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Chanel SS11 Pressday; Last photo of Frances of Happy Because

I complain about PRs, but I don’t think I ever openly compliment any. Truth is, when I started this blog I didn’t sign up for this mandatory relationship between bloggers and PRs. I do realise it comes with the territory and it’s somewhat a responsibility (is it really?), but how can you not be peeved by those out there who 1) wants to use this blog as free platform to promote their brand, 2) sends emails with unsolicited massive attachments and 3) doesn’t even bother to address you personally? I have a life, this blog is not my full-time job, this blog does not put food on the table.

So I just wanted to write a short note of appreciation to Julie-Anne Dorff for being the perfect representing image of Chanel UK, for appreciating me as a blogger and a person, and being the sweetest and most caring in the industry. Obviously I haven’t met everyone in the industry, but if I can get away with saying ‘I love you most out of everyone in the world’ without having to have met everyone in the world, I can say this, no? Also, to those who think I’m kissing butt for Chanel freebies, you’re clearly in the wrong blog, here’s an exit link, please feel free not to come back.


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  1. I’m absolutely coveting almost everything in these photos. Glad to hear there’s some friendly folks behind the brand as well!

  2. I want a wall exactly like that one! And I really love your photos as usual, especially the one of the dog :D

  3. You can really see what a company’s culture is like from the people who work for them. As if we already didn’t know Chanel was classy, but meeting people like Julie-Anne probably just reaffirms that, huh.

    Ps. Shini, you’re my favourite blogger in the entire bloggiverse because of your hilarity + sarcasm. I’ll be back.

  4. Kudos on you for upholding the wavering dignity of bloggers :-)

    Great photos as always!

  5. ef yeh Shini.
    p.s these shots are beautiful and has given me London evny. The encrusted bags are heaven on earth.
    not the mention the blue nail polish.
    Perhaps I’m blue with envy?

  6. oh i just loved all the chanel goodies, absolutely divine


  7. It always bothers me too when emails aren’t addressed personally, is it that hard to type in a name? When you can tell it’s a mass email – copy and pasted from beginning to end – it just comes across as kind of disrespectful. It’s nice to hear that not all PRs treat bloggers as commodities rather than individuals, hopefully other brands will get the hint and rethink their approach to interacting with bloggers.

  8. Camelia craziness! Love the wedges with its quilted base. When I visited Chanel rue Cambon for the first time in July I was truly surprised at how wonderful everyone was [even the doorman who allowed us to pop next door for a glimpse of the famous mirrored steps.] Though not PR folks, I wasn’t expecting the Parisien sales people to be so far from snooty and gasp* really warm and friendly. And no, it wasn’t because I was buying up the place either:)

  9. Oh my, oh my…what I would give to get the Lion cuff bracelet!!!!

  10. hehe :D is that a chain tasseled mane on that lion? all together now….COOOOOOOOOL!!!
    and who’s adorable pup is that?

  11. If I ever come to represent a brand or an account, I hope my clients are just as happy as you are about my work!

    I clicked on the exit link because I was curious haha

  12. oops! *whose*

  13. oooohh Lion cuff! calling to my inner Leo (actually, i don’t really have one, i’m probably the complete opposite of what a Leo is supposed to be, but i could be one step closer with that cuff!!)

    in all seriousness, i love your blog for your wit and the beautiful pictures. i hope you get more PR invites, annoying as they may be, because i like seeing things in your light.

  14. All of these pics are so great! And thank you for giving us a glimps of Chanel on a boring monday!


  16. E.

    I really like your frankness.

  17. gahs I love the images you took!
    I want to visit Chanel and drool over eveything… because it’s damn gorgeous! <3

  18. Mei-Lien

    It’s funny how much of an avid Chanel fan I am since I already own 4 of the products that you have on display! This is EXACTLY why I’ve been a loyal Chanel customer for the past 7 years, and plan to be one for the future time being. :) They show CLASS!

    BTW Shini, where is this Chanel store located at? I LOVE the dress in the third pic but I didn’t see it in Old Bond Street.. :(


  19. ‘this blog does not put food on the table’ good friggin point shini, if you could eat or pay your rent with free stuff you need never work again! But alas that is not the case. Blogmarket is the way to go…

  20. That Chanel flats are so cute! Great idea for a DIY project on my ugly flats.

  21. shini, i love your honesty. the sarcastic and witty way you have addressed so many other PR companies/events/products always makes me laugh and makes me take more seriously the rare occasions when you truly praise someone/thing.

    on a separate note, this Chanel press day looks insanely amazing. i love the birds eye view shot of the flats, all the makeup scattered around the tables, and the black and white geometric print bags. really stunning.

    p.s. frances looks incredibly cool in that last shot. xx

  22. Holly

    I don’t normally comment on fashion blogs and such like.
    I have to say, however, that your blog, and especially this post, really do highlight just what a fantastic writer you are. Incredibly witty and intelligent, I just keep coming back!
    Thankyou for being one of the very rare bloogers to be completetly honest.
    You really are hilarious, in an absolutely fantastic way.

  23. Frankie Hewitt

    I’m a fashion blogger and a PR girl therefore I am stuck between a rock and a good place.

