com/2013/05/03/bonnes-adresses-restaurants-seoul-korea/

    and Street food there : http://www.tokyobanhbao.com/2013/04/29/seoul-streetfood/

    and hello kitty café if you 're not fed up with this no-mouth little cat haha ! http://www.tokyobanhbao.com/2013/04/19/hello-kitty-cafe-seoul-korea/

    let me know if you liked some of the addresses I mentionned there ! have fun ! I miss Seoul soooo much ! :-)


  9. I love the photos!!! the coat is amazing!!! beautiful hue!

  10. A young Audrey Hepburn would have worn this outfit perfectly! You look like a modern ballerina with your nice flats and that gorgeous bun.
    Mafalda ❤

  11. love this outfit!
    have a great time in seoul

  12. I love how you match the yellow lines on the road & I’m so jealous you’re going to Seoul. I’ve em ever been but I really want to go to that cafe that BoA filmed her Only You music video in. Have fun & travel safe!

    The Fashann Monster

  13. Have fun, and wrap up warm in Seoul dude. If you do meet up with my bro, tell him we miss him very much, and jealous of his photography (please break his lens, only joking).

    See you when you get back. x

  14. Wow I would love to visit Seoul one day.
    You should check eatyourkimchi.com and their youtube section”FAP FAP”.
    It doesn’t really sound very appetizing, but they’ve got pretty good reviews on restaurants around Hongdae and other areas in Seoul :)
    Have a safe flight! x Jessy

  15. That coat is such a ray of sunshine for a cold day

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  16. Lovely outfit and this is a gorgeous coat, my favourite shade of yellow! xx


  17. Cannot even believe that coat is H&M. The shape and texture is reminding me very much of Carven. Mega jealous that you’re off to Seoul. I’ve never been to Asia and I’m dying to go. Can’t wait to get a glimpse into your adventures. No need to remind you to TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!


  18. you are going home…I also would like to, this is great!
    A wonderful ime there

  19. love the jeans and brogues.


  20. Rita B Lee

    If one is going to Seoul, definitely go for 닭한마리 near 동대문 and 족발 near 시청, 6번 출구로 가주십시오. And for the best brunch in Seoul, check out the Flying Pan in Itaewon.

  21. The message to your mom is so cute haha. My mom would basically say the same thing, but then include “make sure you bring that purse and shoes with you” and then proceed to barter with me. “Food for shoes?”… they’re cheeky, those sweet ones.

    Hope you have a great trip and can’t wait to see your photos from there! EAT as much as you can for me too!!

  22. Jane

    If you go to just one place in Seoul, I would rec 도채비도 반한 찻집. It’s adorable, the view is very cute, and all the treats there are delish.


  23. 언니의 어머니가 제 엄마 같아요. 저도 그런 잔소리 맨날 들어요. My Korean might be slowly moving, but my geographical location is still the same. I haven’t been to Korea (yet!) so I cannot recommend places. But I can, however, provide you with helpful articles from one of my favorite sites Seoulistic which belongs to Keith. He’s hilarious. Watch his videos on youtube when you are bored.


    Have a nice time in Korea!! 아…정말 부럽다!

  24. lovely capture!


  25. Yellow coat and yellow bricks in the background – it looks great!

  26. I have not been fortunate enough to go to Seoul, but am looking forward to seeing and reading all about your trip! Hopefully you will come back with a few recommendations yourself…

  27. really love the coat!!


  28. Adore this coat, I need it!

  29. I saw that coat yesterday on H&M but the color is so not me.. But on you it really looks amazing!


  30. I’m in love with this outfit!

  31. wow, nice outfit!! and..it’s beautiful this coat! *_*

  32. You can’t go wrong with that coat. Safe happy travels!


  33. i’m suddenly in desperate need of a banana yellow coat…just when i started my spending ban too. whhhhyyyy?!



  34. The soft yellow looks so beautiful on you! xx


  35. Angel

    Have fun on your trip! I hardly ever have the opportunity to explore new places in general so I’m never the type to suggest hotspots (wahh, so uncool). It’s so cute to know your mom checks your blog! Tell her your readers say “Hi!” Going to look for that yellow coat on H&M to find out what material it’s made of…

    Get well soon!