    I find it interesting when bloggers post their dismissal of mass impersonalised emails from PR’s and feeling like their blogs are being used by PR’s as a free platform to promote a brand.

    I agree, it is frustrating especially whne your blog isn’t your day job – it’s your passion (for want of a better word). But you can’t deny the excitement of being contacted by PR agencies (especially Chanel) to attend their press days and view the latest collections before they’ve hit stores around the world.

    Bloggers don’t have to upload posts about every press day they’ve been invited to if they don’t want to. However there also is an element of feeling obliged to blog about a press day you’ve attended, so there exists your conundrum that comes with the territory of being a well known blogger.

    Because of my background, I have two views on your post:

    1. The next time a PR agency sends an email not addressed to you personally but with a boring ‘good morning’ (if you’re even lucky to get this) and with massive attachments (god forbid) just to promote a brand on your blog – don’t go and therefore you won’t feel obliged to post about it. Simple. I will say however not personalising an email to a blogger is really, really bad PR practice (it’s actually quite rude!) so I totally understand your frustration.

    2. And on the flip side – there are probably a million other bloggers who would give their entire wardrobes to be in your position. With or without food on the table. Soak it up and enjoy it, regardless of a silly PR agency.

  24. You are so right!
    I blog as a hobby, about anything that has got me excited (Most tagged are Art, Fashion, Inspiration and Photography). It’s more of a creative outlet where I can write about things and post pictures all in a place that is utterly my own.

    That first necklace is completely divine! I was so hoping you would say it was by some undiscovered designer and I could get it straight from a badly designed website for under £30… no such luck for me :(


  25. Did you not want to take everything home with you? In the wise words of every tween: OMG! I spy Nadia which means she will hopefully be posting about this soon.


  26. So many pretty things!
    And what a great point! It’s really hard to stay true to yourself and still balance all those PR’s invitations. But I think you are doing a great job! Take care!


  27. i like the photo of the inspiration wall!

    so nice to read your thoughts! you are a good blogger and thats why im always coming back :)

  28. Ohhh snap! Somebody/some people just got told!

    Gorgeous photos with some equally very gorgeous pieces!

  29. Lovely pictures! I´m happy to hear that out there are still some PR people caring about building relationships instead of having their pictures and non sense information publish everywhere.

  30. i could really use this hat!

  31. you are great. just sayin’
    it must be tough not to be seduced by all those pretty things. heck, I think if they dangled even a bottle of nailpolish over my head I might forget all my principles…

    lovely photos, too. as usual.

  32. I’m glad you decided to post!

    PR is a slippery slope– glad you’re wary.

  33. i’m in the process of writing an article about bloggers and the PR machine.
    tell them girl.

  34. LEONIE

    Riva looks slightly like nouvelle vague. Oh! on those lion bangles. x

  35. So gorgeous pieces!

    juliet xxx

  36. Ah this is what you meant at lunch today! I hadn’t seen your post, I just came here to get your link for mine, but the top photo drew me in. I’m not surprised that Chanel have good quality PR people: this post has made me want to get in touch with Julie-Anne Dorff and ask her to consider my blog for her mailing list.

    This is such an important conversation for all of us in the fashion/style blogging world. It’s important that we speak our truth: we – collectively – no matter how ‘large’ or ‘small’ our audience is separately – together we have a voice. It’s up to us whether that voice speaks our own truth.

    You’re the bees knees, Shiney Sparkly Shini. xox

  37. Very insightful post- All those PR’s who contact you in such an impersonal way obviously don’t know how to do their job properly! I’m glad you were treated so well by the Chanel team; it says great things about their corporate culture! Apart from that these photos are beautiful! x

  38. ugh grossface messing up your nice bloggo

    i got an email addressed to francesca today… 2 points for effort but FUCK OFF. Kidding. Ish.

  39. wow… what a post.
    (actually, what a day that must have been!)

    agree on the text, have been there many times, sometimes it’s so frustrating with PRs and what they want you to do for free.

    thumbs up for the Chanel team and thumbs up for u writing all about this!

  40. Oh, snap! :) Just do what you want, yeah? And screw those weirdo PR people.

  41. Already a big fan of your blog Shini (as you know), and enjoy your frank approach to commenting on this sometimes ‘interesting’ industry we’re involved in ;-)

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful space, I knew they would be… Great again to meet you


  42. haha, nice touch with the exit link :) I couldn’t resist clicking it but I will be back! I don’t just love your blog for the great images and inspiration… but the quirky writing is a great break from my art box in illustrator!

  43. Gosh I really want to express my frustration on here and blog about it but you know I can’t….I’d rather say it verbally *pulls hair**

    P.s I agree 110% with Frankie Hewitt.

  44. Absolutely love these pictures. They are amazing! I also love your writing because it makes me feel like I get to know part of you as a person and not just as a blogger! One of my go to every day!

  45. stephanie

    great blog!

  46. Looks like it was an amazing event!!! Would love to attend one some day!!!


    NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

  47. I never write comments on blogs but that burn was so amazing I just had to. this post was inspiring and you and your sense of style are amazing too :)