    P.S. What’s a “hipster” exactly? Whenever I hear it being used irl, it’s usually in a negative manner.

  36. I’m really impressed your sense of aesthetic!

  37. ollyvia laura



  38. Sylvie

    wow, i love this outfit!
    enjoy seoul!

  39. Great way to put yellow in the outfit.
    I’ve never been in Seoul, all I know is Korean drama and K Pop trend in my homeland. Anyway I would like to look for inspiration from traditional textiles and clothes :) Enjoy your time there.

  40. Kristen

    literally everything you wear, I say “I want that!” UGH you and your wardrobe are PERFECT and those jeans fit you like a dream…

  41. Love your blog! You have a beautiful photos&looks :)



  42. Cute coat :)

    Bisous ♡

  43. Great outfit! So jealous that you’re going to Seoul… I would give you recommendations, but I have yet to go there myself!

    xx Nicole

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  45. How exciting! ^^
    North of the Han River the typical touristy places include Hongdae (cafe and art culture, nightlife), Dongdaemun (market-style shopping and eateries until late) and Myeongdong (more Western shops and again many tourist-aimed eateries), but you should def check out Shinchon, Ewha Women’s Uni area (next to Hongdae on the green line/line 2 on the subway) for really great and cheaper food and shopping as well as Yeouido and Itaewon which are picturesque (but I’d avoid Itaewon at night cs it can get very messy with foreigners and US army ppl..)
    And of course, south of the river = Gangnam (shopping and nightlife mainly)!
    Have an awesome time and don’t freeze! It’s snowing lots :D

  46. Magnolia

    @Project Janeuine, I second the 홍대, 신촌, 이대 recommendation & would add 삼청동. For more specific tips, I highly recommend using the Korean search engine. You may well already know this, Naver.com is the Korea’s equivalent of google (second search engine would be Daum.net). Type in 홍대 맛집, 멋집, 쇼핑, etc in the search bar and check out the blogs that come up. Koreans are really good at documentation w pictures (avoid the ones flooding with selfies…).

    A personal favorite of mine is 삼청동 정독 도서관 & surrounding areas. This is also close to 인사동, though you’ll want to take a cab between the two areas. But you can easily make a full day out of hanging out between these two destination.

    If you want a hardcore shopping experience, look no further than 동대문.

    Hope this helps, do enjoy your stay!!

  47. Haha aww! If you’re to bring the jeans here it wouldn’t have hurt anyway. 별로 춥지 않은데요. I’m pretty new to the town as well (haven’t gone hipster yet) but do try 코레아노스 키친 in Apgujeong. Their tacos are divine.

  48. You look great, I love the whole outfit!!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?
    Bloglovin’ // Youtube // Facebook

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  50. LST

    If you’re a coffee lover – try these places in Hongdae, all of them can produce a “flat-white”-type beverage:

    (1) Chan’s Espresso – hard to find, but a solid espresso drink

    (2) Coffee Libre – roasting their own coffee in Korea

    (4) 5 Senses – owned by a former Korean Nat’l barista champion, the fun beverage to try is the specialty drinks he used for the world competition. The one with the peanut butter whipped cream is worth the splurge!

  51. Love the yellow coat girl!

  52. I love the colour of your coat! Bright colours like that are always so nice in winter

  53. alexa

    이태원 and 가로수길 have gotten all h&m and forever21 lately, so it’s hard to find good shops there. (unless you are willing to dig deep into the streets)

    i enjoy 삼청동 (super accessible by subway, 삼호선 to be exact) – they still have some little galleries and boutiques left. By the way, there are the most amazing 팥죽 and 수제비 (try the 동동주) places there.

    도산공원 is pretty nice uhh what else…

    I’m not sure if you’ll be up to this, but it does feel nice to be pampered at department stores like 갤러리아 – excellent service there

  54. You look so good. I love that coat, the colour and the fit!

    O. R. R.

  55. Katrina

    I love this casual look, Shini. And hey, your hair grows fast! Anyway, Seoul is on my must-visit list. I can’t wait to see your photos (i.e. Korean breakfast perhaps?). Have fun and have a safe trip!

  56. ohh why can’t i get my jeans to slash like this? they always end up looking so obviously cut. have an awesome time Seoul! XX p.s. i want that bag!

  57. Great look, I love the colour of the coat!
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  58. Love the yellow coat! So unique and casual, perfect with the entire outfit

  59. Sujata

    Shini…,I justttttttttt love your blog.
    Have a fantastic time in Seoul.

  60. Stunning


  61. Have fun chick :)

  62. arf ! My comment I left the other day didn’t work ? hope you had the addresses I sent you ! for the restaurants you can have a look at this post !


    enjoy your trip, Shini ! can’t wait for reading a review on your blog ! xx !

  63. 안 바쁘면 커피 한잔 하실래요?ㅋㅋ

  64. You are amazing, always great looks full of inspiration!

  65. Love your style, and the yellow coat!!
    If you like shoes, heels, boots.. it’s the opportunity http://www.mas34shop.com

  66. Your images are absolutely stunning, as usual!

  67. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love your handbag!

  68. Hi. I’ve just started a new blog and Kwang-Su Kim, who is helping me with my HTML, told me about your blog. I was wondering if you have any tips for a beginner. I’d love to know.

    Sophie x

  69. I´m obsessed with that yellow coat, dream on getting it some day, although I don´t know if my dream will come true

  70. pallawi

    Your coat is nice.

  71. Vicky

    Nice pants!
    Have you visited Garosugil in Sinsa-dong? The coffee shops and boutiques are pretty nice on this street!
    Have fun in Seoul!

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  73. Jee

    I am going to Korea to celebrate lunar new years. Look forward to your next post on Seoul.

    Here is my list.

    1. FOOD – Second Kitchen

    2. DESIGN – Magazine B

    3. BUSINESS – 고당 커피 + 한옥

    4. CRAFT – Stitch Bears

    5. SHOP – pigve

    SHOP – StyleFish

    Bon voyage!

  74. Lovely pics. And very nice outfit. You’re right about the jeans, they look nice though !!


  75. Love the effortlesly casual look! Adorable

  76. Love you coat and bag! Amazing as always!


  77. Winter can be so dreary, so it’s nice to see someone wearing a happy color like yellow. Lovely post, as always!


  78. I absolutely love this outfit. The yellow coat is gorgeous love the black ripped jeans and oversized sweater. mywhitet.com

  79. Enjoy the food! I’m jealous, like so very jealous. x

  80. Loving the yellow coat and shoes http://www.3starsabove.com

  81. The yellow coat is perfect for the winter time! Nice choice, love the bag

  82. Great Compilation of Images.. Thanks for Sharing it..

  83. i love your loafers! randomly stumbled across your blog and love it. :)

    if you’re going to seoul, you should check out all the cafes & shops on 가로수길, go see the exhibits at 예술의전당, and even the trick eye museum (트릭아이미술관) if you have time! enjoy~

  84. Love you blog and the especially the “freshness” of your photos. Where do you get all those various ideas from?

    Please visit my blog

    Would love to hear from you.

    Greets from wonderful London


  85. Love the bag and the H&M coat, really nice!

    New Outfit

  86. You should contact seoulsisters – they are two Swedish/South Korean girls who would definitely give you some tips.


  87. Liked the clicks the watch is awesome and beautiful, i liked it most

  88. Never been to Seoul, so can’t give any recommendations, but think the colour of you coat is just great, perfect for adding light into a dull and rainy winter. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  89. That coat is amazing, the design is vert nice, and your style is perfect, love ripes jeans!

  90. Beautiful pictures, and very sarcastic match of yellow coat and identical color road signs.

  91. Good Stuff… I like your costumes and photographs…

  92. Beautiful photos!
    Great street style look :)

    Giveaway time: http://www.balgarka.com

  93. I understand that you have any idea how perfectly it all looks together ;)

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  95. Anja Skrba

    Love love LOVE this combo! Sharing this post on my Twitter like NOW! :D


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    this topic? I’d be very thankful if you
    could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!

  97. This outfit is so beautiful!
    This is just perfect ! I think i am in love in all these pieces <3

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